TABLE OF CONTENTS ELECTRA PROVINCE PRESIDENT Miller/Neeley wedding. We feel blessed to have Mindy in

download TABLE OF CONTENTS ELECTRA PROVINCE PRESIDENT Miller/Neeley wedding. We feel blessed to have Mindy in

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Transcript of TABLE OF CONTENTS ELECTRA PROVINCE PRESIDENT Miller/Neeley wedding. We feel blessed to have Mindy in

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    Volume 1, Issue 1, Summer 2013




    Officer Messages: Page

    President 1-2 Vice President 2 Recording Secretary 2 Corresponding Secretary 3 Treasurer 3 Educational Director 3 Immediate Past President 4 National Trustee 4


    Donation Report 5-6 Extended Deadline 7 Chapter News:

    Kansas Alpha 7-9 Missouri Delta 9 Kansas Beta 9-10 Kansas Theta 10 Nebraska Zeta 10 Nebraska Eta 11 Kansas Kappa 11

    Dear Electra Province Sisters:

    As I write this I can’t help but think how fast time has passed and how quickly

    Conclave 2013 is approaching. Your Electra Province Board members met in

    January at my home in Independence, Missouri for the traditional Mid-Year

    Meeting. Thankfully the weather was good for travel, but not too distracting as

    we got right down to the business at hand. What lovely and dedicated Sisters

    they all are, fully prepared and ready to share their time and talents to fulfill the

    duties of their office. A big Thank You to my fellow Missouri Delta Sisters who

    helped prepare food, host Saturday lunch and dinner, as well as their assistance

    throughout the weekend. We had the pleasure of a visit from N.E.S.T. Jane

    Loveless. Unfortunately Electra Province Trustee, Teresa Carter, just couldn’t

    figure out a way to be in two places at the same time!

    Many of you know that I had knee-replacement surgery mid-January. I am pleased and thankful to report that everything went very well, thanks to a good surgeon, support from family and friends, and LOTS of physical therapy! Thank you all for your cards, calls, and emails. I returned to work at the end of April and am glad to have things back to normal. Also in April was the big “W” event … the Miller/Neeley wedding. We feel blessed to have Mindy in the family, and know that you join us in wishing Luke and Mindy many years of happiness!

    Nineteen Electra Province Sisters traveled to Louisville, Kentucky to attend

    the 2013 National Convention “Circle of Winners” June 28 – 30, hosted by

    Celaeno Province. Thanks to the hard work of our Celaeno Sisters it was a fun-

    filled weekend of Sisterhood!

    Electra Province is slated to host National Convention 2015. At Conclave last October the Missouri Delta chapter was excited to receive approval to be the hosting chapter. After Conclave, each Electra Province Chapter was asked to select a Chapter representative/liaison to attend convention planning committee meetings. The planning committee has chosen “Everything’s Up-to-Date in Electra” as a theme, a little play on the song “Everything’s Up-to-Date in Kansas City.” All Electra Province Sisters attending National Convention in Louisville par- ticipated in presenting a bid to host the 2015 National Convention to the tune of “I’m Going to Kansas City, Kansas City Here I Come!” We will keep you posted.

    This is the time of year most Chapters take a little Summer break, returning to

    regular Chapter meetings in August or September. Immediate Past President

    Janelle Clark and the Electra Province Nominating Committee have been busy

    preparing a proposed slate of officers for Conclave. Please contact Chairman

    Janelle Clark at or call 785.266.4672 with any

    questions you may have. (continued on Page 2)

    ELECTRA PROVINCE OFFICERS President Cheryl Neeley MO Delta

    Vice President Cathie Barber KS Beta

    Rec. Secretary Mindy Neeley MO Delta

    Corre Secretary Cheryl McLain KS Alpha

    Treasurer Sandi Kayne NE Eta

    Educa. Director Kay Kimball KS Alpha

    Past President Janelle Clark KS Alpha

    EP Trustee Teresa Carter KS Beta

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    Don’t forget that there is still time to do some recruit- ing of new members. If you remember, the theme for Membership this year is “Somewhere Over the Rain- bow”, so we should be looking for colorful personali- ties to complement our current colorful members.

