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  • upstream oil & gasIntegrated Flow Assurance

    powered by METTE

    President Gudrand Nerby, M.Sc.

    Vice-presidentOle Jacob Velle, Dr. Scient.

    Yggdrasil has highly competent staff capable of delivering all the flow assurance services you need.The ability to delivercustomized solutions has become our trade mark.

    Engineering services and expert studies - typical Yggdrasil projects:

    Yggdrasil delivers efficient solutions and expertise for solving flow engineering tasks, operational problems and addressing safety procedures.Wework within the full life-of-field chain, from explo-ration through field development to daily production,using our in-house developed software METTE.

    The functionality of METTE reflects the complexity of the challenges facing ourcustomers.We offer customized solutions to problems when current technology fallsshort, and we have a strong focus on continuous system development and research into improving physical models and numerical methods.

    Proven performance Yggdrasil has spent more than a decade developingMETTE, a unique integrated flow assurance simulator.METTE has proven her unique capabilities through a wide range of projects. Always delivering - fast andreliable.

    - Allocation of production- Blow down simulations- Cased hole log interpretations- Concept dependent production profiles- Cool-down simulations- Gas lift optimization- Heat-up times - Life of field simulation- Optimization of daily production

    - Optimization of daily production- Production network analysis- Quality assurance of production data- Requirements for hydrate inhibition- Service network analysis- Tubular sizing- Virtual flow metering- Well blow-out calculations

    We offer courses in the use of METTE. Contact us and we will provide an offer based on your needs. Courses can be heldat our premises or locally,depending on your preference.

    Integrated flow assurance and production optimizationTel: + 47 66 85 08 20

    + 47 415 60 698Fax: + 47 66 85 08 22E-mail: [email protected]

    Contact:Yggdrasil asBillingstadsletta 19,N-1396 BillingstadNorway


    METTE Academy

  • ... a powerfull integrated life-of-fieldflow assurance simulator

    Specialists in flow assurance and production optimization...

    OperationProduction optimization

    Value of debottlenecking

    What-if scenarios

    Tie-back evaluations

    Well deliverability


    History matching

    Virtual metering

    AppraisalReservoir behaviour

    Well performance

    Field developmentConcept screening

    Drilling schedule

    Drainage strategy

    Flow assurance

    EngineeringM/E balances


    Inadvertant events

    Yggdrasil is a specialist company providing inte-grated flow assurance servicesand solutions to the upstream oil and gas industry.At the core of our business is METTE - a powerful life-of-field simulator for design and operation of multiphase production systems.

    An integrated flow simulatorMETTE is an integrated flow simulator including well performance,network optimization, virtual metering and transient simulations with built-in interfaces to reservoir and process simulators.The integrated approach benefits users by providing a single application for all types of flow calculations. It facilitates cross-discipline understanding and improves consistency in data use through commonality of input data.

    Dramatic improvements - efficiency, costs and quality METTE offers unique improvement opportunities, whether you choose to use her with your own specialists or employ the expertise of Yggdrasil.The capabilitiesof METTE will impact on your work flow, providing quantitative data invaluable for field development, engineering or daily operational decisions.The efficiency of METTE provides more for less.

    Faster, better and safer decisions

    An indispensable everyday engineering tool for integrated flowassurance and productionoptimization

    From reservoir to topside processesA key driver behind METTE has been to provide the industry with an easy-to-use practical engineering tool applicable throughout the life of a field - stimulating multidiscipline collaboration, streamlining work processes and improving consistency in data use.The open architecture of METTE provides for simple interfacing with bothreservoir and process simulators for seamless calculations from subsurface to topsides.It is easy to implement third party dll

    ,s for different unit operations.

    Use METTE to:- Establish concept-dependent production profiles accounting for defined sytem constraints- Evaluate tie-back of new reserves to existing infra structures- Get optimized predictions for gas lift and continuous hydrate inhibitor needs using

    multiple interfaced networks- Perform transient simulations for thermal insulation requirements, blow-down

    volumes and adverse effects of inadvertent events- Calculate network mass and energy balance variations over field life

    - Find optimized set points to achieve defined production targets within defined production constraints

    - Quantify effect of removing defined bottlenecks.- Process field data to get individual well production

    contributionThe calculation

    speed isjust...


    METTE for life-of-field simulations:

    The figure depicts production over timefor a fifty-year forecasting simulation fora field with more than eighty wells.Theproduction network is interfaced to anMEG service network.

  • Performance calculations Simple Integrated flow assurance

    Performance calculations in METTE are very flexible.Analyze well or flow line capacities using multiple boundaryconditions. Include multipliers for diameter, PI and phase slippage to quantify the effect on production potential.Analyze the effect of gas lift amounts and injection depth.Calculate set points for chokes, compressors or pumps forgiven input parameters. Inspect variations in key parametersalong flow trajectories. Calculate well and flow line potentialswithin a network from defined boundaries.

    The free Excel add-in provided with METTE is an alternativeentry-point to well and flow line performance calculations.Using the template interface provided, result data are organizedin pivot tables for simple data analysis.

    Flexible Fast Life of fieldNetwork simulation

    For producing fields METTE provides total production management capability - including a virtual meetering module for calculating well phase flow-rates .


    Providing input to METTE is easy. Use the interface to define flow trajectories or import from PetrellTM,Tempest MORETM or from ExcelTM. Create flow networkswith simple mouse operations. Add components like compressors, pumps and choke valves by simply draggingand dropping onto the flow trajectories. Include sensorsfor use with virtual metering or monitoring of key data.Apply default component parameterizations and refinewith actual vendor data.

    Use common input for well, flow-line and network performance calculations, life-of-field and transient simulations as well as virtual metering interpretations.

    Providing input

    METTE employs a very fast and robust solution algorithm.The speed makes it an indispensable everyday engineeringtool for flow simulations. Interface multiple reservoirsimulation processes at time-step level for seamless calculations from subsurface to topsides, removing the needfor VFP tables. Employ the powerful event module to includeconditional changes in boundary conditions. Change deliverypressure, production constraints, the activation of boostingequipment and other relevant parameter selections.

    Use the multiple network capability to calculateproduction and service networks like gas lift orMEG supply at the same time.

    A true benefit of METTE lies in its integralapproach. It is equally useful for early stageconcept evaluation as for providing answers to everyday operational issues.

    With the high calculation speed of METTE, concept-dependent production profiles are available at your fingertips. Use case definitions for efficient system sensitivity analysis. Evaluate timing for tie-back of newreserves, phasing of wells, well-routing, pressure-boostingand artificial lift.

    Interpret field sensor measurements using the virtualmetering (VM) module. It provides an excellent andextremely cost-efficient alternative or supplement tomultiphase meters.VM results can be used with reservoirmodel history-matching as well as daily production allocation.The combined VM and forecasting capabilitymakes METTE a powerful production management tool.