POF:From the Roots to the Fruits booklet

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AEGEE LAS PALMAS BIENVENIDOS-WELCOME-pasveikinti-Բարի գալուստ-καλωσόρισμα areyouin? http://preservingourfuture.blogspot.com /
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  • 1. AEGEE LAS PALMASare you in?BIENVENIDOS-WELCOME-pasveikinti-- http://preservingourfuture.blogspot.com/

2. 3. GRAN CANARIA The University of LPGC is quite young (22 years old); it has24,000 students and among them around 1,000 exchange students(Erasmus, Sneca and Latin America). The offer of studies isMa s du paloquite wide. nema ssLas Palmas de Gran Canaria, with almost 400.000 inhabitants, isthe most populous city of the Canary Islands and the 9th inSpain. LPGC is the largest city of the European Union outsidethe continental Europe.LPGC was founded on the 24th of June of 1478 by Juan Rejn.In 1492, Christopher Colombus anchored in the Port of LasPalmas, and spent some time on the island on his first trip toPlaya del Inglsthe Americas.According to a study carried out by Thomas Whitmore, directorof research on climatology at Syracuse University in the UnitedStates, LPGC enjoys "the best climate in the world".Did you know that the Canary Islands is the only place in theworld with two capital cities? Yes, the capital city of this Las Canteras Beach Spanish Autonomous Community changes every four yearsbetween Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Santa Ana CathedralThe second generation of AEGEE-Las Palmas signed theConvention dAdhesion at AGORA Ljiubljiana in May 2008. If Gran Canaria had to be described with a single word, thatAEGEE-Las Palmas have organized 3 Summer Events/Summerwould be contrast. Urban area in the northeast, dunes in theUniversities, 1 Winter University, 1 European School I andsouth, flat area in the east, scary cliffs in the western, wavymany local events.ocean and pebble beaches in the north and vegetation andmountains in the center. All this in 47 km of diameter and in aAEGEE-Las Palmas is a good example of a multidisciplinar1,560 km area. I think that you will understand now why is theteam; among its team you can find students of Engineering,island called Gran Canaria: a tiny continent.Philology, Translation and Interpreting, Teacher Training,Labor Relations, Law... 4. SURVIVAL DICTIONARYINFORMATIONEnglishSpanish How are you?Cmo ests? *Tap water is not drinkableNice to meet youEncantado de conocerte*Smoking is not allowed in most placedI dont speak Spanish No hablo espaol*Drinking in the street (botelln) is not allowed I dont understand No entiendo *Tipping is not necessary in bars or restaurantsWhere is x street?Dnde est la calle x? *You must keep a passport or ID card (if you Street Left Rightcalle Izquierda Derecha are from the EU) with you Open ClosedAbierto Cerrado *Do not accept candy from strangers ;) Toilet / bathroomBao / lavabo / aseo*Visa, Amex and MasterCard are accepted almostWomen MenMujeres Hombreseverywhere BUT usually if you How much is it?Cunto es? spend more than a certain quantity of money Its very expensiveEs muy caro *The yellow buses (Guaguas Municipales) are Es baratourban buses. The blue ones (Global), are intercity Its cheapSocorro! Ayuda! buses Help!! I want to sleepQuiero dormir Wonderful!Fantstico! / Genial!What is happening? What is this? Qu pasa? Qu es esto? What a beautiful girl/boy! Qu chica/chico ms guapa/o! This is a great partyQu gran fiesta Id like a beerQuerra una cervezaDo you have cigarettes?Tienes tabaco?Im drunk I have a hangoverEstoy borracho Tengo resaca 1 to 10 Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis,siete, ocho, nueve, diez 5. Volunteers in AEGEE are a handful of motivated peopleDo n t w a st e yo ur t i me: Vo l un t eer !who are willing to contribute to the creation of a united,respectful and tolerant society in Europe by promotingcultural exchange, encouraging the dialogue between youngpeople from different cultures, and by giving them the Volunteering has changed my life. It is funny to realize that, the more opportunity to develop themselves as active citizens.you give to the community, the more you actually receive back, whether itThrough volunteering, people become more tolerant,is on a direct or an indirect manner was saying a friend of mine in a respectful and socially conscious. Those values are neededdiscussion we had about being actively involved in an association. You mightin order to build a strong and integrated Europe, wherepicture the volunteer as someone who dedicates a year, helping a localtheir citizens are active and participative people. This iswhy the European Commission has decided to spend 2011NGO in a far away countryWell, actually, you dont have to go that far tocelebrating volunteering through the European year ofmeet volunteers. They are all around us, sharing their time, prsence, ideas, volunteering. Light has been shed on those thousands ofcreativity with the communities their are living with.actions, smile shared and experience lived. Moreover, one ofThere are so many ways to be a volunteer, that you might be surprised !the objectives of this year was to improve the recognitionof voluntary work in the society and in the businessWhether it is by giving support to a specific group, by dfending theirworld. Mission accomplished?rights, by organising short movies in order to raise awarness on anLucille Rieuximportant issue, by running an associative bar, or organising a confrence onclimate changethey have all one thing in common. Their willingness tomake a change in their society. May it be in their local community, in theirgroup of friends, or in the whole worldvolunteers believe that changeshouldnt wait, and that it must come from them. 6. # # 7. !# ! ### ! ! 8. ( 9. # 10. !#* 11. ! 12. ## ! 13. !# 14. + 15. # 16. !# $ #+ # ! 17. #) 18. !, 19. - dening the 20. basic rights and responsibilities of volunteers. Yet, 21. .! 22. recognition of volunteering by the society and the . ! 23. # ! 24. )# 25. # ! 26. # 27. # 28. # 29. !labour market is still a battle to win. The Youth Pass 30. # ! 31. ! 32. # has indeed been implemented by the European# 33. ( 34. # ! 35. # Commission, but it is reduced to the volunteer activities! # 36. # 37. ! 38. # 39. taking place within the Youth In Action program. We 40. # 41. ! # 42. still have to ght for a real recognition of the numerous! 43. ! 44. ! 45. skills and knowhow that volunteer acquire through their# 46. involvement as well as for an academic recognition of # # !non formal education. Is Anything growing inside you ? 47. How did the project emerge?Once we reached the conclusion that between theseeds and the fruits there are roots. We werepositive about the fact that AEGEE-Las PalmasThe team of AEGEE-Las Palmas, after havingwould take so much care about the seeds thatorganized several events with the main focusfrom them would appear strong roots which willon cultural exchange since 2008, wanted toprovide us with fruits.add a new ingredient to the recipe of ourwork.And now, AEGEE-Las Palmas and Youth in Actionhave given you the chance to take part in theWe realized how important volunteering workgrowth of these roots. From the 11th to the 18th ofis and we wanted to raise awareness about it.December 2011 there will be roots growing in LasYes, volunteering actions would be our newPalmas de Gran Canaria. And we hope that fromingredient, those actions would be the fruitsthe 18th of December 2011 onwards there will be AEGEE-Las Palmas neededfruits delivery youth in Riga, Peiraias and for its recipe. We all likeYerevan. them; they are tasty, they h av e d iff ere nt br ig htOn behalf of AEGEE-Las Palmas team I wish you co lo u rs andtheyare a fruitful experience on Gran Canaria. healthy. Seeds, roots, fruits... YOU! But we, young people, did not want just going to a Hctor Oliva Bolaos AEGEE-Las Palmas supermarketto getthem. No way, thatis tooeasyand boring for us. We are young and we arestrong, so we wanted to cultivate the fruits byourselves. 48. Organizations