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First Published in 1847 l Volume 104 Number 1 l Academic Year 2006-2007 THE The Value of Charity Warren Buffett, Penn ’48

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Page 1: Warren Buffett, The Value - Alpha Sigma Phialphasigmaphi.org/Websites/alphasigmaphihq/images/... · First Published in 1847 l Volume 104 Number 1 l Academic Year 2006-2007 THE The

First Published in 1847 l Volume 104 Number 1 l Academic Year 2006-2007


The Valueof Charity

Warren Buffett, Penn ’48

Page 2: Warren Buffett, The Value - Alpha Sigma Phialphasigmaphi.org/Websites/alphasigmaphihq/images/... · First Published in 1847 l Volume 104 Number 1 l Academic Year 2006-2007 THE The



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For the Good of the Order

THE TOMAHAWKAn Educational Journal

© 2007 Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, Inc.

PUBLISHER: Drew M. Thawley, Ohio Wesleyan ’94

DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS: Steve Latour, Central Michigan ’04

EDITOR: Jeffrey R. Hoffman, Member-at-Large ’76

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The Tomahawk of Alpha Sigma Phi (ISSN 0741-5435)is an educational journal published by Alpha Sigma Phi

Fraternity. The Tomahawk is the oldest collegefraternity publication. It first appeared in November

1847 at Yale University and continued until theuniversity suspended it in 1852. Since its revival in

April 1909, it has been continuously published.

The Tomahawk seeks to reflect the Vision and Purposeof Alpha Sigma Phi by presenting news of activechapters and affiliate organizations, individual

members, and the national organization; by addressingcurrent issues facing the Greek system and ourFraternity; by educating and entertaining those

interested in the welfare of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity;and by serving as a historical record.

Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, Inc. was founded at Yale University in 1845 and currently recognizes 67 chapters and colonies across the country.

The Fraternity aims to be the co-curricular organizationof choice for discerning young men through the

provision of an enriching brotherhood experience and a full range of character and leadership

development opportunities.

POSTMASTER: Send address changes to

The Tomahawk of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity,710 Adams St.

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COPYRIGHT: Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, Inc. 2007. Vol. 104. No. 1

DEADLINES:December 15, 2007 for the Spring Issue

Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity is a member of the North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC),

College Fraternity Editors Association (CFEA),the Association of Fraternity Advisors (AFA),

and Capital Fraternal Caucus (CFC).

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Grand ChapterA Review of the Ultimate Brotherhood Event.8Expanding The Old GalAlpha Sigma Phi has chartered six chapters in the last twelve months.

Citizen BuffettBrother Warren Buffett exemplifies the fraternity’s value of charity.

Ted Kocher Leaves Educational FoundationTed Kocher’s legacy of service.

An Investment of OneRic Middlekauff gives credit for his success to Alpha Sigma Phi.

News From Around The Mystic CircleFraternity, chapter, and alumni news.

Omega ChapterIn memory of those we’ve lost.


1617 18 28

What the Virginia Tech. Shootings Tell Us

As a fraternity man, I suspect you have promoted, even defended,the virtues of the Greek experience to countless others. For someof us it started with our parents’ skepticism about joining; for othersit was to a colleague. For some, I suspect, you have had to justifyyour membership to a son or daughter who was trying to figure outwhy his or her father was in one of the crazy “frats.”

The Virginia Tech. tragedy serves as an excellent reminder of just how important and necessary aGreek experience can be for its members. Imagine the pressure a young person must feel walkingacross campus and being essentially accosted by CNN or a news channel out of Europe. Fraternitymen have experience working closely with university administrators, faculty, alumni, and even thenews media. Imagine being incredibly frightened that April 16th morning and not having a “familyaway from home” to go to for solace. Alpha Sigs did and do. Imagine arriving back to campus toresume classes while walking past Norris Hall for the first time since the tragedy. Alpha Sigs hadsupport through brotherhood.

In 1970, Marshall University in West Virginia experienced something similar when a plane full ofstudents and coaches crashed, killing all aboard . . . a tragedy captured in the recent movie “We AreMarshall.” There, too, no Alpha Sigs perished. And there, too, Alpha Sigma Phi offered brotherhoodto its members. The trying times from 1970 are still vivid memories, and woven into thosememories is the support and brotherhood provided by the Alpha Sigma Phi chapter.

These examples are extreme and fortunately rare, but nearly every fraternity member can cite a timewhen the brotherhood helped him personally. I assure you that Alpha Sigma Phi matterstremendously to the development of today’s young men. Our work to increase volunteer support,provide structure to the volunteer network, add relevance to leadership programming, pay forscholarships and opportunities, and replicate the experience across all chapters is grounded in thebasic idea that “fraternity matters.” In tragic situations such as those at Virginia Tech. and Marshall,the fraternity mattered tremendously.

Yours in the Bond,

Drew M. ThawleyPresident & Chief Executive Officer

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Expanding the Old GalAlumni Volunteers Key to Expansion and Chapter Strength


Charters Granted

University of Toledo,Beta Rho ChapterRechartered April 8, 2006Beta Rho welcomed 44 newbrothers to the Mystic Circle. To date, 1,260 men have beeninitiated into the Beta RhoChapter.

Rutgers University,Beta Theta ChapterRechartered September 16,2006The return of Beta Theta toRutgers University included 35men who were initiated into theMystic Circle, adding to the1,038 men initiated beforethem.

Penn State University,Upsilon ChapterRechartered October 7, 2006The Fraternity initiated 36 meninto the Upsilon Chapter, addingto the 1,577 men initiatedbefore them.

NC State University,Beta Zeta ChapterRechartered October 21, 2006Alpha Sigma Phi welcomed 33 new brothers into the MysticCircle, adding to the 224 menalready on the roster.

Northern Michigan University,Delta Beta ChapterRechartered November 4, 2006Three years after their inception

as a colony, Alpha Sigma Phiwas proud to initiate 27 meninto the Delta Beta Chapter,bringing the roster to 205.

University of Akron,Epsilon Sigma ChapterChartered February 3, 2007With the initiation of 32 newbrothers into the Mystic Circle,Epsilon Sigma became the 136thchapter of Alpha Sigma Phi. H


Rutgers University

Alpha Sigma Phi has rechartered fivechapters since thelast publication ofThe Tomahawk andpresented a newcharter to our groupat the University ofAkron in Februaryof 2007.

Sixty-two chapters are open atthis time; one shy of our high-water mark. In the 60 yearssince Alpha Sigma Phiwelcomed Alpha Kappa Pi intoour fraternal family, theorganization has fluctuated byno more than 15 chapters.

In the years since 1994,Alpha Sigma Phi hasexperienced our mostsuccessful period ofcharterings and recharterings.

As Alpha Sigma Phicontinues to invest in

expansion (Baldwin-Wallace,Bloomsburg, Clemson,UVA-Wise, and others arecurrently in development),we are also investing heavilyin the recruitment, education,and support of alumnivolunteers.

Volunteers are critical to our success. TheFraternity aims to have everychapter fully supported byvolunteers. To learn moreabout volunteering visitwww.alphasigmaphi.org. H

Penn State University

University of Akron North Carolina State University

Northern Michigan University

University of Toledo

Page 4: Warren Buffett, The Value - Alpha Sigma Phialphasigmaphi.org/Websites/alphasigmaphihq/images/... · First Published in 1847 l Volume 104 Number 1 l Academic Year 2006-2007 THE The

Last year, as his worthapproached $44 billion, Buffettshocked the business world byannouncing his intention todonate more than 80 percent ofhis fortune to charity. Fivefoundations would now receiveannual gifts of stock, with themajority going to the Bill andMelinda Gates Foundation.

In regards to his gift to theGates Foundation, Buffett said,“Working through the Foundation,both [Bill and Melinda Gates]have applied truly unusual

intelligence, energy, and heart toimproving the lives of millions offellow humans who have notbeen as lucky as the three of us.They have done this withoutregard to color, gender, religion,or geography. I am delighted toadd to the resources to carry onthis work.”

Buffett’s other donations willbe given to:

n Susan Thompson BuffettFoundation – which focuseson reproductive health, familyplanning, and pro-choicecauses, and on preventingthe spread of nuclearweapons.

n Howard G. BuffettFoundation – focuses heavilyon clean-water projects, foodrelief, the plight of childrenentangled in illegalimmigration, and otherhumanitarian areas.

n Susan A. Buffett Foundation– which funds early educationprograms for children of low-income families.

n NoVo Foundation – whichfunds individuals andorganizations working to openup education opportunities,reverse environmentaldegradation, uphold humanrights, and improveunderstanding and respectamong various cultures andethnicities.

Not bad for a man who beganhis career in his pre-teens,going door to door selling gumthat he bought from hisgrandfather’s grocery store.

From there he graduated toselling bottles of Coca-Cola andthen, at the ripe old age of 11,he went to work at his father’sbrokerage firm and neverlooked back. He bought his firststock shares for $37 a pieceand sold them at$40 – a nice littleprofit for an 11-year-old who was used tomaking pennies oneach sale. Then hewatched as the pricereached $200 ashare a few yearslater and theexperience taughthim a valuablelesson: always investfor the long term.

