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Count of Answer Answer Total Max. envelope peak distortion 1 0.02 1 0.5 1 0.55 1 0.7 1 0.99 1 1 1 2 1 2.27 1 4 1 4.5 1 6 1 7 1 8 1 42 1 80 1 100 1 1880 1 1998 1 2001 1 30602 1 1111110 1 “wave antenna”; 2lambda 1 1 byte = 1 octet 1 1.53µm to 1.63µm light 1 1.6 to 1.8 s 1 120 Ω/loop mile 1 172.2 kbps 1 1920 to 1980 MHz 1 1st commercial telephone service by NTT 1 1st note in musical scale 1 20 to 40 Hz 1 32.768 Mbps 1 41.25 MHz 1 45.75 MHz 1 52 Mbps downstream/ 2.3 Mbps upstream 1 576 channels 1 6 to 10 dB 1 960 M to 1215 M 1 amount of exposure 1 analog mod used for fiber optics 1 attenuation loss can be made up by optical amplifier, disper 1 auxiliary equipment required 1 biological impact 1 CDVCC (Coded Digital Verification Color Code) 1 Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD); packets over voice chan 1
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Sheet10Count of AnswerAnswerTotalMax. envelope peak distortion10.0210.510.5510.710.99111212.271414.51617181421801100118801199812001130602111111101wave antenna; 2lambda11 byte = 1 octet11.53m to 1.63m light11.6 to 1.8 s1120 /loop mile1172.2 kbps11920 to 1980 MHz11st commercial telephone service by NTT11st note in musical scale120 to 40 Hz132.768 Mbps141.25 MHz145.75 MHz152 Mbps downstream/ 2.3 Mbps upstream1576 channels16 to 10 dB1960 M to 1215 M1amount of exposure1analog mod used for fiber optics1attenuation loss can be made up by optical amplifier, dispersion loss has to be fixed by regenerative repeaters (expensive)1auxiliary equipment required1biological impact1CDVCC (Coded Digital Verification Color Code)1Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD); packets over voice channel1connector for oscillators and lab instruments1crystal, condenser, electret1damage a crystal microphone1does not require limiter; improved Foster-Seeley1Dolby AC-31dynamic, carbon, ribbon1effective height of antenna compared to actual antenna height1email; 4.8 to 64 kbps1fiber distribution data interface1first cellular phone in 19241flicker noise1for billing tracking1for special effects in TV (special effects group)1for synching Ethernet1gain of rhombic antenna1gives passwords to LAN1high absorption of sound1high power oscillators1interaction between e beam and RF field; linear path1Interactive Video and Data Service; 218-218.5/218.5-219 MHz1interval between offhook and dial tone1LO + mixer in one1local multipoint distribution service; 28 GHz; internet, for home1multichannel multipoint distribution service; many people; wireless1Multimedia content Description Interface1no need for dialtone1number assignment mobile (NAM)1red LED used1requires 0.8s delay1requires limiters1response of human ear1returning same features when switching carriers1roentgen effective bio1root note of diatonic scale1separates Y and chroma; CANCELS CHROMA COLOR1smaller satellite1SS technique; carrier frequency is linearly moved or shifted throug1supervisory audio tone1temperature controlled enclosure for equipment1transmission line calculator; SMITH CHART IS CIRCULAR BECAUSE1unpleasant intervals of sound1wired equivalent privacy; 64/128/256 bit encryption1+- 25V1+/- 12 kHz1+6 VU (volume unit)1+6dB1100ft11 to 10 miles11 TV field recorded per slant track11.25 MHz + 250 kHz11.3 micro seconds11.35cm and 1.7mm11.4 -3.4s - reverberation time for a church11.5 ms11/2 to 2/3110110 Base T110 Gig per sec110 kHz110 kHz110 lines110 octaves1100 dB - RF and IF gain in receiver1100 m1100 mr110-12 W/m2110kHz11125112 hours112 hrs112 kHz deviation112 to 1112.4 micro seconds1120 dB1120 dB1120 dB exposure1121.5 MHz113 kbps113 to 17 dB1130-150 dB113-17dB1144 kbps11-5 seconds11520 m/s11550 nm116 dB1160 -8000 Hz11750 s11800 Hz12 dB or less12 mV12.3 GHz band120 mins120 ppm12182 kHz1242 Hz1260 nodes1262 Hz13 dB13 kHz13 level Manchester code13.1 m3/person1300 Hz- 3 kHz1300 to 400 ms130kV132 bits132.786Mbps13-5 miles (5-8km)1350 MHz to 10 GHz136 dB1384 kbps13-point tracking14 MHz14 or 16 Mbps14.5MHz140 dB140 km140 km14000kHz145 MHz1-48Vdc14MHz15 dB or better150 feet150 ft150 Hz1500 ft1500 to 1000 Hz150ft.150km1542 Hz155 degrees16 dB or better16 MHz data (cable modem)16 MHz terrestrial16 to 10 dB16.4 micro seconds160 dB160 degrees1600mW16-15 sec, 14.4 kbps1674-728 MHz16879 statute miles per hour16879 statute mph173 ohms1780 nm, 950 nm18 MHz18 to 14 modulation180% articulation180% articulation frequency1825 -845 MHz, 87018PSK18VSB18-VSB18-VSB19.6 s199% emission withing transmitter1A and B weighting1Absorption or loop1acquisition phase lock1Active noise control1AF and RF1All colors at 75% modulation except gray1Along the normal1Along the normal1American concert A1amplification and isolation1Amplify and isolate1Amplitude1Analog cellphone1Analog drum scanner1Anisochronous1Antenna tuner1Antodyne converter1Aperture antenna1Aperture antenna1armature1Articulation efficiency1Articulation test1aspect ratio1attenuation, scattering, dispersion1Attitude control1Aurora borealis1Aurora borealis1Background noise1Backhaul1BackHoe Fading1Base station1beat frequency oscillator (BFO)1Because FM uses class C amplifiers1Because higher impedance line has lower current for a given power level1Because it can be used to reduce the range of a base station to reduce interference1Because it is not reliable1Because of purer sine wave AC1because splices have no air gaps1because the loss in glass fiber is lowest at a wavelength of approximately 1550nm1Because they have greater effective area or greater proportion of radiated energy intercepted1between 15-60 dB1Beverage antenna1BFO1Bipolar violation1BISYNC1BISYNC1Bit-oriented protocol1Blank and Burst1Blooming1Blue stuff between plate and cathode1Both BNC and RJ49 connectors1Both the implementing date (year 2000) and operating frequency (2000 MHz)1BPA1Brillouin scattering1Brillouin scattering1Burst separator1BUS topology1By illuminating the fiver with ultraviolet light1camera pickup tube1Capcode1Capture effect1Capture range1CATV channels1Cavity resonator1Cell site D/R ratio1Cellular phone FM (AMPS)1cheapernet1Christian Hulsmeyer1Class 11Class 21Class 2 or transportable phone1Class 3 (portable phone)1Class I1Class II1Class III (mobile phone)1Class IV1class IV cable tv channel1click1Cochannel Interference Reduction Factor (CIRF)1Cognitive1Commercial (analog) telephone service1Consonant tones1Constellation1Content provider1Contention1continuous tone control1Copy watch1COW1COW1Critical frequency of E layer1Critical frequency of F21Cross color1Cross luminance1Cross Luminance1Cross-over cable1Cryogenic cooling1Crystal, electret and condenser1CT 21CTCS1customer premises equipment1Datawire1Decrease mic signal in phones1Degree of sound absorption1Delta Modulation1Despun antenna1Diatonic scale1Differential Peak Detector1Discone antenna1Discordant interval1Discrete Cosine Transform1Distance-to-reuse ratio1Distance-to-reuse ratio (D/R)1DLP1Dolby AC-3 surround sound1dosimeter1Down tilt1downtilt1Drift of color bars1drop call rate1Duplexer1DWDM1Dwell time1Dynamic and ribbon1Dynamic microphones1Dynamic, ribbon, carbon1Echo suppressor1Electroluminescence1Envelope Delay Distortion1EP1Equalizer1Erbium-doped fiber1ESN1Ethernet1Faraday effect1Faraday screen1Faraday screen/shield1Faradays effect1Feed horn1Fiber Distribution Data Interference (FDDI)1Fiber grating1fiber optics are preferred to satellites for long distance telephone transm1Flat NW1Flat top sampling1Flooding1FM1Frequencies directly above 300 GHz1Frequency duplex1Frequency frogging1Frequency hopping1Frequency synthesizer1Fresnel reflection1Fresnel reflection1Friis formula1front porch1Full duplex1fusion splicing1Genetics1Gimmick1Gimmick1GPRS1GPS Precision position1GPS time accuracy1Gray1Grid-dip meter/detector1GSM or TDMA1GSM/TDMA1GUNN diode1gyroscopic or flywheel effect1H.2611H.2611H3E1Hamming code1Harald Blatand1Hard line1Hard line1HDTV1Head end1Header1heavy materials1Height of class B FM1Helical antennas1Helmholtz resonator1Helmholtz resonator1Hemispheric beam1High efficiency1High-Q loopstick1Hole1Horn1Horn and slot1Hot line1Howl1Human ear1Hybrid T1hybrid transformer1Hybrid Transformer1Hyperframe1I1I signal1IBM Token ring1IEEE 802.11b1IEEE 802.151IEEE 802.15.41IEEE 802.161If the desired area to capture cannot fit into the cameras field of view, use a lens with shorter focal length1IMSI1IMT 20001IMT-20001IMT20001IMTS1In a phasing SSB transmitter, what determines degree of unwanted sideband suppression?1Inertial Navigation System (INS)1Inertial Navigation Systems (INS)1Initial payload1Intensity Modulation1Intercarrier sound1Interlacing1international mobile subscriber identification1International pitch A1Ionosonde1Ionosphere1IS 951IS 951IS-951It doesnt require a connection1It has the least bandwidth1it is not reliable1Its easy to move computers1IVDS1Jabber1Kendall effect1L band1Letter boxing1lisbon1Losses in fiber optic cable1Lower power efficiency, difficult to adjust1M881Magic T1Measuring rad exposure1Mechanical filter1mechanical splicing- THE ENDS ARE GLUED TOGETHER1Membrane absorber1Microstrip1Mie scattering1millimeter wave1MIN1mobile to mobile reliable range1Moderate sound level1Modern pool1More than 2 mbps1More than 2Mbps1MP31MPEG 71MPEG-11MPEG21MPEG-41MPEG4 - current video compression standard1Multi-mode fiber1Narrowband voice mod SSB bandwidth1NAVTEX1NEC D3 standard1Negative Carrier Shift1Network1network interface card (NIC)1network layer1noise figure: (with equalizer)1n-type connector1Numerically-controlled oscillator1Oct 13, 19831Octave interval1Octet1omega1Omni-directional range station1One octave above middle C1On-hook loop voltage (telephone)1Opt-in1Opto-acoustic transducer1Opt-out1Orbit used in navigational system1Overtone1Overtone1Pages1PAM1PAN1Pantelegraph1PARAMP1Passive optical network1Patch antenna1Patch antennas1Payload pointer1PCS1PCS (plastic clad silica)1Peak envelope power1Peer to peer, client server1PIN diode1pink noise1Plumbicon (lead oxide)1Poisson1Poisson1Poke-through1Polyethylene1Polyethylene1Polytetraflouroethylene1PON (Passive optical Network)1Popular IF for TV receivers1portable payphone booth1Positive Carrier Shift1POTS1POTS (plain old telephone system)1Power amplifier1Precession1Precession1Pre-paid phone card1Problem of 1G1Proxima Centauri1Proxima centauri1Pseudorandom code1Public key1Pump laser1Purity1Purity1Push-pull1Radiation1Radio detector1Ratio detector1Rbe roentgen biological effectiveness1Rbe x rad1real time of info1Record Locking1Record locking1Red LED1Regenerative repeater/transponder1Rep - roentgen equivalent physical1repeater - how long does it find a repeater until the phone drops out?1Republic and Titanic1Republic and Titanic (1910 and 1912)1Reverberation1Rhythm1Ringback1Root note1Run length encoding1S unit1Satellite closet1Satellites1SDMA1Secondary payload1SEG1Sequence in tuning1Server-client, Peer-to-peer1Shape factor1sheattle1shift register1SID1Side tone1Sidetone1Simplex1Since no energy is reflected from the match load, so for the source it appears as if energy is put into the line continuous to move down the line forever1single hop night time range of F21Single-mode fiber1Skip Zone1Slot antenna1Slow wave structure1Smart card1smart card1Solitons1SONET1Space segment, user segment, control segment1Spam1Spatial isolation1Spectral purity1Splice is better that connectors because there is no air gap1SSB J3E1Staircase1static convergence1Station class mark1Strap-down transducer1Stripline1Sun sensor1S-unit1Sunlight radiation1surface acoustic wave (SAW)1surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter1Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filter1TDM1Teflon1The angle of inclination is too low for these regions1The oscillator1The Republic and The Titanic1the wireless bridge has more power output1there is no standing wave1They have low capacitance and inductance1Tint1To cancel chroma crosstalk1To create resonance circuits and filters1To protect personnel1Transduction1Transmission loss1Transmission loss1troposcatter1TTC1Tuning screw1Tunnel diode1Twinax1Twin-lead1Two tone test1Two-tone test1Type N connector1UHF channel1ultor1Ultor1Unshift on Space (USOS)1Used for aviation1Used in submarine LF/VLF1U-weighting1V sync1V.241V.321V.34 bis1Varactor diode (for direct FM)1Vertical Redundancy Check1Vertically-stacked antennas1via net loss (VNL)1Video signal w/o sync pulse1Voice1Water vapor1WAV1WCDMA1WEP1Why digital TV ?1Why is height still important for mobile telephone transmitter antenna?1Why is it hard to transmit music using SSB?1Why use geosynchronous satellites? To simplify tracking requirements1WiBro1william gibson1Wireless application protocol1World Wide Web1WWW1X modem1Y (luminance)1Y video1Yellow green1Zero-adjusting1Zigbee1Z-wave10.820.921623002$500,000-$750,00020.5 milliroentgens2 mile absolute and 100 feet relative21.35 cm to 1.7 mm21.5ms21.6s - 1.8s210 Gbps210 milliroentgens2100 Base Tx2100m213 - 17 dB218 dB219.39 Mbps219CP4220 mins220 Phons220 phons22001227 Mbps227 MHz228 dB23300 m/s23dB23G24 times240 dB242H25 mm to 2.5 mm25 mW2500 nm25150 m/s260 dB280 dB28kbps2Acoustician2AMPS2Antodyne converter2Apogee kick motor2Between Channels 6 and 7 and above Channel 132Brittleness2Buncher2C32Cabling2Echo Suppressors2Ephemeris2Flicker noise2GPS2GSM2Gyroscopic/ flywheel effect2Index of refraction2Inexpensive and more flexible2Initial payload2Local Multipoint Distribution System (LMDS)2LORAN C/D2MIE scattering2Musical scale2Negative2Noncomposite signal2Nothing2Patch antenna2Photometry2Pi/42Private key2Private key2Private key encryption2Public key encryption2Ringback Signal2SDLC2Soft handoff2Soliton2Somatic2Space probe2Special Effects Groups (SEG)2The brightness of the color2Trailing wire2TTC2V.902Video Preamplifier27:08:00 AM20.2972222222310316 dB32.45 GHz33.579545 MHz346 dB3Antonio Meucci3GPRS3Hash3Intelsat3No color3Plumbicon3Positive3SSB3D-AMPS4Physical layer412 dB6(blank)Grand Total879

