Phi Beta Sigma | Iota Nu Sigma Chapter Winter 2010

SENTINEL The official magazine of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Iota Nu Sigma Chapter, Chicago, IL. ΦΒΣ WINTER 2010 THE 10 YEARS IOTA NU SIGMA CHAPTER CELEBRATES 10 YEARS SINCE REACTIVATION


Phi Beta Sigma | Iota Nu Sigma Chapter Winter 2010

Transcript of Phi Beta Sigma | Iota Nu Sigma Chapter Winter 2010

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SENTINELThe official magazine of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Iota Nu Sigma Chapter, Chicago, IL. ΦΒΣ






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President’s Greeting 4

Editor’s Message 6

On The Greek Scene 8

Education Program 12

Sigma Beta Club Program 14

Fund Raising 26

Someone You Should Know 30

Spotlight 32

BLU Tuesday 36

How Did This All Begin? 17

The legendary, Brother Charles H. Talbert was the original

keeper of the vision. In this presentation he gives an

account of Iota Nu Sigma’s inception.

Ten Years in the Game -- And Still Going Strong 18

Brother Gil José takes you from re-start to present of Iota

Nu Sigma’s reactivation, while adding a few milestone

accomplishments along the way.

A Taste of BLU Tuesday - “The All White Affair” 26

Over 300 patrons donned their best all-white garments,

dined on delectible delights and danced the night away.

Check out the paparazzi at Iota Nu Sigma’s successful

fund raiser.

Brother Quincy Roseborough 30

Iota Nu Sigma member serves in the number 2 spot on

the Great Lakes Regional board. We offer an opportunity

to take a closer look at a leader for today.

Brother Shelton Smith 32

Chosen as the Great Lakes Region’s Alumni Brother of the

Year, Smith shares his thoughts on building a successful

mentoring program.

E.X.C.E.L. Awards 36

Iota Nu Sigma honors organizations nestled in Chicago’s

4th Ward that are making great impact in the community.


Iota Nu Sigma proudly represents the City of Chicago standing

before the globally famous skyline and Buckingham Fountain.



30 32



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IIn 1999 the vision of four dynamic Brothers brought the Iota Nu Sigma chapter

of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. back into existence. Ten years later we look back,

not to rest on our laurels, but to use our past as a springboard. In ten years, we have

achieved much: INS is one of the largest chapters in the State of Illinois, produc-

ing leaders that impact the fraternity on all levels; we have a thriving Sigma Beta

Club and are recognized by our National brotherhood as a Model Chapter. As the

4th President of this illustrious chapter I welcome you to another issue of The

Sentinel. Here we will revisit the history of the chapter and give you a glimpse

of how we plan to impact our community going forward.

Take a glimpse at our annual Sigma Beta Club Scholarship & Awards banquet

as we presented over 30 awards and scholarships to members of our club for

scholastic and educational achievements. Under the leadership of the Great Lakes

Region Alumni Brother of the Year, Bro. Shelton Smith, our Sigma Beta Club pro-

gram prevails as a national model of how mentoring can make a difference in the

African American community.

As we also salute Alpha Alpha Beta Chapter at Chicago State University for 25

years of service, we introduce Brother Quincy Roseborough, an alumnus of AAB

and someone that you should know. Currently serving as the region’s Vice

Regional Director and the Director of Education for INS, “Q” is a true grass roots

leader who believes in and promotes community empowerment. Through

Metropolitan Family Services, Bro. Roseborough hosted a panel discussion on the

topic “Investing in our Future: Promoting Youth Guidance and Support-

Addressing Youth Violence”. The panel was greeted by a full house of community

members of all ages and backgrounds.

In this tenth year, the Brothers of INS have made a commitment to being more

involved in the community where they meet. We attended the Grand Opening of

Norman’s Bistro, in support of owner Norman Bolden, who has graciously worked

with the chapter to host events at Room 43.

A Taste of Blu Tuesday: “The All White Affair” was held at Room 43 this

summer, as we partied with a purpose and raised over $3000 for the Sigma Beta

Club. Thanks to over 350 of our closest friends for supporting this endeavor, where

we sampled cuisine from eight of Chicago’s best chefs and danced the night away.

Ten symbolizes fullness, entirety, and completeness. But we are not finished.

Ten years later, we have so much more work to do. We are committed to impact-

ing our community and being relevant through our service, philanthropy, presence

and civic relationships. I hope you enjoy this issue of The Sentinel; we thank you

for support.

Committed to Change

Brother Renaldo Dixon

President, Iota Nu Sigma Chapter

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.

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Director of Education ProgramsDirector of Social Action ProgramsDirector of Fraternal RelationsDirector of MembershipDirector of Sigma Beta ClubDirector of BLU Tuesday EventsDirector of Social Affairs


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editor G




This issue of The Sentinel shares our celebration of ten years of

active service as men of Phi Beta Sigma. But it’s really a celebra-

tion of the continued legacy of our founders, Honorable Brothers A.

Langston Taylor, Leonard F. Morse and Charles I. Brown. It was

their vision for a brotherhood of men dedicated to uplifting the best

in the African American culture which has endured for 96 years,

and keeps us moving forward. We are grateful for those who have

kept this vision alive, and humbled that we have been able to

continue the legacy of Phi Beta Sigma.

In the ten years since Iota Nu Sigma was reactivated, we have

been blessed to have men of dedication to join our “Wondrous

Band”. Our chapter represents men of substance and sensibility,

with a little swagger. But we are also humbled by the magnitude

of our successes. And we understand that humility is part of what

makes us successful. Success does not just happen; it takes hard

work and a desire to make one’s vision a reality. I want to person-

ally thank those who had the desire and the vision to “make it

happen” and reactivate one of Sigma’s most progressive chapters.

Let me also thank Brother Steve Ballard and those who had the

vision to make this magazine grow from a chapter newsletter to a

magazine which celebrates some of the best in Black Greekdom!

These pages tell just a part of the story of Iota Nu Sigma. They

show us where we came from, and remind us where we want to be

in the next ten years. They also remind us of the promises we made

to promote and live the ideals of our founders and all of those who

have worked to make our Fraternity relevant in American society

and especially in the African American community.

