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Prospects for CLFV experiments. Satoshi MIHARA KEK, Japan. CLFV and Related Programs. TRIUMF: PIENU. LHC: SUSY Search B s → μ + μ - , B s → τμ, τ → μμμ. FNAL: BR(μ - N → e - N) < 10 -16. KEKB: τ → e(μ) γ, τ → e(μ) η ... BR < 10 -8. FNAL: μ g-2 < 0.1 ppm. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Prospects for CLFV experiments

  • Prospects for CLFV experimentsSatoshi MIHARAKEK, Japan

  • CLFV and Related ProgramsLHC: SUSY Search Bs +-, Bs , PSI/MEG: BR( e ) < 10-13 eee in futureKEKB: e() , e() ...BR < 10-8BNL: g-2 < 0.5 ppm>3- off from SMFNAL: BR(- N e- N) < 10-16FNAL: g-2 < 0.1 ppmJ-PARC: g-2 < 0.1 ppmJ-PARC: EDMJ-PARC: BR(- N e- N) < 10-14 , 10-16PSI: EDMTRIUMF: PIENUJ-PARC: Ke2/K2

  • OutlineIntroductionMEGCOMET, Mu2e and other ExperimentsSummary

  • oscillation and cLFVcLFV searches play a key role to understand the origin of neutrino massScale of neutrino mass generation

    Scale of EW Symmetry breaking (TeV)Verification of new physics existence

  • MEGRecent Result

    Donato Nicols talk Today afternoon WG4

  • MEG Result before this Summer2008 data
  • MEG DetectorBeam Transport System - PSI PiE5 beam line 3107 /secLiquid Xenon Gamma-ray DetectorPositron Spectrometer

  • Analysis UpdateAfter ICHEP 2010 presentationMore work on the major systematicsAlignments (DC-B-target-LXe)B field reconstruction refinement using measured BzDetailed implementation of positron observable correlationsData analysis cross checkTwo likelihood analysis implementation

  • LikelihoodBR < 9.610-12(90% C.L.)Normalization 1.110-128% for null signalBR < 1.710-12(90% C.L.)Normalization 2.210-1220092010

  • 2009 & 2010 Combined ResultSystematic error (total 2.2%) includedData fitted 100 times, with changing PDF using its uncertaintyRMS of the unconstrained best fit and the UL is calculatedMore data in 2011 and 2012Detector upgrade under discussion

    DataBfitLLUL20093.2 10-121.7 10-139.6 10-122010-9.9 10-13-1.7 10-122009+2010-1.5 10-13-2.4 10-12

  • Future Experiments

    What is mu-e Conversion ?1s state in a muonic atomNeutrino-less muonnuclear capture (=-e conversion)nucleus+(A,Z)+(A,Z1)nuclear muon capture muon decay in orbit lepton flavours changes by one unitEe ~ m-BB: binding energy of the 1s muonic atom

  • SUSY-GUT, SUSY-seesaw (Gauge Mediated process)BR = 10-14 = BR(e) O()lSUSY-seesaw (Higgs Mediated process)BR = 10-12~10-15lDoubly Charged Higgs Boson (LRS etc.)Logarithmic enhancement in a loop diagram for -N e-N, not for e M. Raidal and A. Santamaria, PLB 421 (1998) 250and many othersTheoretical ModelsAndre de Gouvea, W. Molzon, Project-X WS (2008)

  • mu-e & g-2G. Ishidori et al., PRD 75 (2007) 115019Recent Upper LimitsSINDRUM-II: BR[- + Au e- + Au] < 7 10-13SINDRUM-II: BR[- + Ti e- + Ti] < 4.3 10-12TRIUMF: BR[- + Ti e- + Ti] < 4.6 10-;Ti)1013B physics constraintmuon g-2a: off by 3.3

    e (MEG)2009-2010 BR < 2.4 10-12 (90%C.L.)