TABULATED Killer CoachingQuestionAnswer1Human hearing range in octaves102GPS satellite orbit period12 hrs3The trouble when the color oscillator does not oscillateNo color4Term for ordinary telephonePOTS (plain old telephone system)5The beat frequency between the 3.58 MHz subcarrier and the 4.5 MHz sound signal0.92 MHz6Final amplifier stagePower amplifier7Threshold pain of acoustic shock120 dB8Standard terrestrial TV transmission8VSB9Radio system use to provide high speed data packetGPRS10System that does not use TDMAIS 9511Accessory referred to as magic THybrid T12For TV system, the horizontal flyback is 10%6.4 micro seconds13When was the first cellular system introducedOct 13, 198314Number of HDTV horizontal lines112515Same as PolytetrafluoroethyleneTeflon163 segments of GPSSpace segment, user segment, control segment17In fiber optics, when electromagnetic waves scatter and are about equal or more than its wavelengthMIE scattering18Most significant part or stage of a launched satelliteInitial payload19What is a launched satellite that does not stay in the gravity of the earth and wanders in spaceSpace probe20Why is FM more efficient than AM?Because FM uses class C amplifiers21When was 3G first introduced?200122When a mobile is simultaneously in the area of coverage/territory of to base stationsSoft handoff23Cost of building a base station$500,000-$750,00024Exact frequency of color subcarrier signal (choose 1)3.579545 MHz25Uses lead oxide and has minimum lagPlumbicon26In CATV internet, a 6MHz channel has a data rate of27 MHz27Data rate of fiber optics10 Gbps28When was 3G first introduced?200129When a mobile is simultaneously in the area of coverage/territory of to base stationsSoft handoff30Cost of building a base station$500,000-$750,00031Exact frequency of color subcarrier signal (choose 1)3.579545 MHz32Uses lead oxide and has minimum lagPlumbicon33In CATV internet, a 6MHz channel has a data rate of27 MHz34Data rate of fiber optics10 Gbps35Time in a day that the human can be exposed to 110-120 dB20 mins36Navigation system used in ships, submarines, airplanes similar to radarInertial Navigation System (INS)37A kind of INS where in the sensor is mounted on the face of the ship for directionStrap-down transducer382 ships that sank leading to the creation of (INS?)Republic and Titanic39Computer networkServer-client, Peer-to-peer40In a client-server network ,what LAN software makes sure that data on the server is being changed by one station and is not simultaneously read by anotherRecord Locking41What do you think is the main disadvantage of grid-over plate modulationLower power efficiency, difficult to adjust42What is another term for pink noiseFlicker noise43What refers to a telephone that rings another phone without dialingHot line44Damage to cells other than reproductive cells due to exposure to intense RF radiation is whatSomatic45What do you call the range over the reference frequency can be and still achieve phase lock?Capture range46What device are to be inserted in a telephone channel if the total via net loss of a given trunk circuit exceeds about 2.5db?Echo Suppressors47What is the main advantage of fiber optic cables made of plastic?Inexpensive and more flexible48What LAN topology is used by the classical Ethernet systemBUS topology49If a broadcast station is transmitting but not modulating, what is heard in a receiver tuned to its frequency?Nothing50Why downtilt is used in cellular base stations?Because it can be used to reduce the range of a base station to reduce interference51In TV system, if the 3.58 MHz C amplifier in the receiver does not operate the result will be____No color52How is fiber grating produced?By illuminating the fiver with ultraviolet light53What types of microphone have high Z output?Crystal, electret and condenser54What are pulses that retain their shapes as they pass through optical fibers?Solitons55What refers to the series of tones that sound good when usedMusical scale56A TV receiver design that uses mixing between the picture and sound carriers to generate the sound IF. What do you call this sound?Intercarrier sound57What microphones are predominantly used in Aviation servicesDynamic microphones58A 100 Mbps LAN signaling standard intended for use in fiber optics but also used with coaxial cablesFiber Distribution Data Interference (FDDI)59In IMT 2000, what does 2000 refer to?Both the implementing date (year 2000) and operating frequency (2000 MHz)60A system that allows users to access documents from widely separated sources on the internet using a common interfaceWorld Wide Web61What is the reason why point contact and Schottky or hot carrier diodes are widely used as mixers in microwave equipmentsThey have low capacitance and inductance62What do you call the area that lies between the outer limit of the ground wave range and the inner edge of energy returned form the ionosphere?Skip Zone63What principle is employed in cellular telephony to allow simultaneous transmission and reception without the need to push to talk?Frequency duplex64Which of the following is not a bit oriented protocol?BISYNC65In TV, special effects and production switching are done by theSpecial Effects Groups (SEG)66In TV, special effects and production switching are done by theSpecial Effects Groups (SEG)67Which of the following is not an acoustical signal defect to be avoided in acoustical signals?Reverberation68What waveguide-like device that acts like a high Q parallel resonant circuit?Cavity resonator69What helps protect fivers against degradation caused by moistureCabling70For an angle of incidence equal to the critical angle, the light will be refractedAlong the normal71If a rocket contains more than one satellite, the smaller satellite that will be launched after the main satellite is calledSecondary payload72What is the hue color sync phase?Yellow green73What is any tone produced by a sound source in addition to the fundamental toneOvertone74In communications system, the total system noise in the absence of information transmission is calledBackground noise75The average voltage value of the 3.58 MHz modulated chrominance signal in TV receiver is___The brightness of the color76In TV system, which signal has information for 1.3 MHZ bandwidth?I signal77A lens has an 8-cm focal length and a 4-cm diameter. What is its F rating?278How much more feed point impedance does a folded dipole have than a normal dipole?4 times79The electronic serial number (ESN) assigned to the mobile phone at the factory consists of _____32 bits80Solid state neodymium can generate high power at1.3 micro seconds81A radar mile is the time required for a radar pulse to travel 1 mile to an object and return to the receiver. 