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1. We are proud to present new product seriesETALON putties!ETALON is a brand of Alexport Company.FIBERGLASS PUTTYIts unique filling properties allow it be applied in thick layers.Akadimou 111, PObox 1008, Thessaloniki 56224, Greece. tel: 2310 501814, fax: 2310524771e-mail: info@alexport.gr www.etalon.grwww.etalon.grETALON Polyester based puttyies for all types of metal surfaces,including galvanized steel, aluminium and fiberglass:UNIVERSAL PUTTYProvides extremely easy sanding by hand and machine, possesses good filling propertieswithout creating pinholes..FINE PUTTYDesigned for finishing jobs, allows easy sanding by hand and machine. It is available with redand white hardener for finishing jobs in automotive and yacht refinishing respectively.