“There’s nothing material I want very much,” says Buffett.“And I’m going to give virtuallyall of those claim checks tocharity when my wife and I die.”

Considering all the newsheadlines about Warren Buffettand the public’s fascinationwith him, it’s interesting to hearbrothers like Luther Campbell,Penn ’47, who went to schoolwith him.

“He may be one of theworld’s richest men now,” saysBrother Campbell,“but I knewhim as an excellent bridgeplayer. He was a super guy, veryfocused. I lost touch with him

after he moved backto Nebraska,although now wewrite to one anotheroccasionally.”

Warren is oneof five Alpha Sigs inhis family. Buffett’sfather and threeuncles are also AlphaSigs; all of themwere initiated atNebraska.

Until recently,the five values of Alpha SigmaPhi were hidden from publicknowledge. Yet each and everyday they manifested themselvesin the actions of brothers allaround the world. WarrenBuffett is one such brother.Through charity, when we all dowhat we can with what we have,we can truly have a positiveimpact for our families and ourneighbors. H

CitizenBuffettWarren Buffett, Penn ’48

The world knows himas a multi-billionaire.

We know him as abrother. He’s in thenews almost daily.And what the worldsees – yet perhapsdoesn’t understand –is that Brother Buffettis constantly living oneof Alpha Sigma Phi’sfive values:


Cover Story


Brother BuffettWas AwardedThe DistinguishedMerit Award in 2001.

Photo submitted with Buffett'sBiographical Data Form at time ofpledging.


Page 5: Warren Buffett, The Value - Alpha Sigma Phialphasigmaphi.org/Websites/alphasigmaphihq/images/... · First Published in 1847 l Volume 104 Number 1 l Academic Year 2006-2007 THE The


Grand Chapter Review

Ultimate Brotherhood Event

Written by: Mark D. Still,Washington ’75 – Grand Senior President

The 49th Grand Chapter of Alpha Sigma PhiFraternity was called to order on August 3, 2006,in Charlotte, North Carolina. In attendance wererepresentatives from 43 chapters, seven colonies,and three Chartered Alumni Associations, as wellas four Past Grand Senior Presidents, the GrandCouncil, and headquarters staff.

Charlotte 2006

In all, more than 225 menparticipated. The air waselectric with anticipation ofthe important work that layahead, for this Grand Chapterwould serve as a referendumon the Strategic Vision andPlan constructed by theGrand Council.

When the dust settled,68 motions had beenconsidered by the delegates,dozens of awards had beenpresented to deservingchapters, colonies, andindividual brothers, and anawe-inspiring Black LanternProcessional was complete.

The weekend alsoincluded a number ofeducational workshops andprofessional speakers forboth undergraduates andalumni. Everyone leftCharlotte both exhausted andexhilarated by the experience.

Page 6: Warren Buffett, The Value - Alpha Sigma Phialphasigmaphi.org/Websites/alphasigmaphihq/images/... · First Published in 1847 l Volume 104 Number 1 l Academic Year 2006-2007 THE The

Elected to Serve.Dedicated toBrotherhood.

2006 – 2008 Grand CouncilIt consists of nine alumni memberselected at Grand Chapter to servefour year terms and threeundergraduate membersappointed for two year terms.The following men will serve inthese positions through 2008.

Mark D. Still,Washington ’75Grand Senior President(2004-)Grand Secretary (2002-2004)

Grand Marshal (1992-1994)Grand Councilor (1990-1992)

Richard T. Ritter,Toledo ’91 & Ohio Wesleyan ’93Grand Junior President(2006-)Grand Marshal(2004-2006)

Jeffrey R. Hoffman,Member-at-Large ’76Grand Treasurer (2004-)Grand Councilor (2002 -2004)

John W. Tilden,Binghamton ’93Grand Secretary (2006-)Grand Councilor (2004-2006)

Bernie D. Schulz,Radford ’89Grand Marshal (2006-)

Jonathan K. Burns,Member-at-Large ’84Grand Councilor (2006-)Grand Secretary (2004-2006)

Grand Councilor (2002-2004)

Michael E. Young,Murray State ’94Grand Councilor (2004-)Grand Treasurer (2002-2004)

Grand Councilor (2000-2002)

Richard G. Buss,UNC-Charlotte ’90Grand Councilor (2006-)

Joseph R. Zimmerman,Bowling Green ’77Grand Councilor (2006-)

Matthew J. Hittle,Tri-State ’04Grand Councilor (2005-)

Perry M. Opel,Washington ’04Grand Councilor (2005-)

Alexander M. Kefaloukos,Elmhurst ’04Grand Councilor (2006-)

Hon. Robert W. Kutz,UC - Berkeley ’67Grand Historian (1982-)

ΑΣΦ 11

The Black Lantern Processional

Grand Chapter Review

Here is a recap of theactions taken by the 49th Grand Chapter ofAlpha Sigma Phi.

Our New Code of Conduct

1. I will maintain a commitment to excellence inall of my endeavors.

2. I will respect the dignity of all persons;therefore, I will not physically, psychologically,or sexually abuse any individual.

3. I will be a financially responsible individual toboth my chapter and the national fraternity.

4. I will not abuse, nor support the abuse of,alcohol.

5. I will not use, nor support the use of, illegaldrugs.

6. I will achieve academic excellence.

7. I will hold myself and my brothersaccountable for their actions and understandthat I always represent the Fraternity.

8. I will pursue the values of Silence, Charity,Purity, Honor, and Patriotism through myactions and deeds.

9. I will not condone the discrimination of anyindividual based on: race, color, nationalorigin, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexualorientation, physical ability, or age.

10. I will encourage my Brothers to demonstratethe behavior that exemplifies this Fraternity’sCode of Conduct.

Financial Matters

n Initiation Fee Deadline will be two weeks priorto initiation.

n Alumni Initiation Fee will only include theFraternity’s Initiation Fee. The alumni initiate isnot charged the pledge fee or membership fee.

Ritual Matters

n New Seven Points of the Pledge Pin in theFormal Pledging Ceremony were adopted toalign with our five values.

n HCS (Corresponding Secretary) Positionremoved as outdated.

n HZ (Recruitment Director) Position added torecognize the critical role of recruitment.

Constitution & Bylaw Matters

n Redefined Mission & Purpose to align withthe Vision and Purpose statement in theStrategic Plan.

n Made public the Five Values of Alpha SigmaPhi, formally introducing these critical elementsdefining the character of our Brotherhood.

n New Objectives adopted to reflect the eightends of the Strategic Plan: Ritual Values,Chapter-level Parent, University, and AlumniInvolvement, Member Recruitment, Induction tothe Brotherhood, Brotherhood Development,Character Development, Leadership Skills, andLife Skills.

Sigs at Charlotte Knightsbaseball game

ΑΣΦ 10

Peter L. Hoffman,Member-at-Large ’06“Throughout my life I’veheard about Alpha SigmaPhi. The pride and couragedisplayed by the Brothers

who are involved in the community, ratherthan themselves. I have read about thesuccesses of Brothers and realized thatthere is a great depth of meaning behindAlpha Sigma Phi.

“Alpha Sigma Phi is a realBrotherhood, and I am unfathomablyhonored to become a Brother in a groupof such stature.”

Peter Hoffman is the son of GrandTreasurer Jeff Hoffman, Member-at-Large ’76.

Daniel E. Duncan,Ohio State ’06He is a man who believesin hard work, commitment,and keeping your nose tothe grindstone. He is a

33 year veteran of the trucking industry,having worked all of those years at ABFFreight Systems in Dayton, Ohio. He is aman who has instilled in his threechildren passion for accomplishment, theappreciation for decorum, and the love offamily and friends.

Dan Duncan is father toHeadquarters Staff Member Dan DuncanII, Ohio State ’00 and undergraduatemember Aaron Duncan, OhioState ’05.

Honored Initiates

Page 7: Warren Buffett, The Value - Alpha Sigma Phialphasigmaphi.org/Websites/alphasigmaphihq/images/... · First Published in 1847 l Volume 104 Number 1 l Academic Year 2006-2007 THE The

Bowling Green, Gamma Zeta Chapter– Large Greek System

Ohio Wesleyan, Epsilon Chapter –Small Greek System. See story onpage 24.

This is the third time the Gamma ZetaChapter has won this award, receivingit first at the 45th Grand Chapter inNorfolk, Virginia (1998) and then atthe 48th Grand Chapter in Columbus,Ohio (2004).

“Both Chapters prove that there issomething different about being anAlpha Sig. These are men who live ourvalues, strive for greatness, want tobecome better men, and have fundoing it,” said Drew Thawley, Presidentand Chief Executive Officer.

Gary A. AndersonMemorial AwardAwarded annually to the chapterthat best exemplifies theMission and Purpose of theFraternity through its NewMember Education Program.

Murray State, Delta Tau Chapter

Louis Manigault Ritual AwardThe Louis Manigault Ritual Award isnamed for the principal Founder ofAlpha Sigma Phi Fraternity.Manigault wrote the original Ritual

for our Fraternity. This award isgiven annually to one chapter thatbest exemplifies the practice andeducation of Alpha Sigma Phi’sritualistic ceremonies and values.

