SIMPLE, COMPOUND, COMPLEX He was felicitated for his great He achieved a lot and so he As he...

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Transcript of SIMPLE, COMPOUND, COMPLEX He was felicitated for his great He achieved a lot and so he As he...

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    1) Owing to Therefore As / Since Owing to ill luck, he met with ¨ He was unlucky therefore he met As / Since he was unlucky, he

    an accident. with an accident. met with an accident.

    Owing to heavy rains, the crops were There were heavy rains therefore As / Since there were heavy rains,

    damaged. the crops were damaged. the cropswere damaged.

    2) Noun Phrase and so As / Since

    The teacher punished the boy for his The boy was rude and so the teacher As the boy was disobedient, the teacher

    rudeness. punished him. punished him.

    He was felicitated for his great He achieved a lot and so he As he achieved a lot he was felicitated.

    achievement. was felicitated.

    3) Inspite of / Despite But / Yet Though / Although

    Despite of his hard work, he failed. He worked hard but he failed. Though he worked hard, he failed.

    Inspite of being poor, he is honest. He is poor but he is honest. Although he is poor, he is honest

    4) Infinitive or / else / otherwise If / unless

    He must work hard to win the first prize. He must work hard or he can't win Unless he works hard, he can't win

    He has to walk fast to reach in time. the first prize. the first prize.

    He must walk fast otherwise he can't Unless he walks fast he can't reach time

    reach In time If he doesn't walk fast, he can't

    reach in time

    5) Two main clauses and Because

    He worked hard. He succeeded. He worked hard and succeeded. He succeeded because he worked hard.

    The boy lost his bag. He started crying. The boy lost his bag and he started crying. He started crying because he lost his bag

    6) Gerund and When

    On seeing the snake they ran away. They saw the snake and ran away When they saw the snake, they ran away.

    On reaching the destination they felt They reached the destination and felt When they reached the destination, they felt

    very happy. very happy. very happy.

    7) Being and so As / Since

    It, being a rainy day, we didn't go out It was a rainy day and so we didn't go out As it was a rainy day, we didn't go out.

    She, being honest, got the job. She was honest and so she got the job Since she was honest, she got the job

    8) Having + V3 and After

    Having finished his work, he went home. He finished his work and went home He went home after he had finished his work

    Having seen the police, the thief ran away. The thief saw the police and ran away The thief ran away after he had seen the police.

    9) Noun Phrase and that

    He confessed his guilt. He was guilty and confessed it. He confessed that he was guilty.

    His silence proves his guilt. He was guilty and his silence proves it. The fact that he is silent proves his guilt.

    10) Prepositional Phrase Then As soon as / when

    On the arrival of my friend, we shall start. My friend has to arrive then we shall start. As soon as my friend arrives, we shall start.

    With this topic the book will be finished. We have to write this topic then the When we write this topic, the book will be finished.

    book will be finished

    11) Two main clauses and Relative Clause

    I met a man. He was blind. I met a man and he was blind. The man whom I met was blind.

    This is an expensive car. It was gifted This is an expensive car and it was gifted The car which was gifted by

    by my father. by my father. my father is expensive.

    12) Participle and Relative Clause

    I saw a wounded bird. I saw a bird and it was wounded. I saw a bird which was wounded.

    I am reading a boring novel. I am reading a novel and it is boring. I am reading a novel which is boring.

    We have seen a one eyed man. We have seen a man and he is one eyed. The man whom we have seen is one eyed.

    13) too - to and so so - that

    The coffee is too hot for me to drink. The coffee is very hot and so I can't The coffee is so hot that I can't drink it.

    drink it

    He was too weak to walk He was very weak and so he couldn't walk He was so weak that he couldn't walk.

    14) Prepositional Phrase and If

    With great effort he succeeded. He put a great effort and succeeded. If you put a great effort, you could succeed.

    On searching his pocket you can find Search his pocket and you can find the If you search his pocket, you can find the watch.

    the watch. watch

    E n

    g li

    sh f

    o r

    a ll

    C o m

    p et

    it iv

    e E

    x a m



    O.Srinivasa Reddy, Sr.faculty, Noble School of Banking,

  • 1. Arun walks 40m to the East then turns right and walks 50m after that he turns right and walks 25m and again turns right and walks 35.Finally he turns left and walks 15m How far is he and in which direction from his starting point? (a) 15m East (b) 15m South (c) 15m North (d) 15m West (e) None of these

    2. W, X, Y and Z are playing Carroms. X and Z are partners. Z is facing towards west W is facing towards North. Then who faces towards east? (a) Z (b) X (c) Y (d) W (e) None of these

    (3-5) A and B are brothers. L and M are couple. M is mother of B. Z is sister of A. Xis son of N. A is husband of N. I is daughter of B. Zis wife of Y. According to above information answer the following questions.

    3. How is Y related to L ? (a) Father-in-law (b) Son-in-law (c) Nephew (d) Daughter-in-law (e) None of these

    4. How is T related to Z? (a) Niece (b) Nephew (c) daughter (d) son (e) None of these

    5. How is M related to N ? (a) Father-in-law (b) Mother-in-law (c) Daughter-in-law (d) Son-in-law (e) None of these

    (6-10) Six exams Botany, Zoology, Civics, History, Mathematics and Economics are conducted from Monday to Saturday. Exam Economics is in between Botany and Zoology. Mathematics Exam should be on the fifth day after Botany. History exam is not immediately before day of Mathematics exam. According to above information answer the following questions?

    6. The schedule ends with which exam? (a)History (b) Mathematics (c) Zoology (d) Botany (e) None of these

    7. Which exam is conducted on Wednesday? (a) Botany (b) History (c) Civics (d) Zoology (e) None of these

    8. Which exam is conducted on first day? (a) Botany (b) Civics (c) Mathematics (d) Economics (e) None of these

    9. How many exams are there between between Civics and History?

    (a) One (b) Two (c) No one (d) Three (e) None

    10. History exam is conducted on which day? (a) Friday (b) Saturday (c) Thursday (d) Wednesday (e) None of these

    11. If the 4th day in a month is Tuesday. What is day of the week on the 3rd day after 24th in that month? (a) Thursday (b) Friday (c) Saturday (d) Wednesday (e) None of these

    12. Today is friday. What is the day of the week after 1year 80 days? (a