    Red – Family members.

    Orange – Friends, both old and new.

    Yellow – Co-workers.

    Green – Neighbors.

    Blue – People you frequently come in contact with (hair stylists, cashiers, clerks at stores or shops you visit frequently, etc.).

    Indigo – Members of groups you attend (church, bunko, yoga class, quilting group, etc.).

    Violet – Everyone else.

    I hope to see several Chapters represented at Initiation at Conclave in October.


    Cathie Barber Province Vice President

    Hello Electra Province Sisters!

    I am looking forward to seeing all of you in attendance at Conclave in Topeka, KS. I know that our Kansas Alpha Sisters are working hard putting together a wonderful Conclave for us all to enjoy. Please be looking out for Delegate/Proxy forms to be sent to all Chapters around the beginning of August.

    On a personal note, I am happy to announce that I got married on April 27, 2013. I am now Mrs. Mindy Neeley! Yes, I married Luke Neeley. He is the son of Cheryl Neeley and the brother of Eileen Neeley, both Missouri Delta Sisters.

    I am also now a new member of the Missouri Delta Chapter. What a blessed and wonderful life I have right now!

    I hope you all have a very relaxed and enjoyable Summer!!

    In Sisterly Love,

    Mindy Neeley Electra Province Recording Secretary


    Mindy Neeley, MO Delta


    Cathie Barber, KS Beta

    Please be sure to keep Electra Province Vice President, Cathie Barber, informed of any new or potential Sisters. If you have any Membership questions or needs please contact Cathie at or call 316.259.5467. Conclave 2013 is not that far way. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have new Sisters to Initiate!

    Speaking of Conclave 2013, the KS Alpha Chapter is working hard behind the scenes to plan a spectacular “Carnivale in Kansas.” I hope your Chapter is able to participate in the Achievement Contest “What Is Your Opera IQ?” by Educational Director, Kay Kimball. Perhaps working on an individual, group, or chapter Karaoke performance for the Saturday night Banquet? Can’t wait to see how this all works out and who reveals a hidden talent. What fun!

    From time to time we learn of a Sister in need of an encouraging word, a phone call, a cheerful note or card. But sadly we won’t know if you don’t share. Please let us know who these Sisters are. Detailed explanations are not necessary if someone prefers to keep it private. That’s completely understandable and we respect their privacy. We would still like to find a way to brighten their day. Just give a quick call or drop an email to any member of the Electra Province Board so we can be encouraging to our Sisters in need.

    Thank you for the honor of representing Electra Province as President this year and all of your Sisterly support. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or just need to talk. We are here for you!


    Cheryl Neeley, Electra Province President 816.225.0510 /

    E.P. PRESIDENT (continued from Page 1)


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    Dear Electra Sisters:

    Are things moving too quickly at your house? They sure are at mine. I’ve moved my home, my office and am trying to retire. Add Sorority business to the mix and some days I need a revolving door!

    Thank you for your responses to “What is your Opera IQ”. I am looking forward to all of your music and information at Conclave. Let me know if you have special requirements so that we can contact the hotel in advance. I will get back to everyone shortly on the stage measurements. Janelle Clark has made some new frames for the curtains that are light weight and easier to move about. Now, if I could only find the box I packed the curtains in…

    I have moved! My new address is: 12 Pepper Tree Lane, Topeka, KS 66611, 785-267-0402, my email is the same, cell is 785-233-4800, just in case you need to reach out to me.

    Wasn’t Kentucky fun! We drove with a car load of Sisters full of energy and ideas. We stopped at Santa Claus, Indiana. Didn’t you? And got a winter treat from the distillery. Surely you got that! In any event, I look forward to seeing you here in Topeka on October 4th. Plan on coming in early Friday for dinner and games at the hotel, and please send in those songs for Karaoke!!