Stone Soup Acronyms And Abbreviations Used In The

Stone Soup Acronyms and Abbreviations Used in the Ocean Drilling Program Ocean Drilling Program Texas A&M University Technical Note No. 13 Compiled by Elizabeth A. Heise Ocean Drilling Program Texas A&M University College Station, Texas 77845 9547 U.S.A. Philip D. Rabinowitz Director J J (\ Jack Baldauf Manager ^s\ Λ Manager \ I Ir <Tsrzi ' Science Operations Timothy J.G. Francis Deputy Director 1093

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Stone Soup

Acronyms and AbbreviationsUsed in the Ocean Drilling Program

Ocean Drilling ProgramTexas A&M UniversityTechnical Note No. 13

Compiled by Elizabeth A. HeiseOcean Drilling ProgramTexas A&M UniversityCollege Station, Texas 77845-9547U.S.A.

Philip D. RabinowitzDirector J J (\

Jack BaldaufManager^s\ Λ Manager

\ I Ir <Tsrzi ' Science Operations

Timothy J.G. FrancisDeputy Director


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Material in this publication may be copied without restraint for library, abstract service,educational or personal research purposes; however, republication of any portion requiresthe written consent of the Director, Ocean Drilling Program, Texas A&M UniversityResearch Park, 1000 Discovery Drive, College Station, Texas 77845-9547, U.S.A., aswell as appropriate acknowledgment of this source.

Technical Note No. 13First Printing 1993


Copies of this publication may be obtained from the Director, Ocean Drilling Program,Texas A&M University Research Park, 1000 Discovery Drive, College Station, Texas77845-9547, U.S.A. In some cases, orders for copies may require a payment for postageand handling.


This publication was prepared by the Ocean Drilling Program, Texas A&M University, asan account of work performed under the international Ocean Drilling Program, which ismanaged by Joint Oceanographic Institutions, Inc., under contract with the NationalScience Foundation of the United States. Funding for the program is provided by thefollowing agencies:

Canada/Australia Consortium for the Ocean Drilling ProgramDeutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (Federal Republic of Germany)Institut Français de Recherche pour TExploitation de la Mer (France)Ocean Research Institute of the University of Tokyo (Japan)National Science Foundation (United States)Natural Environment Research Council (United Kingdom)European Science Foundation Consortium for the Ocean Drilling Program

(Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Italy, Greece, The Netherlands,Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey)

Academy of Sciences (Russia) - (Inactive)

Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this publicationare those of the authors) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National ScienceFoundation, the participating agencies, Joint Oceanographic Institutions, Inc., Texas A&MUniversity, or Texas A&M Research Foundation.

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Technical Note No. 13Page 3


This Technical Note has been developed to facilitate communication between representatives from

various disciplines. The list presented in the following pages represents a compilation of acronyms

and abbreviations commonly used by the Ocean Drilling Program/Joint Oceanographic Institutions

for Deep Earth Sampling (ODP/IOIDES) personnel and incorporates terminology relevant to

science and engineering, operations, computers services, publishing, and curation of the Ocean

Drilling Program.


A&G-DPG [JOIDES] Atolls and Guyots ASCII [computers] American Standard CodeDetailed Planning Group for Information Interchange

AABW [science] Antarctic Bottom Water ASK [ship] automatic station keeping (seeA APG American Association of Petroleum DPS)

Geologists atm [science] atmospheresAAS [science] atomic-absorption spectroscopy AWB [logistics] airway bill for air-freightAASP American Association of Stratigraphic shipments

Palynologists AWG Association for Women GeoscientistsABM [publications] assigned board member AZ [science] acme zone (biostratigraphy)

(oftheERB) B.A.S. British Antarctic SurveyABS [logistics] American Bureau of Shipping bbl [drilling] barrel (unit of measure)ACAD computer-aided drafting (a.k.a. BBS [computers] bulletin-board system