Murray State, Delta Tau Chapter

Phi Pi Phi AwardAwarded to the one chapter thathas demonstrated the mostoutstanding dedication tophilanthropy or service duringthe previous two years.

Toledo, Beta Rho Chapter

Alpha Kappa Pi AwardIn recognition of the chapter thathas best exemplified the Idealsand Purposes of the Fraternitythrough its outstanding pursuitof scholarship.

Ohio Wesleyan, Epsilon Chapter

Alpha Gamma UpsilonAwardAwarded to the chapter that hasshown the most significantimprovement over the past twoyears in fulfilling the MissionStatement of the Fraternity.

UNC – Charlotte, Delta Zeta Chapter

Gamma Sigma Alpha Honor SocietyGamma Sigma Alpha exists torecognize and advance academicexcellence as a core value offraternities and sororities. Thefollowing men became membersof the honor society during the2005-06 academic year:

Joseph Alden, Elmhurst ’04Brian Allman, W. Virginia Wesleyan ’04Dino Bagnola, Miami University ’05Joshua Barnes, McDaniel ’04Robert Bieschke, McDaniel ’05Kevin Bujak, Elmhurst ’04Steve Dutton, Bowling Green ’04Jason Fratto, McDaniel ’04Clinton Fugate, Murray State ’03Jason Hinson, Murray State ’05David Horn, Elmhurst ’04Brian Kastner, McDaniel ’04John Neiswanger, Elmhurst ’04T. Pat O’Toole, McDaniel ’04Aaron Shumaker, Bowling Green ’03Steven Sorger, Miami ’03Rustin Webster, Murray State ’04Chris Zardoya, Miami ’03

ΑΣΦ 12

Frank F. Hargear Memorial AwardAwarded annually in recognition ofcontributions exemplifying thepurposes and objectives of theFraternity, this is the highest awardan undergraduate can receive.

Mathew Rogers, UNC-Charlotte ’01“We are the leaders of the nextgeneration,” said Matt. “Greek lifeshould teach how to take life by thehorns and live it the right way.”

Evin C.Varner, Jr.Distinguished ServiceAwardAwarded to a previous DeltaBeta Xi recipient for sustained

superior alumni service to theFraternity, even above andbeyond Delta Beta Xi.

John B. Gibson, Indiana ’85John began his service to the NationalFraternity shortly after graduation,working as a Chapter LeadershipConsultant with Fraternity Headquarters.After leaving the headquarters staff, hecontinued his service by remainingactive with the Gamma Chi Chapter atIndiana University.

In 1994, John was elected to GrandCouncil and served as Grand Councilor,Grand Treasurer, Grand Marshal, andGrand Senior President. Brother Gibsonwas instrumental in reshaping the waythe Fraternity’s Grand Council conductsbusiness by implementing the CarverGovernance Model.

Distinguished Merit AwardAwarded to a brother of theFraternity who has attainedprominence and distinction inhis profession.

Samuel W. Bodman, Cornell ’57Current Secretary of Energy, BrotherBodman holds a bachelor’s degree inChemical Engineering from Cornell

University and a Doctorate of Sciencefrom M.I.T. After graduating, he servedas an Associate Professor of ChemicalEngineering at M.I.T.

He later served as the TechnicalDirector of the American Research andDevelopment Corporation; the Presidentand Chief Operating Officer of FidelityInvestments; and as the Director of theFidelity Group of Mutual Funds. He wasChairman, Chief Executive Officer, andDirector of the Cabot Corporation formore than a decade. (awarded 2006)

Hon. Frank F. Wolf, Penn State ’60Congressman Frank F. Wolf of 10thDistrict, Virginia, was presented theDistinguished Merit Award in April 2006during the North American InterfraternityConference Annual Meeting inWashington D.C. (Awarded 2005).

Grand Senior Presidents AwardAwarded biennially during everyGrand Chapter. One chapter withina large Greek system and onechapter within a small Greeksystem are awarded. This awardrecognizes our two premierchapters’ accomplishments duringthe previous two-year period.

John Gibson, Indiana ’85 and Mark Still,Washington ’75

Rich Ritter, Toledo ’91 and MattGarvey, Ohio Wesleyan ’04

Grand Chapter Review

ΑΣΦ 13

Men of HonorAnnual Award Recipients

Michael Young, Murray State ’94 andMathew Rogers, UNC-Charlotte ’01

Mark Still, Washington ’75 and Frank F. Wolf, Penn State ’60

Ohio Wesleyan, Epsilon Chapter, andBowling Green, Gamma Zeta Chapter

Rick Buss, UNC-Charlotte ’90 andPhilip Wilkins, UNC-Charlotte ’03

John Tilden, Binghamton ’93 and Mike Betz, Toledo ’06

Michael Young, Murray State ’94 andStephen Saia, Murray State ’04

Page 8: Warren Buffett, The Value - Alpha Sigma Phialphasigmaphi.org/Websites/alphasigmaphihq/images/... · First Published in 1847 l Volume 104 Number 1 l Academic Year 2006-2007 THE The

ΑΣΦ 15

Scholar of the Year Award

Given to an undergraduate brotherwith an notable academic record,noted service to the communityand Fraternity, and positions ofdistinction.

Joshua Justice, UVA-Wise Colony

Runners up:Frank Mudzinganyama, Missouri

Valley ’04Robert Ulrich, Cornell ’05

Chapter Scholar of theYear ScholarshipEach chapter has the opportunityto select from among itsmembership one individual toreceive the Chapter Scholar ofthe Year Scholarship.

Brian Allman, W. Virginia Wesleyan ’04Zachary Boehnlein, Toledo ’06Joseph Chiavaroli, Buffalo ’06Nick Gill, Bowling Green ’04Lawrence Greer, Presbyterian ’05Eric Halberstadt, Grand Valley ’03Ryan Harvey, Miami ’05Jason Harvey, Central Michigan ’05John Jefferson, Murray State ’04Andrew Kaniewski, Lawrence Tech. ’04Brian Kissel, Miami University ’05Tyler Kowcheck, Bethany ’04Alex Lambi, Maryland ’05Joseph Lazazzero, Wake Forest ’05Cody Leipprandt, Michigan State ’05Frank Mudzinganyama, Missouri

Valley ’04

Daniel Nolan, RPI ’04T. Pat O’Toole, McDaniel ’04Brian Paladie, Elmhurst ’03Alex Peurye-Hissong, Indiana ’06Jacob Reese, Otterbein ’04John Ridenour, Salisbury ’03Richard Rosenblum, Penn State

Altoona ’05Nick Scull, Virginia Tech. ’04Louis Simons, Stevens Tech. ’05Steve Sulhoff, Iowa State ’06Tyler Swackhammer, Rio Grande ’04John Sweezy, Southern Indiana ’06Matthew Tillman, Charleston ColonyJoseph Yost, Ohio Wesleyan ’05

Howard L. KleinoederGraduate ScholarshipNamed in honor of Howard L.Kleinoeder, Washington ’35, whodonated $6.4 million to theEducational Foundation.

Elijah Haahr, Missouri Western ’04Adam Sedia, Indiana ’04Tayon Swafford, Albright ’03Kevin Wherry, Washington ’03

Alpha Sigma PhiScholarshipTo reaffirm our commitment toscholarship, Alpha Sigma Phi, withfunds provided by the EducationalFoundation, offers thousands ofdollars in scholarships to ourbrothers every year.

Eric Calabretta, Akron ’07Jared Epler, Albright ’06Karl Gast, Tri-State ’05Zachary Harmon, West Virginia ’03Ryan Harvey, Miami ’05Adam McLemore, Miami ’05Kevin Myers, Clemson ColonyAndrew Palmer, Ohio State ’05Christopher Powell, Murray State ’06John Ridenour, Salisbury ’03Thomas Ritter, Stevens Tech. ’04Jared Weller, West Virginia ’03David Wojewodka, Akron ’07Joseph Yost, Ohio Wesleyan ’05

“This scholarship has givenme the opportunity to focusless on how I’m going tofund my education and moreon my education. It hasgiven me the ability to putmore attention towards mystudies and the leadershippositions I hold. This is agreat honor and it trulyhelps me be a better man.”

– Eric Calabretta, Akron ’07Alpha Sigma Phi Scholarship

Grant-in-AidPresented to undergraduate men who demonstrate a strongfinancial need as well as acommitment to academics,service, and the Fraternity.

Taylor Bryant, Iowa State ’05Travis Rose, Bowling Green ’05Jonathan Schultz, McDaniel ’05Chester Simocko, RPI ’04John Turner, Bowling Green ’06Jeremy White, Presbyterian ’05

Friends of Alpha GammaChapter AwardEstablished by the Alpha GammaChapter at Carnegie-Mellon andgiven to one undergraduatebrother majoring in science.

Todd Feathers, RPI ’06

Friends of Rho Chapter AwardEstablished by the Rho Chapter atthe University of Minnesota andpresented to one undergraduatewho demonstrates outstandingscholarship in liberal arts duringhis first three years of study.

