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SportsBiz Weekly is the only exclusive edition for sports business in Greece. It is distributed in more than 5,500 executives in: Sports Industry, Governing Bodies, F.C. Teams, Media, Advertising, Broadcasting and Brands of Greece. Moreover SportsBiz is an integrated marketing agency that designs and develops content marketing and B2B sports marketing projects. If you want to find more about Sportsbiz Weekly send us an email

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  • 1. YOUR SP O R T S B U S I N E S S PA R T N E R I N G R E E C E
  • 2. SPORTSBIZ WEEKLY issue #05 / 28 2009 SportsBiz Weekly is the first digital edition for the sports marketing and sports industry in Greece. It is issued every Thursday, with all the latest news, trends, projects, presentations, interviews and case studies, from the Greek and international Sports Business scene. All subscribers receive a fully interactive edition that communicates all the cooperative brands/organizations through various features (video player, navigation links, and content promotional features). SPORTS MANAGEMENT & P STORY SPORTS MEDIA SPORTS MARKETING SPORTS VALUE SPONSORSHIP Sports Management MP & SILVA a M. United - Barcelona Sport PUMA a & Management 2016 Superleague & .
  • 3. IDENTITY issue #03 / 14 2009 SportsBiz weekly covers the industry of sponsoring, sports marketing, sports finance, sports media, advertising, sports competitions, events and conferences. The premium infomercial B2B content is generated through a special journalist network of associate partners from Greece and the international markets. TOP STORY SPONSORSHIP MEDIA MARKETING SPORTS BUSINESS Sports Formula 1 1 Euro KAE social media Gol tv
  • 4. POSITIONING The unique ultimate source of information of Sports Business in Greece. SportsBiz is positioning in the dynamic sports business industry covering the gap of the B2B information and the presentation of the industry in Greece. Through our content, we communicate all the latest developments / projects / activities in the market executives and vice versa we promote the best sports business projects to our audiences in order to empower the dynamic role and the growth of the Greek Sports Industry. Moreover, SportsBiz is open to different non business audiences, younger groups, sports lovers, infotainment groups, entrepreneurs and executives form other industries that are interesting for all the trends in our market.
  • 5. CONTENT Top Story Sports Marketing Sponsoring Sports Media Advertising Company Presentations Events & Conferences Sports Business Sports nnovations Corporate Responsibility Interviews Man to man Sports Market Place
  • 6. TARGET GROUP - AUDIENCE Sports Biz is distributed free in more than 5,500 Professionals (85% males 15% females) which includes, CEOs, top management, second line and line executives, key sports Personalities, opinion leaders from the sports industry and all the media, advertising, brands and sports organizations professionals: F.C. Teams, Federations, Leagues, Sports Governing Bodies, Sports Venues, (Stadiums, facilities, clubs) Athletes, Couches, Sponsors, Sports Brands, Sports Agents, Sports Marketing Agencies, Advertising P.R. Agencies, Media Shops, Digital and Print media (TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, special editions, online media) Our data base will be enhanced with the development of the SportsBizer registration program that will be deployed through online and bellow the line synergies.
  • 7. FORWARD MARKETING SportsBiz new season plan is targeting to the development of content marketing and B2B sports marketing services platform: 1. CONTENT PROVIDER: in other online media with the production of SportsBiz in a special edition in digital magazine 2. CUSTOMIZED SPORTS CONTENT: Design, production and implementation of customized sports content in special B2B partners (Greek Soccer Federation Sponsors Network). 3. SPORTS BUSINESS P.R. VEHICLE: Representation, lobbying and P.R synergies with international firms, conferences, and sports agencies.
  • 8. SUCCESS ThROUGh PARTNERShIPS The seasonal commercial plan of SportsBiz is designed according the sports sponsors model: Official partners, that are awarded with an integrated promotional and publicity package: The partners program Success through Partnerships includes a special content promotion annual plan (interviews, case studies, presentations, advertorials, and press releases) that is designed in association with our journalist and creative team. Moreover, our partners rewarded with traditional advertising: Branding and multimedia print ads Ad player for the TV commercials Sections sponsoring Interactive navigation links for micro sites, viral campaigns Advertisements in the web site (content, banners, videos).
  • 9. SPORTSBIZ WEEKLY Your Sports Business Partner in Greece issue #16 / 17 2009 THE PROJECT Contact: , , , , , - , . , , . , , , . Personal Contact: - - . Petros Adamantidis (....) - - . - , , - - Superleague