1 radar nautical mile is equivalent to ____ microseconds12.4 micro seconds82How long does a repeater transmit a mobile signal drop out?1-5 seconds83What is the orbital period of each GPS constellation?12 hours84What is the minimum ratio of visual signal level to system noise, and of visual level to any undesired co-channel TV signal operating on proper offset performance?36 dB85In CATV, what is the noise figure for mid, high and super band channels?6 dB or better86In CATV system, what is the noise figure for sub and 10- band channels?5 dB or better87What is the maximum height above average terrain for a class B FM station?500 ft88What is the maximum recommended cable length for an RS 232C cable50 ft89What is the typical loudness level of a watch ticking20 Phons90What is the maximum deviation of cellular radios that use FM?12 kHz91What is the frequency used to signal handoffs to another cell and the termination of the cell in cellular communications?10 kHz92At what frequency does magnetron microwave oven operates?2.45 GHz93What is the frequency of middle C?262 Hz94What would be the bandwidth of filter for voice and SSB3 kHz95When was the first cellular commercial system operated?3060296What class of mobile phone has a maximum power level specified as effective radiated power (ERP) of -2 dBW (600 mW)Class 3 (portable phone)97What class of mobile phone has a maximum power level specified as effective radiated power (ERP) of 1.68WClass 298What class of mobile phone has a maximum power level specified as effective radiated power (ERP) of 3WClass 199Given a 63.5s vertical retrace line, how many complete horizontal lines are scanned in a vertical flyback?10100When a ferrite is subjected to a magnetic field from a permanent magnet, the electrons spins experience what phenomenon?Precession101102What are the two types of network software?Peer to peer, client server103What is used to fire a geosynchronous satellite to attain its final circular geostationary orbit?Apogee kick motor104What is the flicker nose voltage of a wirewound resistor?0.01 V to 0.2V105What is the flicker noise voltage of a carbon composition?0.1V to 2V106What camera tube uses lead oxide for the photoconductive?Plumbicon107What is the most common filter used in SSB?Mechanical filter108What radio transmission process where the message or video communications are sent to the radio channels that changes frequencies in a pre-determined order?Frequency hopping109What is the IMT-2000 maximum data rate for mobile user in a high speed vehicle?144 kbps110What is the signal sent y the network to the calling telephone in order to indicate theat the called telephone is ringing?Ringback Signal111What is the advantage of optical fiber made up of plastic?Inexpensive and more flexible112The maximum radiation from any electronic equipment should not exceed _______ mr per week?100 mr113Depending on the terrain a microwave system uses line of sight propagation and may require repeater approximately every ______40 km114A type of card with embedded integrated circuit with functions that can be used in storing subscriber information in a PCS systemSmart card115What is another name for pink noise?Flicker noise116What is the frequency separation between the forward channel and the reverse channel in a cellular communication system?45 MHz117What is the tone produced by a sound source other than the fundamental tone?Sidetone118What is the digital audio compression that substitutes MP3 audio?Dolby AC-3119What is the amount of sound attenuation offered by the wall, ceiling and floor?Transmission loss120What is the typical range of velocity factor in a coaxial cable?0.6 to 0.8121What devices are inserted into a telephone channel if the total net loss of the trunk circuit exceeds about 2.5 dB?Echo suppressors122The orbits of the GPS satellites are nearly circular with inclination angles of ____ degrees relative to the equator55 degrees123GPS satellite separation60 degrees124Why is geostationary satellite not stationary for region near poles of the earth?The angle of inclination is too low for these regions125What is the maximum bit rate for fiber optic cable?10 Gig per sec126What is the science of measuring of light visible to human eye?Photometry127What is the center impedance of a half wave antenna?73 ohms128What is the increase in the network capacity that can be achieved by 3G wireless system?0.7129Binary pattern of ones and zeros arranged in random?Pseudorandom code130If an audio signal is lost on a high frequency, what can be added to it to flatten the response?Equalizer131A network using microwaves for two-way transmission of telephony, television, and high-speed dataLocal Multipoint Distribution System (LMDS)132What is the speed of the geostationary satellite?6879 statute miles per hour133What is the technique used in MPEG 2 compression?Discrete Cosine Transform134What class of mobile phone whose maximum power output level is specified as the ERP of 2dB watts? (1.6 Watts)Class 2 or transportable phone135How many different symbols are possible outputs of a 16QAM modulator?16136What refers to the reflection at the interface of two optical materials which depends on their refractive index and the angle in which light strikes the interfaceFresnel reflection137What type of message in radio control channel in cellular systems tells a particular mobile telephone that a call is to be received?Pages138What layer in the OSI is responsible for transmitting bits in the communications channel?Physical layer139What is the ratio of the speed of light in air to the speed of light in another medium?Index of refraction140What types of microphone produce low Z outputs?Dynamic, ribbon, carbon141What is the speech coding rate of GSM for cellular system?13 kbps142What formula is used in determining the overall noise performance of a receiver of multiple stages of RF amplification?Friis formula143What is the lowest layer in the OSI model that deals with matters such as voltage and current levels?Physical layer144Brightness variations in color information are in what signal?Y (luminance)145What is the operating frequency of telephone quality analog voice signals?300 Hz- 3 kHz146What scrambling method is used in compact disc digital audio system to ensure that enough transitions between zeros and ones can take easily clocking information?8 to 14 modulation147What is the achievable data rate of 3G cellular system?More than 2 mbps148At what frequency does a magnetron in a microwave oven operate?2.45 GHz149Helical antenna is often used as a typical satellite tracking because ofFaraday effect150What is the main disadvantage of fiber optic cable made of glassBrittleness151A comb filter is used to ________To cancel chroma crosstalk152In tv, which controls the phase angle of demodulated color video signalTint153In general typical range of frequency that troposcatter wave propagation is found to be effective350 MHz to 10 GHz154What modulation is used in Enhance Data