Brian Allman, W. Virginia Wesleyan ’04

ΑΣΦ 14

Order of OmegaAwarded to those who haveattained a high standard ofleadership in interfraternityactivities. The following menbecame members of the honorsociety during the 2005-06academic year:

Brian Allman, W. Virginia Wesleyan ’04Dino Bagnola, Miami University ’05Humberto Baquerizo, NJIT ’91Justin Bullock, Salisbury ’03Steve Dutton, Bowling Green ’04Jonathan Fitzgerald, McDaniel ’03Jason Fratto, McDaniel ’04Charles Freitag, Jr., Elmhurst ’06Patrick Gaul, Otterbein ’05Keith Greenway, McDaniel ’04Bradley Hoffeld, Ohio Wesleyan ’03Troy Kroll, Slippery Rock ’02Marek Kurylko, NJIT ’02Michael Magovac, Toledo ’06John Mahony, Cornell ’04Gary Markle, McDaniel ’03Randall May, McDaniel ’03John Neiswanger, Elmhurst ’04T. Pat O’Toole, McDaniel ’04John Ridenour, Jr., Salisbury ’03Travis Rose, Bowling Green ’05Rocco Sciarabba, Bowling Green ’03Aaron Shumaker, Bowling Green ’03Irwan Sie, Ohio Wesleyan ’04Austin Sochocky, NJIT ’03Justin Sommer, UNC-Charlotte ’03Lawrence Stewart, McDaniel ’04Rustin Webster, Murray State ’04Joshua Wick, Salisbury ’05

Delta Beta Xi AwardDelta Beta Xi is awarded forsustained alumni service to theFraternity.

Gary J. Atkinson, Purdue ’73Atkinson has been an alumni volunteerfor approximately fifteen years and hasmade many significant contributions tothe Alpha Pi Chapter.

John R. Chaney, Indiana ’67John was a founder of the Indianachapter. Most recently he served asthe Grand Chapter Advisor for GammaChi 2005–2007. From 1990–1994,John served as the Executive VicePresident for the Fraternity andPresident of the EducationalFoundation.

Donald K. Green, UNC-Charlotte ’91Brother Green has consistentlysupported the Fraternity and theundergraduates, even providing

scholarships for undergraduates toattend Grand Chapter. He is a pastrecipient of the Friends of RhoScholarship and received theKleinoeder Scholarship in 1995.

Tim J. Schulien, Ohio State ’84Schulien has been a key player in therechartering of Beta Rho. Schulien hassupported the chapter and attendedweekly chapter meetings and events.He has also served on the Zeta ChapterAlumni Association Board for more thaneight years.

Robert W. Vieracker, Lawrence Tech. ’81Bob served as Vice President of theChartered Alumni Council from 1985 to1987. From 1993 to 1997, BrotherVieracker served as the Vice Presidentof the Gamma Psi Alumni Council.Bob also helped to get an interest groupstarted at Hillsdale College in 1994. H

Joshua Justice and Bill Christ, Davis& Elkins ’59

Grand Chapter Review

John Gibson, Indiana ’85, and DonaldGreen, UNC-Charlotte ’91

Greg Sinise, Purdue ’70, and GaryAtkinson, Purdue ’73

John Gibson, Indiana ’85, and TimSchulien, Ohio State ’84

John Chaney, Indiana ’67 and StanMiller, Purdue ’64

Page 9: Warren Buffett, The Value - Alpha Sigma Phialphasigmaphi.org/Websites/alphasigmaphihq/images/... · First Published in 1847 l Volume 104 Number 1 l Academic Year 2006-2007 THE The

Foundation Profile

An Investment in OneDelivers Dividends for Thousands

ΑΣΦ 16

Foundation News

omeone, sometime ago, made asmall investment

in the life of a youngman. It has made allthe difference.

In fact, Ric Middlekauff, OregonState ’60, has now made it hismission to invest in today’sundergraduate men. Ric hasmade Alpha Sigma PhiEducational Foundation a priority– giving generously to theLoyalty Fund each year.

Ric, a former director of theEducational Foundation board,has enjoyed a successful careeras owner of a Ford dealership inTexas and now is an entrepreneurwith the successful company,Heelys, Inc. – maker of popularathletic shoes with wheels in theheels.

Ric says neither career wouldhave been possible without theopportunities allowed him byAlpha Sigs.

In his youth, Ric spent freetime washing cars at adealership to earn money to helphis family. College seemed like along shot to him.

“As a teenager, a friend’s dad,Karl Clinkinbeard, Oregon State’42, saw me by school one day.He asked me what my plans werefor college. I told him that I’dlove to go to Oregon State, butwithout a scholarship, it would beimpossible.”

Karl, who was a prominentattorney and judge at the time,went on to talk with Ric about hisfraternity, Alpha Sigma Phi, andthe opportunities they offered.“He explained how Alpha SigmaPhi took young men withpotential and created greatleaders. He put his hand on myshoulder and asked me, if I hadthe financial resources, would Iconsider Oregon State and AlphaSigma Phi.” Ric said yes.

Ric was soon offered a Rotaryscholarship – a scholarship hedidn’t even apply for. “I knew Karlwas behind it, that he pulled somestrings on my behalf. I saw himabout 40 years later and askedhim about it. He just smiled aknowing smile.”

At Oregon State, as Ric settledinto school and fraternity life, RickDexter, the Chapter President(HSP), took Ric under his wing.“I guess Rick saw leadershippotential in me. He began toinvest himself in me and taughtme to have confidence in myself.”

Ric says of his school years,“As I look back on that time, I’vecome to truly appreciate the lifeand leadership skills that AlphaSig taught me.”

He believes the currentgeneration of young people iscapitalizing on these same lifeand leadership skills -- especiallythose who take advantage ofAlpha Sigma Phi’s leadership andcharacter-building programminglike the Ralph F. Burns Instituteand the Presidents’ Academy ofLeadership. “I don’t think you willfind a better generation of youngpeople than those you will find inschool today. They are moremature. They are smarter. Theyare receiving a better education. I encourage all of us who havebenefited from the Old Gal toreinvest in the lives of others. I can’t describe the joy I feel to seethese young folks blossom.” H

ΑΣΦ 17


“I know I wouldn’tbe the man I amtoday if it hadn’t beenfor Alpha Sigma Phiand those mentors in the Fraternity whomade such aninvestment of timeand money in me.”

Ric Middlekauff, Oregon State ’60

Ted Kocher’s Legacy ofServiceThank You, Ted

lpha Sigma Phi means agreat deal to Ted Kocher,Findlay ’92. His passionfor the Fraternity has

allowed the EducationalFoundation to flourish under hisleadership. Since his first day asan Alpha Sig, Ted has displayedan unwavering commitment to theOld Gal.

In February of this year, Tedannounced that he would beleaving his post as President andCEO of the Alpha Sigma PhiEducational Foundation to pursueother professional interests.Brother Kocher led theorganization with honesty, hardwork, humility, and a passion forcreating strong brotherlyrelationships.

“We accomplished a lot hereat the Educational Foundationover the past seven years,” saidBrother Kocher. “I was proud todo my part to make the Old Galjust a little stronger.”

While leading the EducationalFoundation, Ted created strongties between the EducationalFoundation and Alpha Sigma Phi’smembers and friends.

“I have had the pleasure ofworking with Ted for many years inconjunction with the EducationalFoundation,” said past Chairmanof the Board of Directors

Stan Thurston, Iowa State ’66.“Ted taught me and other boardmembers the concepts andrealities of fundraising. He isalways a joy to work with – fullycommitted, open-minded, totallyhonest and genuine, and fun.”

Ted also worked tirelessly withthe Board of Directors to raisemore than $1.1 million to buildthe Ralph F. Burns Alpha SigmaPhi Headquarters. He met withdedicated supporters to helpfund the building and workedclosely with the constructionteam to complete the project ontime and on budget.

“It is rare to find an individuallike Ted who always has a smileon his face and truly enjoysserving our fraternity,” said ScottOlson, Iowa State ’65, a leader ofthe building campaign and amember of the Board of Directors.“No matter the task, he wasalways ready to take fulladvantage of the knowledge andexperience of his board members.That’s the true sign of a smartand confident leader.”

In the early ’90s, Ted and asmall group of his brothershelped the Gamma Pi Chapter atthe University of Findlay becomechartered – a chapter that isgoing strong today.

After graduating from Findlay

with a B.A. in Communications,Ted went right to work for theAlpha Sigma Phi EducationalFoundation as its Director ofDevelopment. After two years inthat position, he moved on towork in professional fundraisingfor the University of Findlay andBloomsburg University beforecoming back to the EducationalFoundation as Director ofDevelopment, specializing inplanned giving. In 2000, Ted wasnamed the President and CEO ofthe Alpha Sigma Phi EducationalFoundation.

Grand Senior President MarkStill said, “Ted is a dedicatedbrother who labored tirelessly toensure that our EducationalFoundation remain a vital partnerin Alpha Sigma Phi’s Mission toBetter the Man. Our Brotherhoodis stronger as a result of hisefforts.”

