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  • CeHcate No:MDOO/3998/0OO9/1

    TON- HEAV INDusTRY CLtdHgh&New Technogy hdu


    opment ZOnerucheng DeHl!Ou C !J`1

    shandOng hov ar PeOple:s Repubc of

    has been apprOved as a1manufacturer in accOrdance w h the require 1ents OfLIOyd s Register fOr

    steeh g and seFLshed hoducts

    Th apprOval suect tO cOmpIifnce with the Rules fOr the Manufacture Testngand Cert icatOn Of Mater aIs The fu detas Of the PrOcesses and grades tOwhich ths apprOva1appHes are g ven in the Appendix Of this certicate

    LlOyd s Register is tO be notiHed Of any change that111a affect the vaI dity Of th sCert kate

    This CertiHcate s issued tO the abOve=1anufacturer and is vaHd until the dategven beIOw

    VodU : 28Febmm 208Date of Issue:28May2 15


    sen Or s ecia"sttO Loydrs Re9 ster EME member Ofthe L Oyd s Re ster9rOu

    L Oyd s Regster and var ants Of t are trad ng names Of L oyd s Reg ster GrOup Li nted` ts subs d ar es and aff" ates. L oyd s

    Reg ster Group L n ted` ts aff" ates and subs d ar es and the r respe t ve off Cers, emp Oyees or agents are. nd v dua"y and

    O"e t Ve y`referred tO n this c ause as:L oyd:s Reg ster].L|oyd:s Reg ster assumes nO res Onsib"ty and sha"not be abe tO any

    pesOn for any oss, dama9e Or expense aused by re"ance on the nfOrrnat On Or adV e n th s dOument Or howsoever

    roVded`un|ess that persOn has s 9ned aOntra tth the re evant L|Oyd s Reg ster ent ty for the prOv sOn Of th s nforrnat on

    Or advie and n that ase anv resons b"itV Or"ab" tv s ex |usve v on the terrns and cOnd tiOns set out n that cOntract.

    Li :HOu

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    ":shd produC

    Loyd1Re{!} ster


    F r nt

    !mo (t nn s

    VodU : 28Febmm 218Date of Issue:28May2 15

    mte No:MDOO/399B/0OOz/1


    TONCU mAW IND TRY CoLtdNew TmhnlOgy hdus"Devel Pment Zoner

    ucheng C`

    DeOu CshandOng h k

    CHhar Pe Ple Repuukf


    carbOn carbOn~ nanganese a11oy


    carbOn carbOn-manganese a11oy




    "ns ma ::um


    sen or s ec a"sttO L oyd s Re ster EME member Ofthe L oyd s Re9ster9roup

    L oyd s Regster and var ants of it are trading names of L Oyd s Re9ister Group L rn ted, its sub5 d ar es and affi iates oyd:sRe9 ster Grou L n tedr its affi ates and subsid ar es and the r res e t ve off cersr emp|oyees Or agents arer nd v dua"y andO"e t ve|y referred to n th sause as L Oyd s Reg ster:.L Oyd s Register assumes nO responsib""y and sha"nOt be ab e tO any

    erson fOr any Ossr dama9e or expense aused by re ance On the nforrnatiOn Or advi e n ths document or hOwsOeverprov ded`un|ess that erson has signed a Ontract w th the re|evant L oyd s Reg ster entity fOr the provis on Ofth s nforrnat Onor advice and in that ase anv es Ons b"itv Or"ab" tv is exus ve v On the terrns and cond t ons set outn thatOntract.

  • CcHate No:m00/3998/0OO9/3

    TONGYU mAW INDusTRY Co LtdHgh&New Technolog`hdus"Deve opmen!Zoner

    ucheng CDeou Ci


    shandong hovkCHhar Pe ple:s RepubH f

    has been apprOved as a manufac{ rer in accOrdance w h the requjl le=lents Of

    LlOyd.s Register fOr

    FOrngs carbOnr carbOn-manganese and allOy teel( mwght tor)

    Th apprOva1 sueCt tO cOmp1hnce w th the Rules fOr the Manufac re Testing

    and CertiHcatOn Of Mater a1s

    L1Oyd s Reg ster is tO be nOtif ed Of any change that 11ay affect the val dity Of th s


    This CertiHcate is issued tO the abOve=Lanufacturer and is vaIid until the date

    given be1ow

    VodU : 28Februm 218Date of Iue:28May2015

    Lloyd|Re{!| ster


    Oyd s Re9 ster and variants of t are trad ng names of L|Oyd s Re9 ster GrOu L rnited` ts subsidiar es and aff" ates. oyd s

    Re9 ster Group Li n ted` ts aff ates and subs d ar es and the r respe t ve Off ersJ empoyees Or agents are` ndh"dua ly and

    cO"e t ve|y`referred tO n th sause as]L Oyd s Reg ster .L oyd s Re9 ster assumes nO respOns b" ty and sha"not be ab e tO any

    persOn for any Oss` damage Or ex ense aused by re"an e On the nfOrrnat on Or adv ce n th s dOument Or hOwsoever

    rO ded`un|ess that persOn has s gned a Ontract vvth the re eant L|Oyd s Reg ster ent ty for the rov s on Of th 5 nfOrrnat OnOr adv e and n that ase anv resOns b" {v Or"ab" t s ex |usve V on the terrns and ond t Ons set out in that contrat.

    Li HOu