Stereotypes, Urbana project

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Main topic: Stereotypes Subtopic: Νative Americans’ portrayal in commercials, movies, pictures Group 3 Elpida Adalopoulou Bahram Taqawi Gansile Maomou Helene Nekarmbaye Loreta Cizinauskiene

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A project created in july 2013, in Urbana - Champaign by Elpida and her international group.

Transcript of Stereotypes, Urbana project

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Main topic: StereotypesSubtopic: Νative Americans’ portrayal in commercials, movies, pictures

Group 3Elpida Adalopoulou

Bahram TaqawiGansile Maomou

Helene NekarmbayeLoreta Cizinauskiene

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Native Americans’ portrayal in commercials, movies, pictures

Level :Intermediate, Upper Intermediate.

Time :45-60 minutes

Objectives :Sensitize students on stereotypesA chance to show their artistic talent

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Video clip from a movie

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The teacher relates the topic to the students’ background experience

Minorities and the way they are portrayed on TV.

Appearance versus Reality

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Definition of the term “stereotype” by brainstorming

Questionnaire for warm-up

Five adjectives to describe Native American stereotype

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Pictures portraying Native Americans. Discussion.

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Comics, cartoons portraying Native Americans. Discussion.

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Presentation of a short commercial “The Crying Indian” “Keep America Beautiful”

Students discuss relevant questions

Students watch part of the movie “Dances with the wolves”

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Students make a comic, with or without caption. Example on the board.

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Assignments/Assessment Exit slip : Three full sentences about stereotypes and national unity. Connections : Comparison of Native American stereotypes with others in American or National History. Lingering questions posed by students Interdisciplinary approach: on-line visit of exhibits of Washington National Museum of the American Indian. Recapitulating: the gist of the class through pictures with a caption.

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We are black, yet if we cut ourselves, the blood will be red and so with the whites it is the same, though their skin be white. I am of another nation, when I speak, you do not understand me. When you speak, I do not understand you. Spokan Garry (1811-1892).

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