Ted Kocher exemplifies thevery best of what the Fraternityand Educational Foundation standto perpetuate. Kocher’s serviceto the Educational Foundationwas an investment in our men.“It’s a bittersweet decision tomake, but I know the Brotherhoodis in good hands,” says BrotherKocher on his departure. H

ATed Kocher, Findlay ’92

Page 10: Warren Buffett, The Value - Alpha Sigma Phialphasigmaphi.org/Websites/alphasigmaphihq/images/... · First Published in 1847 l Volume 104 Number 1 l Academic Year 2006-2007 THE The

ΑΣΦ 19

Around the Mystic Circle

Submit News to [email protected]

American, Beta ChiChapterMore than 50 undergraduatesand alumni celebrated

Founder’s Day by marching acrosscampus carrying lanterns and the ritualcoffin before ringing the Beta Chi bell.The final ring of the bell was for Beta ChiBrother Evan Fleischer, who recentlyjoined the Omega Chapter.

Eric Weinstein, American ’70,(Vienna, Austria) was recently awardedthe Nobel Peace Prize along with thestaff of the International Atomic EnergyAgency (IAEA) located in Vienna, Austria.

Barton, GammaLambda ChapterThe Gamma Lambda Chapterwon Greek Week for the 4th

year in a row. They are currently planningtheir 50th anniversary celebration in2008, and all are welcome.

Todd Bailess, Barton ’95, (Bristol,VA) was awarded Barton’s “YoungAlumnus of the Year.”

Scott Cruikshank, Barton ’91,(Raleigh, NC) received an award for hisefforts in the fundraising for lighting theBarton soccer field.

Phil Faison, Barton ’76, (Shiloh, NC)Won a seat on the Camden Board ofCommissioners.

Donald Grisewood, Barton ’92,(Tucker, GA) was inducted into the BartonAthletics Hall of Fame.

Brad Roberson, Barton ’03,(Winterville, NC) visited the U.S. Houseof Representatives to lobby for the passage of the Collegiate Housing andInfrastructure Act.

Bentley, Epsilon MuChapterTimothy Ringwood, Bentley’06, (Berkeley Heights, NJ) is

the Chapter’s 100th initiate.

Binghamton,Epsilon Nu ChapterOn October 14th, Epsilon NuChapter won, for the second

time in three years, the Mr. Greek Godcompetition. All proceeds raised duringthe event were donated to the ElizabethGlaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Bowling Green,Gamma ZetaChapterGamma Zeta’s DeltaLambda Award was

presented to Lee Blakemore, BowlingGreen ’52. This award recognizesoutstanding alumni service to theChapter.

Your Source for Fraternity,Chapter, and Alumni News

Pvt. Daniel Langshaw, Member-at-Large ’05, served in the 331st Transportation Company 6th Battalion,United States Army.

Central Michigan Brothers

Findlay Brothers with members of the Findlay cheerleading team

Central Michigan,Delta RhoChapterBrian Coleman, Central

Michigan ’04, (Scottsdale, AZ) accepteda position at Apex Systems, Inc. as atechnical recruiter.

Cory Federspiel, Central Michigan’04, (Mt. Pleasant, MI) and his wifeNicki welcomed their first born, KaitlynNicole, on March 29, 2007.

Elmhurst, Delta ChiChapterThe Chapter wasrepresented by six

members during Elmhurst’s Habitat forHumanity trip in their continued effortsto make charity the center to theiractions.

Findlay, Gamma PiChapterOn October 6th, the Chapterhelped distribute over 9,000

pounds of food to under-served familiesin the Findlay, Ohio area.

The Brothers of Beta Chi

ΑΣΦ 18

Stephen J. Rogers, California’33, was born in 1916, andpledged to Alpha Sigma Phi as afreshman at the University ofCalifornia - Berkeley.

Throughout his collegiatecareer, Brother Rogers reportedfor the daily campus newspaper,immersed himself with politicalcampaigns for studentgovernment, served as seniormanager of intramural sports forthe University, and served as hischapter’s president.

In World War II, he wasassigned to the Third InfantryDivision. The war carried Stevefrom the beaches of South Africato Europe.

Rogers was wounded in actionwhile fighting in Rome. After hisrelease from the hospital, he waspromoted to Adjutant General.“At the age of 28, I found myselfin charge of 15,000 youngofficers.” He also received twobronze stars and a purple heart.

Rogers used his experience inthe military to attend Harvard

Business School under the G.I.Bill. He earned his M.B.A in ayear and a half, graduating withHigh Distinction in the top fivepercent of his class. Hecontinued to model successfulleadership in business as a topmarketing executive for FordMotor Co. In 2006, at the age of90, Rogers traveled to the BurnsInstitute in Jackson, Michigan,and participated as a FiresideFacilitator. Those in attendancereally enjoyed listening to himrecount what membership waslike in the 1930s.

“The opportunities theFraternity provided helped buildmy integrity. I’m proud to be anAlpha Sig.” H

Stephen Rogers:A Lifetime of Pride

Dusan Lakic, Binghamton '04, Greek Godcontest winner

Brothers fromBowling Green

Elmhurst: Charles Freitag ’06, Joey Cullen ’03,John Neiswanger ’04, Matt Shea ’06, ScottMatheney ’02, and Anthony Dastice ’06

Stephen Rogers, California ’33

Page 11: Warren Buffett, The Value - Alpha Sigma Phialphasigmaphi.org/Websites/alphasigmaphihq/images/... · First Published in 1847 l Volume 104 Number 1 l Academic Year 2006-2007 THE The

A year ago, Stewart Drachar,Bethany ’00, was in anautomobile accident that left himparalyzed. Confined to awheelchair, Stewart is relearninghis motor functions.

But his recovery will be a longprocess. That’s why his brothersat Beta Gamma Chapter haverallied to support Stewart duringthis ordeal. They have raisedmore than $5,000 for Stewartand his family. The money wascollected a number of ways –hosting monthly coin drives,selling candy bars and t-shirts,and even participating in abachelor auction.

“Stewart was a fantasticsoccer player from Scotland,”said Professor Larry Grimes,Bethany ’61, Beta Gamma’sGrand Chapter Advisor. Hewas our high scoring striker.He kept everyone loose andin a good mood. His

outspoken sense of humor

would make the brothers erupt inlaughter during chaptermeetings.”

Also a pastor, ProfessorGrimes presided over Stewart’swedding. He said everyoneremained in constant prayer asStewart remained in a coma fornearly two months.

“All his brothers truly ralliedaround him and his bride, theyflooded the hospital and satwatch for days,” said ChapterPresident Tyler Kowcheck,Bethany ’04. “We made caringfor Stewart our primary project,making sure income wasprovided for in his longrehabilitation. I truly believe hisprogress has been amplifiedknowing and experiencing thelove and brotherhood from BetaGamma. His survival, his will tolive, and his fight to better theman really characterize themission of Alpha Sigma Phi.” H

The North-American InterfraternityConference (NIC) has presentedAlpha Sigma Phi with theprestigious Laurel Wreath Award.The award was given inrecognition of the Fraternity’sRalph F. Burns LeadershipInstitute.

The Laurel Wreath Award is thehighest programming awardpresented by the NIC and is givento individuals or groups inrecognition of their uniqueprograms, community outreach,and/or influence within thefraternity world.

Since its inception in 1998,the Burns Leadership Institutehas graduated more than 1,750newly initiated Alpha Sigs. Morethan 1 in 5 of today’s Alpha Sigsunder the age of 29 aregraduates of the program.

The Institute is a leadershipand character developmentprogram, designed to allowmembers to explore theirpersonal strengths. Brotherslearn to become better menthrough values-based decisionmaking.

The Burns Institute is fundedby a grant from the Alpha SigmaPhi Educational Foundation. H

Fraternity Wins National Award for Burns Institute

ΑΣΦ 21ΑΣΦ 20

Illinois,Eta ChapterRecently, the Chapter held itsfirst Sig Bust in more than 20

years to celebrate brotherhood. Theevent started in the afternoon with anopen house for the alumni to meet thechapter’s current members. This wasfollowed by a formal dinner receptionand party for more than 100 people.

Illinois StateUniversity,Delta OmicronChapter

R. Scott Kern, Illinois State ’88,principle of The KERN Group, Inc., wasrecently the recipient of the prestigiousBest Integration System (for GreaterPeoria Mass Transit District networkeddigital video surveillance solution) andMost Innovative Use of Wireless SecurityTechnology Awards.

Indiana University,Gamma Chi ChapterChristopher Koch, Indiana ’79,(Langhorne, PA) published abook in 2006 titled “Learning

the Basics; A Home Cook’s Guide to theKitchen.” Koch currently works as anassociate professor of culinary arts atDrexel University in Philadelphia.

Iowa State,Phi ChapterThe Chapter received firstplace in homecoming this

past fall for overall effort. The Chapteralso took first place in the blood driveand tournaments.

When a Brother’s in Need . . .

Lawrence Tech.,Gamma Psi ChapterTo date, Gamma Psi alumnihave pledged $19,250

toward a chapter endowment, of which$6,375 has been collected.

Lindenwood, EpsilonBeta ChapterEvery fall semester, theEpsilon Beta Chapter takes

a road trip to a nearby chapter. Thisyear the visit was to Gamma ChiChapter at Indiana University. Comingfrom a smaller school, the Lindenwoodbrothers got to see a bigger school inaction. During the visit the brothersdiscussed having Indiana come toLindenwood to initiate their candidates.The Epsilon Beta Chapter proudlywelcomed the Gamma Chi Chapter inDecember and helped initiate five newbrothers into the Mystic Circle.

