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QUESTIONS FOR CMP 103 CHAPTER.1 A printer is an example of computer: B input device. hardware. software. programs. A modem is necessary if you want to: D have voice mail added to your regular telephone service. display digital camera photographs on your computer screen. add a scanner to your computer system. connect to the Internet over analog phone lines. Input, processing, output, and storage are collectively referred to as: C communications. the system unit. the information processing cycle. the systems cycle. Storage devices are included in: B the central processing unit. the system unit. the microprocessor. RAM. Of the following computer types, which one is the most powerful? A Professional workstation Desktop computer Internet appliance Network computer Checking the spelling in a word processed document is an example of which of the four computer operations? A Processing Output Storage Input Which of the following statements is considered a disadvantage of using a computer? C Storage devices are inadequate to hold data and programs. Computers are unreliable. People generate more information from computers than they can possibly use. Computers work with text and graphics only. Which one of the following options is considered data? B Program Sounds



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A printer is an example of computer: B input device. hardware. software. programs.

A modem is necessary if you want to: D

have voice mail added to your regular telephone service. display digital camera photographs on your computer screen. add a scanner to your computer system. connect to the Internet over analog phone lines.

Input, processing, output, and storage are collectively referred to as: C

communications. the system unit. the information processing cycle. the systems cycle.

Storage devices are included in: B

the central processing unit. the system unit. the microprocessor. RAM.

Of the following computer types, which one is the most powerful? A

Professional workstation Desktop computer Internet appliance Network computer

Checking the spelling in a word processed document is an example of which of the four computer operations? A

Processing Output Storage Input

Which of the following statements is considered a disadvantage of using a computer? CStorage devices are inadequate to hold data and programs. Computers are unreliable. People generate more information from computers than they can possibly use. Computers work with text and graphics only.

Which one of the following options is considered data? B Program Sounds Peripheral Information

Which of the following is the most frequently used input device? D Touch screen Microphone Scanner Keyboard

To analyze huge amounts of scientific data and display underlying patterns, you would use a: C

minicomputer mainframe.

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supercomputer. server

The Internet is needed in all of the following instances EXCEPT: B using the WWW to research ways to treat poison ivy. sending an original physical copy of a letter to a customer. conducting business with an e-tailer. sending and receiving instant messages with your best friend.

Which of the following statements regarding computer ethics is NOT true? C

Computer ethics is associated with your moral beliefs. Computer ethics defines right and wrong principles for computer professionals. Standards for computer ethics support copying programs and digital music. Computer ethics is a new branch of philosophy.


The two major components of system software are: A the operating system and system utilities. application software and system utilities. primary memory and storage. the operating system and applications software.

Which of the following may be necessary for you to do after you install new application software? D

Press Shift + Alt + Del. Turn the computer power switch off and then back on. Do a cold boot. Do a warm boot.

The power-on self-test: B

is able to provide detailed on-screen instructions that the user finds easy to follow to correct hardware problems.

verifies that the computer hardware is working properly. is conducted before the BIOS instructions are placed in the memory. checks for upgrades to the application software.

The options in the setup program needed for the BIOS to find the operating system are stored in: B

a driver. CMOS. the kernel. the registry.

Microsoft Windows stores your computer configuration information regarding installed hardware and software in a: D

catalog. boot. device driver. registry.

In order to see a custom system utility in Microsoft Windows after loading the operating system, you: A

can right-click the small icon at the right side of the taskbar. have to load the utility from storage and then right-click on the icon at the bottom left of the screen. can click on the utility icon and then press F8. can click on the utility name that displays at the top of the screen.

The authentication process: A

involves typing your name and your password to log into the system. is something that is required on your home computer. keeps track of who logs into your computer.

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has to be completed before the operating system completes its loading.

Which of the following is a memory management technique that makes the random access memory appear larger than it is? B

Caching Virtual memory Preemptive multitasking. Read-only memory

Which of the following displays additional options following a menu choice? A

Dialog box Menu-driven user interface User interface Command-line interface

What makes Windows NT different from other earlier Windows operating systems? B

It works on mobile computing devices. It was specifically designed to work on networked computers. It cannot prevent users from accessing confidential data. It requires the administrator to configure each workstation individually rather than remotely.

