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Sigma Sigma Phi, Rho Chapter AZCOM. Chad Edwards, President October 2013 Las Vegas, NV. ΣΣΦ - Rho Chapter. Officers. President……………. Chad Edwards, MSIII Vice President……… Dave Felsted , MSII Treasurer……………. James Chapman, MSIII Secretary……………. Trevor Batty, MSIII - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Sigma Sigma Phi, Rho Chapter AZCOM

Sigma Sigma Phi Rho Chapter

Sigma Sigma Phi,Rho ChapterAZCOMChad Edwards, PresidentOctober 2013Las Vegas, NV

1OfficersPresident. Chad Edwards, MSIII

Vice President Dave Felsted, MSII

Treasurer. James Chapman, MSIII

Secretary. Trevor Batty, MSIII Advisor: Tracy O. Middleton, DO - Rho Chapter2MembershipClass of 2014: 59Class of 2015: 52Class of 2016: 27

Total Membership: 138 - Rho Chapter3Rho Induction ProcessSend out invitations to top 25% of the students in each class (1st-3rd year) after Winter Quarter

Students submit CV, Essay, and Professionalism Agreements

Officers and advisor select members based on:ScholarshipCharacterLeadershipService while in medical school; special consideration toward those that participate in SSP sponsored service projects

Induction Ceremony held on-campus in May - Rho Chapter4Club Week Fall 2013

- Rho Chapter5Rho Member RequirementsMS II : 20+ hours Volunteering (T.O.U.C.H.)Required Service Project (Next Slide)2 hours MSI Opening Tutoring

MS III/IV :10 Hours Volunteering (T.O.U.C.H.)

All Members must remain within the academic top 40% of their class or be put on academic review

- Rho Chapter6Community ServiceAll second year members must think of and write up a service project detailing what the project is, what supplies are needed, how many people could participate (minimum and maximum), timing, and prior approval from any 3rd parties involved

Officers will review each project to ensure it is something that is feasible. Once they projects are approve, members will take the lead for their own project and will be in charge of executing and overseeing said project. We will work with them to obtain and provide any needed resources.

The projects will be open to any students that want to participate, our goal is one or two projects a month for the rest of the year.

- Rho Chapter7TutoringLast year we created a new requiement that all members must have a certain minimum of hours that they are required to tutor underclassmen20 hours for second year members, 10 hours for 3rd and 4th year membersWith the success of this program, we decided to expand it to create an online tutoring platform where students interact in a chat-room type format and can have questions answered on the spot, or the person tutoring can have questions submitted beforehandThis allows students that are not close to complete their tutoring requirements and encourages those underclassmen who may be reluctant to meet in person to obtain tutoring online - Rho Chapter8BylawsProcess of changing bylaws to invite academic top 25% instead of top 30%

This will help ensure members can maintain academic ranking above top 40% - Rho Chapter9GoalsIncreasing Campus AwarenessFinals Snack Cart in LibraryCreated SSP Flyer for MSI Orientation PacketPresented to the First Years During Orientation

Increase FundraisingPending Success of Service Projects Initiative, Will Expand the Idea to Cover Service Projects

Provide on campus services3rd/4th Year MS Panel: Q&A About RotationsHow To Do Well in Medical School (MSII/MSIII)CV WorkshopTutoring for MSIs - Rho Chapter10MSI Orientation Flyer - Rho Chapter

11 Thank you! - Rho Chapter12