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Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

1319 Main Street, Fitchburg, MA. 01420

Address service requested

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Our thanks to Larry Brandon from Brandon Funeral Home for his generous and continuous sponsorship of our monthly Messenger

The Mission of Holy Trinity is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ through the Orthodox Christian Faith.

The Messenger

Sunday Church Services:

Orthros, 9:00 am

Divine Liturgy, 9:30 am

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

1319 Main Street, Fitchburg, MA. 01420

Father Paul C. Bebis, Pastor

Church phone: (978) 342-1216 Father Pauls Cell: (978) 868-6637

Web site: www.holytrinity.ma.goarch.org E-Mail: holytrinityfitchburg@gmail.com

JUNE 2018

Lets become saints!!!

On one Sunday every year, the church honors all the saints, both known and unknown. In our church, we are very familiar with many of the well known saints, but our church also recognizes other saints who werent so well known, for they gave their lives for Christ as well. These "not so familiar saints" have not received any recognition in the past. They were men and women who throughout the centuries have dedicated their lives to God. They were prophets, martyrs, confessors, Bishops, teachers, and Ascetics. The saints are in Gods Hall of Fame.Many of them were heroes for what they have done and continue to do for our church. In the early church, it was not the hierarchy, priests, or councils that initiated the veneration of the saints. It was the practice that the people themselves began and they viewed these men and women as something very special. Many of these people sacrificed their time, talents and lives (martyrs) to the church so we can attend our services on Sundays. When we celebrate Divine Liturgy, the saints are very much a part of our services. They may not be physically here, but they are here spiritually. When we kiss an icon of a saint, we ask that holy person to pray for us


The Lord said, everyone who has left houses, brothers, or sisters or father or mother or wife, or children or lands for My Names sake, receive hundredfold, and inherit eternal life. We remember and honor all saints as fine examples of imitation, inspiration, and guidance in our lives. They went above and beyond the call of duty! Some were able to write prophecies. Some of them became miraculous. Some became teachers and taught the Word of God despite disbelief of those around them. They were incredible!!! We can never be like Christ, because He was born sinless. However, we can emulate the lives of the saints, because they were human beings like us and they understood our struggles, because they were like us.

For us to be modern day saints, all we have to do is be willing to sacrifice our whole lives for God, and be willing to remain faithful at all costs! As it was centuries ago, it is not easy to be a saint. We can be modern day saints by following the true teachings of the Gospel. We can be modern day saints by showing love and respect to others. We can be modern day saints by being a good listener, and by being a Christian role model to our children. We also have to go all out for our church, something for which the saints were recognized. They died and were murdered to keep our Orthodox Christian faith pure and true, especially during the times of Christian persecution


Being a modern day saint requires effort. Are we making an effort to be in church on Sundays, or to be involved in other facets of the church? How about helping and volunteering your time and efforts to our Greek festival, our major fundraiser in September? All this requires dedication, love and sacrifice, everything the saints had done in the past. Remember when Christ healed ten lepers and only one came back to thank Him. Are we not appreciative to the saints of the past for what they have done for us? Let us honor their memories by allowing your church to be first and foremost in your life.

St. Paul once said to let your love be genuine, hate everything that is evil, hold fast to what is good, bless those who persecute you, live in harmony with one another, and repay no one evil for evil. Although it is difficult to be modern day saints today, we could come close. It would be a great step in your life, and you will find true peace. Miracles do not have to be giant and miraculous, but small. Leading someone to church, helping others in need, visiting the sick, loving your neighbor and your children, this constitutes being a modern day saint.

The Greek Word saint is Agios (Hagios) and it means not like anything else, or different. Remember we are in this world, but not of it. Being a saint is not being a follower, but a leader. We need to lead others back to church and lead others back to God. Let's stand out in the world and allow Gods grace and love to permeate your hearts forever and ever!!! Father Paul

OFFICE HOURS:Kiki Karamanos: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 10:00 am- 1:00pm.