Iowa State chapter house during homecoming

Lawrence Tech: Gamma Psi Alumni after arecent alumni luncheon

Beta Gamma


Around the Mystic Circle

Indiana: Members of Gamma Chi Chapter

Lindenwood: Members of the chapter participatingin the Adopt-a-Road program near Lindenwood

Alpha Sigs on hand at the NIC luncheon in 2006to receive the Laurel Wreath Award

Page 12: Warren Buffett, The Value - Alpha Sigma Phialphasigmaphi.org/Websites/alphasigmaphihq/images/... · First Published in 1847 l Volume 104 Number 1 l Academic Year 2006-2007 THE The

ΑΣΦ 23ΑΣΦ 22

Lock Haven, DeltaNu ChapterThe Delta Nu Chapter now hasa Delta Nu Association made

up of alumni ranging from founding fathersto recent graduates. The first face-to-facemeeting was held on January 27th. Theagenda included electing the first board,approving bylaws, establishing a 20thAnniversary Committee, settingmembership dues, and discussingfraternal topics with Drew Thawley,Fraternity President and CEO.

LongwoodUniversity, DeltaIota ChapterThis year during Greek

Awards, two brothers received honors.Brother Curtis R. Wilson II, Longwood’05, received the Greek Award of Distinction. Brother William “Beau”Weaver, Longwood ’03, received theGreek Man of the Year honor.

Sean Murphy, Longwood ’96,(Arlington, VA) recently had an acting roleon the HBO series The Wire.

W. Beau Weaver, Longwood ’03,(Rustburg, VA) is currently serving a tourof duty in Iraq.

Maryland, EpsilonDelta ChapterPaul Radulovic, Maryland’00, (Washington D.C.) was

presented the Outstanding BuildingCorporation Officer of the Year Award bythe University of Maryland Greek LifeOffice this past fall.

Miami, GammaTheta ChapterThe Gamma ThetaChapter held its first

philanthropy event for CanineCompanions for Independence (CCI).It was a great success, raising morethan $1,000 for CCI.

Michigan State,Epsilon AlphaChapterCasey Ingle, Michigan

State ’98, (Romulus, MI) wasrecognized as the Employee of theYear for his exemplary leadership andexceptional service to the Campbell-Ewald Enterprise throughout the year.

Murray State,Delta Tau ChapterWith strong performancesin basketball, football,

golf, soccer, volleyball, and baseball,the Delta Tau Chapter retook the AllSports President’s Cup at MurrayState. This is the second time theDelta Tau Chapter has received thiscompetitive accolade. The Chapterwas also the recipient of the followingawards: Outstanding EducationalProgram, Outstanding New MemberEducation Program, OutstandingCommunity Service, OutstandingCollaborative Community Service,Outstanding Philanthropic Chapter,Outstanding Chapter President –Stephen Saia, Murray State ’04, andOutstanding Chapter Advisor – MikeYoung, Murray State ’94.

NC StateUniversity,Beta Zeta ChapterOn October 20, Beta Zeta

held its first Black LanternProcessional on the campus of NCState University since 1986. As acornerstone to Pinnacle Week, theChapter initiated the 33 men of BetaZeta Colony on Saturday, October21st. The event was capped laterthat evening when over 250 peopleattended the re-chartering banquet.A crowd of about 15 alumni in thearea helped pull off a fantastic ritual.

RecruitingBrotherhoodA Look at Alpha Sigma Phi’s Fall and SpringRecruiting Numbers

Chapter Fall Spring Total

Albright 3 5 26

Akron 12 12 47

American 4 2 18

Appalachian State 2 7 28

Barton 5 0 9

Bentley 4 8 45

Bethany 0 NR 14

Binghamton, SUNY 3 4 39

Bowling Green 18 3 61

Buffalo, SUNY 3 NR 27

Central Michigan 4 2 19

Clemson 3 0 22

Cornell 0 9 46

Elmhurst 9 8 35

Findlay 5 4 25

Grand Valley 2 5 27

Hartford 0 6 25

Hartwick 3 11 28

Illinois 14 7 82

Illinois Inst. of Tech. 0 10 20

Indiana 5 5 15

Iowa State 14 0 36

Lawrence Tech. 4 8 34

Lindenwood 12 8 35

Lock Haven 3 3 16

Longwood 7 4 20

Marshall 10 7 32

Maryland 8 15 44

McDaniel 4 6 40

Miami 6 4 26

Miami University 0 NR NR

Michigan 3 1 NR

Chapter Fall Spring Total

Michigan State 8 0 28

Missouri Valley 0 8 17

Missouri Western 3 1 14

Murray State 23 5 85

New Jersey Inst. of Tech. 4 4 23

NC State 5 8 44

Northern Michigan 7 2 20

Ohio State 1 2 22

Ohio Wesleyan 5 11 44

Otterbein 0 10 28

Penn State 12 5 26

Penn State Altoona 6 9 29

Presbyterian 4 3 22

Purdue 12 7 43

Radford NR NR 33

Rensselaer Poly Tech. 3 1 14

Rio Grande 6 9 18

Rutgers 2 5 35

Salisbury 5 4 24

Slippery Rock 3 8 13

Stevens Tech. 2 8 36

Southern Indiana 6 0 16

Tri-State 4 4 20

Toledo 26 7 77

UC-Berkeley 6 4 12

UNC-Charlotte 19 8 59

Virginia at Wise 4 1 18

Virginia Tech. 12 5 35

Wake Forest 0 2 26

Washington 26 0 51

West Virginia Wesleyan 3 8 28

Westminster 0 15 43

Around the Mystic Circle

Murray State: Delta Tau Brothers gathered after the All Greek Assembly Awards Ceremony

Lock Haven alumni at the first Delta Nu Association meeting

Page 13: Warren Buffett, The Value - Alpha Sigma Phialphasigmaphi.org/Websites/alphasigmaphihq/images/... · First Published in 1847 l Volume 104 Number 1 l Academic Year 2006-2007 THE The

Purdue: Undergraduates at a spring brotherhood retreat

our rush and philanthropy programs. Edward L. Kropp, Purdue ’66,

(Charleston, WV) was elected to theBarbershop Harmony Society board ofdirectors. He will serve a three-yearterm, representing the 87 non-profitchapters and 30,000 male close-harmony singers in the U.S. and Canada.

Salisbury, Epsilon EtaChapterBrothers participated assecurity during the All

American Rejects concert tour, attendedthe Grand Chapter in Charlotte, hosted analumni luncheon, devoted time to theiradopted highway, and spent time buildingthe bonds of brotherhood throughcamping outings. Epsilon Eta gives kudosto Brother John Ridenour, Salisbury ’03,for being named Salisbury University’sGreek Man of the Year.

Ray Heer, Salisbury’99, (Nottingham,MD) and his wifewelcomed their firstchild, Natalie Grace,on October 14,2006.

Southern Indiana,Epsilon GammaChapterThose who attended Grand

Chapter came back “PHIred up” for thesemester and have progressed by leapsand bounds. The Chapter held thesecond annual Car Show to benefit CCIin December. Recently Chris Kelly,Southern Indiana ’03, returned frombasic training and has excelled as theChapter’s President.

Nick King, Southern Indiana ’05,(Evansville, IN) was installed onDecember 9 as the Interfraternity CouncilPresident. He will serve throughDecember 2007.

Stevens Tech.,Alpha Tau ChapterAlpha Tau celebrated its80th Anniversary on

December 9 with dozens of alumni andundergraduate brothers.

Tarkio, Delta Gamma ChapterDelta Gamma Associationwas honored by the Tarkion

Alumni Association for its commitmentduring Alumni Weekend.

ΑΣΦ 24 ΑΣΦ 25

The North-AmericanInterfraternityConference (NIC)awarded theEpsilon Chapter ofAlpha Sigma Phi at

Ohio Wesleyan University the2006 Award of Distinction. Theaward is the highest given by theNIC to an undergraduate chapter.

The Award of Distinctionhonors a chapter that ismotivated by the success ofothers, identifies the needs of thecommunity, and works to meetthose needs.

The Epsilon Chapter is the only

chapter in the country to receivethe 2006 award.

“The Award of Distinction isreceived by the Epsilon Chapterand the broader Alpha Sigma Phiorganization with great pride. Ithas been the undergraduates thathave made the chapter what it istoday. Our brothers at OhioWesleyan deserve ouradmiration,” said Drew Thawley,President and Chief ExecutiveOfficer of Alpha Sigma PhiFraternity.

The award was presented atthe 2006 NIC Awards Dinner onApril 24, 2006, at the University

of Maryland in College Park.Chapter President Matt Garvey,

Ohio Wesleyan ’04, said, “We allrealize this award recognizes ouraccomplishments, but we alsorealize that we can’t rely onawards to maintain the chapter.”

Immediate Past ChapterPresident Wes Goodman, OhioWesleyan ’03 added, “Thegentlemen of this brotherhoodtruly exemplify the Ritual throughour continued pursuit ofexcellence and adherence tovalues. We started the year with avision of continued greatness forEpsilon Chapter.” H

Ohio Wesleyan:

Best in the Nation

Around the Mystic Circle

Ohio Wesleyan,Epsilon ChapterEpsilon had the highestfraternity GPA on campus for

the 2005/2006 academic year. Morethan a hundred friends, family, and alumniattended the Annual Sig Bust Dinner. The chapter has also participated in manyevents benefiting CCI, some of whichinclude Magical Night of Giving at PolarisMall, catering lunches, and Hollyfest.

