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  • We are not H human beings on a spiritual journey We are spiritual beings on a human journey (Stephen Covey)


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    Letter from Janice Dolley 2

    Passing of Philip Sheppard Celia Storey 3

    Current Christian Evolution Adrian Smith 4

    What is God? London CANA day Judy Hanmer 5

    Reports from CANA day 6

    Oberammagau/Passion Play Rosalind Werner 7

    Alpha: Where is it leading the Church? Celia Storey 8

    Jesus and the Essenes Anthony Deavin 9

    Book Review Adrian Smith 10

    Science, Religion & Oneness Harry Underhill 11

    Poem: Transfiguration Emma Laughton 12

    Information on Into Christ Consciousness 13/14

    Bits & Bobs 15

    Diary Dates Back cover


    Founded by the Bridge Trust

    News & Views Spring 2011


    Awakening to a New Awareness CANA) is a network of people exploring the emergence of humanitys next evolutionary step for which Jesus has paved the way. This requires us to risk living co-creatively through attunement to the ONE.

    CANA offers people

    nurture and companionship in their process of awakening and the opportunity to find a commonality with others on a similar continuing journey.

    Our collective

    journey has no set goal. The reality of our unity may be seen to develop. But the essential nature of our journey is one of continuing exploration.


    contribution is a valued part of the whole and none is dispensable. As we leave behind the language and interpretations of the past, we are challenged to find new expressions of the emerging vision.

    CANA recognises

    that we are all one through that of God within us from whatever

  • CANA News & Views Spring 2011



    Through the steady expansion of consciousness from the most primitive mineral or sub-atomic conditions up through the plant, animal, human kingdoms and into the super-human kingdoms of God-men, angels and cosmic beings, life learns to become consciously self aware, to look at itself, to know itself as divine, to increasingly identify through that knowing with the one-in-all and through that to increasingly be the one-in all.

    David Spangler ( Letter to an Enquiring Minister 1977) Maybe the first time one reads something like this extract it registers as a vaguely understood statement but nothing more. We have our old fixed ideas and the concept of life evolving within each of us does not make too much sense. But evolve we do! And as our own consciousness expands and our own hunger for the unknown and the urge within to enquire grows stronger, so we find that the Christ is not just a world saviour of 2000 years ago but a living presence within us urging us ever onward to greater things than I do shall you do also. So we are beginning to understand and know the Christ as the synthesizing, guiding, evolving energy and presence (Spangler) with / for / within all human souls and also within the soul of the world the anima mundi. Knowing this and becoming one with this energy and presence may be one way of manifesting Christ Consciousness. Two thousand years ago one individual took on the full embodiment of this consciousness and so could speak as I am. This marked an evolutionary jump that we have been learning from and absorbing ever since. Already, within CANA, we have appreciated that it is no longer a case of worshipping what has been in the past, but more an imperative to embody this same consciousness ourselves now. It is this imperative that awakened the inspiration within Gillian Paschkes-Bell whilst on the CANA retreat on Iona two years ago to suggest a conference gathering in 2012. This is now being organised and will be held at the Findhorn Foundation over Easter, 7 10th April 2012. There will be a few lead contributors but if you feel drawn to be with us then your

    presence and energy will also be an essential contribution. Collectively, we will create a chalice of communion with the One life and trust that the resonating energy created will be used in whatever way benefits the whole. We do not see these few days as a one-off event, but rather as a process that gathers insight and energy from people and groups all over these islands and beyond. To this end we are encouraging the formation of portal groups to explore and open to Christ Consciousness as it is with us now. Adrian Smith and others in CANA have co-written a booklet Christ in Us Today, which is a relevant aid for discussion and relates particularly to those with a church background. It is hoped to spread this widely. There is also a set of notes that Gillian has prepared on arranging a portal group.. Details of both are outlined in this newsletter. If you would like to start a portal group soon, or be involved in any other way, do please contact Richard Dell ([email protected] or 01492 623752), another CANA member who is providing a secretariat for this initiative. Another CANA member has generously offered some funds to help us cover basic costs and another is helping construct a website. All of us have a part to play. The leaflet enclosed with this newsletter is advance publicity pending publication of the Findhorn Foundation leaflet on this event. We wanted those who feel drawn to be part of this significant gathering to be able to start saving now and register for the early bird rate by end October 2011.

    Page13 for more information

  • CANA News & Views Spring 2011



    I am passing through a time of great affliction. I am visibly dying and I dont want to die. Each Thursday in June I drove into Winchester, climbed the stairs of the Olive Branch Christian Counselling Service, and supervised a group of counsellors. I loved the work. It was incredibly rewarding to see the counsellors growing in competence and to see the healing and nourishing taking place in their clients lives. By the end of August everything had changed. The car was gathering dust in the garage, and rather than climbing stairs I was struggling to stand upright holding onto a frame. The subtlety of the therapeutic conversation had been replaced by typing with one finger of my left hand on a Lightwriter which gives me an artificial voice. I am dying and I dont want to die. I enjoy life here on earth and I dont want to leave. I love my wife, my home, my family and my friends and I dont want to leave them. Philomena and I are being torn apart after a lifetime shared together. Can comfort be found in all this affliction?

    What is most comforting is to know that I am not alone. The main lesson life seems to be teaching me at present is that I am not alone; I have never been alone and will never be alone. Even death does not separate me from other people. We are one in death as we are one in life. We live together and we die together. Life and death are two things that we all share in common. To me it seems as if there is only one life that we all share. There is no such thing as an individual life. My life and your life are two sides of the same life. Death is where my life ends and yours begins; where your life ends and mine begins. I cant live your life and you cant live my life. The life we live together, the life we share in common, is greater than the sum of the lives we live separately. This is what comforts me most in my time of affliction; to know that my life is part of a greater whole. And the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

    Finding God in Myself

    If I lose myself in god, I find god in myself.

    Philip Sheppard, written shortly before he

    left this life on 31st December 2010.

    It is hard to lament a man who had such a deep

    understanding of the closeness of life and death.

    Philips release from an aggressive form of

    Motor Neurons Disease was, for him, a joyful

    move into what he truly believed to be his next

    stage of being. However, we can mourn our

    own loss of a good friend, a deep thinker and a

    gentle achiever of so many things IBM and

    being part of the launching of the internet, local

    Council of Churches, as a counselor and a

    trainer of counselors, CANA and his deep

    spirituality to name but a few. We particularly

    send love to Philips wife Philomena and his

    three daughters and grandson who we know will

    feel a great loss of his presence.

    CANA is in the process of putting

    together a small booklet of a number of Philips

    writings and short musings, some of which were

    sent in an email as the thought occurred to him.

    You can read some now on the CANA website

    www.christiansawakening.org and look in the

    section Key Articles where you will find a link

    to download his article Living in a More

    Spiritual Way, a highly recommended read.

    Celia Storey

  • CANA News & Views Spring 2011


    The Current Christian Evolution From the many contacts I have with inter-

    Church and extra-Church groups and activities, I notice a number of Signs of the Times which indicate to me that Christianity at present is going through an evolutionary shift.

    The great shifts of the past (the Western-

    Eastern schism, the Reformation) have princ