We hope that as you walk with us through our brief history in

Sigma that you will be inspired to continue to support our efforts to

be relevant in our community. We look forward to the next ten

years, and make the promise that the Sentinel will continue to be

the magazine you look forward to reading in the coming years!



Bro. Kent L. Poindexter

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Brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity’s

Alpha Alpha Beta Chapter at Chicago

State University recently celebrated their

25th Anniversary. The picnic gathering

brought together a record number of

Sigma men initiated through, what is

proudly proclaimed “Arrogant AAB.”

AAB was originally founded by

members representing three chapters:

Dwayne Spires, Gerald Roberts, and Carl

Cox of Delta Chi Chapter at Eastern

Illinois University; Paul Scott, Joaquin

Barry, Mark Husband and Troy Jeffries of

Iota Alpha Chapter at Chicago

Metropolitan and Steve Ballard from

Epsilon Chi Chapter at Illinois State


Iota Nu Sigma Chapter members

initiated through AAB include: Milton

Coleman, Timothy Donaldson, Brandon

Etheridge, Kashi Iribhogbe, Sr., King

Jenkins, Cornelius Roseborough, Quincy

Roseborough, Jafar Rahimi, Emile

Spearman, and Dennis Thomas.



On The Greek Scene



2 3

Page 9: Phi Beta Sigma | Iota Nu Sigma Chapter Winter 2010



1: Alpha Alpha Beta charter mem-

bers, left to right, Joaquin Barry,

Troy Jeffries, Gerald Roberts,

Dwayne Spires, Carl Cox, Mark

Husband with Bro. Randy Gibson

(second left) and Bro. Kevin (right).

2. Bro. Dwayne Spires started the


3. Members of the second pledge

line, Brothers P. Raymond

Crawford, Victor Cox, Cordell

Cherry and Anthony Jenkins.


1. INS members from AAB (L to R)

Kashi Iribhogbe, Dennis Thomas,

Quincy Roseborough, Jameico

Rahimi and Cornelius Roseborough

2. Members from the AAB first

Silhouette line checking out old


3. “Arrogant AAB” brothers strolling

4. S.S. Outlaw represented by

Brothers Marcus Chavers,

Channing Lucas, Roseborough,

Antoine Scroggins and Alan Watts.

5. INS Bro. Ronell Hammond joins

Bro. Roseborough (right) in the fun.

6. Future Sigmas!


2 3




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Brothers and sisters of Black Greekdom turned out in

numbers to support the Grand Opening of Norman’s

Bistro, the new swank eatery in Chicago’s North Kenwood

neighborhood. Owned and operated by one of Chicago’s

most successful enterpreneurs, Norman Bolden, the latest

entré into Chicago’s thriving restaurant business combines

an American cuisine with a Brazilian flair. Bolden also oper-

ates Room 43, the popular special events club just one

block east.

The evening started with an official kick-off reception at

Room 43, then a mini parade, led one block west by King

High School’s Marching Band and Majorettes. Merry

Green, owner of the Black Women’s Expo, and longtime

personal friend served as the hostess for the evening. Marv

Dyson and Velma Brazleton, formerly of WBMX’s V-103FM

were on hand to give special remarks.

Fraternity and sorority members representing several

organizations were on hand for the special opening.

Guests had the opportunity to sample the delectible

offerings featured on the new menu.

Phi Beta Sigma’a Iota Nu Sigma Chapter is a

continuous supporter of both establishments and proudly

encourage organizations to secure Norman’s Bistro for

private affairs.

On The Greek Scene








53 4

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1. Ribbon Cutting (left to right)

Merry Green, Velma Brazleton,

Norman Bolden, and Marv Dyson.

2. King High School Marching

Band leads the processional.

3. Norman listens to takes in the


4. Marv Dyson offers tribute.

5. Mary Green speaks on

Norman’s behalf.


1. Robert Blanchard, Executive


2. Norman is presented a

scooter for transportation between


3. Norman and Stansha Pinkston,

executive assistant.

4. Kappa Alpha Psi brother and

Frank Gihan, Omega Psi Phi

5. Patricia Hill (right) and Alpha

Kappa Alpha sisters

6. Maurice Thompson, Alpha Phi

Alpha, Karyn Aguirre, Delta Sigma

Theta and Darnell Coleman, Alpha

Phi Alpha

7. Norman and Ryzell McKinney,

President of Alpha Phi Alpha, Rho

Zeta Lambda Chapter

8. Phi Beta Sigma brothers (L to

R), Joseph Watson, Onschell

Blackmon, David Blackmon and

Claude GIbson

9. Phi Beta Sigma brothers Steve

Ballard and Renaldo Dixon with


10. K. Belle Beckham, Director of

Special Events, Little Black Pearl

Art & Design Center

11. Omega Psi Phi brothers

Dathon O’Banion and Willie Lewis

with Norman

12. Milton Latrell and wife, Co-

Owner, Agriculture clothing store

13. Faye, Owner of Fayé Art

Gallery and Shelby Thomas, owner

of My Secret Place

14. Allyson Talbert, Alpha Kappa

Alpha with Ballard

16. Phi Beta Sigma Brothers

Rogelio Edrington and Darius

Fearrington with Alpha brother

Thompson (center).


5 6 7

8 9

10 1211 13

1415 16




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On Wednesday, October 17, 2010, Iota Nu Sigma Chapter sponsored a commu-

nity forum on the topic “Investing in Our Future. Promoting Youth Guidance &

Support and Addressing Youth Violence. Brother Quincy Roseborough, INS

Director of Education secured the support and partnership of Metropolitan Family

Services, one of Chicago’s most dedicated social services which provides outreach

and support to at-risk youth and their families.

Community members turned out to engage social services professionals in a

dialogue on resources available to residents. The nearly two hour forum provided

much needed opportunities for dialogue, testimonials and conversation about some

of the matters which were on the hears and minds of participants.