Father Paul may be seen by appointment. Please call the office or the Parish Council President to schedule an appointment or for emergencies.

NOTICE: Please advise the Church office with regards to any hospitalization of Parish members. Due to the confidentiality laws, hospitals will not notify the Church.

Parish Council Officers:

President: Mr. Mike Nelson

Vice-President: Mr. Phil Stathas

Treasurer: Ms. Star Regopoulos

Asst. Treasurer: Mrs. Joanne Andertson

Secretary: Ms. Jossy Brack

Council MembersMr. Greg Belleza

Mr. John GevrekakisMr. James IdarisMrs. Nikki Moorshead

Mr. John Roumas

Mrs. Loula Roumbakis

Organizational Heads

Chanters: Jim Woovis

Choir Director: Johna Gagne

Joy Director: Dee Gevrekakis

GOYA Director: Samir Elmasri

Philoptochos President: Effie Kosmidis

Stewardship Comm. Chairman: Phil Stathas.

Church Secretary: Kiki Karamanos

(Book StoreOur book store cabinet at the foot of the stairs is filled with items you may like to give as gifts for birthdays, Christmas or to get for yourself. Please check out the icons, crosses, books, vigil lamps, tapes and other items we have on display. You may find just the thing you or someone you love needs for inspiration and spiritual growth. See Star Regopoulos for assistance and to order items not displayed. In addition, our Bookstore now has items from Holy Protection Monastery for sale, including reproductions of the myrrh-streaming Kardiotissa icon.)

Message from the Parish Council President

Message from the Parish Council PresidentFellow Parishioners,

As I write this message to you, we are all trying to recover from a great loss. Through the normal ebbs and flows of life we lose family and friends and even members of our small community. On May 11, we all suffered the tragic loss of a dear friend, Greg Bourekas. Greg was a special man, someone who cared deeply about Holy Trinity and more importantly a man who cared deeply about each and every one of us. Most of you were blessed to share many more years with Greg than what I was privileged to have, but the few years I was blessed with were special. As a new member to our Church and to the Parish Council, Greg welcomed my family and I with open arms and showed me the ropes as I got my feet wet. His council was sound and always with Holy Trinitys best interests at heart.I am sure that I am not alone when I say that I will miss Greg. Ill miss his wit and charm, but most of all Ill miss his kind heart. Im sure I can speak for all parishioners when I say that we will be here to support Matthew and Alex, Gregs two dear sons and his father Spiros in any way that we can.

Thanks to Greg and his willingness to step up, our 2018 festival is off to a start. The road thus far has been bumpy but we hope and pray that the volunteers we have will be enough to deliver an event that will lead to profits to help us pay our bills for the next 12 months. If you have not been contacted already, you will soon be to volunteer a few hours during the days of Friday 9/14 and Saturday 9/15. Please join the rest of the volunteers to spend this day working to sustain our church, and choose to visit another local event to relax. There is much work to be done, so please reach out to me or another member of the Parish Council who can help you volunteer. Do not assume that you arent needed, because I am telling you now that you are. You don't need to be physically strong to help us make phone calls, to help us find donors or to help with a myriad of other activities. Please channel the love that our dear friend Greg had for the festival and step up to lend a helping hand.

You will continue to receive communication from the festival committee on our progress. Within the weekly bulletins you will find a calendar of the committees meetings of which every parishioner is asked to attend.

Thank you and may God Bless you. May Gregs memory be eternal, and may our friend rest in peace.

Michael Nelson

Fellow parishioners,

You might think that this Stewardship letter is to ask for financial support yet again. After all, this is what many believe Stewardship is all about money. The truth is that I am asking for each of you to help me restore my faith in our community, in our Church and my belief that we can be better and do better.

Some time ago, Father Paul had asked that I chair the important position of the Stewardship Committee. I took this role seriously and had visions of making a significant difference. I freely admit today, nearly 2 years later, that Ive done