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  • Air Treatment ProductsNPT thread and PSI options now available!*REFFRZFNZ/MFZ/MMFZiB CycloneFRZB

  • WaterParticlesAir PressureOil MistFRZiB CycloneFNZUse ChartMFZMMFZSymbol Key:N/ASo-SoGoodGreat

    (Filtration Rate)(Water Separation Rate)

    (5 m)

    (5 m)

    (0.3 m)

    (0.01 m) (99% or more)(Pressure Setting Range)(7-123 PSI)

    (5 m)

    (0.3 m)

    (0.01 m) (Filtration Rate)

    (5 m)

  • Cyclone designiB-Cyclone

  • iB-Cyclone99% water separation even at high flow rates

  • The most compact and space saving filter/regulator combinationFRZWidth 1.96 in.Height4.39 in. Above specifications are for the FRZ 30

    (1.181 in)

  • FRZSize ComparisonAW-30LRF MiniFRZ 30

  • FRZEase of use has been improvedMounting RingYellow RingKnob(Removable)Pressure Setting RangePressure setting range after changeImproved pressure gaugeImproved knob

  • FNZ/MFZ/MMFZCompact design with a high filtration rate and oil mist separationVisible element =easier maintenanceHigh Filtration rates

    CleanUsedOil and micro oil mist filtrationcapabilitiesSpace saving design(Filter)(Mist Filter)(Micro Mist Filter)

  • Combinations FRZB(Filter/Regulator)+ MMFZ(Micro Oil Mist Filter)+ MFZ(Oil Mist Filter) iB Cyclone(Water Separator)+ FRZ(Filter/Regulator) iB Cyclone(Water Separator)+ FRZ(Filter/Regulator)+ MFZ(Oil Mist Filter) iB Cyclone(Water Separator)+ FRZ(Filter/Regulator)Combination #1 Best Quality Cleaning Combination #2 High Quality Cleaning Combination #3 Combination #4 FRZB Easiest Installation

  • Applicable MarketsCombination #1 Best Quality CleaningCombination #2 High Quality CleaningCombination #3 Combination #4 FRZB Easy Installation


  • [REF] Applicable MarketsCombination #1 (Best Quality Cleaning) Combination #2 (High Quality Cleaning)Combination #3 (CMZ)

    1. Cleanroom2. Biomedical5. Life Sciences6. Analytical Instrumentation3. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing4. Manufacturing High End Electronics2. Food Processing4. Food and Beverage Packaging1. Printing5. Electronics Components Industry6. Robotics3. Dispensing and Media2. Marine and Aerospace1. Automotive6. Agriculture3. Injection Mold4. General Packaging5. Assembly Processes Manufacturers1. General manufacturing of non food, non automotive parts2. Small end users with limited or very few automated processes in their facility.7. Coating Processes