AUTOCAD, CAD, CADD) bcc blind courtesy copyACT [logging] neutron porosity (Cf source) BCOM [JOK>ES] Budget Committee

logging tool (aluminum clay tool) BGDS [drilling] bit-guide deployment systemAD [drilling] assistant driller BGR Bundesanstalt fur Geowissenschaften undA/D [science] Analog to Digital Converter Rohstoffe (Federal Republic of Germany)AEG Association of Engineering Geologists BGS British Geological SurveyAF [science] alternating field (demagnetization); BHA [drilling] bottom-hole assembly

[logistics] air freight BHC [logging] borehole compensated sonicAGI American Geological Institute logging toolAGU American Geophysical Union BHP [logging] bottom hole pressureAMS [logging] auxiliary measuring sonde (a BHT [logging] bottom hole temperature

Schlumberger tool that can be added to any BHTV [logging] borehole televiewer downholedigital string to give temperature and tension toolmeasurements); [science] anisotropy of BHV [logging] Baker Hughes Videomagnetic susceptibility BIOS [computers]basic input/output system

APC [drilling] advanced hydraulic piston corer B/L [logistics] bill of lading for surface (ocean)API American Petroleum institute; [computers] freight

application programming interface BLAST [computer/communications] BLockedARM [science] anhysteretic remanent Asynchronous Transmission; protocol used

magnetization for PMAIL or telexes over MarisatARP [JOIDES] Atlantic Regional Panel BMR Bureau of Mineral Resources (Australia)

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Technical Note No. 13Page 4

bomb [science/drilling] pressure-measuringdevice or sample container

BOMB [curation] carbonate analysis (sampledesignation - mostly defunct)

BOP [drilling] blowout preventerBOS [drilling] back-off subBP British PetroleumBPH [drilling] breakaway piston head

(forAPC)brf [drilling] below rig floor (as in mbrf: meters

below rig floor, by drill-pipe measurement)BRG Borehole Research Group, Lamont-

Doherty Earth ObservatoryBRGM Bureau de Recherches Géologiques

et Minières (France)BSE [science] back-scattered electronbsf [science] below seafloor (as in mbsf: meters

below seafloor)bsl [science] below sea level (as in mbsl: meters

below sea level; corrected—using ship'sdraft-from drill-pipe measurements

BSR [science] bottom-simulating reflectorBT [science] bathythermograph (as in XBT:

expendable bathythermograph)btu [science] British thermal unitBVA [drilling] ball-valve assemblyBW [drilling] borehole waterCore [science] organic carbonC1/C2 [science] methane/ethane ratioCβ+ [science] hexane and higher hydrocarbonsCAD computer-aided design and drafting

(a.k.a. AUTOCAD, ACAD, CADD)CAD A [drilling] cam-actuated drill-ahead;

feature of DQ running tool systemC ALI [logging] caliper logging toolCAP-DPG [JOIDES] Cascadia Accretionary

Prism Detailed Planning GroupCASSI Chemical Abstracts Service Source

IndexCB [drilling] center bitcc carbon copy (anachronistic term!)CCD [science] carbonate compensation depthCD-ROM [computers] compact disc—read-only

memoryCDS [drilling] colleted delivery systemCEPAC [JOIDES] Central and Eastern Pacific

PanelCEPDPG [JOIDES] Central and Eastern

Pacific Detailed Planning GroupCFP- Compagnie Française du Pétrole (France)

cgs [science] centimeter-gram-second system ofunits

CHEMDB [ODP] database program forcarbonate, interstitial water, gaschromatography, and Rock-Eval analysisresults

CHL [drilling] core height logger (electronicsunit of SCM system)

CHN [science] carbon-hydrogen-nitrogenanalyzer

CMD [drilling] cable measuring deviceCNRS Centre Nationale de Recherche

Scientifique (France)CNS [science] carbon-nitrogen-sulfur analyzerCNT-G [logging] thermal and epithermal

neutron porosity (Am/Be source) loggingtool (Schlumberger version G)

CORELOG [ODP] database program for core-inventory information

CORK [drilling] reentry cone seal andinstrument feed thru

COSOD Conference on Scientific OceanDrilling

COST [science] Continental OffshoreStratigraphic Test

CPA [ship] closest point of approach, in nmicps [science] counts per second or cycles per

secondCPI [science] carbon preference indexCPU [computers] central processing unitCRC [science] concurrent range zone

