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Transcript of Table of 471 CB

471TABLE OF 471 CBInstalled Year: 2006ni.I2i of each phaseOperation Year: 2007Rated short circuit current: Icm =12.5kAPhase APhase BPhase CNumber of trip/close at rated current: nm40times155.829611216.292298160.666172nm. I2m=6250DateFault current (A)CausesNoteIAIBICI02/6/08000443Earth fault A2/12/08000440Earth fault A2/14/08000426Earth fault A2/14/08000431Earth fault A2/15/08000430Earth fault A2/15/08000426Earth fault A2/15/08000431Earth fault A2/15/08000430Earth fault A2/27/08000409Earth fault A3/29/0839200391Earth fault A4/2/0839500393Earth fault A4/5/0839400393Earth fault A4/7/0839400392Earth fault A4/17/08000401Earth fault A4/23/0842000417Earth fault A4/24/0841800416Earth fault A4/26/08402041000256Ngn mch, chm t pha A&B4/27/08000460Earth fault A5/8/0800439440Earth fault B5/12/0804680470Earth fault C5/20/08186001840303Short circuit A&C5/24/0806250628Earth fault B5/25/0840100404Earth fault A5/29/0805320538Earth fault B6/1/0839700395Earth fault A6/10/0834300340Earth fault A6/10/0834300340Earth fault A6/19/080129012900Short circuit B&C6/24/08264026700340Short circuit, earth fault A&C7/5/0800334337Chm t pha C7/5/0800341343Chm t pha C7/11/0843300431Chm t pha A7/11/0843600436Chm t pha A7/21/0844500442Chm t pha A7/21/0845200440Chm t pha A7/23/0853800529Chm t pha A7/23/0842200420Chm t pha A7/29/080110011000Ngn mch pha B&C8/2/08132000Chm t pha A8/9/0800369371Chm t pha C8/17/0840000390Chm t pha A8/24/0843000426Chm t pha A8/29/0800147146Chm t pha C9/21/0800368370Chm t pha C9/21/0800367368Chm t pha C10/11/0804340437Chm t pha B11/13/0841000410Chm t pha A11/20/0841200411Chm t pha A11/20/0841300411Chm t pha A11/28/0800588516Chm t pha C11/28/0806090612Chm t pha B11/28/0802860282050Ngn mch pha B&C11/29/0851000518Chm t pha A11/29/0851600515Chm t pha A12/5/0841100409Chm t pha A12/12/0839600394Chm t pha A12/12/0839900397Chm t pha A12/25/0841300411Chm t pha A12/27/0841300410Chm t pha A1/1/0941600414Chm t pha A1/2/0940900408Chm t pha A1/2/0941100409Chm t pha A1/2/0941200412Chm t pha A1/2/0941400413Chm t pha A1/3/0940900408Chm t pha A1/24/0941500414Chm t pha A3/3/0941000409Chm t pha A3/7/0939600395Chm t pha A3/14/0940800407Chm t pha A3/18/0939000389Chm t pha A3/22/0938900386Chm t pha A3/22/0938600385Chm t pha A3/23/0938900388Chm t pha A3/23/0938600385Chm t pha A3/24/0939200388Chm t pha A3/24/0938800388Chm t pha A3/25/0939100389Chm t pha A3/30/0940700409Chm t pha A3/31/0940700409Chm t pha A3/31/0902590260Chm t pha B4/1/0940600404Chm t pha A4/1/0941100409Chm t pha A4/1/0941100411Chm t pha A4/13/0938900388Chm t pha A4/14/0938000389Chm t pha A4/16/0905830587Chm t pha B4/21/0900255256Chm t pha C4/22/0900255256Chm t pha C4/25/0939500397Chm t pha A4/29/0905600561Chm t pha B5/4/0904250428Chm t pha B5/7/0939200389Chm t pha A5/8/0940000397Chm t pha A5/8/0939500392Chm t pha A5/9/0900542541Chm t pha C5/12/0903270331Chm t pha B5/17/0939800395Chm t pha A5/20/0941300406Chm t pha A6/3/0927400271Chm t pha A6/6/09036403580663Ngn mch, chm t pha B&C6/12/0906400647Chm t pha B6/29/0923702610252072Ngn mch 3 pha6/30/0937500372Chm t pha A7/14/0900570568Chm t pha C7/18/0962200624Chm t pha A7/19/0961200614Chm t pha A7/20/0900303304Chm t pha C7/20/0931500312Chm t pha A7/26/09114022702569Ngn mch chm t 3 pha8/2/09612160603Chm t pha A8/5/0903640365Chm t pha B8/11/0900302304Chm t pha C8/12/0900310310Chm t pha C8/13/0900321321Chm t pha C8/24/0936700368Chm t pha A8/24/0902040205Chm t pha B8/25/0929000287Chm t pha A9/26/09130026871625Ngn mch, chm t 3 pha9/27/09064976636Chm t pha B&C9/28/0925322536Chm t pha B9/30/0900297298Chm t pha C10/19/094776320240Chm t pha A&B10/28/0902640265Chm t pha B11/6/0900508507Chm t pha C11/6/0900534512Chm t pha C11/19/090214021400Ngn mch pha B,C12/5/0900464464Chm t pha C1/19/1042400419Chm