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2. Going TribalTribes giveordinary peoplethe power tolead and makebig change.The Internet haseliminated the barriersof geography, cost, andtime.2 3. Generation C 3 4. Catching Fire S peed O pen C ollaboration I ndividual A lignment L eaderlessA spark of outrage ignites a flame of hope4 5. Sospeaking of firesBACK TO OUR OWN BACK YARD5 6. 6 7. Juxtapositions 7 8. 8 9. Key Questions1. What will be the quality of the new citizen engagement?2. Will our public conversations be more polarized and fragmented, as people choose to connect with others who are like-minded or will we see more bridging of differences?3. Will citizens have stronger or weaker ties to their neighbors channeling this wealth of connectivity toward social change? 9 10. Connected We Stand1. Listen & consult crowds: Actively listen to online conversations and openly ask for advice.2. Design for serendipity: Create environments, in person and online, where helpful connections can form.3. Bridge differences: Deliberately connect people with different perspectives.4. Catalyze mutual support: Help people directly help each other.5. Collective action: Give enough direction for individuals to take effective and coordinated actionhttp://www.knightfoundation.org/ 10 11. Up 2 Us 11 12. Thank You! www.yhesitate.com @ledakaleda@yhesitate.comLeda Karabela 12