What Can Alpha Zignals Screener Offer You?

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Get daily updates of your favourite stock screen offering the latest opportunities in the market and culling stocks whose glow has dimmed. Customize from over 100 variables. Full integration with Alerts; set price triggers on the stocks featured in your scan

Transcript of What Can Alpha Zignals Screener Offer You?

  • 1. Welcome to Zignals Screener
    Zignals delivers the best trading opportunities

2. What can Zignals Screener offer you?
Active Screen of Stocks
Daily emails (top-50 stocks in scan)
Over 100 variables
Valuation, Profitability, Margin, Income, Balance Sheet, Dividends
Analyst ratings and Estimates
Price and Volume
Alert Integration
Auto-Updates of Results
Configure Result Views.
3. Free vs Premium Portfolio
Premium Screener users get access to Premium Alerts, Charts and Portfolio
at no extra cost
4. Active Screen
5. Daily Email Reports
6. Customize View
7. Change Results View
8. Screener
9. Screen for the Best stocks in the Market
Zignals Screener Finds the Diamonds in the Rough