Panelists included Brian Sanders, Chicago Public Schools, Patrushka Thigpen,

Illinois African American Family Commission and Dr. Kent Poindexter, Phi Beta

Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

Describing the value of the discussion, Bro. Roseborough shares, “ We did not

anticipate the turnout, let alone the degree to which the parents and teens shared

their experiences and needs. The conversations proved to us all that our young

people are crying out for help. And parents are crying out as well for support.”

education program

Education Forum Provides Resources for Anti-Violence

Page 13: Phi Beta Sigma | Iota Nu Sigma Chapter Winter 2010


PHOTOS: 1. & 2. Particpants listen attentively

to presenters share valuable information

3. Bro. Quincy Roseborough, Director of

Education with forum panelists (left to

right) Bro. Dr. Kent Poindexter, Soror

Patrushka Thigpen, and Brian Sanders

4. Bro. Roseborough listens as participant

speaks. 5. Brothers of Sigma and sisters

of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority.





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sigma beta club program

Sigma Beta Club Scholarships Soar in 2010

The Sigma Beta Club of Iota Nu Sigma Chapter held theirannual scholarship and awards banquet entitled “TalentedEagles Soaring to Reach New Heights” at the HarambeHouse on Chicago’s far south side.Brother Tony McGhee, chapter financialsecretary presented a check for $9,000in scholarships to the program’s gradu-ating seniors.

Radio personality Bioncé Foxx, a long-time supporter of Iota Nu Sigma’s SigmaBeta Club program, served as the mis-tress of ceremony for the event. Givingthe keynote address and encouragingthe young men was Kori Chambers, hostof Good Day Chicago.

Phi Beta Sigma members, Zeta PhiBeta sorors, parents and friends of theSigma Beta Club attended the programin great support. Each club member waspresented with participation certifica-tions, as well as honors in various cate-gories.

This year Iota Nu Sigma experienced its largest numberof graduating seniors. Ten young men are pursuingdegrees at institutions of higher learning.

The Rev. Otis Moss, III, pastor of the Trinity UnitedChurch of Christ (TUCC) was presented with this year’sCommunity Servant Leader Award. Performances were

rendered by the TUCC Dance Ministryand the TUCC Mime Ministry.

This year’s banquet also represented aspecial occasion for Brother SheltonSmith, as it was his farewell activity asdirector of the program. Under his direc-tion and leadership, the chapter’sprogram was resurrected and elevatedto national notoriety. Smith has beenawarded and recognized for his achieve-ment by the fraternity’s state, region andinternational leadership.

The Sigma Beta Club committee con-tinues to thrive as one of the chapter’smost productive and hardest workingcomponents. Recognition is duly notedfor Brothers Ty L. Norris, newly appoint-ed program director, and committee

members Harold Black, Jeff Cooks, Reggie Constant,La-Marr Fallie, Kevin Jefferson, Phillip Merchant, AndréMcKinstry, John Moore, Damien Spaulding, JamesWashington.

Page 15: Phi Beta Sigma | Iota Nu Sigma Chapter Winter 2010

PHOTOS: 1. Bioncé Foxx, MC 2. Bro. Shelton Smith, Immediate Past Sigma Beta Club

Director 3. Bro. Renaldo Dixon, Chapter President 4. Renee Byrd, Illinois State Director,

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority and Bro. Steve E. Ballard, INS presented Presidential Proclamation on

behalf of Hon. Brother Jimmy Hammock, International President 5. Bro. Arnold M. Black,

Great Lakes Regional Director 6. Christian Gatlin, Sigma Beta Club President 7. Bro. André

McKinstry gives opening prayer 8. Kori Chambers, Keynote Speaker 9. & 10. Members of

the Sigma Beta Club

PHOTOS: 11. Christian and Hunter receive award 12. Club member receives his participation certificate 13. Graduating Seniors 14. INS Bro. Phillip Brewer and parents 15.

Justin Gatlin receives his participation certificate 16. Trinity United Church of Christ Mime Minstry performs 17. Zeta Phi Beta Sorors Janet Bell and Adrienne Turner, President

Xi Mu Zeta Chapter and guest Steven Mitchell 18. INS members (L to R) La-Marr Fallie, Damien Spaulding, Phillip Brewer, Steve Ballard, Dr. Kent Poindexter and John Moore.

1 2 3 4

5 6

7 8








17 18

Page 16: Phi Beta Sigma | Iota Nu Sigma Chapter Winter 2010

Get BackPutting Patients First

To make an appointment at any Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers location, contactCentralized Scheduling at 877-97-REHAB (877-977-3422) or visit

Injury free

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Page 17: Phi Beta Sigma | Iota Nu Sigma Chapter Winter 2010


HOW DID THIS ALL BEGIN?By Brother Charles H. Talbert

Presented at the December 2010 Chapter Meeting of Iota Nu Sigma Chapter

God has a way of putting us where we ought to be

when we ought to be there. So it has been in my

Sigma life.

The Iota Nu Sigma Chapter was founded on the NorthShore suburban community north of Chicago, Illinoisfor the purposes of providing service, direction andleadership in an area where an alumni chapter of PhiBeta Sigma had never existed. Led by Charles Talbert,a Brother who not only wanted to grow the fraterni-ty, but also did not want to trek from Evanston,Illinois to Chicago’s southside for every service proj-ect, chapter meeting and new member initiation,called upon the rank and file of Phi Beta Sigma toherald this move north, serving Chicago’s north sideand Evanston, and to serve as a channel of Sigma forgraduating brothers from Northwestern University,also in Evanston.

The Charter members were: Roosevelt Groves,Zedekiah L. Grady II, Charles H. Talbert, KirklandJackson, Ricky Freeman, Andre' Williams, Kelvin C.Bulger, Nathaniel Curry, Michael S. Willis and JosephChambers.

The group held numerous meetings in Evanston andfollowing these historic meetings, presented to thenational organization their petition, known as thecharter. The Charter Date was recorded as July 15,1983, and signed into existence at the NationalHeadquarters on November 10th 1983.

Charles Talbert was elected the first president,Michael Willis the first vice president.

