The energy act.

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Análisis La ley de la Energía. Declaración de principios. La ley de la energía. La loi de puissance. Ο νόμος δύναμης. Il potere legge. Das Potenzgesetz. Степенному закону. Kraften lov. Снага закон. Ligji pushtet. Die krag reg. وة ق ون ن ا ق ل ا. The Power օօօօօօ. Enerji hüquq. Ступень закону. Закон за силата. La llei de l'energia. Mocninná. օօ. օօ օ. Pouvwa lalwa Moyiz la. Snaga zakon. The power law. Mocninová.

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Enactment of the law of energy.

Transcript of The energy act.

  • 1. Anlisis La ley de la Energa.Declaracin de principios. La ley de la energa.La loi de puissance. . Il potere legge.Das Potenzgesetz. . Kraften lov. .Ligji pushtet. Die krag reg. . The Power . Enerji hquq. . . La llei de lenergia. Mocninn. . . Pouvwa lalwa Moyiz la. Snaga zakon. The power law. Mocninov.Pravo mo. Vimsus seadus. La ley de la energa. Ang kapangyarihan ng batas. La ley de la energa.
  • 2. Document written in Spanish and translated into other languages electronically, weapologize if this differs from the original document translation.The law of energy.The energy law is formulated in view of having no authority to decree or enact physical laws,individuals are constituted drafters of laws independently, we see today, that because of thisconfusion is generated, and This not for enacting the laws themselves, but by recognizingthem as a teaching tool in institutions.Because of this we find that in the opposite way, the fundamental problem did not arise bythe enactment of the law, but the real problem is the subsequent recognition of this. To beused as teaching material.As in physics, the laws imposed by nature, because what happens physically, it is by itself,in a law, the naked eye can find truths of these events in the universe, and so we canaleaotoria experiment to confirm or rule which is set arbitrarily by observers in the same wayas in the past is constituted as a true observer, now and through new tools, which in the pastto other was a truth, in this not, in the course of investigation, we can say that what we nowsee as a law and determine, for future observers and armed with these new tools, andknowledge, you will find that what to us at present is constituted as a truth, for they will notbe.Thus we find again, but in the opposite way, the affirmation of Immanuel Kant, that we cannot know things as they are, but we know how we perceive things, so we can not know thefacts if only know the facts as we perceive.Enactment of the Energy Act, is a paper base, fundamental, and a statement of principles,which can after that write a constitution, and after that some particular regulations of aparticular event X at a specific point in Path. This analysis is for from there, establish andmake sense of the physical facts known, with coherence and consistency.Since it is the presumption that on physical, no sciences, but in practice, and as a result ofthe current fundamentals, you get to places where the physical facts can not be explained,and are a precipice, for those who want to give explanation to what does not. Due to thesebases, quite simply is not possible.Enactment of the law.We saw in the law of matter, that is also energy, we can not separate one from the other,since energy is an aspect of the subject, but by this law we can catalog it and separate it foruse as tool, but only in a general way, for future work, based on these laws. Energy has nopersonality of its own, as it were so, this is inherent in matter in its basic structure.As we saw in the law of matter, this has two states,1. - Matter at rest, {} In constant motion2. - Matter in acceleration, {Energy}. Inertia, Physics and Chemistry.The physical form of the material so far known, has three states.A. - SolidB. - LiquidC. - GaseousThe energy has only one state, this is accelerating. And manifests in physical form, and isvalued at three aspects.A. - The value or first appearance, physical {} of matter by its rest mass energy {}, we cansay this in general is transient energy {value by its mass, or by itself}, in a given state as asubject, but subject to change in trajectory, this state is a constant variable, its changes andtransformations, we can say this first value is as if the assets of matter, energy bank that
  • 3. available in passively in the universe.B. - The value of the energy for its movement. Energy conservation {}, matter at rest but inconstant motion, which can be represented as the cosmos a natural machine of perpetualmotion, with energy conservation, this issue is totally unrelated to the appearance andprevious value.C. - The value of the energy for its inertia motion and transformation,1. - Acceleration {}, this value and appearance, is time and space, and that the specialcircumstances determine, at a given moment in history, {inertia}. Thereby increasing theirenergy. And also under special circumstances is transformed} {Physical yQuimicaaccelerates and changes, thereby accelerating and changes.Conclusion and Summary.From this we conclude that matter FOMA has two states, matter at rest, but in constantmotion, the second state is acceleration, this energy is what we believe. After this energycan classify as an accelerating state of matter, which branches off into three differentaspects, A, B, C,It is concluded, dividing the field of energy, in only two states. Two different things but theythemselves are the same. But they can never have the same value.Therefore the material in acceleration energy is1. - Has value for the field, {Physics} this is variable constant changes and transformations.2. - Has infinite value, energy conservation {} because your stay is empty, Inertia {}, theirmovement is a universal constant in any direction.3. - Has value for their movements, changes and transformations, Physics yQuimica {}, astate of matter to another, making it accelerates under special circumstances, and after this,the motion ceases, but under special circumstances, becomes acelra change and again, tobe a constant we infinita.Lo results.Due to its three values listed in the reaction or transformation infinite value by mass}{material can be accelerated by a physical reaction or chemical} {fusion whether thiscompression, or by simple contact, changing its value field passively, at rest, is acceleratedby adding movement and transformation in a given time circumstantial X, acceleration, butwhat happens at one point in the path, not subtract any value to its mass, as transformationof matter that seems lost its value is retained as physical as matter its value is a constant,since in future path may form as a component, and trigger a future time of said path, a newfusion reaction or, thus the process is repeated indefinitely, by this logic, we have thephysical value of the matter is transformed into energy, but without losing its value as acomponent in the process of acceleration and repetitive after the termination, which matterback to sleep instead, but always and forever on the move.Therefore the amount of power, can never be the same in the universe, and the way it isconcluded that no matter with what we find that there is never the same amount of either. 11 123E-c, F, m, t - x- i, i, i.
  • 4. The power law, and the law of matter, are one law, just view it differently. AutorArturo Ral Corts All rights reserved.