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Η παρουσίαση αυτή έγινε στα πλαίσια του Συνεδρίου Social Media World 2013, το οποίο πραγματοποιήθηκε στις 19 Ιουνίου, στο Divani Caravel στην Αθήνα.

Transcript of Social Media World 2013 -...

  • 1. F2GSocial MediaJourney

2. WIND is present and active in all big social networksFacebook(WIND, F2G,Q)F2G is the most talked about telecom brand on Facebook.YouTube WINDs Channel has the most video viewsGoogle+The only company in the market to have enteredTwitter2nd most followed brandInstagram2nd company to enterFoursquareOne of the 1st brands to enter the platformJan. 12 Apr. 13Social MediaPresence 3. F2G Facebook pageFrom January 2012 to April 2013 382 posts 164,628 people reached daily (Total Greek facebook Population: 3.906.860) 1,661 people engage with our page daily 4. 28 29 30313441 42 42454749555964666820304050607080Jan12 Feb12 Mar12 Apr12 May12 Jun12 Jul12 Aug12 Sep12 Oct12 Nov12 Dec12 Jan13 Feb13 Mar13 Apr13ThousandLikesF2G out ongoing activityF2G Partycontest60 Days ofSummercontestOne LikestandTravelMoodJan. 12 Apr. 13F2G Facebook pageLikes boosting actions overview 5. 55%25%12%4% 3% 1%ContestsGeneral/FunProductsCorporate & other brandsServicesSponsorshipsPost Category # of postsContests 214General/Fun 110Product (Offers, Bundles, Bonus, Devices) 46Services (Roaming, customer service shops) 12Total 382Jan. 12 Apr. 13F2G Facebook pageContent Categories What do we talk about? 6. Jan. 12 Apr. 13ContestsGeneral/FunF2G Facebook pageContent favorites What do fans like? 7. Jan. 12 Apr. 13Contests ProductF2G Facebook pageContent favorites What do fans like? 8. Comments/ Posts/Messages%Customer care (charges, signal problems, fixed problems, 3G questions) 2,907 36%Product & Services (Offer queries, devices, services desired) 3,586 44%General (TVCs + Complimentary posts) 939 8%Contests 675 12%8107Jan. 12 Apr. 13F2G Facebook pageHow do fans interact with us? 9. Apr. 13 10,785,269 Views 1,232 SubscribersYou TubeWIND Channel 10. Views: 1,134,814259 Likes26 Dislikes228 Shares133 Comments F2G InteractionViews: 206,090970 Likes25 Dislikes1755 Shares200 CommentsInteractionYou TubeWIND Channel Favourite VideosViews: 1,076,074235 Likes22 Dislikes47 Shares287 Comments WIND to ALLInteractionViews: 307,946891 Likes22 Dislikes1811 Shares169 CommentsInteractionViews: 574.8673097 Likes76 Dislikes4166 Shares947 CommentsMVPiouInteraction 11. You TubeWIND Channel Techniques Use fun, story telling videos to generate social interaction Blend propositions with the ads fun part Use small videos (30s, which have 15.7% view rate) Target specific content sectors Low Impression Caps (Avoid over-exposure and negative effect) Remarketing (Show video ads to people who have already watched our content) 12. THANK YOUChristina Foteinopoulou [email protected]