Flame Test Experiment - Weebly

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Flame Test Experiment Purpose: To measure the energy of the photons released by specific elements Map the position of the electrons of the elements of specific compounds

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Chapter 13 Electrons in Atomsphotons released by specific
the elements of specific compounds
Flame Test Experiment
Flame Test Experiment
The numbers above the spectral lines
represent their wavelengths (λ)
The wavelengths are measured in 100 nm (i.e. the middle green line has a λ of 550nm)
Flame Test Experiment
record it in the table below:
Sample Color of
Hair tied back
No loose clothing
After you’re done with a wooden splint, put
in beaker of water
Explain how the flame changes colors in
the caption
class period
you follow the class insta)
Make sure it’s a public account
(or screenshot it and email it [email protected])
Clean Up
cupboard under the lab station
Lab station needs to be cleared off
Clean Up Stamp needs to be
received before you leave: worth 5
LOTS of Calculations. Here are the
formulas and constants
= c / λ E = h = frequency c = speed of light (3.0 x 108 m/s)
λ = wavelength (in m)
E = energy (in J)
What would the other wavelengths be in m?
Your Calculator
locate the scientific notation
Lets type in 550 x 10-9
Type 550
Type -9
550x10-9 m
l λ
calculate the Energy of the photon
E= h
= hν =
How to draw the Electron Jumps
A part of your Post-Lab includes drawing a
Bohr atom showing possible the electron
jumps for the observed spectral lines.
Low Energy High Energy