Social Media World 2013 - Βακιρτζή Bανέσα:...

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Η παρουσίαση αυτή έγινε στα πλαίσια του Συνεδρίου Social Media World 2013, το οποίο πραγματοποιήθηκε στις 19 Ιουνίου, στο Divani Caravel στην Αθήνα.

Transcript of Social Media World 2013 - Βακιρτζή Bανέσα:...

  • 1. This post received : 231 Likes This Application had: 8,000participantsThe comments on this posttold us what NIVEA productusers were wearing thatday!Lets count the Facebook numbersLets make the Facebook numbers countThis application told us that themajority of our Fan base preferSpray Packaging.
  • 2. So this year we decided to stopcounting(as much)and start makingFacebook results countfor NIVEAWith the main objective of producingvaluable Marketing Insights!
  • 3. What does making it count mean for NIVEA onFacebook?
  • 4. What are we counting to make it count?What Marketing insights did we want to gain?In depth product insightsNew product developmentand product marketingstrategyBuild a database of ConsumerProfilesLoyalty and ambassadorshipECRM and one on onerelationships
  • 5. 1. Product InsightsAsk itHave you tried it?What do you think?What is yourfavorite thing aboutit?Analyse Feedback andOptimiseFavorite Quality is the smellFocus on Smellin communication> Making posts count
  • 6. User experience> Product focus> Interactivity for selectionand preferenceCustom analytics> tagging and measuring user actions> Such as product selections/preferences1. Product Insights> Making applications count
  • 7. Promote trial, Start conversations and Build consumer profiles!Not to increase participations and Likes.2. Consumer Insights> Making contests count
  • 8. 2. Consumer Insights> Making applications countThe UserexperienceInteractivity that will tell ussomething about eachuser> Quiz mechanisms
  • 9. Custom Application Insights Tooland Central DatabaseList of all Application participantsbroken down by:> application(s)> user actions/results perapplication> Product favorites/choices/skin needs2. Consumer Insights> Making applications countCustom Analytics
  • 10. > Over 70% of productsnow have deeper insights> Crucial in deciding on productsto introduce to the Greek market> Product Communication Re-Focus(on and offline)> Used by NIVEA in other marketsThe result of making it count in 2013?A Fan is no longera LIKE numberVanessa Vakirtzi> Is 31 years old> Has kids> Application activity> Comment activity> Skin Problem Area:Product Reviews> Has: oily skin> Products she uses> Products she haswon> Product she wantsto tryOver 10.000 Consumer ProfilesA product is no longerjust a packshot!