However, due to financial hardships, many of thebrothers, after the first few years, left Iota Nu Sigma,some leaving Phi Beta Sigma, to explore other inter-ests or transfer back to chapters on the southside,and the chapter ceased to function.

That is, until December of 1999. During that historicmonth, Bros. Talbert and Chauncey Colquitt, thenmembers of Upsilon Sigma Chapter, felt the need tocreate and embrace a movement looking toward there-establishment of a new direction in Sigma and

they met to present to each other the proposition ofestablishing a new chapter of Phi Beta Sigma inChicago, Illinois.

Their first meeting was not at the Bowen Room of the12th Street Branch of the YMCA – oh no. It was atLeona’s Italian Restaurant, located at 11060 SouthWestern in Beverly. Chauncey had spaghetti; Charleshad a slab of baby back ribs, a small pizza and a sideof lasagna. It was at this historic meeting that themovement began, and very soon they were joined byBrothers Steve Ballard and Fabian Wright, also ofUpsilon Sigma as they excitedly joined the ranks toaid in this movement. A series of meetings was begun.

The discussions centered around the chartering of anew chapter that would elevate the levels of commu-nityservice of Sigma in the City, primarily on theSouthside. Bro. Colquitt was anxious to move on thenew chapter; however Bro. Talbert, rebounding fromthe North Shore experience and quite strapped forcash at that time,suggested the resurrection of Iota Nu Sigma, and thusincur the costs of a lesser reactivation fee, rather thana greater chartering fee and subsequent dues struc-ture.

The four men agreed, and Bro. Colquitt contactedGreat Lakes Regional Director, Bro. Winston O’Neal,who blessed the undertaking and the resurrection ofIota Nu Sigma Chapter.

Letters were sent far and wide announcing therebirth of Iota Nu Sigma and on Friday, February 4,2000, at 7pm, more than 40 brothers turned up at theVernon Park Church of God Wyatt Center, located atChicago’s 8950 South Stony Island to learn of thegreat plans for this young chapter.

The first slate of officers was elected: President,Chauncey Colquitt, Vice President, Michael FordSecretary, Malcolm Whiteside, Treasurer, TonyMcGheeFinancial Secretary, Fabian Wright

And that is how it all began.

Page 18: Phi Beta Sigma | Iota Nu Sigma Chapter Winter 2010


In the ten years since the reactivation ofIota Nu Sigma Chapter of Phi Beta SigmaFraternity, the chapter has grown from anidea into a reality that is beyond what wasenvisioned by many of the Brothers thatwere present during its infancy. It’s hardto cover ten years of chapter meetings,events, programming, history and personalexperiences in one article, but we hope toat least share with you some highlights.

In the Beginning…

Iota Nu Sigma was originally chartered in1983, through the efforts of primarilyBrother Charles H. Talbert. Initially, thechapter met in Evanston, Illinois andserved the North Shore area for severalyears while partnering with the Iota NuChapter at Northwestern University. Bro.Talbert served as the first ChapterPresident. During this time, Iota Nu Sigmainitiated its first line in November of 1985,which included Brother Tony McGhee, whohas served the chapter as FinancialSecretary and most recently Vice President.A number of factors led to the chaptergoing inactive. At this point in the story wefast forward to early 1999 when BrotherChauncey Colquitt presented the idea tocreate a chapter to serve the south side ofChicago. Over a meal at Leona’s, Bro.Colquitt enlisted the help of Bro. Talbert,and together they decided to reactivate aninactive chapter rather than charter a

brand new chapter. Brothers Colquittand Talbert soon recruited Brother SteveBallard and Brother Fabian Wright. Thefour began laying the foundation for thenewly reactivated Iota Nu Sigma Chapter.

Building a Foundation

A mass mailing was sent announcing thereactivation, and a mass of inactive mem-bers responded to the call. Word spreadquickly and the first 17 laid the founda-tion. Once the chapter was reactivated,these brothers set out to build Iota NuSigma’s signature events and programs.Bro. Colquitt, the first president of thenewly reactivated chapter remembersthat the very first event of the reactivatedIota Nu Sigma was a fund raising carwash.

Bro. Wright introduced the chapter’s firstservice project, Serving the Homeless onSaturdays at the Pacific Garden Mission.This partnership marked the first time aBlack Greek-lettered Organization hadcommitted consistent time, energy andmanpower in assisting with the Mission.To this day, it remains one of Iota NuSigma’s longest running programs.

Bro. Talbert instituted the fraternity’sSigma Beta Club program to serve andmentor young boys in the Chicago area.The Sigma Beta Club has come a long way

TEN YEARSIN THE GAMEAnd Still Going Strong

By Brother Gil José

Bro. Chauncey Colquitt

Bro. Charles H. Talbert

Bro. Steve E. Ballard

Bro. Fabian D. Wright

Page 19: Phi Beta Sigma | Iota Nu Sigma Chapter Winter 2010


since its initial inception and under the currentleadership is setting the standard for Sigma BetaClubs and Black fraternity interest groups acrossthe country.

Bro. Ballard pushed the chapter to seek outbrothers who had been inactive in the fraternity,to come try a new thing. He was responsible forthe development of the chapter’s strategic mar-keting plan. From this plan was born the chap-ter’s official communication organ, The Sentinel,which was initially established as a recruitmenttool and a way to share with Sigmas and theChicago community as a whole about the chapter.Starting as a four-page newsletter in the Fall of2000, the Sentinel has taken on a life of its own.It has become a top-quality magazine, seeking toincite conversation, and inform the world aboutIota Nu Sigma and Phi Beta Sigma.

Under the leadership of Bro. Colquitt, anothersignature event for Iota Nu Sigma originated, BluTuesday. Blu Tuesday was developed as a wayfor the chapter to socialize and interact withthose in the Black Greek community at large.Early on it was co-hosted by Monique Caradine ofWVON radio. The name Blu Tuesday came aboutin homage to Fat Tuesday, with the goal of estab-lishing Blu Tuesday as a social networking event,to bring people of all backgrounds to share in anatmosphere typical of Fat Tuesday festivities.Under the leadership of Bro Renaldo Dixon, BluTuesday has evolved to be one of Iota Nu Sigma’smost prominent signature programs, consistent-

ly bringing style, swagger and sophistication to var-ious venues throughout Chicago.