Which operating system shows the most rapid growth in the number of Intel-based computer users? C

UNIX Microsoft Windows XP Linux Mac OS X

Which of the following is a disadvantage of the Linux operating system? D It works on only a few types of computers. Linux is powerful but very costly to purchase. It doesn’t have a graphical-user interface. It isn’t able to run some software products such as Microsoft Office.


Which of the following would NOT be performed with application software? C Charts for a sales meeting presentation Customer list used for mailing invoices Hard disk cleanup Financial report sent to investors

What kind of program would you choose to use to create computer files that you share with other people in your company? D

Vertical Videoconferencing Utility Productivity

Which of the following is an advantage of a software suite? A

The individual applications share the same resources The suite includes the operating system The suite is less expensive than any one application within the suite Each application within the suite has its own set of resources

Saving files in HyperText Markup Language: A

makes it possible for anyone to view the file in a Web browser. increases file conversion costs. requires the viewer of the file to use the same computer software as the creator used to save the file. decreases software compatibility.

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Which of the following would you use if you wanted to use a preliminary version of the software while it is still in the testing stages of development? B

Time-limited trial version Beta version Service release Maintenance release

The purpose of printed application software documentation is to: B

stipulate the agreement in a site license. provide tutorials and manuals that explain how to use the software. explain how the program interacts with the operating system. show the program source code so the user can modify it to suit specific needs.

Software piracy is: B

a minor infraction of the software licensing agreement. a federal offense. impossible because of the increased copy protection used in software products. allowed in education environments.

A software upgrade could be any of the following EXCEPT: A

customizing your software to allow the users the same default settings. purchasing the next version of the software. downloading a patch to correct a performance problem. downloading a service release to update your version.

Software that you can install and use before you need to pay for it to avoid copyright infringement is called: B

public domain software. shareware. freeware. copy-protected software.

Which of the following statements regarding software installation is FALSE? C

Installation and setup utilities make the job of installing programs easy to accomplish. Installing software on your computer’s hard drive involves both transferring the files to the hard drive

and configuring the software to work with your computer. The initial configuration of the software should be completed after you have used the software for a

while to see what changes you need to make. If you download compressed software from the Internet, you will need to decompress it before you can

install the program on your hard drive. To return a window to the size it was before you displayed it to fit the entire window, click the: C

Minimize window control. Maximize window control. Restore window control. Program icon on the Status bar.

Which application menu contains the option to save a document with a different name? B

View File Edit Tools

To provide a consistent look for a fax cover sheet, you can use a ____________ that comes with the application program. C

pattern sample template help file

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If you activate the autosave option in your application program, A your work will be automatically saved at intervals that you specify, such as every 10 minutes. you cannot use the regular save method in the application program. there is no danger in losing any of the file that you created if the program fails. your file will automatically save when you close it.

A wizard is: C

a document you open that contains a set of predetermined formats and text that you complete with your personal information.

another name for a template. a series of dialog boxes that guide you through the steps to complete a long or complex task. a feature reserved for professionally trained people who create form designs.

Application software refers to the programs that people use to help the computer to function properly. B

True False

A software suite contains individual full-powered software application programs that all share the same resources. A

True False

Copy-protected software is software that contains measures to prevent the user from installing the software on more computers than the license grants. A

True False

Defaults are settings that are active in all documents until you change the settings to different ones. A

True False

Extensions to filenames in Windows identify the type of operating system used to create the file. B

True False


In the binary numbering system, the number 256 associated with computer functions and applications working behind the scenes represents the: C

processor speed. data transfer rate measured in bits per second. number of possible combinations that can be created with eight bits being in either the state of on or off. maximum allowable combinations represented by eight bytes being in either an on or off state.

One byte represents: C a word. eight characters. eight bits. a single digit with two possible states.

Today the main use for a parallel port is to: D

send and receive data in a serial fashion. facilitate communication between peripherals that are more than a dozen feet or so away. connect an infrared mouse to your computer. connect a printer to your system unit.

The pathway connecting internal components of the microprocessor is called the: A

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data bus. instruction set. port. system clock.

