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  • 14 2015 -2016


    The Art of Printmaking as a Pedagogical tool

  • 14 Primary School of Ilion, Greece 2015 -2016

    e-Twinning project

    The Art of Printmaking as a Pedagogical tool


    by the students of grade 6

  • 2 .

    ActionAid: .


  • The pupils of grade 6 present their works about diversity.

    We used the educational material of ActionAid about Children with disabilities to help them become

    visible in every School.

    Under the supervision of the Fine Arts Teacher Theodora Chandrinou they created their

    unique trees of emotions. The interdisciplinary approach offered a a fruitful dialogue

    Supervisor Teacher:Theodoros Archontidis

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  • In the framework of our eTwinning project the students exchanged ideas,

    educational materials and creations with their Schoolmates from

    the participating Spanish and Greek Schools.

    We hope our collaboration to inspired you!