Measuring Success in Light Years

The growth and success of the Chapter in the lastten years can be summed in one word: Phenomenal.Iota Nu Sigma has grown light years from humblebeginnings to a chapter having one of the largestmemberships in the city, state and the Great LakesRegion. One of the most important successes sincethe chapter’s reactivation is finding a home. Beforesettling into a formerly unused space on the lowerlevel of the North Kenwood/Oakland Charter School(currently the Urban Prep Academy) that Iota NuSigma refers to as The Sigma Center, the chaptermet and operated out of a number of locationsincluding the Wyatt Community Center, RooseveltUniversity and the rectory of the St. AmbroseChurch. Father David Jones, who was initiated intoPhi Beta Sigma at Bradley University in the early1980s, offered the opportunity for the chapter tomeet at St. Ambrose Church in 2004. The gift of thisspace gave the chapter a solid and consistent baseof operations over the years, a way to gain footholdand relevance in the neighboring community and ahome to furnish and call its own. Thanks to theefforts of Brother Dexter Greene and his team, IotaNu Sigma transformed the former classroom facilityinto a meeting and workspace of which the chaptercan be proud.

Iota Nu Sigma’s success can also be measured intheir programming and philanthropy. Over the

Page 20: Phi Beta Sigma | Iota Nu Sigma Chapter Winter 2010


years, programs like the PBS Open-INSScholarship Gof Outing, and The Skate Jam, andother activities have helped the chapter bring inmuch needed funds to operate and providescholarships to deserving students.

In recent years, the chapter voted to develop adues payment program, allowing brothers topay dues in monthly installments toward the fol-lowing year’s financial obligations. This pro-gram has encouraged brothers to stay financial-ly active, as well as bringing in more new blood.

The Sigma Beta Club continues to provideopportunities for mentorship, leadership andtutoring, as well as teaching young men thevalue of volunteerism in their community. In2009, the ongoing service program at the PacificGarden Mission was expanded to include theSigma Betas as well as the presence of the KappaLeague, the youth auxiliary of Kappa Alpha PsiFraternity.

Another successful program of the chapter hasbeen the Financial Boot Camp. In Spring of2007, the chapter served over 400 people pro-viding much needed financial advice at a timewhen the nation’s economy was beginning itsdownturn. Iota Nu Sigma’s philanthropy hasextended beyond raising scholarship dollars toits involvement in larger charitable programs.The chapter, in partnership with the Sigma BetaClub, has consistently brought in significantdonations each year to support the March ofDimes’ Walk for Babies and the American CancerSociety’s Relay for Life.

The strength of its Brotherhood, the chapter’sScholarship and its continued Service to theChicago area ultimately resulted in the chapterearning the Model Chapter Award at the 2007Conclave in Charlotte, NC. Iota Nu Sigma hascompleted its first decade since its reactivationon a strong note, with record membership num-bers, a renewed sense of where Iota Nu Sigmabelongs in the community and a drive to contin-ue to exceed previous goals.

Looking ahead…

Like many organizations, Iota Nu Sigma is facedwith many challenges going forward, but looks

at the challenges as opportunities to be better inservice to the Fraternity and the community.As the community and the economy changes,Iota Nu Sigma must change to meet the needs ofthe community it serves. With the chaper basedin the 4th Ward on the south side, the chapter isimplementing programs in that will build theChapter’s identity as “servant leaders” cateringto the community’s needs. The chapter looks toidentify and partner with community organiza-tions in the area to increase the chapter’s sphereof service. A Leadership Development Programfor youth is in the planning stages and theChapter is working on implementing programsthat focus on serving families as well as individ-uals.

“It’s easy to throw a party, but it’s often harderto roll one’s sleeves up” states Bro.Talbert, thecurrent chapter vice president. With the econo-my the way it is, albeit rebounding, the chapterhas to essentially do more with less, but thischallenge will be met by encouraging greaterinvolvement from the Brotherhood. Maintaininginvolvement, as well as keeping the events andaims is a challenge throughout many BlackGreek-lettered organizations. In order toincrease involvement, our passion for promot-ing the ideals of the Fraternity must be tem-pered with new and interesting programs andinitiatives, as well as utilizing all availableresources.

Many of the issues mentioned above weighheavy on the mind of Brother Renaldo Dixon, thecurrent chapter President, and his administra-tion. This administration has plans to start offthe new decade strong. Its goals are to make atangible impact on the community that in whichwe serve, by focusing on families as well as indi-viduals, getting brothers to come out and com-mit more to service projects, and increasing ourphilanthropy by providing at least $10,000.00 inscholarships annually.

Brother Dixon sums up the hopes and challengesfor the future: “If we are not relevant andimpacting, then we are not living up to theFounders’ vision of Culture for Service andService for Humanity.” These are words thatshould challenge and encourage Iota Nu Sigmato move forward into the next decade.

Page 21: Phi Beta Sigma | Iota Nu Sigma Chapter Winter 2010


we’re getting closer to a world with less cancer and more birthdays – for everyone.