(biostratigraphy)CRM [science] chemical remanent

magnetizationCSDP [JOIDES] Continental Shelf Drilling

ProgramCSES [drilling] conical side-entry subCSG [ODP] Computer Services Group

(obsolete)CSU [logging] cyber service unitCT [drilling] coring technicianCY calendar yearD5BC [ship] radio call sign of SEDCOIBP 471DAC [computers] digital-to-analog converterDARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects

Agency (U.S. Navy)DBMI [drilling] drill-bit motion indicatorDC [drilling] drill collar, [electronics] direct

currentDCB [drilling] diamond core barrel

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Technical Note No. 13Page 5

DCE [computers] distributed computingenvironment

DCS [drilling] diamond coring systemDDE [computers] dynamic data exchangeDEC [computers] Digital Equipment

CorporationDES [drilling] dual-elevator stool on the rig

floor (the top of the DES is the point fromwhich drill-pipe measurements are made)

DFD [science] data-file documentsDI-BHA [drilling] drill-in bottom-hole

assemblyDIC [drilling] drill-in casingDIL [logging] dual induction log (resistivity)DITE [logging] digital dual induction tool

(resistivity), a.k.a. phasor induction toolDLL [logging] dual laterolog (resistivity)DMI [computers] desktop-management

interfaceDML [logging] downhole measurements

laboratory aboard JOIDES Resolution(a.k.a. DHML and DHL)

DMP [JOIDES] Downhole Measurements PanelDOS [computers] Disk Operating SystemDOSECC Deep Observation and Sampling of

the EaruYs Continental CrustDP [ship] dynamic positioning; [drilling] drill

pipe; [computer] data processingDPG [JOIDES] Detailed Planning GroupDPM [drilling] drill-pipe measurementDPO [ship] dynamic positioning operatorDPS [ship] dynamic positioning systemDQ [drilling] Dril-Quip, manufacturer of casing

running toolsDR [ship] dead reckoningDRB [drilling] DCS retractable bit systemDRM [science] depositional remanent

magnetizationDS [drilling] drilling superintendentDSDP Deep Sea Drilling ProjectDSRV [science] deep submersible research

vesselDSS [drilling] deep sound (sonic) source, 3.5-

kHz bottom profiler deployed on drill stringDST [drilling] drill-stem testDTD [computers] document-type definitionDW [drilling] draw worksECOD European Science Foundation (ESF)

Consortium for the Ocean Drilling Program

ECR [ODP] East Coast Repository at LDEO;[ship] ship's engine-control room

EDI [computers] electronic data interchangeEDO EDO-Western, manufacturer of reentry

sonar system and seismic recordersEDS [science] energy dispersive spectrometryEEZ Exclusive Economic ZoneEl [computers] electronic imagingEIA [computers] enterprise information

architecturee-mail [computers] electronic mailEMCO ESF Management Committee for the

ODPEMD [ship] electromotive diesel (engines and

electric motors)EMR Department of Energy, Mines and

Resources (Canada)EOM [science] extractable organic matterEMS [drilling] electronic multishot instrumentEPR [science] East Pacific RiseEPR-DPG [JOIDES] East Pacific Rise Detailed

Planning GroupEPS [computers] encapsulated PostScriptERB [publications] Editorial Review BoardESCO ESF Scientific Committee for ODPESF European Science Foundation (in terms of

ODP, "the European Science FoundationConsortium for the Ocean DrillingProgram*': Belgium, Denmark, Finland,Greece, Iceland, Italy, The Netherlands,Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, andTurkey)

ET [ODP] electronics technicianETA estimated time of arrivalETD estimated time of departureETH Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule

(Switzerland)EX [science] extinctionEXCOM [JOIDES] Executive CommitteeFA or FAD [science] first-appearance datum

(biostratigraphy)FAMOUS [science] Franco-American Mid-

Ocean Undersea StudyFCO [science] first common occurrence

(biostratigraphy)FCSP [curation] final cruise sampling program

(end-of-cruise summary of each samplerequest for a leg; included in HoleSummary)