Rich Ritter, Toledo ’91 & OhioWesleyan ’93, (Westerville, OH) and hiswife Stacy welcomed triplets: AlexanderPaul, Ethan Thomas, and Huston Richardon April 7, 2007.

Bradley Saull, Ohio Wesleyan ’01,(Alexandria, VA) accepted the appointmentas Deputy White House Liaison for the

Department of Homeland Security inSecretary Chertoff’s office. Saull has alsoworked at the Department of Justice, CivilRights Division.

Penn State Altoona,Epsilon ZetaChapterThe brothers of the Epsilon

Zeta Chapter recently logged more than150 hours of community service duringthe American Cancer Society Relay For Lifeevent. The brothers not only participatedin the relay, but set up a grill on theircamp site and cooked for all of the otherparticipating teams. At the conclusion ofthe event, the Chapter was alsorecognized for having the best camp siteand best participation.

Presbyterian,Alpha Psi ChapterThis fall the Chapterparticipated in a ritual

education session that helpeddemonstrate the breath and scope ofthe Fraternity’s Ritual and ceremonies.

Purdue University,Alpha Pi ChapterThe Chapter is emphasizingacademics more than ever.

The chapter is improving its reputationon campus with the resurgence ofmonthly formal dinners. Guests includedPurdue President Martin Jischke andMatt Painter, the coach of the men’sbasketball team. The Chapter is alsoworking hard to restructure and improve

Stevens Tech. alumni and undergraduatescelebrating their 80th anniversary

Tarkio (Below): Kneeling, L-R: S. Mike Perry ’70, LowellWilhite ’71, Phil Walusek ’70; Standing, L-R: HarryReitze ’70, Michael Needleman ’70, Douglas Prince’70, Robert Doyle ’70, Arthur Spies ’70, Daniel Cox’70, Fred Bridgewater ’70, Kris Kramer ’71, TyroneSteward ’72, and Jerry Pettit ’70 (Not pictured:Richard Brayshaw ’72)

Presbyterian: T.J. Scott ’06, Jeremy White ’05, Chris Heiden ’05, and William Butler ’05 examine anold Alpha Kappa Pi Composite from 1930.

Page 14: Warren Buffett, The Value - Alpha Sigma Phialphasigmaphi.org/Websites/alphasigmaphihq/images/... · First Published in 1847 l Volume 104 Number 1 l Academic Year 2006-2007 THE The

UCLA, Alpha ZetaChapterDr. Mark Reed, UCLA ’66,(College Park, MD) is author

of the bestselling novel, SomethingDifferent; a major television series isbeing filmed based on the book forbroadcast throughout the BritishCommonwealth starting in 2007.

UNC-Charlotte,Delta Zeta ChapterGreg Bennett, UNC-Charlotte’99, (Whittier, NC) is now a

licensed commercial pilot in both singleand multi-engine aircraft.

Wake Forest,Beta Mu ChapterBeta Mu celebrated its 75thanniversary this spring! It had

the highest fraternity GPA on campus forthe Spring 2007 semester.

The Chapter held the first “Pet-A-Pup”fundraiser where Beta Mu raised morethan $300 in two hours for the AnimalAdoption Rescue Foundation (AARF) ofWinston-Salem.

Joseph Lazazzero, Wake Forest ’05,was named “Greek Man of the Year” by Wake Forest Interfraternity Council,recognizing his service, leadership, andacademic accomplishments.

Washington,Mu ChapterThe Chapter remains sociallyreputable and is ranked third

in overall grade point average. Fourteenbrothers make the Dean’s List (3.5average or higher for the quarter). This past fall, the Tom Tift, Washington’76, Endowment awarded Tony Garguile,Washington ’03, $2000; the SeanNewhouse, Washington ’88, Endowmentawarded Austin Cordova-Sanchez,Washington ’03, $1000; and the JackMerrill, Washington ’39, Endowmentawarded Eliab Sisay, Washington ’05, AlexSessoms, Washington ’04, and PerryOpel, Washington ’04, each $1000. H

Toledo and UC-Berkeley Brothers pose with membersof the Washington Chapter. The Brothers were in townfor the Seattle Burns Leadership Institute.

Wake Forest: Brothers and a few close friendscelebrate the Demon Deacon’s ACC title in footballwith the Wake Forest tradition of rolling the quad.

ΑΣΦ 26

UC-Berkeley: Alumni and undergraduate brothers at the 25th Anniversary Re-Founding Banquet

The LeaderShape Institute is an interactive, energizing, andunique experience that buildsleadership skills. Since 1986,more than 20,000 participantsfrom all over the world havegraduated from the program.

It is six days of non-stop self-discovery and learning thatbuild leadership concepts andabilities.

In congruence with theFraternity’s Mission andPurpose, Alpha Sigma Phi isproud to offer scholarshipseach year to undergraduateswho would like to attend anational session of TheLeaderShape Institute at theAllerton Conference Center inMonticello, Illinois. Thescholarships, valued at $1,450,cover conference materials,meals, lodging, andtransportation or travelreimbursement.

In 2006, Alpha Sigma Phiprovided scholarships to fivemen who attended the program.

Each participant completesa breakthrough blueprint priorto leaving. The blueprintincludes a commitment topursue a vision with “a healthydisregard for the impossible.”Examples of candidateblueprints include big dreamslike: “a better healthcaresystem for the State of Ohio,built around the needs of thepeople as well as thegovernment to ensure that bothparties are benefiting from thewhole experience.” H

Toledo, Beta Rho ChapterThe Chapter recruitednearly 30 new members

this fall, having the largest fall pledgeclass at UT. The Chapter was recognizedas the Top Chapter in Recruitment,Campus Activities, Philanthropy, andCommunity Service during the fall GreekRecognition night. The Chapter hosted abenefit concert for Jana, a little girl whowas fighting cancer; the concert raisednearly $5,000.

Mike Betz, Toledo ’06, (Delphos,OH) won his bid for Student BodyPresident. Betz was elected in April of2007 and will serve through next April.

Tri-StateUniversity, BetaOmicron ChapterWilliam Thourlby, Tri-State

’48, conducted a seminar at TSU onbusiness etiquette. Brother Thourlby iscredited as being the original MarlboroMan, with many modeling and actingpositions to follow.

UC - Berkeley,Nu ChapterFive undergraduate membersof Nu Chapter returned to

the Berkeley campus this fall. The mencarried out a focused recruitment effortand more than doubled the membership.Morale has been good; they have men ofcharacter and drive ready to do what ittakes to make Nu Chapter everything itshould be.

Roland Spickerman, UC-Berkeley’82, (Odessa, TX) is chair of the HistoryDepartment at the University of Texas –Permian Basin. He teaches German,European, and Chinese history. Rolandwas the first HSP of the re-chartered NuChapter.

ΑΣΦ 27

Tri-State: Center, William Thourlby, Tri-State ’48 withBeta Omicron undergraduates after his presentation

Around the Mystic Circle

Toledo: Brothers with Jana at the Toledo Hospital when they lavaliered the 11-year old after the benefit concert

Page 15: Warren Buffett, The Value - Alpha Sigma Phialphasigmaphi.org/Websites/alphasigmaphihq/images/... · First Published in 1847 l Volume 104 Number 1 l Academic Year 2006-2007 THE The

Omega Chapter

Upon death, a Brother of ΑΣΦbecomes a member of the OmegaChapter and will forever behonored for his contributions tohis family, his community, and thisFraternity. Upon entering Omega,a Brother’s Membership Badge isbequeathed to the NationalFraternity for safekeeping. Pleasesend deceased notices andbequeathed Membership Badgesto 710 Adams St., Carmel, IN46032.

