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What is geo-stationary satellites?

A Geo-stationary satellite is a particular type used in television and telephone communication.

Television programs or events occuring in other countries are often transmitted ‘live’ with the help of these satellites.

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Speed of the Satellite in its orbit

v=circumference of orbit⁄ Time period

v=2Πr⁄ T

Centripetal force is F = mv²⁄r

F = 4mΠ²r⁄T²

gravitational force on the satellite due to the earth


Stable orbital motion 4mΠ²⁄T²=GMm⁄r² (or)

r³=GMT²⁄4Π² we know that g=GM⁄R²

r³=gR²T²⁄4Π² so r=(gR²T²⁄4Π²)1⁄3

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Additional information

Geostationary satellite is used for satellite TV, weather forecasting, satellite and radio communications.

Geostationary satellites are used for communication.

Geostationary satellites is an earth-orbiting satellite, that revolves in the same direction the earth rotates.

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Polar satellitesPolar satellites

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What is polar satellites?The polar satellites revolve around

the earth in a north-south orbit passing over the poles as the earth spins about its north-south axis.

The polar satellites positioned nearly 500 to 800 km above the earth travels pole in 102 minutes.

The satellites are used for mapping and surveying (look over).

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Additional information

Malaysian airlines was also identified by the help of polar satellites.

It is identified by comparing previous map and latest map

Polar is an atmospheric studies satellite in polar orbit with an orbital period of 18 hours.

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