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  • Speakout Intermediate - Wordlist English / German / French / Italian

    Speakout Intermediate

    Wordlist English / German / French / Italian

    Page Headword

    Part of

    speech Pronunciation German French Italian Example Sentence


    6 coincidence n knsdns Zufall concidence coincidenza

    It was pure coincidence that we were on the

    same train.

    6 throughout adv ruat durchgehend partout dovunque, per tutto

    Thanksgiving is celebrated throughout the


    6 amazingly adv mez li unglaublich tonnamment sorprendentemente He made me an amazingly generous offer.

    6 athletics n letks, - Leichtathletik athltisme atletica

    My favourite part of the Olympics is the


    6 anarchist n nkst Anarchist anarchiste anarchico/a Punk music is very popular with anarchists.

    Unit 1

    7 identity n adentti Identitt identit identit The identity of the killer is still unknown.

    8 ancestor n nsst, -ses- Vorfahre anctre antenato/a His ancestors came from Italy.

    8 background n bkgrand Hintergrund origine estrazione, preparazione

    All the kids here come from very different


    8 celebrity n slebrti Berhmtheit clbrit celebrit Anyone can become a celebrity nowadays.

    8 extended family adj kstendd fmli Grofamilie famille largie famiglia allargata

    My girlfriend has a very large extended


    8 family history n phr fmli hstri Familiengeschichte historique de la famille storia famigliare Mary has a very interesting family history.

    8 great-grandparent n gret grnpernt Urgroeltern arrire-grand-parent bisnonni

    My great-grandparents moved from

    Scotland to Canada.

    8 immediate family n phr midit fmli engste Angehrige famille proche famiglia stretta

    I'm only inviting my immediate family to my

    wedding this summer.

    8 inherit v nhert erben hriter ereditare He inherited 10,000 from his aunt.

    8 related to adj rletd t verwandt mit en parent avec imparentato con

    Danny is related to a very famous

    professional footballer!

    8 relative n reltv Verwandter parent parente Hes staying with relatives.

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  • Speakout Intermediate - Wordlist English / German / French / Italian

    Page Headword

    Part of

    speech Pronunciation German French Italian Example Sentence

    8 side of the family n phr sad v fmli Familienzweig du ct de consanguineo

    My mother's side of the family originally

    comes from France.

    8 take after phr v tek ft jemandem nachschlagen tenir de prendere da

    She's very good at art she takes after her


    8 royal adj rl kniglich royal reale

    The head of the British royal family is

    Queen Elizabeth II.

    8 roots n ruts Wurzeln racines radici My family's roots are in Wales.

    8 include v nklud enthalten inclure includere The price of the holiday includes flights.

    8 genius n dinis Genie gnie genio Newton was a mathematical genius.

    8 fortune n ftn Vermgen fortune fortuna

    He made a fortune buying and selling


    8 medallist n medl-st Medaillengewinner mdaill (vincitore di una) medaglia

    His uncle was an Olympic silver medallist in


    8 sub-Saharan adj sb sharn Schwarzafrika sub-saharien sub sahariano Cameroon is a sub-Saharan country.

    8 arrangement n rendmnt Anordnung prparatifs accordo Lees making arrangements for his wedding.

    8 punishment n pnmnt Bestrafung punition punizione The punishment for murder is life in prison.

    9 abandon v bndn verlassen abandonner abbandono

    The baby was abandoned outside a


    9 sentence v sentns verurteilen condamner condanna, sentenza

    The criminal was sentenced to six years in


    9 end up phr v end p ankommen finir par se retrouver finire

    I fell asleep on the train and ended up in


    10 aim v em anstreben avoir l'intention de scopo We aim to finish the project by Friday.

    10 audience n dins Publikum public pubblico

    When the play finished, the audience

    clapped and cheered.

    10 draft n drft Entwurf brouillon bozza

    I can't go out until I finish the first draft of my


    10 version n vn Version version versione

    This is the old version of my CV it doesn't

    include my current job.

    10 publishing adj pbl verlegen dition editoria Tony wants to get a job in publishing.

    10 apply v pla bewerben postuler fare domanda Rob has applied for a job in Canada.

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  • Speakout Intermediate - Wordlist English / German / French / Italian

    Page Headword

    Part of

    speech Pronunciation German French Italian Example Sentence10 course n ks Kurs cours corso Andys doing a computer course.

    10 colleague n klig Kollege collgue collega

    I play football with some of my colleagues

    every Wednesday.