ALABAMA, ALPHA IOTA Robert D. Lipsey ’36

AMERICAN, BETA CHI Evan Fleischer ’99

BALDWIN-WALLACE, ALPHA MU Harry E. Turner ’48Charles K. Russell ’46David B. Greene ’49Robert A. Lennox ’39John K. Leach ’41Robert F. Quick ’41Pete Raffa ’77Warren E. Barto ’59Robert A. Ewers ’49

BARTON, GAMMA LAMBDA Bruce A. Currin ’78

UC-BERKELEY, NU Jack Bredemeier ’51Francis McCarty ’28Harry C. Andrews ’28John A. Turner ’49John W. Havens ’19Richard R. Lafitte ’52James H. Conway ’50Guy A. Clarke ’31, ∆ΒΞ ’84Cassius M. Dowell ’33Herbert A. Vernet ’34Howard J. Barney ’34Arlington R. Langley ’34Donald J. Bell ’29William Ladley ’29Mansfield Claflin ’27George H. Blume ’23Evan B. Gilham ’24Ralph D. Rader ’37

BETHANY, BETA GAMMA Rev. Ronald T. Field ’51Dr. Glenn R. Price ’52David Williams ’67Dr. Roy E. Bohl ’52


BUFFALO, S.U.N.Y., GAMMAEPSILON Dennis V. Dilorenzo ’63Dennis P. Malone ’51

CALIFORNIA at LOS ANGELES,ALPHA ZETAWilliam R. Leonard ’34Ret. Col. Eugene H. Winchester, Sr. ’39

CARTHAGE, GAMMA BETA Arden C. Kalkoske ’42

CASE-WESTERN, ALPHALAMBDAClyde F. Curtis ’39Arthur J. Cook ’39

CHARLESTON, GAMMA MU Richard F. Sherlock ’60, ∆ΒΞ ’64

CHICAGO, CHI Alfred S. Edler ’22James B. McBean ’28

COLUMBIA, LAMBDABenjamin A. Tator ’38

CONNECTICUT, GAMMA GAMMA Peter Grundy ’53Gerald J. Sullivan ’55John P. Bitel ’50

CORNELL, IOTA Richard H. Brelos ’34John H. Nolin ’22Weymouth W. Palmer ’34Marino R. Polestra ’76 William K. Stamets, Jr. ’38Robert E. Hutton ’40George C. Muegel ’41Thomas F. Newman, Jr. ’33Donald E. Stevenson ’47Frank W. Higgins, Jr. ’51

DARTMOUTH, ALPHA ETA Frank G. Young ’34Maurice Whittinghill ’28Charles F. Sornberger ’34

DAVIS & ELKINS, GAMMA DELTA Edward H. Foote ’49James E. Mcquown ’65James R. Harper ’53

DUQUESNE, BETA PI II William McCoy ’38

HARTWICK, BETA XI Carl W. Heffner ’48Peter W. Cavallo ’50

HARVARD, BETA James O. Wildes ’28

ILLINOIS, ETAJames R. Holste ’54William A. Hoerr ’67Robert K. Powell ’49Charles M. Heard ’54Joseph R. Ribordy ’46Robert E. Steinfort ’36

INDIANA, GAMMA CHI David L. Filbey ’77Phillip G. Francik ’69Keith D. Bennett ’67

IOWA, ALPHA BETA Diedrich R. Hopkirk ’29Fritz Clemmensen ’40Gaylord D. Ward ’38Burke N. Carson ’31

IOWA STATE, PHI J. W. Chandler ’27Ralph B. Scherr ’27

KENTUCKY, SIGMA Greely R. Sproles ’32

LAWRENCE TECH, GAMMA PSI Daniel J. Huber ’67Robert J. KamphausEugene J. Krol ’69


LOYOLA, DELTA ALPHA David A. Laubhan ’68

MARIETTA, DELTA Glenn C. Jackson ’52Matthew J. Farrell ’90Charles A. Evans ’20

MARSHALL, BETA DELTA Vernon R. Wilkinson ’42James H. Blanchard ’50

MICHIGAN, THETA Kenneth R. Vincent ’43Robert R. Hoffman ’40Herbert F. Brown ’37


MIDDLEBURY, ALPHA DELTA Richard W. Buonerba ’42Harry Bullukian ’29


MISSOURI, ALPHA THETAElmer L. Aussieker ’42Hieronymus E. Mitchell, Jr. ’42Paul E. Raker ’80Fred M. Fitts ’81

MISSOURI VALLEY, ALPHAOMICRON Lyle M. Dilley ’54Dr. Dennis C. Spellmann ’55

NEBRASKA, XI Harold A. Swanson ’48William G. Hollister ’34

N.J.I.T., ALPHA RHO George A. Giangrande ’42Norman L. Kennedy ’45John A. Stelger ’28


NC STATE, BETA ZETA John H. Strait ’41Roy L. Champion ’31Frank S. Kugler ’35J. Chalmers Biggs ’30Byron E. Lauer ’36Aldo L. Livera ’36

OHIO STATE, ZETA Thomas L. Saffen ’48

OHIO WESLEYAN, EPSILON Dr. C. E. “Dusty” Dilley ’42 ∆ΒΞJohn H. Stephens ’48Peter E. Koch ’58

OKLAHOMA, ALPHA ALPHA John R. Miles ’64P. Michael Goth ’66Stan D. Messer ’57Gene L. Watts’50

Farewell to GrandSenior PresidentEmmet B. Hayes

Alpha Sigma Phi lost a true friendlast November in the passing ofpast Grand Senior PresidentEmmet B. Hayes, Stanford ’31.

Following his graduation fromStanford, Hayes entered HastingsSchool of Law and went on topractice law in San Francisco for50 years.

He served as a GrandCouncilor (1950-52), Grand JuniorPresident (1952-54), and as SeniorGrand President (1954-56).Brother Hayes continued to serveon the Grand Council (1956-61)and was a featured speaker at theGrand Chapter in 1994. He evenattended the SesquicentennialCelebration in 1995.

Hayes was awarded the DeltaBeta Xi Award in 1940 and the Evin C. Varner DistinguishedService Award in 1979.

“As we move his name to therolls of the Omega Chapter, we arehumbled by hislegacy,” GrandSenior PresidentMark Stillexplainedrecently. “May allthat was good inhis life be anexample to thosehe leaves behindas we laborto bettertheman.”

ΑΣΦ 29

OREGON STATE, PSI James R. Hansen ’70

PENN, OMICRON William R. Robinson ’32Thomas J. Stohlman ’46Richard E. Gray ’32Charles Mitchell ’40Neil P. Stauffer ’38John D. Kemmerling ’52

PENN STATE, UPSILON William J. Robinson, Jr. ’32John C. McSparran ’32Herman M. Fogel ’39Charles W. Shaeffer ’30


POLYTECHNIC, ALPHA UPSILON Constantine G. Papacosta ’42


PURDUE, ALPHA PI Alan Knoop ’45

RUTGERS, BETA THETA Kenneth P. Cornell ’63

STANFORD, TAU John H. B. Dudley ’42John U. Anderson ’42Emmet B. Hayes ’31, ∆ΒΞ ’40

STEVENS TECH, ALPHA TAU Maurice L. Noyer ’38Edward L. Babcock ’45John R. Gibbs ’42William J. Henseler ’36Frank K. Quirolo ’38John V. Menig ’39Martin J. Duignamn ’29Robert A. Kennedy ’35Warren H. Fisher ’40Richard Goldsmith ’44

ST JOHN'S, BETA LAMBDA Arthur R. Smith ’34

SYRACUSE, ALPHA EPSILON William T. DeVanney ’50Geo A. Farrah ’32Edward Jontos ’33Lawrence A. Gideon ’30

TARKIO, DELTA GAMMA Richard W. Pugh ’70

TOLEDO, BETA RHO Wilmer E. Frank II ’59Robert W. Suszka ’53Louis Rabideau ’40Paul F. Brinker ’49

TRI-STATE, BETA OMICRON Gurnal Jopson ’47George W. Lienesch ’41Robert T. Roffee ’36Luther A. Folks ’55

TUFTS, BETA IOTA Francis L. Giknis ’42L. M. Tourville ’48Scott M. Wellington ’43William G. Stott ’34

WAGNER, ALPHA SIGMA Alvin S. Floen ’58Emil A. Bommer ’36Edward R. Weinheimer ’54Kenneth S. Fraser ’80

WAKE FOREST, BETA MU John N. Dombalis ’43

WASHINGTON, MU John T. Piper ’49Frank “Brad” Personeus ’45William C. Hingston ’47Edward M. Ulloa ’48

WAYNE STATE, BETA TAU Stewart Slatkin, Esq. ’59

WESTMINSTER, ALPHA NU J. Harry Johnston ’40Rev. Dr. J. Robert Ranck, ’47C. Rexford Henton ’49John E. Bennett ’47

WEST VIRGINIA WESLEYAN, BETA NU Fred J. Linger ’38Robert W. Menzel ’49Donald B. Baughman ’37Arden L. Pratt ’45Richard H. Reppert ’39

WIDENER, GAMMA XI Peter H. Helmer ’62

WISCONSIN, KAPPA Martin V. Bekkedal ’28Foy R. Matter ’26

YALE, ALPHA Russell Frost ’40Lawrence Hill ’32Fayette Brown ’33Charles Dillingham ’32John E. Stonington ’34

Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, Inc., does notassume responsibility for the accuracy ofOmega listings. Information from varioussources is printed as it is reported to FraternityHeadquarters for record-keeping purposes.Ongoing efforts to locate brothers withoutmailable addresses often reveal names of thosewho have entered Omega. Therefore, somelistings are of brothers who have beendeceased for some time, but are included forinformational purposes and in tribute.

ΑΣΦ 28

Page 16: Warren Buffett, The Value - Alpha Sigma Phialphasigmaphi.org/Websites/alphasigmaphihq/images/... · First Published in 1847 l Volume 104 Number 1 l Academic Year 2006-2007 THE The

ΑΣΦ 30

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Fraternity Headquarters Staff

PRESIDENT & CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICERDrew M. Thawley, Ohio Wesleyan ’[email protected]

V.P. OF FRATERNITY OPERATIONSDan Duncan, Ohio State ’[email protected]

V.P. OF FRATERNITY SERVICESRyan Brown, Coastal Carolina ’[email protected]


ASST. DIRECTOR OF MEMBER SERVICESTheresa [email protected]

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