Resolve ™ Filters for alpha source preparation

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Resolve ™ Filters for alpha source preparation. Charleston, SC May 4, 2004. Resolve ™ Filters. 0.1μ polypropylene. 25mm disks. Uniform pore size distribution. Quality control appropriate for α-spectrometry. Product Development/Validation. Evaluation of Resolve Filters - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Resolve ™ Filters for alpha source preparation

  • Resolve Filtersfor alpha source preparationCharleston, SCMay 4, 2004

  • Resolve Filters0.1 polypropylene25mm disksUniform pore size distributionQuality control appropriate for -spectrometry

  • Product Development/ValidationEvaluation of Resolve Filters Comparison with commercially available filtersSupplier #1Supplier #2Evaluate performance (alpha spec) and appearance (SEM)

    Validate lot-to-lot variability of supplier

    Assurance of filter quality

  • Reported Lot-to-lot VariabilityFilter Supplier #1, 1500x

  • SEM Comparison

  • Various Lots of Eichrom Filters1500x

  • Compared to Poor Performing LotEichrom lot A1500x

  • Compared to Well Performing Lot1500x

  • Filter Blank Comparison1000 minute direct countMeasured activity (pCi) in the U-232 region

  • Alpha Spectra lot 292218

  • Alpha Spectra: Lot 264825

  • Quality Assurance ProgramScreening of filter material roll stock SEMVisual evaluationPore size uniformity: subjective determination Alpha SpectrometryAm-241/243; 50g CeFWHM each peak
  • A little background on filtersDesign and specification set on removal of particles from liquids. Nominal pore size related to the size of particles removed from the liquid. In alpha spec source prep the major consideration should be a uniform pore size to give the best source. Shiny side apparent on some types of filters indicating different performance each side.

  • 0.1 micron pore size filterSurface pores > 0.1 will occurDesigned to remove 99.98% of particles >0.1Goal of Eichrom product is uniform pore size15,000x

  • Resolve 0.1 micron pore size filter15,000x

  • Two sides of the filterInside and Outside of the Roll Stock(5,000x magnification)Inside Lot 292218Outside Lot 292218

  • Peak Resolution EvaluationFWHM (keV)

  • External Product EvaluationBarry Stewart, Carlsbad EMRCThese filters are superb for use in making sources for alpha spectroscopy.Am 241/243 With and without substrate ASTM C1163-98, LaF3 ppt., 50 g La carrier Glossy side up and down

  • External Results

  • SummaryEichrom now supplies a 0.1 polypropylene filter for alpha spec source prep Pore size uniformity is monitored by SEM analysis and performance is measured by FWHM of Am-243/241 (specification