rate for GSM Evolution (EDGE)8PSK155If public key is used to encrypt the message, what is required to decipher it?Private key156What do you call a card that comes with an 800/888 number that the card owner dials to reach a network that allows him to dial anywhere he likesPre-paid phone card157What is IMT 2000 maximum data rate for pedestrian mobile users and for slow moving vehicles?384 kbps158Refers to many major wireless manufacturer that have combined to create de facto standards in creating this contentWireless application protocol159What is the frequency of the middle C242 Hz160What is the frequency of 1 octave above middle C542 Hz161Which of the following is not a porous absorberMembrane absorber162The time that a synthesizer remains at a frequency calledDwell time163What is the maximum VF tone that may be fed to a voice signal+6dB164What is the maximum power of the Class 1 analog mobile phone600mW165The average voltage value of the 3.58MHz modulated chrominance signal in TV receivers is___________The brightness of the color166F3 emission means carrier frequency is modulated by _______Voice167The aeronautical radio navigation land station that provides direct bearing on that station from an aircraft is known as _____________Omni-directional range station168What is the frequency tolerance for aircraft station employing SSB transmission?20 ppm169The range of the human hearing can form how many octaves10170What results in the luminance components interfering in the color signal, it occurs whenever there is diagonal detail on that picture and gets worse with motionCross luminance171How many horizontal lines are blanked out in the frame of TV receivers by V blanking42172What would be the bandwidth of an AF filter for CW500 to 1000 Hz173A characteristic of the modulating signal that is proportional with the amount of frequency deviation from the carrier center frequency in FMAmplitude174The split pair is used by IBM token ring network that operates at either4 or 16 Mbps1753G wireless system was introduced in what year2001176In telephone system, what traffic model is based on the assumption that calls are not immediately satisfied that the first attempt are held in the system until it is satisfiedPoisson177What is the velocity of the geostationary satellite in orbit6879 statute mph178What is the accuracy of LORAN C long range hyberbolic radio navigation system of a mile absolute & >100ft179What is the main advantage of GPRSIt doesnt require a connection180How many TV fields are recorded on one slant track of tape1181What frequency sharing technique uses highly directional spot beam antennas to prevent interference between stations of the same freq.Spatial isolation182What is used to produce low power microwave oscillatorsTunnel diode183What is the variation of the discriminator which greatly reduces sensitivity to amplitude variations and causes a 50% reduction in output voltageRadio detector184What is the minimum channel rejection of a CATV system60 dB185In CATV system what is sound section isolation40 dB186In CATV system what is the RF output terminal match16 dB187What do you call a special microwave coaxial cable which is made of hard tubing rather that wire with an insulating cover that can be used on the lower microwave bandHard line188Which of the following are antennas made with micro strip on PCBsPatch antenna189Which coaxial connector is of more complex and expensive that do a better job in maintaining the electrical char of the cable through interconnectionn-type connector190What is the dielectric constant of polyethylene insulator2.27191What helps protect fiber against degradation cause by moistureCabling192For an angle of incidence = to the critical angle the light will be refractedAlong the normal193How much more feed point Z does a folded dipole have than normal dipole4 times194When real time communication is required the only way to address the second fragment is to use a ____ containing more that 1 satelliteConstellation195What is the advantage of using hub over direct interconnection to all the terminalsIts easy to move computers196A broadcast station is transmitting but not modulating, what is heard in a receiver tuned to its frequencyNothing197A network using microwave for two way transmission of telephony and in high speed dataLocal Multipoint Distribution System (LMDS)198In TV system, if the 3.58MHz C amp in the receiver does not operate, the result will be __________?No color199A system that allows user to access documents from widely separated sources of the internet using a common interfaceWWW200What is the max recommended cable length of RS232C cable?50 feet201What is the typical value of line turn around?1.5 ms202Which pulse in the V blanking corresponds to 3H lines wide?V sync203What refers to the nonlinear effect that occurs at low power as low as 3mw in single mode fiber and takes the form of a light shifter slightly in freq from the original light waveBrillouin scattering204In wide area networks what routing technique requires each node to take the incoming packet and retransmit it onto every outgoing line?Flooding205For analog dram scanners what type of modulation is used after the receive light has been converted into electrical energy?FM206In what 2 systems in the voice transmitter can speech processing be used?AF and RF207Why is a matched line indistinguishable from an infinitely long line as seen from the source?Since no energy is reflected from the match load, so for the source it appears as if energy is put into the line continuous to move down the line forever208What type of circuit produces even order harmonics?Push-pull209What is the designation of SSB with full carrier?H3E210What is the achievable data rate of the 3G cellular system?More than 2Mbps211What is the time period for a single time slot in GSM TDMA structure?8212What packets switch data technique is used with the GSM systems?GPRS213What do you call the process by analog signal are transmitted by converting them into a series of pulses whose amplitude is approximately the shape of the analog signalPAM214In Ethernet LAN, what situation arises when two or more terminals try to transmit in the network at the same time?Contention215What do you call the interval which its an integer or whole fraction ratioOctave interval216What do you call the first note of the musical scale?Root note217Which of the following is or are parts of the network interface card?Both BNC and RJ49 connectors218Which of the ff wavelengths where absorption of electromagnetic waves becomes peak due to vibrational resonance in the water vapor molecule1.35cm and 1.7mm219What class of mobile phone has a maximum power level specified as ERP of -2dBW or 600mWClass III (mobile phone)220What refers to a series of tones that sounds good when used in combinationMusical scale221UPayload pointer222What feature of SONET allows