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wind calculationsNA.1NA.2.5NA.2.4NA.2.7NA.2.64.2(2) note24.5(1)4.5NA.2.18NA.7Na.8Altitude (m)height of buildingVb,mapDirectionCaltVb,oCseasonCdirVbKrKltKlvCr(z)CrtProbabilityCprobCo(z)VmIv(z)flatqp(z)qbPCe(z)Ce(t)12011212401.117734219523.47241860921123.47241860920.19ERROR:#VALUE!14.45975953581.0389ERROR:#VALUE!0.021124.38549569310.1704country0.83248317130.33773506891.2262.4649ERROR:#VALUE!.ERROR:#VALUE!in townERROR:#VALUE!Calt - for buildings shorter than 10morography is significant??1.12country0.8324831713in townERROR:#VALUE!Ce = taken from tableCalt - for buildings taller than 10m1.1177342195terrain category2Area with low vegetation such as grass and isolated obstacals (trees, buildings) with separations of at least 20 obstacle heightsZoZmin0.052Probablility distance to shore in that direction 1 in 50 years50if this is less than 100m then use Figure NA.3distance inside town0A.5(1)Building DimsHavedistance gap between the buildings (X)BreadthHeight3202511Hdisfigure NA.7x < 2*Have0Z-Hdis2.4116.62.4

2*Have < x < 6*Have-0.46.6-0.4

x > 6*Have0

background calcs

terrain category

0Sea or costal area exposed to the open sea1Lakes or flat and horozontal area with negligible vegitation and without obsticles2Area with low vegetation such as grass and isolated obstacals (trees, buildings) with separations of at least 20 obstacle heights3Area with regular cover of vegitation or buildings or with isolated obstacles with separations of maximum 20 obstacle heights (such as villages, suburban terrain, permanent forest)4Area in which at least 15% of the serface is covered with buildings and their average height exceeds 15m

probability1 in 25 years0.041 in 50 years0.021 in 100 years0.011 in 1000 years0.0011 in 10000 years0.0001

Table NA.1directional factorC,dir03060901201501802102402703003300.780.730.730.740.730.80.850.9310.990.910.82

A.5(1)H,avedistance gap between the buildings (X)612

x < 2*H,ave4.86.6

2*H,ave < x < 6*H,ave4.86.6

x > 6*H,ave1=true00=false

BHB+HZ - Hdis00100a_3b_3c_325113611Table NA.3B+HZ - Hdis < 6mZ - Hdis = 10mZ - Hdis = 30mZ - Hdis = 50mZ - Hdis = 200mmABCABCABCABCABC0