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Technical Note No. 13Page 6

FEA finite-element (stress) analysisFFF [drilling] free-fall funnel (a.k.a. minicone)FH [drilling] full holeFID [science] flame ionization detector (gas

chromatography)FMS Dogging] Formation Microscanner

logging toolFO [science] first occurrence (biostratigraphy)FPAPWG [JOIDES] Fluid Processes in

Accretionary Prisms Working GroupFRG Federal Republic of GermanyFTP [computers] file-transfer protocolFUBAR fouled up beyond all recognitionFY fiscal yearFYF for your filesFYI for your informationFZ [science] fracture zoneGC [science] gas chromatograph; [DSDP]

GLOMAR ChallengerGCR [ODP] Gulf Coast Repository at TAMUGEBCO General Bathymetric Chart of the

OceansGEOMAR F.R.G. Research Center for Marine

GeosciencesGEOPROPS geophysical properties toolGEOREF geological reference database of the

American Geological InstituteGER [curation] Geriatric Core StudyGIS Geoscience Information Society;

geographic information system(s)GMT Greenwich Mean Time (replaced by

UTC)go-devil [logging] a tool that free-falls down

the drill pipeGPIT [logging] three-axis magnetometer-

inclinometer logging tool (also G-PIT)gpm [drilling] gallons per minute (pump rate)GPS [ship] Global Positioning System (satellite

navigation system)GQL [computers] graphical query languageGR [logging] natural gamma-ray logging toolGRAPE [science] gamma-ray attenuation

porosity evaluator (bulk-density analyzer)GS [drilling] overshot for wireline coringGSA Geological Society of AmericaGSC Geological Survey of CanadaGSGP [JOIDES] Global Sedimentary Geology

ProgramGST Dogging] induced gamma-ray

spectroscopy logging tool

HARVI [ODP] database program for visualdescriptions of hard-rock cores

HBR [drilling] hydraulic bit release (obsolete)HC [drilling] heave compensator, [science]

hydrocarbonsHEE [drilling] high-energy engineering (pipe-

severing system)HF [science] heat flow; high frequency;

hydrofluoric acidHFSE [science] high-field-strength elementsHFU heat-flow unitsHI [science] hydrogen indexHIG Hawaii Institute of Geophysics

(University of Hawaii)HLDT Dogging] slim-hole lithodensity logging

toolHP Hewlett-PackardHPC [drilling] hydraulic piston corer (replaced

by the advanced hydraulic piston corer,APC)

HRB [drilling] hard-rock guide baseHREE [science] heavy rare-earth elements)HRGB [drilling] hard-rock guide baseHRO [drilling] hard-rock orientationHRTHIN [ODP] database program for hard-

rock thin-section descriptionsHS [drilling] head subHVDYN [drilling] heave dynamics drill-string

programHWDJ [drilling] heavy-wall drilling jointIADC International Association of Drilling

ContractorsIAPSO International Association for the

Physical Sciences of the Oceans (providesbottled standard seawater for analyticalcalibrations)

IBM International Business Machines (usedgenetically as a term to describe personalcomputers)

ICP [science] inductively coupled plasmaspectroscopy

ID inside diameterIDAS isothermal decompression analysis

systemIDSS [drilling] instrumented drill-string subIDW [drilling] integrated depth wheel; [science]

Indian Deep WaterIFP Institut Franc ais du Pétrole (France)IFREMER Institut Français de Recherche pour

rExploitation de la Mer (France)

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Technical Note No. 13Page 7

IGC International Geological CongressIHP [JOIDES] Information Handling PanelILD [logging] deep induction resistivityILM Dogging] medium induction resistivityILP [JOIDES] International Lithosphere