data spin with different paths to be sync223Cable TV companies collect signals and programs from many sources in a facility called ____________Head end224What is the reason why tropospheric ducting not used very much in practical communication systems?Because it is not reliable225What is the function of a hybrid in the telephone handsetDecrease mic signal in phones226When the called telephone is ringing, the CO sends a pulse AC voltage to the calling telephone. What is that signal called?Ringback signal227What unit refers to radiation other than x-rays which will have an absorption equal to 1 roentgensRep - roentgen equivalent physical228Different sources of radiation have different effect which are related to x-rays by a number which is referred to as the ______Rbe roentgen biological effectiveness229In TV, the picture information is transmitted on a separate carrier that is located _____ lower in frequency that the sound carrier4.5MHz230Which of the standards given below is a terrestrial digital TV transmission8-VSB231What is the main accelerating element in the CRTultor232What is the combined mixer and LO that uses 1 transistor of tube or bothAntodyne converter233Lossless compression scheme generally look for redundancies in the data for instance the string of zeroes can be replaced with a code that tells the receivers the length of the string. What do you call this technique?Run length encoding234All colors on the color test signal are modulated at 75% except what color?Gray235In analog cellular system, the interfering signal strength remains approx less than ____ of desired signal strength to assure negligible interference0.02236What is the approximate critical frequency of E layer?4MHz237The 10 base T Ethernet system is restricted only to ______100m238What code is used in 100 days Tx Ethernet standard?3 level Manchester code239What frequency is used to signal handoffs to another cell and the termination of the cell in cellular communications10kHz240Which of the following principle musical intervals is considered desonant?0.2972222222241What is essentially a cell site shelter that is mounted on flat bed tractor trailer used for emergency purposesCOW242In cellular system what defines the geographic distance that is required between cells used in identical frequencies in order to avoid interference between the radio transmissions of this cells?Distance-to-reuse ratio (D/R)243What do you call the random data send continuously by the NIC that disrupts the whole area network?Jabber244Which of the following is the nearest star to the solar system?Proxima Centauri245What is the shifting of antenna pattern so that the major lobe is at an angle below the horizontal?Down tilt246What allows one antenna to be used for reception and transmission without mutual interference?Duplexer247What is the term used to describe an ordinary voice telephony?POTS248UPurity249In color CRT, what refers to adjustment of the three electron beam so that each lens can phosper dots on the appropriate color?250What radio system was developed to provide high speed packet data access for the GSM network?GPRS251Why does a high Q circuit discriminate against harmonics?Because of purer sine wave AC252What are 2 function of a buffer amplifier?Amplify and isolate253How much of the emission must be within the bandwidth of the transmitter0.99254Why does a higher impedance line have lower copper loss than a lower impedance line?Because higher impedance line has lower current for a given power level255What is considered as the simplest transmitter keyed on and off to produce CW Morse code?The oscillator256Occasionally rockets will contain more than one satellite, what do you call the main satellite to be launched?Initial payload257How many orbital plans which are equally spaced around the equator in GPS operational constellation?6258What is the popular fiber optics cable with the glass core and plastic cladding called?PCS (plastic clad silica)259What is a FM receiver that causes a stronger signal to dominate the weaker signal in the same frequency?Capture effect260What is the advantage of using SSB suppressed carrier AM as the modulation scheme for FDM telephony?It has the least bandwidth261What may cause ionic disturbance characterized by rapid cluttering sound hence voice communication is poor?Aurora borealis262The mandatory 24 ship-to-shore communications from 1910-1912 was established by the US, Great Britain and other maritime nation as the direct result of the sinking of the 2 famous ships, which are?The Republic and The Titanic263What layer of the OSI model handles the transmission of bites over a communications channel?Physical layer264What satellite subsystem monitors on board conditions such as temperature and battery voltage and transmits this data back to a ground station for analysis?TTC265What expresses the steepness of the skirts of the skirts selectivity of a radio receiver?Shape factor266In SSB, the transmitter output is expressed in terms of _________?Peak envelope power267What is the standard signal format of a numeric paging receiver?NEC D3 standard268What is the critical capacitance variation of most varactors used in frequency modulators?12 to 1269Helical antennas are often used for satellite tracking VHF because of?Faradays effect270What is the typical noise figure of metals, semiconductors, FET or MOSFET used at microwave frequency?2 dB or less271What is the 3rd layer of the OSI protocol model which sets up the path to transmit data between terminals and modulation is used?Network272UAbsorption or loop273What is the 1st type of modulation using an SB microphone called?274What are used to allow fiber optics to operate at much higher data rates and over longer distances with the use of range and resist abrasion?Polyethylene275If the satellite is lunched at the speed exceeding 25000mph, the satellite will not go in orbit and will break away from the gravitational pull of the earth and go out in deep space what do you call this satellite?Space probe276What is the voltage of the local loop on hook?