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Platelet rich plasma Preethi chekuri

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Preethi, MD DVL, INDIA

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  • 1. Platelet rich plasmaPreethi chekuri

2. What is Platelet Rich Plasma?It is an effective concentration ofmultiple fundamental growth factors(GFs) by virtue of platelets alone(stored as -granules in platelets) andplasma proteinsREGENERATIVE 3. COCKTAIL of growth factors Degranulation of the pre-packedGFs in plateletoccurs upon activation Cacl2 and calcium gluconate(1 in 10 dilution) 4. PRP preparationManual double spin method: Soft spin 1200 rot/min for 10 min Hard spin 2400 rot/min for 10 min 5. Aim : to sequestrate platelets in highconcentrations, enough for achievingtherapeutic benefit and in a viable state atthe same time, so that they can activelysecrete their GFs Precautions : aseptic conditionoptimum temp regulationanticoagulant 6. Indications for use Androgenic alopecia Alopecia areata Acne scars Skin rejuvenation Wound healing 7. Procedure A special dermaroller isused to stimulate dermis ofscalp. The microneedling causesmicrotrauma to dermis thatinduces growth repair cellsinto action. PRP is then appliedtopically 8. Mechanism of actionDifferentiation of hair follicle stem cellsbcl-2 : anti apoptotic prolongedsurvival of dermal papilla cellsExpression of FGF-7 : prolonged anagenVEGF and PDGF - proangiogenic 9. Modes of usage PRP mesotherapy Used in conjunction with minoxidil dailytopical therapy Used as an adjunct to hair transplantation(it is noted to increase the result) 10. Safety It is likely that hundreds ofthousands of humans have beentreated in clinical practice by now No major side effects reported AUTOLOGOUS minimum riskof reactivity compared toexogenous compounds 11. In vitro research PRP increased in vitro proliferationand differentiation of stem cells in thehair follicle bulge area and has anangiogenic role which makes it usefulas a hair growth modality Thrombin and CaCl2 increased GFrelease in dose dependent mannerin-vitro 12. In vivo research Wide variability between patients in PRPcontent Variability between PRP resting andactivation 13. Variousstudies 14. ConclusionPRP has been known and used indermatology, dentistry and sports medicineThe mechanism of action of GFs have beenstudied and well establishedSo this technology should not be consideredexperimental any more, although it can stillundergo further improvement in the furure 15. Thank you