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  • ThessalonikiSpecial offer

    Just choose the dates, and book your flight


    Contact information:

    E: [email protected]


    MHTE 0933E60000095400

  • Thessaloniki

    An ancient

    yet modern city

    Thessaloniki (520 km. north of Athens)

    is the second largest city of Greece and

    the most important centre of the area.

    Built near the sea (at the back of the

    Thermakos Gulf), it is a modern

    metropolis bearing the marks of its

    stormy history and its cosmopolitan

    character, which give it a special beauty

    and charm.

    Take a tour in the centre of Thessaloniki

    and plan to visit its nearby destinations.

    Also, while being in Thessaloniki it is

    worth going up to Halkidiki.

  • Visit Thessaloniki's sites, a city with 15 world heritage monuments

    Visit among others:

    The ancient forum

    The Triumphal Arch of Galerius (Kamara)

    The Rotunda

    Thessaloniki's numerous Byzantine monuments

    Amazing Ottoman monuments

    Discover neighbourhoods and focal points in the city

    Archaelogical Museum

    Museum of Byzantine Culture

  • Elegant Rooms:

    The Elegant Rooms, with minimal decoration and

    colorful tones, bath with shower. 24 sq.m

    Business Rooms:

    Ideal option for people who tend to combine relaxation

    with work. Single or Double rooms, bath with bathtub.

    24 sq.m

    You may choose between two room types

    Elegant Room Elegant Room

    Elegant Room

    Business Room Business Room

    Business Room


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