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    Inside this issue: Membership page 3 in the Community page 7 #wesalutebrobrice page 4 2014/2015 Events page 9 Chaplains Corner page 6


    I thank the brothers of Mu Lambda for an excellent 2013-2014 fraternal year, and welcome you back for 2014-2015. In 2012-2013, Mu Lambda was the 7th largest chapter in Alpha. In 2013-2014, it became the third largest chapter. Starting 2014-2015, it is now the second largest chapter in Alpha Phi Alpha. It is not the fact that the chapter is growing in numbers that makes me proud I see the fruits of your labor taking root. The programs are reaching a larger audience and the mindset has shifted from what can Alpha do for us to what can we do to serve the public.

    I concluded the fraternal year by stating last year was a building block for 2014-2015. I promised that in 2014-2015 we are committing to have a good social year. During the summer we celebrated Brother Brices tenure in Alpha Phi Alpha and Mu Lambda. We had a happy hour social in August where there were more than 600 people in attendance. The annual crab feast is this Saturday; there will be a Congressional Black Caucus Reception, where we will host 2,000 brothers and guests; Mu Lambda will be celebrating 91 years of existence on October 1st, and there will be a brunch on October 4th to celebrate this milestone; Brothers, family, and friends will Worship together on October 5th at the church of Mu Lambdas own, Brother Lloyd McGriff; and the following weekend Mu Lambda will take to the golf course to host its annual golf tournament.

    I also stated we must do community service. This summer, Mu Lambda has participated in multiple voter registration drives with the NAACP; participated in the annual D.C. Beautification Day Mu Lambda provided approximately 25 volunteers who mulched the entire grounds of the Patterson Elementary School; and donated book bags and supplies to Georgetown East Elementary where the principal is a brother of Alpha Phi Alpha.

    Mu Lambda also supported the activities of other chapters and Greek letter organizations. This summer, Mu Lambda attended the annual health day hosted by Omicron Eta Lambda; attended the annual cookout hosted by Omicron Lambda Alpha; attended the annual crab feast hosted by Upsilon Tau Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha; and attended the public programs at the conventions of Zeta Phi Beta, Phi Beta Sigma, and Sigma Gamma Rho.


  • I also stated we would do a full court press with reclaiming our brothers who are no longer in the house of Alpha. The membership committee has committed to reclaiming 20 brothers this year. The newest brother in the house of Mu Lambda is LeVar Crooms, made at Alpha Omicron.

    With all the good things we have done over the summer there have been some losses. During the drafting of my message to you, I was informed that Brother Arthur Freeman transitioned to Omega Chapter (details are forthcoming). I lost my mother-in-law; Brother James Wilson lost his father-in-law; Brother Mark Ross lost his father; we lost Brothers Gerald Roper and Robert Moore (not members of Mu Lambda). In addition, we lost countless young African American males at the hands of the police who have sworn to protect them.

    There has been much work done over the summer to put things in place for intake. There are approximately 25 gentleman interested in pursuing Alpha Phi Alpha through the Mu Lambda Chapter. I have also received many calls from young men on the campus of Howard University who have informed me there are over 125 students interested in pursuing Alpha Phi Alpha through the Beta Chapter. Brothers, with membership intake comes much responsibility. Part of that responsibility is that all brothers get trained in the new process, attend as many membership intake weekends as possible, get to know and observe the candidates so you can make an informed vote on them, and only sponsor candidates that you feel meet the standards of Alpha Phi Alpha.

    Brothers, I have brought you up to date and I will be presenting some new and innovative information at chapter meeting. I need you at the chapter meeting with your check and/or credit card in hand to pay your 2014-2015 dues.


    Brother Eddie Neal, President

    Mu Lambda Torch September 2014 page 2

    Presidents Message (contd) Presidents Message (continued)

    Mu Lambdas #: 66770

    Mu Lambdas #: 9556

  • Since our charter, Mu Lambda Chapter has been an innovator, a builder, and a molder of men making a dierence in the lives of many in the Washington Metropolitan area. We work diligently to ensure that our programs and social ac\vi\es con\nue to impact the community in a posi\ve way by being a catalyst of change. Today, Mu Lambda stands as a beacon of light to the community and a strong source of leadership. Through our Henry Arthur Callis Academy, we con\nue to facilitate the growth of young male adults so they understand that leadership is not a burden but a responsibility. Staying true to Alphas core: we implement successfully the fraternitys Na\onal Programs: Go-to-High School Go-to-School, A Voteless People is a Hopeless People, Project Alpha and Brothers Keepers. These four programma\c eorts are implemented through out-of-the-box formats to ensure that Mu Lambda Chapter is reaching our target audiencethe youth. Brother, I challenge you to reect, reorganize and rekindle the spirit for the coming fraternal year. I encourage you to visit and/or join Mu Lambda Chapter as we nd ways to renew the eminent Spirit of Alpha. For your convenience, our dues structure is below. Making payments are encouraged (if necessary).