  • Principle of MeasurementSINDRUM IIProcess : - +(A,Z) e- +(A,Z)A single mono-energetic electronEe ~ m-B :105 MeVDelayed~1S

    No accidental backgroundsPhysics backgroundsMuon Decay in Orbit (DIO)Ee > 102.5 MeV (BR:10-14)Ee > 103.5 MeV (BR:10-16)Beam Pion Capture-+(A,Z) (A,Z-1)* +(A,Z-1) e+ e-BR[- + Au e- + Au] < 7 10-131-2sRext=number of proton between pulsesnumber of proton in a pulse

  • mu-e conversion searchMu2e at FNAL

    COMET at J-PARCMELC experiment at Moscow Meson Factory

  • Mu2e Experiment at FNALTarget S.E.S. 210-17uses the antiproton accumulator/debuncher rings to manipulate proton beam bunchesNo interference with NOvA experimentMu2e uses beam NOvA cantpion production target in a solenoid magnetS-shape muon transport to eliminate BG and sign-selectTracker and calorimeter to measure electronsR. Bernstein WG4 Monday

  • Mu2e R&D StatusSolenoid system designAdvanced modeling of the primary beamcivil and building design as wellDetector R&DStraw tracker in vacuum

    DOE CD-1 this autumnCD-2/3a about a year later

  • COMET Experiment at J-PARCTarget S.E.S. 2.610-17Pulsed proton beam at J-PARCInsert empty buckets for necessary pulse-pulse widthbunched-slow extractionpion production target in a solenoid magnetMuon transport & electron momentum analysis using C-shape solenoidssmaller detector hit rateneed compensating vertical fieldTracker and calorimeter to measure electronsR. DArcy WG4 Monday

  • COMET R&D Statusproton beamProton beam study (Extinction Measurement)Measurement at MR abort line (Fast Extraction) and Secondary beam line (Slow Extraction)Both provided consistent resultExtinction: (5.4 0.6)10-7Further improvement expected (O(10-6)) by double injection kickingExternal extinction device improves even more (O(10-3))US-Japan cooperative research program

  • COMET R&D Statuspion capture solenoidIntensive studies of SC wire and solenoid magnetIrradiation test of SC wire at Kyoto Univ. research reactorDeterioration after irradiation and recovery after thermal cycle confirmedM. Yoshida WG3&4 ThursdayS. Cook WG3&4 Thursday

  • Comparison between Mu2e and COMET

    Mu2eCOMETProton Beam8GeV, 20kWbunch-bunch spacing 1.69 secrebunchingExtinction: < 10-108GeV, 50kWbunch-bunch spacing 1.18-1.76 secempty bucketsExtinction: < 10-9Muon TransportS-shape SolenoidC-shape solenoidDetectorStraight Solenoid with gradient fieldTracker and CalorimeterC-shape Solenoid with gradient fieldTracker and CalorimeterSensitivitySES: 210-1790% CL UL: 610-17SES: 2.610-1790% CL UL: 610-17

  • Other cLFV ExperimentsDeeMeAnother mu-e conversion search proposal at J-PARCeee search plan at PSIcLFV search using lepton at Belle/Belle II

  • DeeMe at J-PARCmu-e conversion search at J-PARC with a S.E.S. of 10-14Primary proton beam from RCS3GeV, 1MWPion production target as a muon stopping targetBeam line as a spectrometerKicker magnets to remove prompt backgroundMulti-purpose beam line for DeeMe, HFS, g-2/EDM is under constructionDIO BGSignalPrompt BGSM WG4 Tuesday

  • eee searchPlan to search for eee using PSI muon beamSINDRUM limit in 1988 1.010-12Thin pixel silicon tracker and scintillating fiber timing counterLoI planned in 2011N. Berger WG4 Tuesday

  • cLFV search using leptonK. Hayasaka WG4 Tuesday

  • SummarycLFV search activities in the worldMEG improved the limit of e2.4 10-12 at 90% C.L.Further improvement expectedCOMET, DeeMe and Mu2eintensive R&D for realization of experiments LFV at Belle, eee at PSI