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Benaki Museum Shop - Catalogue 2013

Transcript of SHOP CATALOGUE 2013

  • 35

    35 years of theBenaki Museum shop


  • www.benaki.gron-line shop

  • silver replicas, decorativeitems 10-31

    sculpture, figurines, ceramic vessels 32-39

    icons, ecclesiastical vessels 40-47

    for the table 48-57

    ceramics, porcelains 58-65

    embroideries, accessories, office accessories 66-77

    jewellery 78-103

    stationary, replicas of exhibited items 104-115

    silk screens, posters 116-123

    for the children 124-133

    seasonal items 134-135

    new techniques, Pireos 138 136-143

  • To disseminate museum objects, that is, to communicate the cultural message they carry through high quality, accessible replicas, is one of the main obligations of any contemporary museum. As I noted in previous catalogues, it is only thus that the unique but fleeting enjoyment of seeing these objects in the museum with ones own eyes can remain with the visitor after he has moved on. By producing replicas from an exceptionally large variety of precious exhibits and rare collections, the Shop of the Benaki Museum, the first of its kind in Greece, helps sustain the Museums multifaceted, albeit costly activities. Since 1977 the Shop has been helping to cover a large part of the Museums burdensome annual budget.

    Over the last few years, the growth in the production and variety of items available at the Benaki Museum Shop has increased spectacularly. This is due primarily to the accumulated experience, know-how and vision of the committee which manages the Shop. It has shown daring and taken risks, during difficult times in the market, in order to creatively achieve its objectives. It is thanks to the committee that the museum managed to secure the collaboration of young artists and designers, and that a free adaptation of Museum exhibits has been encouraged. At the same time, the experience of craftsmen who continue even today to use traditional techniques, that are in danger of being lost for ever, has been fostered and creatively employed.

    The Benaki Museum owes a great debt to the founding members of the first Museum Shop committee, Rena Andreadi, Amalia Megapanou, Fani Lampadariou and Artemis Kortesi. Artemis Kortesi continues to offer her valuable services to the Museum, along with all the new members who have been added gradually since then, such as Eta Paraskaki, Aemilia Geroulanou, Alexandros Romanos and Kyriaki Stavropoulou. For her overall charge of the operation of the Shop, and for the new spirit of aesthetics, the Museum owes much to Despina Geroulanou, as well as to the entire staff for their sense of conscientiousness and responsibility.

    The impressive results of the Shops tireless work is at the disposal of all the friends of the Benaki Museum. Indeed, as the availability of items has in the meantime spread from the historic central building of the Museum to the Pireos Street branch and the Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghika Gallery, the Shop has garnered the interest of and extended a warm invitation to all its loyal customers: every enthusiastic, regular, or even occasional, Greek or non-Greek visitor. It has managed this because the Shop provides a guarantee of first-rate quality, offering a respite to the difficult, time-consuming daily tasks that are necessary to secure the necessary funds to run the Museum.

    Angelos DelivorriasDirector of the Benaki Museum

  • 1 Koumbari Sreet

    The Shop of the Benaki Museum was established in 1977 and was the first museum shop in Greece.

    Having as its primary aim to produce and sell replicas of the Benaki Museum exhibits, the Shop helps fund the activities of the Museum by providing a large part of its total budget. We have chosen representative examples among the plethora of the Museums exhibits, items with timeless value, and have had them reproduced with respect, concern and great care.

    Another important aim is to disseminate museum exhibits by means of top quality replicas made accessible to a large number of people. Faithful replicas are now easily accessible to a wide section of the public, both in Greece and abroad. It is indicative that among the Shops most faithful supporters are the Greek state, the Church of Greece, ministries, embassies, banks and large organisations.

    The third, yet equally important aim of the Shop, is to preserve traditional techniques in danger of being lost, and to encourage the craftsmen who use these techniques. The painters of the icons sold in the Shop, for example, use the materials of Byzantine icon painters egg tempera, natural earth pigments and burnished gold leaf. Many of the fabrics used are hand-woven on a loom, while certain embroideries have been worked by hand, by trained embroiderers. The jewellery sold in the Shop is made by craftspeople using techniques that have almost disappeared. All replicas bear the Benaki Museums stamp of authenticity, as well as that of the workshops which produced them to certify their quality and identity, and are accompanied by a bilingual (Greek and English) description of the museum exhibit. The descriptions, which are written by the curators of the Museums exhibits, offer details on the provenance of the item, the period in which it was produced, and how the original item was used.