ProgramILW [science] International Low WaterIN A A [science] instrumental neutron activation

analysisIOC Intergovernmental Oceanographic

CommissionIOP [JOIDES] Indian Ocean PanelBPG Institut de Physique du Globe (France)IPOD International Phase of Ocean DrillingIR [drilling] iron roughneck; [science] infrared;

insoluble residue; [publications] InitialReports of the Proceedings of ODP

IRM [science] isothermal remanentmagnetization

IS [computers] information system(s)ISD [ODP] Information Services DepartmentISS [science] ion-scattering spectrometryIT [computers] information technologyIW [curation] interstitial water (sample

designation)JOI Joint Oceanographic Institutions, Inc.JOI-BOG [JOI] JOI Board of GovernorsJOIDES Joint Oceanographic Institutions for

Deep Earth SamplingJPL Jet Propulsion LaboratoryJD Julian DayKB [drilling] kelly bushingKFZ [science] Kane Fracture ZoneKAT [science] Cretaceous/Tertiary boundaryKTB German continental deep-drilling projectKWG [JOIDES] Kerguelen Working GroupLA or LAD [science] last-appearance datum

(biostratigraphy)LAN [computers] local-area networkLANL Los Alamos National LaboratoryLAS [science] laboratory automation systemLAST [logging] lateral-stress toolLBL Lawrence Berkeley LaboratoryLCD [computers] liquid crystal displayLD [drilling] lay downLDEO Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

(formerly LDGO)LDGO Lamont-Doherty Geological

Observatory (now LDEO)LDT [logging] lithodensity logging tool

LEGS [ODP] database program to write reportswith leg, site, hole, and core-recoveryinformation

LEL [safety] lower expansive limitLFV [drilling] lockable float valveLH [drilling] left handLILE [science] large ion lithophile elementLITHP [JOIDES] Lithosphere PanelLLD Dogging] deep laterologLLS Dogging] shallow laterologLO [ODP] laboratory officer, [science] last

occurrence (biostratigraphy)LOI loss on ignitionLREE [science] light rare-earth element(s)LRP [JOIDES] long range planLSB [drilling] lower support bearingLSS [logging] long-spaced sonic logging toolMa [science] million years (ago)Mac [computers] Apple Macintosh computerMAR [science] Mid-Atlantic RidgeMARK [science] Mid-Atlantic Ridge Kane

Fracture ZoneMATMAN Dogistics] ODP (materials

management) inventory database systemMAXIS [logging] multi-tasking acquisition and

imaging systemMBR [drilling] mechanical bit releasembrf [drilling] meters below rig floormbsf [science] meters below seafloormbsl [science] meters below sea levelMCD [logging] caliper tool, measures hole

diameterMCS [science] multichannel seismic; [logging]

multichannel sonic (12-channel) logging toolMCT [drilling] motor control transformerM-D [drilling] Martin-Decker rig- weight

indicatorMDCB [drilling] motor-driven core barrel

(replaces NCB)MHS [computers] message-handling systemMIB [computers] management information baseMIS [computers] management information

system(s)ML [logging] micrologMODU Mobile Offshore Drilling UnitMoho [science] Mohorovicic discontinuityMOM [ship] SEDCOfs Marine Operations

ManualMORB [science] mid-ocean-ridge basaltMOU Memorandum of Understanding

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Technical Note No. 13Page 8

MRT [science] maximum-reading thermometerMSA Mineralogical Society of AmericaMSDS [logistics] Marine Science and

Development Shop (SIO); [OSHA] MaterialSafety Data Sheet

MSL mean sea levelMSP [curation] master sampling plan (defunct

term, replaced by FCSP)MST [science] multisensor trackMT [ODP] marine technician; eMpTyMU [drilling] make upMWC [drilling] measurement while coringMWD [drilling] measurement while drillingm.y. [science] million yearsNAAG-DPG [JOIDES] North Atlantic-Arctic

Gateways Detailed Planning GroupNADW [science] North Atlantic Deep WaterNAMOC [science] Northwest Atlantic Mid-

Ocean CanyonNARM-DPG [JOIDES] North Atlantic Rifted

Margins Detailed Planning GroupNCB [drilling] Navidrill core barrel (replaced

by MDCB)NERC Natural Environment Research Council

(U.K.)NFG not functioning good: uselessNFS [computers] network file systemNGA [science] natural gas analyzerNGDC National Geophysical Data Center

