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Translation Practice. I. Τα Fractal είναι μία τάξη πολύπλοκων γεωμετρικών μορφών που έχουν την ιδιότητα της αυτοομοιότητας. Τα Fractal διαφέρουν από τα απλά σχήματα της κλασικής ή ευκλείδειας γεωμετρίας - το τετράγωνο, τον κύκλο, την σφαίρα κ.λπ. TRANSLATION I. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Translation Practice

  • I Fractal . Fractal - , , ..

  • TRANSLATION IFractals are a category of complicated geometric forms that have the property of self-similarity. Fractals differ from simple forms of classic or Euclidean geometry - the square, the circle, the ball etc.

  • II , . fractal Benoit . Mandelbrot fractus ( ), . . . .

  • TRANSLATION IIIt can describe a lot of objects with irregular forms or topological non-similar phenomena in nature, which are not able to be described through Euclidean geometry.The term fractal was coined by Polish mathematician Benoit V. Mandelbrot from the Latin word fractus (fractured or broken), in order to express the idea of form, the dimensions of which are not described using whole numbers. In Greek, it was given the term by the late Stephanos Pnevmatikos* (UoC) and Professor I. Nikoli.(NB: As in English is: to die too young, or, to be taken too early. Both of these expressions are too informal for the text, so the term the late is more suitable.)*

  • TASKTry to translate the next two parts of the text. If you use an internet translator like Babel Fish, parts of the translation will need to be rewritten, and the proper terms for Math will need to be added.

  • III " " " fractals. Fractals , .

  • IV

    . , , , , .



  • FRACTAL QUIZA fractal isWhere does the term come from?Name one thing that is NOT a fractal.Briefly describe how to create a Koch snowflake.Fractals can be deterministic or stochastic. What do these two terms mean?Mandelbrot sets, when graphed on a complex plane, are seen to have an elaborate boundary. What does this mean?

  • Quiz cont/d

    7. Draw Cantors Dust. Why is it one of the first pure fractal objects in history?8. What does ITERATION mean?9. Name one more example of an iteration.10. Name 5 practical applications of fractals.