Which kind of memory contains instructions that have been prerecorded and will not be erased when you turn off the computer power? C

DRAM Primary cache ROM RAM

Cache memory: A

stores frequently accessed program instructions and data. occupies several megabytes of storage. is slower than ROM. is less expensive than RAM.

During the ____B________ basic operation, the control unit determines what the program is telling the computer to do.

arithmetic decode execute fetch

The pulses generated by the system clock: A

synchronize the computer’s internal activities. are measured in thousands of cycles per second (KHz). are referred to as the word size. transmit data to your printer.

To free up space on your desktop, choose a computer that has a small: B

instruction set. footprint. word size. chipset.

The type of memory that is synchronized to the pulses of the computer’s system clock is: D

DRAM. unicode. ROM. SDRAM.


includes special-purpose circuits that consume low levels of power. stands for complex internal set computer. is the technology used on reduced instruction set computers. is becoming more like RISC processor architecture.

Which of the following is a factor that probably would NOT affect a microprocessor’s performance? D

Clock speed Chip architecture Data bus width Footprint

________A____ occurs when the processor executes an instruction but then decides to store it because it expects the instruction to be useful.

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Speculative execution Parallel processing Branch prediction Data dependency

A test that measures for comparison purposes the performance of hardware devices is called a(n): B

execution test. benchmark. pipeline. instruction cycle.

Of the following choices, the largest measurement of storage is a: D

gigabyte. kilobyte. megabyte. terabyte.

DİKKATTTTT A program written for one type of processor might not be compatible with another processor type.A

True False

Computer designers use the read-only memory to enable super-fast computers to function at maximum speed. B

True False

SCSI is a type of processor. B

True False

Random access memory is an example of volatile memory. A

True False

ASCII character code uses 16 bits to represent characters. B

True False

Match each computer term with the correct definition.


Which standard keyboard shortcut is used to cut a block of text from a document and place it in the clipboard? B Ctrl + C Ctrl + X Ctrl + V Backspace

Which of the following pointing devices is NOT usually associated with the notebook computer? B Pointing stick Joystick TouCHAPTERad Trackball

Which type of input device is used to copy contents of a piece of paper to a file, including both its text and graphics? C

Bar code reader Web cam Scanner

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Which feature on a monitor display system determines the clarity or sharpness of the output? B Number of cathode ray tubes Resolution Screen size Refresh rate

For which of the following reasons might you purchase an inkjet printer for your home computer? C It has low per-page costs since ink is relatively inexpensive. It can print more volume in the same amount of time than a laser printer. It is an affordable printer with the ability to print colored text or images. It can produce the best quality color output of all printer types designed for personal computers.

Which of the following is NOT a reason why storage is necessary on a computer system? D Storage devices provide backup services. Storage devices are nonvolatile. Storage devices are cheaper than RAM. Access time to the data is faster with storage devices than with memory.

Which of the following storage devices use sequential storage such that files must be accessed in sequence from beginning to end? C

Floppy disk Hard disk Tape cassette Compact disc (CD)

Which of the following is an example of an optical storage device? C

Tape cassette Floppy disk Compact disc (CD) Hard disk

What is the best definition of offline storage? A It is storage not readily available to the computer system, often located in a separate facility. It consists of hard copy printouts of documents used as backups in case the files are destroyed. It is storage immediately available to the computer system, such as a hard disk. It is storage that is not directly available to the computer system but can be used quickly through

intervention on part of the user, such as a floppy disk.

Assume a disk sector uses 512 bytes and there are 2 sectors per cluster. What is the minimal number of clusters needed to store a file of 2000 bytes? C

2000 4 2 1

Which of the following best matches the storage capacity of a typical floppy disk? A 1.4 MB 10 MB 600 MB 1 GB

Which of the following correctly describes the CD-R disc? D

You may record data to the disc surface multiple times but have no direct reading capability. You may read data from the disc but may not alter its contents. You may record data to the disc surface multiple times and can read the current contents at any time. You may record data to the disc surface once and then may only read its contents.

PC cards, flash memory cards, and smart cards are all examples of: D

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volatile memory chips. removable hard disks. digital video discs. solid state storage devices.

The concentric rings that are magnetically laid on a disk surface are called: B partitions. tracks. sectors. clusters.