(U.S.)NGT [logging] natural-gamma spectrometry

logging toolNMDL [drilling] non-magnetic (stainless steel)

drill collarnmi [science and boating] nautical mileNRC [U.S. Govt.] Nuclear Regulatory

CommissionNRM [science] natural remanent magnetizationNSB National Science Board (U.S.)NSF National Science Foundation (U.S.)NSO [science] nitrogen, sulfur, oxygenNSOW [science] Norwegian Sea Overflow

WaterOBS [science] ocean-bottom seismometerOCB [drilling] outer core barrelOCR [computers] optical character recognitionOCS [science] Outer Continental ShelfOD outside diameterODL Overseas Drilling LimitedODP Ocean Drilling Program

ODPC ODP CouncilODWG [JOIDES] Offset Drilling Working

GroupOG [curation] organic geochemistry (sample

designation)OHP [JOIDES] Ocean History Panel0 1 [science] oxygen indexOLE [computers] object linking and embeddingOLTP [computers] on-line transaction

processingOM [science] organic matterOMDP [JOIDES] Ocean Margin Drilling

ProgramONDO [ODP] ODP Nankai Downhole

ObservatoryONR [U.S. Govt.] Office of Naval ResearchOOP [computers] object-oriented programmingORI Ocean Research Institute, University of

Tokyo (Japan)OS [drilling] operations superintendent;

[computers] operating systemOSE [logging] oblique seismic experimentOSHA U.S. Occupational Safety and Health

Administration (not just a small town inupstate Wisconsin)

OSN Ocean Seismic NetworkOSU Oregon State University (rarely, Ohio

State University; hardly ever, OklahomaState University)

OT [computers] object technologyOTC Offshore Technology ConferencePC photocopy; [computers] personal computer

(as in IBM PC), program counter;[electronics] printed circuit

PCB [drilling] pressure core barrel (obsoleteDSDPtool)

PCD [drilling] polycrystalline diamondPCOM [JOIDES] Planning CommitteePCS [drilling] pressure core samplerPCSP [curation] preliminary cruise sampling

plan (brief outline of each sample requestaccepted, rejected, or deferred at thebeginning of each leg)

PDB [science] Peedee belemnite, a standard foroxygen- and carbon-isotope analyses

PDC [drilling] polycrystalline diamond compactdrill bit

PDCM [drilling] positive displacement coringmotor

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Technical Note No. 13Page 9

PDM [drilling] positive displacement (drilling)motor

PDR [science] precision depth recorder,[ODP] Philip D. Rabinowitz

PDRM [science] post-depositional remanentmagnetization

PEC [JOIDES] Performance EvaluationCommittee

PERC (publications] Preliminary EditorialReview Check

PI [ODP] principal investigatorPIE [computers] personal interactive electronicsPIG [drilling] drill-pipe internal rust scraperPMS [ship] power-management system;

preventive-maintenance systemPOOH [drilling] pull out of hole (in reality, lift

the bit up off the bottom of the hole, notnecessarily clear the mud line)

PP [science] physical properties (a.k.a. fizzprops)

ppb [science] parts per billionppm [science] parts per millionPPSP [JOIDES] Pollution Prevention and

Safety Panel (a.k.a. Safety Panel)PRISM [computers] projection and integrated

stand-alone monitorPRO [computers] Digital Equipment

Corporation PRO-350 or PRO-380computer (obsolete)

psi [science] pounds per square inchP/U [drilling] pick upPVC [logistics] polyyinyl chlorideP-wave [science] primary seismic or

compressional wavePWS [science] pore-water samplerQC quality controlQuad combo [logging] string of logging tools

including dual induction, ütho-density,neutron, natural gamma ray, sonic

RAM [computers] random-access memoryRBI [drilling] Rock Bit International (drill bit

manufacturer)RCB [drilling] rotary core barrelR/D [drilling] rig downRDX [drilling] explosive used in pipe-severing

systemR/E [drilling] reentryREE [science] rare-earth element(s)reefer [curation] refrigerated core/sample

storage area

REPSAM [curation] repository samplingcomputer program

RFP [ODP] request for proposalsRFQ [ODP] request for quotesRFT [drilling] retrievable formation tester