-48Vdc277In a propagation medium such in the glass of an optical fiber ____ is the scattering of an electromagnetic wave by particles with the size about equal or greater than the wavelength?MIE scattering278What is the ratio of speed of light in air to the speed of light in another medium?Index of refraction279What LED is usual signal source for plastic fiber?Red LED280What carrier shift results with insufficient grid excitation to a grid modulated stage?Positive281Why are printed circuit board such as stripline and microstrip implemented on transmission lines?To create resonance circuits and filters282In satellite communication system, _______ is the satellite component that senses the time or the incidence angle of solar radiation and provides electrical signal that may be used to compute the satellite orientation?Sun sensor283A few centimeters long solid insulated hook-up wire that provides small capacitance to the ground that is adjusted during circuit alignment by bending slightly in one direction or another, what do you call this wire?Gimmick284What is the main disadvantage of fiber optic cable made of glass?Brittleness285In TV system, the color level control is in the ______?BPA286The max. radiation for electronic equipment must not exceed ___ mr/week100287What refers to any sonic, infrasonic, or ultrasonic wave which is emitted from electronic product as a result of the operation of its electronic circuitRadiation288What is the formula for REM?Rbe x rad289Radiation exposure rates produced by a TV receiver shall not exceed ____ milli roentgens per hour at the distance of 5cm from any point on external surface of the receiver?0.5290Why are larger antennas receive stronger signals than smaller antenna?Because they have greater effective area or greater proportion of radiated energy intercepted291What is the advantage of Dougherty linear?High efficiency292What refers to the sampling of analog signal used in a sample and hold circuit such that the sample will have the same amplitude for its whole durationFlat top sampling293Which of the ff. identifies the maximum transmitted power level of a mobile phone?Station class mark294What protocol is used in the check sum method of error detection?X modem295In cellular system, typically how many cells in the freq. reuse plan format?7296most commonly used microwave antennaHorn297uses mechanical filtersSSB298for RF filters (TV frequencies)Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filter299minimum lagPlumbicon (lead oxide)300VF level to be placed on voice signals+6 VU (volume unit)301spins to focus on a fixed location on the earthDespun antenna302orientation of satellite on relationship to earth and sunAttitude control303Apogee kick motor304Telemetry and Tracking ControlTTC305used because of Faraday effectHelical antennas306minimize losses (for transmitter)Faraday screen307aeronautical distress frequency121.5 MHz308maritime distress frequency2182 kHz309100 kHz; 460m or mile absolute accuracy, 100m relative accuracyLORAN C/D310Cable TV Channel/Station-- off-the-air channels, DBS feedsClass I311w/o auxiliary equipment scramblingClass II312provides signaling pathClass IV313vertical polarization; broadbandDiscone antenna314Cellular phone FM (AMPS)31512 kHz deviation316speed of sound in steel at 1 atm5150 m/s3178s per time slotTDM31810 kbps per channelAMPS31930 kbps combines 3 AMPS channelsD-AMPS320UMTS (universal mobile telephone system); 20013G321not TDMA; Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum- Mobile and TelephoneIS-95322144 kbps for fast vehicles; 384 kbps for pedestrians and slow vehiclesIMT 2000323used because of least losses1550 nm324offshoot of TTC (building code)Satellite closet325Helmholtz resonator32620,200km; 60 spacing between orbital planes; 6 orbital planes; 55 inclinationGPS327in building construction (telephone installation); wires poke through fire-resistant floorPoke-through328video conferencing over telephone lineH.261329low-rate video used in CD- ROMMPEG-1330DivX video compressionMPEG-4331coax connector; expensive but goodType N connector332dissonant tone ratio7:08333pleasant tones; antonym of dissonantConsonant tones334440HzAmerican concert A335524HzOne octave above middle C336nearest star to solar systemProxima centauri337rapid fluttering; ionic disturbanceAurora borealis338human hearing range10 octaves339measures virtual heightIonosonde340slight frequency change; modulation of light by the thermal energy in the material; produces phonons and photonsBrillouin scattering341caused by particles that have the size of wavelengthMie scattering34219.39 Mbps6 MHz terrestrial34327 Mbps6 MHz data (cable modem)34412W PEPSSB J3E345cinema volume level3.1 m3/person346texting system for ships; maritime safety weather; narrowband direct printing telegraphyNAVTEX347used for navi systems; aerodynamicSlot antenna348for wavelength and waveguide wavemeter couplingHole349from lower edge1.25 MHz + 250 kHz350chroma subcarrier3.579545 MHz35156 kbps for telephone lineV.90352not 3GIMT20003535 mm, 2.5 mm02 absorption3541.35 cm, 1.7 mmWater vapor355international mobile subscriber identificationIMSI356mobile ID numberMIN3571.25WWCDMA358dense wavelength div muxDWDM359cellsite; emergency purposes; on flatbed of tractor or trailerCOW3602 ground planes; sandwichStripline361Microstrip3624 or 16 MbpsIBM Token ring363coax with hard shieldHard line364Twinax365forces electron beam to move slowlySlow wave structure36636 and 46 MHzPopular IF for TV receivers367in ferrites; due to magnetic field; precessionPrecession368TeflonPolytetraflouroethylene369good for outdoor cablesPolyethylene370low capacity/number of computers; will do in place of a hubCross-over cable371recombination of holes and electrons in LEDElectroluminescence372Photometry373Aperture antenna374microwave repeater distanceOmega40 km375noise figure 9 dB or betterUHF channel37613 kbps speech coding rateGSM3774 MHzCritical frequency of E layer378wire that acts as a capacitor; capacitance can be changes by bending wire to one side or anotherGimmick379for encrypting signalPublic key380for decryptionPrivate key381-48VdcOn-hook loop voltage (telephone)382echo from Tx side to Rx sideSide tone383sent to the calling station to inform that call is in progressRingback384distance required before reuse; R cellsite radius; Cochannel Interference Reduction FactorCell site D/R ratio385spatial isolation frequency reuse by aiming beams at different locations (spaced-enough)Satellites386$500,000 - $750,000 to put upBase station387easier to work with than single mode; wider acceptance angleMulti-mode fiber388for more direct path; less reflectionsWhy is height still important for mobile telephone transmitter antenna?389any optical field that does not change during propagation because of a balance between nonlinear and linear effects in a mediumSoliton390all-fiber access systems intended for residential applicationsPassive optical network391width=3 (wavelength of the light carrier)Single-mode fiber392lowers the operating temperature of receivers to reduce noise levelsCryogenic cooling393envelope delay distortion test 1800 HzSSB394between channels 6 and 7 (wideband); above channel 13 (superband)CATV channels395user segment, space segment, control segment; main control Falcon Air Base, Colorado, USAGPS396hybrid TMagic T397horn amplifier that feeds a reflectorFeed horn39820 mins120 dB exposure399term for the communication channel over which data is transmittedDatawire400more amplitude dependent but lower demodulated signal level (50%)Ratio detector40112:1 ratio of capacitanceVaractor diode (for direct FM)402material/absorption losses, scattering losses, dispersion lossesLosses in fiber optic cable403Splice