Why and How to Run a Large Distributed Team Retrospective

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www.conteneo.co Large Distributed Team Retrospectives © Copyright 2014 Conteneo, Inc. 1 also: http://www.innovationgames.com/2014/06/how-to-run-huge-retros

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To continue to gain the benefits of Agility at Scale, organizations must move beyond traditional, in-person retrospectives focused on making individual teams great and towards low-cost, online retrospectives focused on making organizations great. Innovation Games® Online provides a low-cost, efficient, massively scalable and extremely high-impact collaboration platform upon which organizations product Large Distributed Team Retrospectives.

Transcript of Why and How to Run a Large Distributed Team Retrospective

  • www.conteneo.co Large Distributed Team Retrospectives Copyright 2014 Conteneo, Inc. 1 See also: http://www.innovationgames.com/2014/06/how-to-run-huge-retrospectives/
  • www.conteneo.co About Conteneo Conteneo is a Collaboration Amplification company. Copyright 2014 Conteneo, Inc. 2 Grounded in the science of play, our enterprise software and professional services merge serious games, domain expertise and collaboration leadership to super power teams to achieve Epic Wins.
  • www.conteneo.co Retrospecting Retrospectives +
  • www.conteneo.co Retrospective Outcomes / Impact What is the impact or outcome over time? Augment your graph with specific changes youve made. time impact low high
  • www.conteneo.co Retrospective Outcomes / Impact time Impact / Benefit high low Early Adoption Team Maturation Organizational Limits Why Bother?
  • www.conteneo.co Exploring Your Frame What was the scope when you answered this question? (e.g., a single team or ?)
  • www.conteneo.co Design Challenge Design an effective retrospective for 30 Scrum teams in three locations. Constraints: You do not have enough budget to fly everyone to the same location.
  • www.conteneo.co Agenda Motivations for Enterprise Retrospectives Process Overview Expected Results Expect Actions
  • www.conteneo.co You have many Agile teams. To improve performance of the enterprise you need to conduct an enterprise retrospective not just one team but every team. Improving Enterprise Performance
  • www.conteneo.co Traditional retrospectives focus on a single, co-located team. They can produce results that improve the performance of the team, but often fail to address the needs of the enterprise the issues affecting multiple teams or beyond the scope of control of any single team. Single Team Retrospectives Image Credit: http://www.cornetdesign.com/images/AgileRetrospectives_134B2/IMG_0016.jpg
  • www.conteneo.co Collaboration is Copyright 2014 Conteneo, Inc. 11 Pretty easy for small teams Pretty hard for large distributed teams!
  • www.conteneo.co Collaboration is Hard for Large Teams Because Copyright 2014 Conteneo, Inc. 12 Serious Games that Amplify Collaboration. Meetings Email threads Video conferencing Surveys Success We mistake communication for collaboration!
  • www.conteneo.co Games are the Ideal Collaboration Tool! Copyright 2014 Conteneo, Inc. 13 Goals Constraints Rules Voluntary Participation
  • www.conteneo.co Conteneos Games Scale to Large Teams Copyright 2014 Conteneo, Inc. 14 San Jos, CA Budget Games
  • www.conteneo.co We Need Online Retrospectives Copyright 2014 Conteneo, Inc. 15 Speed Boat is a well-known retrospective technique in which teams collaboratively identify the anchors slowing them down. Playing Speed Boat online and at scale, we can efficiently conduct an Enterprise Retrospective. The result? An Epic Win!
  • www.conteneo.co Setting Scope We have found success in setting scope as follows: Time Scope: Last 6 months or last release, whichever is greater Process Scope: The complete development process from story creation, through development and into production deployment (release to customer). Copyright 2014 Conteneo, Inc. 16
  • www.conteneo.co Step 1: Identify the Teams Copyright 2014 Conteneo, Inc. 17 We identify the teams and the facilitators.
  • www.conteneo.co Step 2: Conduct Retrospectives Copyright 2014 Conteneo, Inc. 18 We schedule and conduct online retrospectives using Speed Boat. Anchor: Impediment Propeller: Good Stuff Placement indicates how bad or how good. The number of items is shared among all players. Good Really Good Somewhat Bad Bad Really Bad
  • www.conteneo.co Step 3: Analyzing Results Copyright 2014 Conteneo, Inc. 19 We download the results of all games to categorize each of the ideas. Categorize Each Idea Create Project Describe Features, Benefits and Price Team & Enterprise Projects
  • www.conteneo.co Categorize: People, Process, Technology Copyright 2014 Conteneo, Inc. 20 People Tools / Technology Process We should use GitHub My PO doesn't attend planning meetings We arent clear on the meaning of Done, Done
  • www.conteneo.co Categorize: Scope of Control Copyright 2014 Conteneo, Inc. 21 We should use GitHub My PO doesn't attend planning meetings We arent clear on the meaning of Done, Done We use Diana Larsens Circles and Soup framework to help analyze results. This helps This is also an excellent online retrospective tool! www.innovationgames.com/circles-and-soup
  • www.conteneo.co Scope vs. PPT Scatter Plot Copyright 2014 Conteneo, Inc. 22 Teams identified positive and negative feedback about evenly. Significant opportunities for highly impactful improvements.
  • www.conteneo.co Keep Doing Good Stuff Address Oppty
  • www.conteneo.co Creating Projects Copyright 2014 Conteneo, Inc. 24 We create projects to address the impediments. Entire project list. Team projects. Enterprise projects.
  • www.conteneo.co Selecting Projects Management reviews our results. Projects are selected and engaged. Some projects may be just approved. We may play additional Innovation Games such as Buy a Feature to help in the selection of the projects. Copyright 2014 Conteneo, Inc. 25
  • www.conteneo.co Sharing Results Results are shared with the team members. This may be through Senior Leaders Scrum Masters We want the participants to know theyve been heard and that well be acting on the results. Copyright 2014 Conteneo, Inc. 26
  • www.conteneo.co Time Estimates Copyright 2014 Conteneo, Inc. 27 Planning / Goal Setting 2-3 weeks Game Play 1 week Post-Processing 2-3 weeks Projects? 1- 5 months
  • www.conteneo.co Copyright 2014 Conteneo, Inc. 28 Luke Hohmann Founder & CEO, Conteneo, Inc. 480 San Antonio Road, Suite 202 Mountain View, CA 94040 mobile: (408) 529-0319 [email protected]