The table of information created on each disk to record the contents of its clusters is called the: A File Allocation Table (FAT). partition. boot sector. folder.

The Ctrl key is called a modifier key because it is typically used in conjunction with another key, such as Ctrl + X. A

True False

Input devices collectively referred to as pointing devices enable you to select menu items without making use of the keyboard. B

True False

A file with extension .WAV is most likely a graphics file that will display an image when opened. B

True False

An optical mark reader (OMR) is a scanning device used to read the marks left by a #2 pencil on specialized forms. A

True False

A monitor with a larger screen size will always display clearer images than one with a smaller screen. B True False

A thermal transfer printer is characterized by its ability to produce high quality color printouts A

True False

A multifunction device is one that combines two devices, such as a fax machine with a printer. A True False

Memory chips have faster access times than storage devices. A True False

A random access storage device, such as a magnetic tape, can go directly to the requested file without examining previous files on its surface. B

True False

A CD-ROM is an example of an optical storage device because the user can read its contents but cannot write to the disc surface. B


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Which of the following is not considered a network communications device? Data bus Modem Router Network interface card (NIC)

A(n) ____________ signal is composed of on/off pulses used to transmit data within a computer system. twisted pair synchronous digital analog

Which type of physical media uses thin strands of glass that transmit signals as pulses of light? T1 line Twisted pair wire Fiber optic cable Coaxial cable

A communication channel’s bandwidth is often measured in units of: characters per minute. bits per second. feet per second. kilobytes.

Which type of transmission sends data in a stream, one bit at a time, making use of control bits to signal the arrival and completion of the data packet?

Sequenced Baud Synchronous Asynchronous

If a computer with a 9600 bps modem communicates with a computer using a 14,400 bps modem, data will be transferred:

at the 14,400 bps rate. at the 12,000 bps rate halfway between the two. at the 9600 bps rate. sometimes at the 9600 bps rate and other times at the 14,400 bps rate.

Which of the following is not considered an advantage of networking? Centralized data storage and management Reduced hardware costs due to sharing of peripherals Connecting people via e-mail and groupware applications Faster workstation boot up and software application load times

Which is the best definition of network protocols? They refer to online documentation and manuals distributed with a network operating system. They are electrical specifications determining the behavior of network interface cards. They refer to the packet forwarding strategies employed by routers in the network. They are formalized and standardized rules on how various dissimilar network components

communicate and transfer information.

A ____________ uses long-distance transmission media to link computers separated by distance. circuit switching network Wi-Fi WAN

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LAN Which type of network topology is characterized by a circular wiring of nodes through which a token is passed to control transmission rights?

Hub Star Ring Bus

Which of the following events is a source of collisions on a LAN? The network operating system is old and needs to be upgraded to the most recent release. Multiple workstations attempt to transmit a signal at the exact same time. Two users on the network both request copies of an application software program, such as a word

processor, and there is only one copy available on the file server. One computer on a network using a bus topology fails, causing all others in series to the terminator to

fail also.

A high-speed transmission line that carries WAN traffic is called a(n): backbone. point-of-sale (POS) terminal. X.25 line. Point of Presence (POP).

Two popular LAN technologies that specify functions at the lower layers of the protocol stack are LocalTalk and:

Ethernet. packet switching. coaxial cable. Windows NT Server.

The control bit used to mark the beginning of a data packet in asynchronous transmission is called the: parity bit. start bit. negotiation bit. handshake bit.

The modulation protocol, called ____________, governs modem transmission rates, data compression techniques, and error handling.

V.90 10Base-T DSL SONET

The Internet is an example of a circuit switching network. True False

One advantage of a bus network topology over a star topology is its ease in connecting new users amidst existing workstations.

True False

A ring topology makes use of a token in its contention management strategy. True False

It is possible in a given LAN for some workstations to utilize coaxial cable and others to use fiber optic. True False

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Two modems can exchange data only if they first negotiate to use the same transmission protocols, including transmission speed and error detection strategy.