(water sampler)RIH [drilling] run in hole (actually, lower drill

string below the rig floor, not necessarilybelow the mud line)

RISC [computers] reduced instruction setcomputing

RKB [drilling] rotary kelly bushingRMS [science] root mean square (e.g., in

seismic velocities)Rocky [ODP] Data entry program for hand

specimen and thin section description ofhard rocks

ROM [computers] read-only memoryROP [drilling] rate of penetration in drilling or

coringROV [science] remotely-operated vehiclerpm [drilling] revolutions per minuteRSMAS Rosenstiel School of Marine and

Atmospheric Science (University of Miami)RST [drilling] rotary shifting toolRSWG [JOIDES] Red Sea Working GroupRT [drilling] round trip of the drill string

(= POOH + bit change + RIH)RU [drilling] rig upRZ [science] range zone (biostratigraphy)SAM [curation] shipboard sampling computer

programSAMUTL [ODP] curation program to edit

sample databases and write sample reportsS/B [drilling] set backSBA [curation] shipboard analysis (sample

designation)SBDC [drilling] seal bore drill collarSCM [drilling] sonic core monitorSCR [electronics] silicon control rectifierSCS [science] single-channel seismicSCSI [computers] small computer system

interfaceSCBA [safety] Self-contained Breathing

ApparatusSCUBA [safety] Self-contained Underwater

Breathing ApparatusSDP [curation] Sample Distribution PolicySDT [logging] sonic digital logging tool

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Technical Note No. 13Page 10

SECTIONLOG [ODP] curatorial database forindividual core-section histories

SEDCOIBP 471 [ship] registered name ofdrilling vessel used by ODP; a.k.a. JOIDESResolution

SEG Society of Exploration GeophysicistsSEM [science] scanning electron microscopeSEM/EDA [science] scanning electron

microscope energy dispersive analysisSEPM Society of Economic Paleontologists

and Mineralogists (now called Society forSedimentary Geology)

SES [drilling] sidewall-entry sub (inserted inthe drill string when logging)

SF [logistics] surface freight; [ship] satellite fixSFL [logging] spherically focused resistivity

measurementSGML [computers] Standard Generalized

Markup LanguageSGPP [JOIDES] Sedimentary and Geochemical

Processes PanelSI [science] Système International (international

system of units)SID [curation] sample investigations computer

databaseSIO Scripps Institution of Oceanography

(University of California, San Diego)SLIDES [ODP] database program for smear-

slide descriptionsSLM [drilling] Steel Line Measurement

(measurement of drill string and BHA withsteel measuring tape)

SLWG [JOIDES] Sea Level Working GroupSMDC [drilling] short monel drill collar (non-

magnetic)SMF [computers] standard message formatSMOOTH [ODP] shipboard navigation-

plotting programSMOW [science] standard mean ocean waterSMP [JOIDES] Shipboard Measurements PanelSMS [computers] storage-management systemSN [ship] satellite navigationS/N signal-to-noise ratioSOE [JOIDES] Special Operating ExpenseSOEST School of Ocean and Earth Science

and Technology (University of Hawaii)SOHP [JOIDES] Sediments and Ocean History

PanelSOP [JOIDES] Southern Oceans Panel;

[general] standard operating procedure

SOW [JOIDES] Statement of WorkSP [science] shot point (on seismic survey

lines); Dogging] spontaneous potentialSPE Society of Petroleum Engineersspm [drilling] strokes per minuteSPR [computers] Software Problem ReportSR [publications] Scientific Results of the

Proceedings of ODPSR-DPG [JOIDES] Sedimented Ridges

Detailed Planning GroupSSA Seismological Society of AmericaSSDB [JOIDES] Site Survey Data Bank (at

