Social Media Introduction for Executives

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A quickly prepared (30 mins!) slides used in presentation for the Women Chiefs of Enterprise in Melbourne. Outlining what social media is, what the conversation looks like online, empowering people to be part of adding to our 'global knowledge bank' and sharing their great ideas. Not all of this presentation will flow without the speaking and commentary that goes with it. Happy to share it for your comments and to add to our collective wisdom! Add a comment - let me know what you thought!? Sam

Transcript of Social Media Introduction for Executives

  • Online Social Media Opportunities for you and your business

    10 February,


  • InspireInternet = Social Media = Social Networking = Web2.0 = GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE Great businesses, great work, great people talked about

    message shared quickly and much more cost-effectively

    Early adopters

  • Peoples trivialities = possible salesOn Twitter people share thoughts & ideas, connect with others, ask questions and have conversations about...brands

  • Connectedness = speed of the network = tailored learningContribute to the global knowledge bank insert whats of interest to you

    Attract, find and connect with like-minded people globally

    Be delighted by information tailored to you

  • You can tailor information to your needs and find people

    and who like what you stand for in your business (and your life)

    who may spread your word for you

    much more cost

  • The Network and efficiencies1. 2. 3. 3 hours to write a blog and tweetJan sends to her 306 peopleOne of those 306 sends to her 573 peopleMessage reaches 1347 people VERY QUICKLY!!

  • Develop your online languageEmpower individuals to write about what inspires themDevelop your online companys languageEmpower yourself to write about what inspires YOUUse technology to support your life and business what works

    Feel empowered to use technology that is useful dont use technology that isnt helpful (even if it is popular)!

  • Profile your people - make them EXAMPLE

  • Imagine what it could look like:Bunnings: Know someone great whod like to work at Bunnings NEW STORE in Wagga Wagga? Trish: Were looking for a great tradesperson to join our team. Come join the fun! Advertise for roles to the wider network.Promoting great company cultureA company culture that people talk about+ so much more!Frank Twitter rank #1 (101,987 followers)Tanj Twitter rank #2 (87,343 followers)Roger Twitter rank #3 (24,227 followers)Simone Twitter rank #4 (11,934 followers)Harry Twitter rank #5 (10,234 followers)Lata Twitter rank #6 (9,873 followers)Nathan Twitter rank #1 (3,987 followers) EXAMPLE

  • Have a play

    Sign up


    Learn what its like for you the theory isnt the same

  • What can you do for you?

    Sign up at www.twitter.comSet up your personal accountGain training / Have a goDevelop your online languageEstablish your company account

  • What can you do?

    Visit a go at searching for key words, it works just like Google!

    Think about what types of things people would be saying...

    Some ideas:

    CEO womanlove my job Your company nameYour productsThe name of an author or book you

  • Provide training. You wouldnt give a teenager keys to the car - if they hadnt yet been taught to drive.Have the basics right. Positive word-of-mouth will happen organically if foundations are in place (e.g. Great culture, a highly engaged workforce, involved leaders).Empower the voices of your employees with simple guidelines. e.g. Be real, add value and dont say anything that would embarrass your mumMonitor Social Media sites. Have people ready to act on negative comments.Internally promote successes gained & provide insight.What can you do for your business?Here are some


  • Thank you for your time

    Online Social Media Opportunities for you and your business

    10 February,

    Social media is not exclusive to one department.Conversations happen about everything, therefore it is important in all aspects of business. Consider marketing, customer service, operations, recruitment etc.**