    Grand Tax Chapter Life Member N/A $400.00 Non-Life Member $150.00 $400.00 1st Year Alumni $75.00 $350.00 2nd Year Alumni $112.50 $350.00 Graduate Student $150.00 $350.00 If you wish to pay on line click on the link below: hjp://\ble-dona\on

    Mu Lambda Torch September 2014 page 3

    Membership & Reclamation (Bro. Tim Fitzgerald)

  • !Brother Julius Brice An Appreciation Dinner

    Held July 19, 2014

    Mu Lambda Torch September 2014 page 4

  • Brother Julius H. Brice #wesalutebrobrice

    On the alernoon of July 19, 2014, the Brothers of Mu Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated honored Brother Julius Brice for his sixty-six years of dedica\on to the fraternity.

    The dinner was held at the Mu Lambda Community House, 2405 First Street, NW, Washington D.C. 20001, which was fes\vely decorated by Brother Terence Tarver for the occasion. Brother Eddie Neal, President of Mu Lambda Chapter, welcomed more than 50 brothers, family, and friends who came to salute Brother Brice. Brother Neal shared with us the many contribu\ons that Brother Brice has made not only to Mu Lambda chapter, but also to the fraternity as a whole. Following Brother Neals welcome, Brother William Hawkins, former Mu Lambda chaplain, gave the invoca\on. Brother Karl Bruce, hospitality chair, prepared dinner. The menu included: delicious chefs secret sauce, tangy barbecue sauce, or dry seasoned chicken; creamy corn; and smoked-avored green beans. To top it o, Brother Bruce delighted us with his special, homemade peach cobbler. Brothers Alexander Pullen, LeRoy Lowery, III, and Rudolph Harris each expressed their admira\on and apprecia\on for Brother Brice with a roast and toast. Brother Pullen likened Brother Brice to a Bap\st Preacher, Brother Lowery shared with us Brother Brices contribu\on to the renova\on of the Mu Lambda house, and Brother Harris spoke of Brother Brice as the true essence of an Alpha man. Brother Brice received awards from the Mu Lambda FoundaPon and Mu Lambda Chapter. Others in the house, including fellow South Carolina State University alumni, spoke of the many ways Brother Brice has impacted their lives posi\vely. General President Mark Tillman, unable to ajend personally, conveyed special gree\ngs to Brother Brice and all present via speakerphone.

    Also in ajendance were members of the Brice family Angela, his wife, who shared how Brother Brice swept her o her feet, Diane, his daughter, who discussed her early exposure to Alpha, and Kent, his son-in-law. The event concluded with Brother Brice sharing wisdom, as is his custom. He said: Everything that I did in life, it had to be in the name of Alpha. In other words, [to be an Alpha] you must be the best you can be in life because thats the only way you can help others and thats what Alpha is all about helping others. Brothers Jonathan Butler and LeRoy Lowery, III co-chaired the event.

    Mu Lambda Torch September 2014 page 5

  • Mu Lambda Day of Worship In continuing in the celebration of Mu Lambdas Founders Day event on Saturday, October 4th, Mu Lambda will host a day of worship for brothers, families, and friends on October 5th at 11:00 am. The worship service will be held at our own Brother Lloyd T. McGriffs church, Galilee Baptist Church.

    Date: October 5, 2014 Time: 11:00 a.m. Place: Galilee Baptist Church 2101 Shadyside Avenue Suitland, MD, 20746

    If you will be attending, please contact me at or (571) 251-8253 (text or call).

    Please continue to pray for: Brother James Wilson and family (passing of his father-in-law) Brother Mark Ross and family (passing of his father)

    Chaplains Corner (Bro. Jonathan Butler)

    Mu Lambda Torch September 2014 page 6

  • Mu Lambda in the Community

    Mu Lambda Torch September 2014 page 7