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2. Traditional Cretan costumesThe traditional Cretan dress is rarely used todayin the Municipality of Zaros,and all over Crete,except from rare occasions, such as in formalevents and festivals, where visitors might seewomen and men wearing the wonderful weaverand embroiderer costume that was establishedin about the end of the 16th century. 3. Dancing!!!!! 4. Female costumeThe female costume can be categorized intotwo types. The female costume of Sfakia,which is also the most common in the island,consists of a multi-folded embroiderer dress, anembroiderer apron, a short topcoat with sleeves(meitani), or a loose-fitting open sleevelessjacket (salamarka) over the silk shirt. Theembroiderer kerchief and the various jewelryand coins that adorned the chest of the womansupplemented the costume. 5. The second type of female costume is the oneof Anogeia, which appeared in the mid-17thcentury and is very similar to the one of Sfakia.The only basic difference is the addition ofbaggy trousers (salvari) underneath the skirt. 6. Male costumeThe male costume was common all around theisland was either formal or informal. Theinformal or the everyday dress (vraka) consistsof a black blue loom cloth (also common inother places of the Aegean), a shirt, a front-buttoning waistcoat (meitanogeleko) and a longsash wrapped around the waist. The costumewas supplemented by high leather boots(stivania), and sariki, the traditional headdressof Cretan men. 7. The formal dress was called salvaria and was ofgood quality blue felt. It consisted of baggytrousers (vraka) a front-buttoning waistcoat(meintanoyeleko) adorned with beautifulembroidery, an embroiderer silk shirt, a longred sash and white color stivania. 8. Stivania 9. Nikos Xilouris (he was a great Cretan singer !!!!!)has covered his head with a sariki. 10. The dress was supplemented bythe essential sariki, and a chainworn on the neck and connectedto the knife in their sash. Insome cases, they also wore afelted cape with a hood in thewinter. 11. Nowadays, the traditional Cretan costume has beensimplified and sometimes it is still worn by old menin mountain villages. This simplified costumeusually consists of the black or khaki baggy trousers(vraka), a black shirt, black stivania and the popularsariki. 12. A traditional dancing team with Cretan costumes 13. sources Images from internet pagesBy Efi FilippakiGeniko Lykeio Kisamou- Chania