, we’ll stay well, get well, find cures, and fight back. For more information, call 1-800-227-2345 orogetherogetherT

like birthdays. among Sigma members, so we can save lives and enable everyone to look forward to more of life’The American Cancer Society is proud to join Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity

, we’ll stay well, get well, find cures, and fight back. For more information, call 1-800-227-2345 or

among Sigma members, so we can save lives and enable everyone to look forward to more of life’The American Cancer Society is proud to join Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity

, we’ll stay well, get well, find cures, and fight back. For more information, call 1-800-227-2345 or

among Sigma members, so we can save lives and enable everyone to look forward to more of life’The American Cancer Society is proud to join Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity

, we’ll stay well, get well, find cures, and fight back. For more information, call 1-800-227-2345 or

among Sigma members, so we can save lives and enable everyone to look forward to more of life’, Inc. to increase cancer awareness The American Cancer Society is proud to join Phi Beta Sigma FraternityThe American Cancer Society is proud to join Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. to increase cancer awareness

, we’ll stay well, get well, find cures, and fight back. For more information, call 1-800-227-2345 or

s milestones – among Sigma members, so we can save lives and enable everyone to look forward to more of life’, Inc. to increase cancer awareness

.org. visit cancer, we’ll stay well, get well, find cures, and fight back. For more information, call 1-800-227-2345 orogetherogether, we’ll stay well, get well, find cures, and fight back. For more information, call 1-800-227-2345 orT

, we’ll stay well, get well, find cures, and fight back. For more information, call 1-800-227-2345 or

, we’ll stay well, get well, find cures, and fight back. For more information, call 1-800-227-2345 or

, we’ll stay well, get well, find cures, and fight back. For more information, call 1-800-227-2345 or

, we’ll stay well, get well, find cures, and fight back. For more information, call 1-800-227-2345 or

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The evening of Saturday August 14th was truly special as the Men of Phi Beta Sigma

Fraternity, Iota Nu Sigma Chapter hosted the Second Annual A Taste of Blu Tuesday.

This year everyone donned all white, as Room 43 served as the backdrop. Nearly 300

guests enjoyed edible selections presented by eight of Chicago’s area

chefs. The menu included everything from Southern Creole-inspired

samplings to delectable dessert offerings. Guests also had the

opportunity to enjoy complimentary spirits and a night of music and


Chef David Blackmon, one of Iota Nu Sigma’s own, brought together

some of Chicago's best culinary artists, including Chef Andrea

Alexander of Just Like U Like it Catering, Chef Jessica Ashley of

Delectable Desserts, Chef LaTrecia Moore-Jernigan of Eat Moore

Cakes, Chef Ken Polk, Chef Robin Rice-Foster of La Parisianne du

Chocolate Company, Chef Ron Taylor of Windy City Chefs, and

Chef Aleta Williams of Loquacious Catering. Truly, the evening would

not have been successful without the “stylings” of these fantastic

chefs. We are grateful for the time, effort and delicious food provided

by each of them.

Common descriptions of the event were “outstanding”, “Top Notch”, and “amazing”.

This event was provided with the help of sponsors Derrick Malone of State Farm

Insurance, Johnson Controls, Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers, and Room 43.

Iota Nu Sigma succeeded in raising over $11,000 to provide college scholarships for

graduating high school seniors of the chapter’s Sigma Beta club. We are extremely

grateful for the generosity of our sponsors and our guests who supported the event.

Plans are already in the works for the Third Annual “A Taste of Blu Tuesday”, which

promises to be bigger and better. As always, we invite you to join us for our bi-month-

ly Blu Tuesday events. If you have not joined our contact list please make sure you

do so by emailing your contact information to [email protected] or

[email protected]

2nd AnnualTasteBluTuesday


By Brother Claude Gibson

PHOTOS Top: Representatives from sponsor Johnson Controls present $1,000 check toPresident Dixon Middle: Derrick Malone, State Farm sponsor with wife Tracey Bottom:Bro. Renaldo Dixon, INS Chapter President (right) and Bro. Claude Gibson, Director ofBlu Tuesday present winning dollars to raffle drawing winner Maurice Thompson.

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fundraisingIota Nu Sigma Chapter

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fundraising Greeks

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someone you should know

years, he has moved up the fraternity ladder,serving on the state level as Director ofCollegiate Affairs and Illinois State Director.

He earned his Bachelors of Science degree inBusiness Administration from Chicago StateUniversity and is currently pursuing a MBA fromthe Keller Graduate School.

The Sentinel team took some time to get Bro.Roseborough’s thoughts and opinions on mattersregarding a variety of issues and relative to PhiBeta Sigma.


he very essence of leadership is theconceivability of a vision. Not just an idea,but a vision which moves organizations in

such a way that will truly impact the world insignificant ways. Sigma Men make an impact in theworld daily, by making the vision of their foundersbecome reality .

As Iota Nu Sigma Chapter reflects on its 10 yearsof existence since reactivation, the chapter hasdrawn and maintained a roster of talented leaderswho have impacted the organization at the local,regional and national levels.

The Sentinel is proud to present to our readers adynamic leader who has drawn the attention ofSigma brothers throughtout the Great Lakesregion as well as nationally. Brother QuincyRoseborough, 33 is the current Great Lakes ViceRegional Director and has served Phi Beta Sigmafaithfully since his initiation into Alpha Alpha BetaChapter at Chicago State University in 1997.

Brother Roseborough served at the collegiatelevel as president, intake coordinator, and fundraising chairman. As a member of Iota Nu Sigma,Quincy has served as intake coordinator, Directorof membership, Director of Blu Tuesday and cur-rently serves as Director of education. Over the


Page 31: Phi Beta Sigma | Iota Nu Sigma Chapter Winter 2010


TS: First, what inspired or motivated you to seek the office ofvice regional director for the Great Lakes Region?QR: Well, I saw a need for change. The region needed betteraccountability and consistency from our leadership. I believe thebrothers were impressed enough with my level of service andlooked to me for that change. Representing those members who didnot always feel that they had a voice was, and is, my intent.

TS: What do you hope to accomplish during your tenure?QR: My goal is to build stronger alumni chapters across the region.Through deliberate training and support, I will be a more consistentvehicle for communication from alumni chapters to the regionalboard. Alumni chapters have the opportunity to truly promote theprograms and initiatives of of the Fraternity, I want to representtheir ideas and feedback.

TS: It’s been less than a year, how do you feel about the job ofvice director?QR: Thus far, it’s been challenging. As with any new administration,it takes some time to mesh and adjust as a board. We’re still navi-gating through the challenges, but I’m very optimistic. The brothersthroughout the region have been very welcoming and receptive tonew ideas and thoughts for changing the way programs andinitiatives are implemented.

TS: What do you think the region needs most?QR: In order for the region to be successful and the fraternitystronger, a solid base of skilled and trained leaders that are capableof implementing policy on local levels is a must. We need strongleaders that can make sound judgement on regional levels that canimpact the national organization.