True False

Match the following LAN components to their definitions:

Using the pull-down menus, match each item in the left column to the corresponding item in the right column. A user’s computer attached to the network Central computer that holds common application software and data Interface between the workstation and the network An operating system that manages the network A peripheral device, such as a printer, attached to the network 21.1 File server A B C D E 21.2 Network interface card (NIC) A B C D E 21.3 Node A B C D E 21.4 Network operating system (NOS) A B C D E 21.5 Workstation A B C D E


Which of the following is NOT true about ARPANET, the forerunner of the Internet? D ARPANET was developed originally under the guidance of the U.S. Department of Defense. ARPANET connected a number of both university and government computers. ARPANET was a packet switching network. ARPANET was the first national network that carried commercial traffic.

Which of the following best describes the difference between the Internet and the WWW? A The Internet is the physical network of global computers, and the WWW is many hypertext documents

distributed globally over many computers. The Internet carries traffic for schools, government offices, and other public organizations, while the

WWW carries commercial traffic. The Internet is the collection of computers, and the WWW is the wiring and transmission protocols that

connect them. The Internet consists of software programs such as e-mail and IRC, while the WWW is a collection of

Web pages.

What is the best definition of hypertext? C Hypertext is text formatted with HTML tags to control the color or size. Hypertext is a file stored in binary format on an FTP server. Hypertext is text and other multimedia data in which the user can control the viewing sequence. Hypertext is any document that includes nontextual elements, such as sound or image.

Which client software runs on a user’s local computer and is used to request and display Web pages? C HTML FTP Web browser Web server

Which portion of the URL below records the directory or folder of the desired resource? Bhttp://www.somestore.com/firstfloor/shoes.htm

http firstfloor shoes.htm www.somestore.com

One key to the success of the Internet is its interoperability. What is meant by this term? D All Web servers use the same operating systems and application software.

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All Web pages use the same set of HTML tags. TCP/IP protocols can be purchased in both Windows and Mac versions. Computers on the Internet can transmit messages even if they have different hardware and operating


What is the purpose of a top-level domain name? A It describes a type of organization or geographical location. It is an English name associated with the numeric IP address. It describes the protocol used to transmit pages from the Web site. It denotes whether the server is a Web server, FTP server, or mail server.

Assume you have recently purchased an exotic breed of cat. Which type of Internet service might you use if you would like to get some advice in real-time from other pet owners across the world? B

Instant messaging Internet Relay Chat E-mail Mailing lists

What is the shape of the mouse as it moves over a hyperlink on a Web page? D I-Beam Arrowhead Hourglass Hand

What is the role of an Internet Service Provider (ISP)? B It is software that allows your home computer to connect to the Internet. It is a company which sells Internet connection time. It is the standard protocol used on the Internet for the transmission of packets. It is a company which designs Web sites for individuals or businesses.

Which of the following is NOT a network client program typically offered in a software suite such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator. C CEVABI BELİRSİZZ!!!

E-mail Internet telephony Pop-up control Web browser

Which of the following statements best describes the type of Web pages found with the following search condition? A+whale –“fin whale”

Pages that discuss whales other than fin whales All pages related to whales All pages that discuss fins or discuss whales Pages that discuss fin whales

Which search condition would produce the most similar result to the one seen below? +circus +tiger A

circus AND tiger circus NOT tiger “circus tiger” circus OR tiger

Which of the following is NOT one of the questions you should ask yourself concerning the authenticity of comments made on a Web page? B

Is the author affiliated with a recognized organization or company? Is the author someone whose name you recognize? Does the author include a bibliography of citations? Does the author use correct grammar and spelling?

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Assume you have downloaded a file named catalog.zip from an FTP site. What should you do with the file to view its contents? D

Open the file in your Web browser Execute the file by entering its name in the Windows Run box or at the operating system’s command

prompt Open the file in your word processor Decompress the file using a product like WinZip

If a URL does NOT specify a resource name, the existing home page of the Web site is displayed. A True False

A Web page wriBtten in HTML cannot be viewed in a text editor since it contains formatting such as font style or color. B

True False

If you have a Mac computer at home, it will ONLY be able to access Web pages from a Mac-based Web server. B

True False

111.456.23.789.45.67 is an example of an IP address. B True False

If you wish to give an English-like name to your Web server, you must first register the name. A True False