LDEO)SSP [JOIDES] Site Survey PanelSSR [drilling] subsea release cementing systemSST [science] sea-surface temperatureSW [drilling] sea (salt) waterS-wave [science] secondary waveTAG [science] Trans-Atlantic GeotraverseTAI [science] thermal-alteration indexTAMRF Texas A&M Research FoundationTAMU Texas A&M Universitytbg [drilling] tubingTCCB [logging] digital telemetry toolTCD [science] thermal-conductivity detectorTCI [drilling] tungston carbide insertsTCP A [ship] time of closest point of approachTCP/IP [computers] networking protocol

available on the shipTD [drilling] total depth of a holeT/D [drilling] top driveTDK [drilling] tension device (Schlumberger)TDP [logging] TAM drilling packer (obsolete)TECP [JOIDES] Tectonics PanelTEDCOM [JOIDES] Technology and

Engineering Development CommitteeTGB [drilling] temporary guide baseTIFF [computers] tagged image file formatTIH [drilling] trip into hole (lower drill string

below the rig floor, not necessarily belowthe mud line, by adding drill pipe)

TLT [logging] temperature-logging toolTm a x [science] maximum temperature of

hydrocarbon generation during pyrolysisTOB [ship] thrown overboard (float test failure)TOC [science] total organic carbonTOH [drilling] trip out of hole (a.k.a. POOH)TOTCO drilling rig instrumentation companyTR [ship] transit satelliteTRM [science] thermoremanent magnetization

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Technical Note No. 13Page 11

TS [drilling] top subTSB [curation] thin-section billet (sample

designation)TSINFO [curation] ODP program to track

condition and location of ODP thin sectionsTSP [logging] Tam straddle packerTS V [ship] total support vesselt.u. University of Texas at AustinTWT [science] two-way traveltimeUBG used but goodUCSD University of California, San DiegoUDI Underseas Drilling, Inc. (now ODL)UHF ultra-high frequencyUGH [drilling] upper guide hornUMBRELLA [science] ODP database

containing descriptions of all ODP databasesURI University of Rhode IslandUSCG United States Coast GuardUSGS United States Geological SurveyUSSAC United States Science Advisory

CommitteeUSSSP United States Science Support

ProgramU.T. University of Texas at AustinUTC Universal Time Coordinated (used in

place of GMT or Z)UTIG University of Texas Institute for

Geophysicsuv ultravioletUW University of Washington; U/W, UW

[ship] under way (adverb); underway(adjective)

UWG [ship] underway-geophysics laboratoryVAX [computers] Virtual Addressing Extended;

the name of the computer used to store ODPdata

VCD [ODP] visual core-description form;database program for visual coredescriptions of sedimentary cores

VE [science] vertical exaggerationVHF very high frequency

VTT [drilling] vibration-isolated television (as in"VTT frame")

VLHPC [drilling] variable-length hydraulicpiston corer (obsolete)

VMS [computers] Virtual Memory System(operating system of the VAX computer)

VPC [drilling] vibra-percussive corerVRM [science] viscous remanent magnetizationVSP [logging] vertical seismic profile

downhole measurementWAN [computers] wide-area networkWCR [ODP] West Coast Repository at SIOWD [ship] water depthWG [JOIDES] Working GroupWHC [logging] wireline heave compensatorWHOI Woods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionW/L, WL [drilling] wirelineWLR [drilling] wireline reentryW/L R/E [drilling] wireline reentry into a

reentry cone without a drill shipWOB [drilling] weight on bit; waiting on berg

(suspended operations in high latitudes)WOC [drilling] waiting on cement (suspended

operations)WOCE World Ocean Circulation ExperimentWORM [computers] "write once, read many"

laser disk driveWOW [drilling] waiting on weather (suspended

operations)WPAC [JOIDES] Western Pacific PanelWP-DPG [JOIDES] Western Pacific Detailed

Planning GroupWST [logging] well seismic tool (used in VSP

experiments)WSTP [science] downhole water sampler and

temperature probeWLP [drilling] wireline packerWLS [logging] Wireline Logging ServicesXBT [science] expendable bathythermographXCB [drilling] extended core barrelXCB/FC [drilling] extended core barrel flow

control systemXO [drilling] crossover (connecting pipe)XRD [science] X-ray diffraction; [curation]

sample designation (or XD)XRF [science] X-ray fluorescence; [curation]

sample designation (or XF)Z "Zulu" or GMT, replaced by UTC