Sulfree™ Basic Molecule

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“ The interaction between sulfur and the π orbitals of the C=N links is far greater than anything which occurs with oxygen or nitrogen substituents. ” “ organic sulfur compounds ” ,page 54. Sulfree™ Basic Molecule. About Sul-Free™. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • The interaction between sulfur and the orbitals of the C=N links is far greater than anything which occurs with oxygen or nitrogen substituents. organic sulfur compounds ,page 54

    Sulfree Basic Molecule

  • About Sul-FreeSul-Free represents a new imine complex that offers significant advantages in treatment. It specifically targets acid gases including hydrogen sulfide, organo-sulfur compounds and mercaptans. The Sul-Free molecule has demonstrated much higher capacity than current science.

    In recent hydrogen sulfide gas scrubbing trials, Sul-Free captured 20 times more H2S than the standard triazine product on a w/w basis.Sul-Free has also shown capacity to scrub organic compounds such as benzene.

  • TOXICITYSulfree is synthesized from ingredients which are used in food and food adjutants. Found in 21 CFR 182.60, 176.200,178.3400Aquatic toxicity is very low, LC-50/96 for rainbow trout is 270 ppm. ( as WS-1500 concentrate ) At use levels, toxicity is extremely low. This chemistry at use concentrations does not harm bacteria in the system. Sul-Free is non-corrosive, easy to handle and apply, safe to use.

  • CorrosivitySul-Free solutions are isotonic with the pH of concrete. It is not corrosive to wastewater piping systems. As it removes the hydrogen sulfide the corrosive environment to the system infrastructure is abated. In well-bore and pipe applications corrosion is reduced due to acid gas capture. The Sul-Free molecule due to its structure may demonstrate anti-corrosive properties.In handling Sul-Free there is no need for special chemical resistant pumps, tanks or plumbing.

  • BiodegradationSulfree biodegrades under anaerobic conditions to methane, carbon dioxide and water. This leaves virtually no solids, no salts which produce EC ( electrical conductivity ), no nitrates.Sulfree does not generate Oxides of Nitrogen ( Nox) in its use or biodegradation.Carbon Monoxide ( CO ), Particulate Matter (PM2.5), Particulate Matter ( PM10) are not generated by this technology.

  • Mass balance of Sul-Free / Hydrogen Sulfide Biodegradation

    Sul-Free + Hydrogen Sulfide 7 CO2 + 2 CH4 + 1 NH3 + 6H20 + 1 S

    For wastewater treated with Sul-Free at 3 gallons of Sul-FreeWS 1500 per million gallons of wastewater, the mass balance of constituents prior to treatment would be 2.3 lbs Carbon Dioxide, 1.69 lbs of Methane, 0.9 lbs of Ammonia, 5.7 lbs of water and 1.69 lbs of Sulfur. Under aerobic conditions, the Sul-Free molecule can catalytically regenerate which allows it to be a net consumer of ammonia.

  • Electrophilic AdditionImine/Enamine TautomerismAnaerobic ElectrophilicAromatic SubstitutionAerobic OxidationHydrogen SulfideSulfree EnamineSulfree Basic MoleculeSulfur Water Sulfree Catalytic Electrophilic Substitution

  • Aldehyde OxidaseBenzoic AcidCarbon Dioxide MethaneAnaerobic DegradationSulfree Basic Molecule

  • Anaerobic Scrubbing of Hydrogen Sulfide

    Treatment Chemical Removal rate as Lbs/Lb H2SRemoval Rate for Ethyl MercaptanEstimated cost per lb of Hydrogen Sulfide

    Sodium Hypochlorite6.56 lbs/lb Hydrogen Sulfide9.3 lbs/lb ethyl mercaptanBleach solution 12%54.65 lbs/lb Hydrogen Sulfide77.5 lbs/lb ethyl mercaptan5.46 / lb Hydrogen SulfideChlorine (gas)6.26 lbs/lb Hydrogen Sulfide8.88 lbs/lb ethyl mercaptan2.37 / lb Hydrogen SulfidePotassium Permanganate9.28 lbs/lb Hydrogen Sulfide13.1 lbs/lb ethyl mercaptan27.00 / lb Hydrogen SulfideOzone 4.23 lbs/lb Hydrogen Sulfide6 lbs/lb ethyl mercaptanSodium Hydroxide1.35 lbs/lb Hydrogen SulfideunknownSodium Hydroxide 50% 2.70 lbs/lb Hydrogen Sulfideunknown2.36 / lb Hydrogen Sulfide(60% loading)Ferrous Chloride/H20210 lbs/lb Hydrogen Sulfide1.87 / lb Hydrogen Sulfidesolution ( Liquid #/#)2.4 lbs H202/lb H2SFerric Chloride/H2O229 lbs/lb Hydrogen Sulfide5.80 / lb Hydrogen Sulfidesolution (Liquid #/#)12.4 lbs/lb2.33 / lb Hysrogen SulfideSulfree WS-15002.0 lbs/lb Hydrogen Sulfide4.0 lbs/lb ethyl mercaptan2.10 / lb Hydrogen SulfideSulfree WS-15600.5 lbs/lb Hydrogen Sulfide1.0 lbs/lb ethyl mercaptan2.00 / lb Hydrogen Sulfide

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