is better that connectors because there is no air gap404plastic-clad silica; uses silicon plasticPCS405millimetric wavesFrequencies directly above 300 GHz406300nm-2000nm (UV to infrared)Sunlight radiation407best response 1-4 kHzHuman ear408If the desired area to capture cannot fit into the cameras field of view, use a lens with shorter focal length409main accelerating anodeUltor410for measuring RF current/power in antenna; for measuring resonant frequency of RF circuitsGrid-dip meter/detector411corrects 1 bit onlyHamming code412reflection of waves through 2 media; involves materials w/ different index of refraction; also involves angle; reflection of part of incident lightFresnel reflection413main satellite in the satellite launchInitial payload414standard for digital TV8-VSB415possibly less BW, more immunity to noise, more signal processingWhy digital TV ?416technique to reduce flicker of TV picture w/o increasing BWInterlacing417up to 1125 lines; 5 times more video info compared to conventional TV pictureHDTV418noncomposite video signalVideo signal w/o sync pulse419NTT, 1979Commercial (analog) telephone service420a phones code can be stole and copied clone fraudProblem of 1G421it is difficult to produce 90 phase shift for AF in the 5-10 kHz rangeWhy is it hard to transmit music using SSB?422alternative to having a dedicated modem + telephone line connection for each workstationModern pool423part of most aircraft/ships todayInertial Navigation Systems (INS)424sinkings led to mandatory 24-hr ship-to-shore communicationsRepublic and Titanic (1910 and 1912)425no relationship in the time interval (chronous) between Tx and Rx dataAnisochronous426sound with compressed data ratesDolby AC-3 surround sound427preamblefor synching Ethernet42815 to 60gain of rhombic antenna429 to 2/3effective height of antenna compared to actual antenna height430Poisson431Class III Catv channelauxiliary equipment required432REM= RBE x RAD4331 RBE = 10 for alpha particles and fast neutrons434rebroentgen effective bio435rep - roentgen effective physical436GPRS172.2 kbps437Auditorium reverberation time1.6 to 1.8 s438plastic fiber cablesred LED used439A and B weighting curveresponse of human ear440MPEG 7Multimedia content Description Interface441Beverage antennawave antenna; 2lambda44252 degrees Cdamage a crystal microphone443IMT 20001920 to 1980 MHz444Low Z microphonesdynamic, carbon, ribbon445High Z microphonescrystal, condenser, electret446TWTinteraction between e beam and RF field; linear path447klystron and magnetronshigh power oscillators448secondary payloadsmaller satellite449BNCconnector for oscillators and lab instruments450Bell Labsfirst cellular phone in 1924451Doghousetemperature controlled enclosure for equipment452Erbium-doped fiber1.53m to 1.63m light453Celotexhigh absorption of sound454Network admingives passwords to LAN455Foster-Seeley discriminatorrequires limiters456Ratio detectordoes not require limiter; improved Foster-Seeley45750 - typical impedance of waveguide458AWG 22 - Telephones120 /loop mile459pink noiseflicker noise460discordant intervalunpleasant intervals of sound46140% - microwave maximum obstructions462autodyneLO + mixer in one4631 mel = 1 Hz at 40dB464root note1st note in musical scale465Croot note of diatonic scale4661st octave of human hearing20 to 40 Hz470ATM1 byte = 1 octet471sound carrier cable41.25 MHz472video carrier cable45.75 MHz473MIN + ESN (electronic serial number)for billing tracking474phonenumber assignment mobile (NAM)475Local no. Portabilityreturning same features when switching carriers476Intensity Modulatoranalog mod used for fiber optics477FDDIfiber distribution data interface478LMDSlocal multipoint distribution service; 28 GHz; internet, for home479MMDSmultichannel multipoint distribution service; many people; wireless480Hotlineno need for dialtone481dial tone delayinterval between offhook and dial tone482comb filterseparates Y and chroma; CANCELS CHROMA COLOR48319.2 kbpsCellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD); packets over voice channel484AMPSsupervisory audio tone485D-AMPSCDVCC (Coded Digital Verification Color Code)486306021st commercial telephone service by NTT487TACAN960 M to 1215 M488Smith charttransmission line calculator; SMITH CHART IS CIRCULAR BECAUSE489VDSL52 Mbps downstream/ 2.3 Mbps upstream490H2132.768 Mbps491B channel of ISDNemail; 4.8 to 64 kbps492chirpSS technique; carrier frequency is linearly moved or shifted throug493WAP - for sharing via wireless access instead of wires494WEPwired equivalent privacy; 64/128/256 bit encryption495SEGfor special effects in TV (special effects group)496IVDSInteractive Video and Data Service; 218-218.5/218.5-219 MHz497radamount of exposure498rbebiological impact499Y videorequires 0.8s delay500Extended superframe576 channels501slope overload is common problemDelta Modulation502100 dB - RF and IF gain in receiver503velocity factor for open wire0.9504velocity factor for twin lead0.85058 MHzCritical frequency of F2506location of a celestial body in spaceEphemeris507350 MHz to 10 GHztroposcatter5084130 kmsingle hop night time range of F2509speed of sound in wood3300 m/s510cannot execute soft handoff because cellsites use different setsGSM/TDMA511typical loudness level of ticking watch20 phons51288 mH coil; every 9000 feetM885132 wire to 4 wire converterHybrid Transformer514square wave; rounding off somethingclick515Spatial Div. Multi Access; use same frequency in multiple focused beSDMA516became CDMA 2000IS 95517435 HzInternational pitch A518128 bits sequence in digital signatureHash519caused by freq. dependent attenuation chars ofEnvelope Delay Distortion520Why use geosynchronous satellites? To simplify tracking requirements521not a bit oriented protocolBISYNC522interrupt voice feed to send control signals (cellular teBlank and Burst523fiber optics are preferred to satellites for long distance telephone transm524found in circuit switchingreal time of info525mechanical splicing- THE ENDS ARE GLUED TOGETHER526the ends are melted togetherfusion splicing527TV video signal level2 mV528Continuous Tone Control Squelch; low frequencyCTCS529has a peak detectorDifferential Peak Detector530trapped gas pockets in fiber cablesBlooming531card with embedded ICsmart card532part of dc radio gen which is grounded toarmature533MPEG4 - current video compression standard534noticeable change in loudness level6 to 10 dB535noise figure: (with equalizer)536visual signal level for channels that have ot12 dB537visual signal level for channels that have 6MH3 dB538sound carrier lower than visual carrier13 to 17 dB539diagonal patternsCross Luminance5406 dBS unit541max voltage to apply (data)+- 25V54210 kbpsAMPS543insufficient grid mod at griPositive Carrier Shift544insufficient grid mod at higNegative Carrier Shift5450.5 milliroentgents per hour from 5 cm, 10 MILLIROENT546yellow green is most sensitivecamera pickup tube547