TS: Have you always wanted to be on the leadership track?QR: Absolutely not! I had no idea of how this whole thing worked.As I grew in Sigma, I continued to see the operation of the organiza-tion. At each level I became more knowledgeable of the process andprocedures of policy making, program development, implementa-tion and communication. I then saw a need for leaders and realizedthat I could be one of them. I recognized that I can relate to under-graduates as well as alumni members and represent the fraternity’sideals inside and outside.

TS: You recently sponsored a forum that received much atten-tion in Chicago. Can you expound upon that event?QR: The program was “Investing in our Future: Promoting YouthGuidance and Support- Addressing Youth Violence.” It sought toaddress the issue of teen violence in Chicago and communitieseverywhere. Having been in social services, I’ve seen the effects ofkids hurting each other. The out-of-control behavior is partially dueto the lack of resources and extra curricular activities in theircommunity. Parents do not have resources for their children. Theforum provided a venue where both can discuss their concerns in asafe and interested atmosphere.

Suprisingly, the audience participated with very lively conversation.They really expressed themselves with “real talk”. We were blessedto give parents a list of resources, with Phi Beta Sigma being one ofthem.

TS: How have you been able to parlay your professional experi-ence into community service efforts within Phi Beta Sigma?QR: Actually that’s been pretty easy. Our motto “Culture for Serviceand Service for Humanity” embodies what I do professionally. I wasrecruited by the Boys & Girls Club as a Male Program Coordinatorafter volunteering as a collegiate in Alpha Alpha Beta Chapter. So, Iwas hired before I graduated from college. I took my experience

with the organization’s Sigma Beta Club program and carried it overinto my job and created a program called “Distinguished Gentlemen.”The program taught males how to become productive men throughlife skills, social skills, grooming and behavorial management.

The experience also allowed me to grow professionally and under-stand clearly the process for which the Boys & Girls Club developedstrong initiatives. At that same time, I had the priviledge of workingwith Brother John White, then International Director of Social Actionon the pre-planning stages of the Building Strong Fathers initiative. Iwas able to provide and offer a template for developing the initiative.

TS: How do you feel knowing that your input has turned into aninternational initiative?QR: It’s a great feeling to see the program unfold, and to know that Ihad a behind-the-scenes role. I think the goal is to do a better job ofrolling out initiatives and implementation, especially on the locallevel. The experience of working with Brother White helped me torealize that we as ordinary brothers can definitely have an impact onthe national organization. My passion has grown tremendously. I’mjust as motivated today, if not more so, than I was 13 years ago.

TS: What do you think is the greatest need facing the Fraternitytoday?QR: While there are more than one need, I believe we must work toput a new face on Sigma. We must reflect a more programmatic faceof service. The public needs to connect Sigma with such initiatives asBuilding Strong Fathers or Conversations Among Brothers. These areinitiatives that are relevant to today’s society. We’ve come along waysince 1914--we’ve evolved with the times. When we promote theorganization and ask who is Phi Beta Sigma, it should be clear thatwe’re not just “Brotherhood, Scholarship & Service” -- those areprograms. It is our initiatives that are critical to our identity. Whenour culture or community seek resources and support, they shouldautomatically think of Sigma.

We also need consistency in training from one administration to thenext. Our leaders must be knowledgeable of our programs. They arethe front liners when it comes to implementation, branding, promo-tion and marketing. If our leaders aren’t equipped with the properskill sets, how can we expect our chapters and members on the locallevel to carry out the vision.

TS: Iota Nu Sigma Chapter is celebrating 10 years since itsreactivation. The faces of leadership have changed, yet thechapter continues to rank among the most productive chaptersin the fraternity. To what do you attribute to that success?QR: It is very impactful and vital to the success of a chapter thatthere’s a change in the guard. It can be discouraging to a person in achapter, when they have the motivation to step up and the opportu-nity never occurs. INS has always cultivated an atmosphere wherethose who’re eager to lead are pushed and encouraged to do so. It’s agreat thing. We’ll continue to thrive, because we’re able to havediverse leaders and membership and be consistent with programs.

TS: Any last words to our readers?QR: As e move to celebrating 100 years of existence, it is paramountthat we continue to recruit and cultivate men who are willing andable to join our ranks as Sigma Soldiers for Service and help us tocontinue to impact the communities we serve. Phi Beta Sigma con-tinues to be relevant today as it was 96 years ago. The strength andsurvival of this brotherhood will depend on those who are willing tolead and serve. So as we mark our 97th Anniversary, Brothersrecommit yourselves to the values and ideals of this great organiza-tion and encourage those who are not members to support us, as ourcause continues to speed nobly on its way!

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Over the years, the Sigma Beta Club hasworked with the chapter and the Salvation Armyto feed the homeless in Chicago. But their great-est achievement has been consistently assistingyoung men in completing their high schoolrequirements, something not to be taken lightly.This year alone, the Sigma Beta Club sent nineyoung men to colleges and universities aroundthe country. At a spring celebration of theiraccomplishments, Iota Nu Sigma presented eachyoung man with scholarship money to helpfinance their education.

While Shelton has “retired” as Director of theSigma Beta Club, he is still an avid, activesupporter of the program. The Sentinel staffthought it fitting to share with readers some ofBrother Smith’s thoughts about his work withthe Sigma Beta Club, as well as his perspectiveson the importance of mentoring young men inthe African American community.


he Sigma Beta Club is one of the Fraternity’snational initiatives which places Sigma menin touch with young men in their respective

communities. Formed in 1950 by Honorable Bro.Dr. Parlett L. Moore, past national president, theSigma Beta Club is designed to provide boysopportunities to become more socially and cultur-ally aware, and to develop the skills needed to besuccessful.