    10 specialisation n spelazen Spezialgebiet spcialisation specializzazione My specialisation is in zoology.

    10 field n fild Fachgebiet domaine campo What field of research do you work in?

    11 genetic adj dnetk genetisch gntique genetica Jeff's aunt works in genetic research.

    11 multi-tasking adj mlti tsk Multitasking polyvalent multitasking

    They say women are better at multi-tasking

    than men, but I disagree!

    11 gene n din Gen gne gene

    Scientists can learn a lot from studying

    human genes.

    11 stuff n stf Material choses materiale

    I can't believe how much stuff you have in

    your bag!

    11 impress v mpres beeindrucken impressionner impressione He was trying to impress me.

    11 ability n blti Fhigkeit capacit abilit

    A manager must have the ability to

    communicate well.

    11 be in charge v phr bi n td verantwortlich sein tre charg de essere in carica

    My dad's in charge of the TV remote in our


    11 refuse v rfjuz ablehnen refuser rifiutare I asked her to marry me, but she refused.

    11 bark v bk bellen aboyer abbaio The dog always barks at strangers.

    11 outfit n atft Kleidung ensemble completo

    She was wearing her usual outfit of white

    blouse and black skirt.

    12 documentary n dkjmentri Dokumentarfilm documentaire documentario

    They are making a documentary about


    12 male adj mel mnnlich mle maschile Male lions are bigger than female lions.

    12 female adj fimel weiblich femelle femminile Is your dog male or female?

    12 chain n ten Kette chane catena

    Do you know what to do if your bike chain


    12 pedal n pedl Pedal pdale pedale I need to buy some new pedals for my bike.

    12 handlebars n hndlbz Lenkstangen guidon manubrio

    I broke my arm when I crashed my bike and

    went over the handlebars.

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  • Speakout Intermediate - Wordlist English / German / French / Italian

    Page Headword

    Part of

    speech Pronunciation German French Italian Example Sentence

    12 accurate adj kjrt exakt prcis accurato

    Patients should be given accurate

    information about their treatment.

    12 boss n bs Chef patron capo She asked her boss for the day off.

    12 classmate n klsmet Klassenkamerad camarade de classe compagno/a di classe

    I haven't seen any of my old classmates for


    12 employee n mpl-i, empli Angestellter employ impiegato/a

    The company I work for has over 10,000

    employees worldwide.

    12 fianc n finse Verlobter fianc fidanzato I don't like Sally's fianc he's really rude!

    12 fiance n finse Verlobte fiance fidanzata Phil's fiance is very pretty.

    12 godfather n gdf Pate parrain padrino

    Bella went to live with her godfather after

    her parents died.

    12 godmother n gdm Patin marraine madrina

    Nigel went to live with his godmother after

    his parents died.

    12 member n memb Mitglied membre membro Hes a member of the tennis club.

    12 mentor n ment Mentor parrain mentore

    I'm going to be a mentor for a new

    employee in my office.

    12 partner n ptn Partner partenaire partner She lives with her partner Tom.

    12 pupil n pjupl Schler lve pupillo

    My primary school only had about 150


    12 team-mate n tim-met Teamkollege coquipier compagno/a di squadra I'm good friends with all my team-mates.

    13 commission v kmn beauftragen commander commissione

    The government commissioned the report

    last year.

    13 respond v rspnd reagieren rpondre rispondere, reagire

    How will the government respond to this

    latest development?

    13 challenge n tlnd Herausforderung challenge sfida

    The race is a tough challenge for any


    13 balance v blns ausbalancieren tenir en quilibre equilibrio Can you balance on one leg?

    13 according to prep kd t gem selon secondo

    According to the weather forecast, it's going

    to rain tomorrow.

    13 do exercise v phr du ekssaz Sport treiben faire de l'exercice allenarsi My doctor told me to do more exercise.

    13 housework n haswk Hausarbeit mnage lavori domestici I spent all morning doing the housework.

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  • Speakout Intermediate - Wordlist English / German / French / Italian

    Page Headword

    Part of

    speech Pronunciation German French Italian Example Sentence

    13 research n rst, rist Forschung recherche ricerca

    My father is doing scientific research into

    heart disease.

    13 do someone a favour v phr du smwn e fev jemandem einen Gefallen tun rendre service quelqu'un fare un favore a qualcuno

    Can you do me a favour and take the dog

    for a walk, please?

    13 degre