The Successors of Alexander the Great

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The Successors of Alexander the Great. Western Civ. The Death of Alexander. 323 BCE: Alexander the Great dies in Babylon, a month from his 33 rd birthday Poisoning? Malaria? Alcohol Poisoning? Q: Who did he name as his heir??. A: NO ONE. Who inherits his vast empire? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Wars of the Successors (Diodochi)

The Successors of Alexander the GreatWestern Civ The Death of Alexander323 BCE: Alexander the Great dies in Babylon, a month from his 33rd birthdayPoisoning?Malaria?Alcohol Poisoning?Q: Who did he name as his heir??

A: NO ONEWho inherits his vast empire?

Lets review some of the candidates

Seleukos Nicator Macedonian Officer to AlexanderTakes control of Babylon, Eastern Conquests all the way to AnnatoliaDeath: Murdered in 281

Seleucid EmpirePtolemy Soter Another Macedonian GeneralTakes control of Egypt; parts of Arabia, Libya, Annatolia, PalestineDeath: Peacefully, in 283

Ptolemaic Empire

Antigonus Monopthalmus Macedonian General, Nobleman, SatrapTakes control of Annatolia, Palestine, eventually just MacedoniaDeath: Killed at Battle of Ipsus in 301

Antigonid Empire

Antipater & Cassander, Regent of Macedon during conquestsMacedonia, with son CassanderDeaths: Antipater- Peacefully, in 319, Cassander- peacefully, in 297

Macedonia and Greece

40 years of conflictsAntigonus, Lysimachus, Craterus, Cassander, Polyperchon, Seleukos, Ptolemy, Eumenes, Perdiccas, et. al. fight endlesslyWars carried over several generationsAlliances, counter-alliances, betrayals, assassinations, battles, the worksThe Last Ones StandingIn 197 BCE Romans take control of Greece after routing Macedonian army at CynoscephylaeSeleucids defeated by Rome at Thermopylae and Magnesia, empire overthrown by ParthiansMacedon under complete Roman control after battle of Pydna in 168 BCEThe Last Ones StandingPtolemaic Egypt remains ally of Rome until Octavian declares war on Antony and CleopatraOctavian annexes Egypt in 31-30 BCE after defeating Antony and Cleopatra at ActiumLast Successor State gone, Mediterranean Sea now Roman Lake Pictures!

PezhetairoiWar ElephantHeavily armored Cataphract CavalryHeliopolis at Rhodes