Iota Nu Sigma has been blessed with talentedmen who are willing to fully immerse themselvesinto the programs of Phi Beta Sigma. For the pastfive years, Brother Shelton Smith has taken on theresponsibility of developing and running thechapter’s Sigma Beta Club. Under Bro. Smith’sleadership, the Sigma Beta Club has become one ofIota Nu Sigma’s primary initiatives, as it providesmentors, social and service activities, and scholar-ships for adolescent boys on the South Side ofChicago. During his five years as director of theprogram, Shelton, with a dedicated team ofbrothers, has influenced dozens of young men inpositive ways, through regular meetings, fieldtrips, service projects and strong parental involve-ment.

As a result of his untiring efforts to promote theSigma Beta Club beyond Iota Nu Sigma, Sheltonwas honored at this year’s Great Lakes RegionalMeeting as the Alumni Brother of the Year.

Prior to Brother Smith’s leadership, Iota NuSigma had struggled to get a meaningful SigmaBeta Club started. Under Shelton’s leadership, theSigma Beta Club has been supported by localmedia personalities including WGCI’s Bioncé Foxxand NBC-WMAQ news anchor Marion Brooks. Fortwo years, the young men have walked and raisedmoney for Phi Beta Sigma’s Annual “March forBabies”, sponsored by the March of Dimes.



By Brothers Desmond L. Kemp &Kent L. Poindexter

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TS: Shelton, you were appointed Director of theSigma Beta Club almost as soon as you wereinitiated into the Fraternity. What thoughts crossedyour mind about being handed this responsibility?SS: Actually, I was appointed, not almost as soon, but itwas at the conclusion of my initiation ceremony. JasonEasterly who was president at that time, asked me todevelop the Sigma Beta Club because Iota Nu Sigma didnot have a program at the time. I accepted it and it wasan honor. I felt confident that I could be creative withthe program, and that I could not only meet but exceedthe expectation of the chapter. With prayer andguidance of the Holy Spirit, the Sigma Beta Club hasevolved with what we have today with the INS Chapter.

TS: What has been the “secret” of your success asDirector of the program? SS: Actually the success was not a secret. But mysuccess is a result of the guidance of God. God can callthe equipped, and equip the called. I aligned my visionwith guidance from God, using discernment and builtthe Sigma Beta Club for our chapter, and supportedother chapters in the formation of Sigma Beta programs.

TS: Talk about your background and how it helpedyou in making the Sigma Beta Club successful. SS: My experience with mentoring began in 1997, wheninvited to serve with the Big Brother & Big SisterPrograms of Metro Chicago. The first mentor/menteerelationship in which I worked was with an 11 year oldyoung man from the Roseland Community. As a result ofthe relationship with this young man he excelledacademically. After graduating from high school, heattended Prairie View A & M University, and he alsodeveloped a relationship with Jesus Christ, attendingchurch regularly. As a result of that experience, I beganto receive opportunities within my church and thecommunities at large. At my church, I have worked withthe Confirmation class for 8 years, and I taught the TeenBible class. These experiences have been extraordinaryand helped me put youth in touch with the reality ofwhat’s going on in the world and teach them to use Godas their guide. I’ve learned that they need somebodywho listens, and is concerned about them; they need tofeel like their issues are valid and that they will not bejudged for their thoughts. I learned that they needsomeone who will scold them but also guide them so

they won’t go in the wrong direction. As a Deacon at mychurch, the entire youth community has developed apositive relationship with Deacon Shelton. I’ve learnedthat it’s all about trust, and learning to be consistent inyour love and discipline.

TS: Give us some details about the young men whohave been a part of the Sigma Beta Club during yourtenure as Director. How many have completed highschool? Do you hear from any of those who havegraduated? SS: During my five-year term, there have been as few as5 members and as many as 40 Sigma Beta Clubmembers in a given year. We have reached a 97% ofgraduation rate for our Sigma Betas. During my tenure,I’m proud to share that we have awarded over $20,000in higher education stipends for graduating members.This effort has been supported by the PassriteFoundation of Iota Nu Sigma, and the parents of SigmaBeta Club members. Yes, I do hear from students whohave graduated from the program. I keep in touch withthose that are attending college. I’m happy to share thateach of the Sigma Betas who are attending college aredoing well; they are experiencing challenges but aremeeting expectations.

TS: What has been your proudest moment asDirector of the program? SS: My most proud moment was the club’s appearanceon the television program Ashes to Beauty. This programafforded club members to share their personaltestimonies on how the Sigma Beta Club has enhancedtheir lives. Club members shared about their lives priorto joining the program, and some of their experiencesworking with Iota Nu Sigma. I was overwhelmed by thepositive testimonies, some of which brought tears to myeyes. This was the proudest moment of my time asdirector.

TS: What kinds of things would you like to see theclub become involved in for the future? SS: I would like to see the chapter and the Sigma BetaClub become strong advocates against school violencein the African American community. Also, I would like tosee the young men serving more as peer role models,helping other students to understand the importance ofpreparing for the future.

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The Iota Nu Sigma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity recently honored four of Chicago’s mostdedicated organizations with the E.X.C.E.L. Award. In recognition of the chapter’s 10thAnniversary celebration since reactivation, the award, which stands for Excellence in CommunityElevation and Leadership, was presented to organizations and institutions that have exhibited astrong commitment to servicing and making a significant impact within the city’s 4th Ward.

The awards were presented during the chapter’s bi-monthly after-work networking gathering, BluTuesday at Crimson Lounge. Recipients reflected the organization’s three international programfocuses of Bigger & Better Business, Education and Social Action. The honorees were QuadCommunities Development Corporation, Urban Prep Charter Academy and Kenwood OaklandCommunity Organization.

PHOTOS: (Left to Right) Brother Charles H. Talbert, INS Vice President/Director of Membership presents awards to Quad Communities

Development Corporation’s Bernita Johnson-Gabriel, Executive Director, Lynn Kardasz, NCP Director, Lisa Glass, Administrative Assistant, and

Yvette Kelly, Community Outreach & Event Coordinator. Middle: Talbert presents to representative of Urban Prep Charter Academy. Right:

Talbert presents to representatives of Kenwood Oakland Charter Organization.


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@ REDkiva

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Iota Nu Sigma Chapter

P. O. Box 87405

Chicago, IL 60680-0405