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Thermodynamic design of a Turbojet engine for the given conditions of altitude and speed. Blade geometry was taken into consideration for this project. A Matlab program was written to calculate the best compressor ratio, temperatures and geometry to obtain maximum thrust. Inlet and Nozzle were drafted using CREO Parametric.

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Turbojet DesignCarlos J Gutirrez Romn Ramn Natal Ramos 54543 70286ME4935 Aircraft PropulsionOctober 31, 2013

1Problem Definition2Design a turbojet engine under the following conditions:Altitude of 37000 ft.The pressure ratio across the compressor c.The Mach number M0=2.0.Maximum enthalpy ratio =7.0Fuel type is hydrocarbon with QR = 42800 kJ/kg

For a range of compressor pressure ratios, namely 2