t pha A2/6/1051200504Chm t pha A2/6/1052600499Chm t pha A2/28/1003570360Chm t pha B3/10/100225022500Ngn mch B&C3/26/1000302305Chm t pha C3/27/1000661656Chm t pha C3/30/1000370361Chm t pha C4/29/1000186187Chm t pha C5/2/10330034603090141Ngn mch 3 pha5/17/1000882659Chm t pha C5/25/1004460450Chm t pha B6/6/1006490654Chm t pha B6/17/1032100318Chm t pha A6/19/10380038000Ngn mch pha A&B7/20/10169016900293Ngn mch, chm t pha A&B7/20/1016609481760295Ngn mch 3 pha7/22/1024300247Chm t pha A9/10/1042896400660Chm t pha C10/21/1000302305Chm t pha C11/6/1000372371Chm t pha C11/6/1000371373Chm t pha C11/10/1000377379Chm t pha C11/19/1000374376Chm t pha C11/27/1033500331Chm t pha A12/3/1004274270Ngn mch 2 pha A&B12/22/10250385386Chm t pha C12/24/10240370372Chm t pha C1/3/11260383384Chm t pha C1/3/11300387386Chm t pha C1/3/112536402376Chm t pha C1/3/114046406377Chm t pha C1/3/114651392382Chm t pha C1/3/112822394386Chm t pha C1/3/1100384380Chm t pha C1/3/114140385374Chm t pha C1/3/11260383384Chm t pha C1/19/110220021900Ngn mch pha B&C1/26/110220021500Ngn mch pha B&C4/22/1118700177Chm t pha A4/25/1140900422Chm t pha A5/2/1129300291Chm t pha A5/7/1103470350Chm t pha B5/8/1102250228Chm t pha B5/11/1150500499Chm t pha A5/12/1119902110221095Ngn mch 3 pha5/12/1105060504Chm t pha B5/15/1162500620Chm t pha A6/15/110230023200Ngn mch 2 pha B&C6/27/1106660671Chm t pha B7/12/1100446446Chm t pha C7/28/1100569567Chm t pha C8/16/113759980669Chm t pha A&B8/16/1106560660Chm t pha B8/22/1104750478Chm t pha B9/21/1112701350132046Ngn mch 3 pha10/2/1105760580Chm t pha B11/1/1147700473Chm t pha A11/14/1145000530Chm t pha A1/21/12217002140271Chm t pha A&C1/21/12231002630327Chm t pha A&C3/26/12286470633Chm t pha A&B3/31/123600360000Chm t pha A&B4/25/1200333335Chm t pha C5/13/12Bt MC khng r nguyn nhn5/21/120450046003400Chm t pha B&C5/23/1247000Chm t pha A5/23/128161360600Chm t pha 3 pha5/25/12005700Chm t pha C5/31/1200297299Chm t pha C6/3/12399040304000343Chm t pha 3 pha, gy tr7/5/1230300300Chm t pha A7/9/1230900307Chm t pha A7/24/12006868Chm t pha C7/24/1205870591Chm t pha B8/19/1241500411Chm t pha A9/20/1286922796341Chm t 3 pha9/24/1200335336Chm t pha C9/24/1200335336Chm t pha C9/24/1200338340Chm t pha C10/5/1275006910Chm t pha A&C10/28/1203350338Chm t pha B4/27/13208022702170Chm t 3 pha4/28/1300443446Chm t pha C4/28/1300443446Chm t pha C4/28/1300453440Chm t pha C5/9/13337032701310319Chm t 3 pha5/9/1306030606Chm t pha B5/16/139308650240Bt MC 4715/23/13241025300546Chm t pha A&B5/30/1300669662Chm t pha C5/30/1300670663Chm t pha C5/30/1300656651Chm t pha C6/11/130152015200t dy tr 1826/11/131680170017500t dy tr 1826/19/1300615623Chm t pha C6/11/1300660617Chm t pha C6/20/1305870591Chm t pha B8/9/1337800387Chm t pha A9/3/1305030506Chm t pha B9/5/1305350539Chm t pha B9/5/1305130516Chm t pha B9/16/1300596593Chm t pha C10/18/1300284286Chm t pha C10/25/1306180621Chm t pha B11/13/1304320436Chm t pha B11/27/1304170422Chm t pha B1/3/1400564566Chm t pha C10/3/1400615615Chm t pha C6/5/1405280532Chm t pha B16/05/201406840687Chm t pha B21/05/201400377376Chm t pha C23/05/201442000416Chm t pha A23/5/2014100010600309Ngn mch chm t pha A&B23/05/201400656652Chm t pha C30/05/2014616160610Chm t pha A28/06/201400652648Chm t pha C29/06/201400647643Chm t pha C22/07/201400660654Chm t pha C16/08/201451300524Chm t pha A19/08/201401870188Chm t pha B9/27/1400348350Chm t pha C9/29/1406420646Chm t pha B10/12/1436600363Chm t pha A10/29/1405990604Chm t pha B12/17/1443600431Chm t pha A12/17/1444000431Chm t pha A12/17/143184560253Chm t pha A12/17/14843940841253Chm t pha A,B,C12/22/140210021202150Chm t pha B&C12/22/1407547520Chm t pha B&C1/9/1500667662Chm t pha C2/2/15Hon i MC 443, 471 vi nhau do Rtx ca MC 471 cao.2/6/1506530657Chm t pha BCy ng vo ng dy, gy tr 0312/22/156180016chm t pha ACp nht n ngy 27/02/2015