    From very early on, the Shop opened its doors to young designers. It was a novel idea which established the Benaki Museum as a source of inspiration, and the Shop as a field in which young Greek creators could express themselves. Some of these young artists use age-old, traditional techniques with very interesting results in which tradition becomes the springboard for creating contemporary works. Others are inspired by the items in the permanent exhibitions of the Museum and thus breathe new life into them, creating objects that are original, and occasionally entertaining. The crowning achievement of this new approach was the opening of the Shop in the building on Pireos Street in 2004 (see pg 136)

    and the newest Shop in the N. H. Ghika Gallery.

    Despina Geroulanou

    Director of the Benaki Museum Shop

  • P 0256Eleni Kanellopoulou

    1039Elena Votsi

    P 0559Katerina Anesti

    P 0248Katerina Anesti

    0765 AA 1251 Rdesign

    0725Amalia Karkoulia

    P 0070We Design

    0900Aris Levi

    0726Amalia Karkoulia

    AA 1050AAlexandros Fountouklis

    L 048Danae Koureta

    P 0780Joanna Cave

    New adaptations from the collections of the Benaki Museum

  • 3 Kriezotou Street

    The new Shop is in the 3 Kriezotou Street building, the N. Hadjikyriakos-Ghika Gallery. It is in this building that the artist lived and worked for almost his entire life before he bequeathed it to the Museum. Besides the artists works, the Gallery also exhibits the works of all of the representatives of the intellectual and artistic life of Greece in the 20th century. In this first presentation of all of these artists, the generations who lived through the cultural unrest of the interwar period have become a reference point for todays youth.

    The opening of the third Shop coincided with the 35th anniversary of the opening of the first Shop. The Benaki Museum became established as a source of inspiration for young artists, and the Shop offered them a continually renewable venue to express themselves. Artists and designers who create works exclusively for the Benaki Museum Shop, and who have something individual as to their techniques or inspiration, create unique items with the artists unique mark and signature. With humour and a desire to unsettle, the artists shun clichs and communicate in a desire redefine tradition. In this Shop, the items are modern works inspired mainly by the work of N. Hadjikyriakos-Ghika and by the artistic work of the interwar generation. Elements of the landscapes and mythology which inspired N. Hadjikyriakos-Ghika are transformed into brand new, imaginative works. Among the designers selected to present their work are some the Shops oldest collaborators, as well as younger artists. The works of top designers and creators in the applied arts coexist with new groups of designers, such as brainstorm design, 157+173 Designers, and We design, which designed the new packaging, and finally, Beetroot, which designed the award-winning poster for the Shops 35th anniversary.

    The special constructions for children by young designers are part of a wider effort that aspires to expose children to art. This department includes books, constructions and games for all ages. In collaboration with museum shops from all over the world, such as the Tate Gallery, the Centre Pompidou, MoMA and others, we offer items to stimulate childrens imaginations and engage them creatively, while also introducing them to works of art, trends and art techniques in an entertaining and pleasant way. The Shop also sells replicas of works belonging to the Gallerys permanent exhibitions. A large collection of silk screens, posters and objects in a wide range of prices are available to the public. Also to be found in the Shop is a particularly interesting selection of books on the art of the period, both in Greece and abroad.

  • 1rainstorm Design

    P 0866Kiki Perivolari

    G 0005 Joanna Cave

    G 0011Margarita Ecclesiarchou

    G 0045Katerina Anesti

    G 0044157+173 Designers

    G 0005Katerina Moraiti

    G 0035, G 0043Christina Darras

    G 0033Alexandros


    1139Ioli Leivada

    G 0026Inger Carlsson

    G 0045157+173 Designers

    G 0015Maria Gregoriou

    New adaptations by the works of N. Hadjikyriakos-Ghika

  • 1157Corinthian lekanis,This type of vessels were frequently given as wedding gifts,500-450 BC,Height 9.5 cm


    0798Kylix, From an Attic workshop,530-520 BC,Diameter 15 cm