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-PGASuper Moisturizer for Skin and Body

What is -PGAStructure of -PGAOriginally discovered in the marine jellyfish, -PGA helps the jellyfish to store water in its fragile tissue and therefore it would not dehydrate in salty sea water.

Poly--glutamate (-PGA) is a kind of polypeptide in which glutamate is polymerized via -amide linkages.


Today, -PGA can be gained from a beloved traditional Japanese food 'natto', the fermented soybeans. It can also be biosynthesis from L-glutamic acid using the microbe known as Bacillus Subtilis.NattoBacillus subtilisLarge-scale production Sample of -PGA


plant regulation


food additives


environment protection

TheoryWhen applied on the skin, -PGA can increase the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) in skin*. NMF is composed of Pyrrolidone carboxylic acidPCA, Lactic acid , Urocanic acid and some other amino acid compositions which can enhance the skin moisturizing ability from inside while hyaluronic acid (HA) can not realize the function

* -PGA is currently known as the only one moisturizing ingredient which can increase NMF

Effectively Increasing NMF in Inner Skin

When-PGA used, Keratinocyte expansion so that pores can be constringed and make the skin smooth and soft.-PGA can lock the moisture in inner skin by promoting the growth of fibroblast and increasing the content of NMF in horn cells.

Sustained release delivery

Persistent MoisturizingInhibiting melanin

Persistent Moisturizing

Better than HA and Collagen Supply the skin moistureAgainst long time drying environmentRestore skin elasticity. smooth fine lines caused by dehydration

Enhance skin healthPromote the skin fiber cell growthIncreasing the content of natural moisturizing factor in skin cutin layerBalance the skin pH valueProtect skin from external environment pollutants and bacteria infection

Increase the skin absorption of the maintenance componentMake skin whiteMake skin healthy

The registration name of -PGA in Japan is Natto gum .The number of cosmetics is EINECS NO.310-127-6. -PGA is also called botanic collagen and Canada FDA allows it applied in cosmetics and personal care products the number is 9079-0201 NATTO GUM.-PGAFunction in Cosmetics

Skin situation of moisture loss after the use of moisturizing lotiontimeminutetimeminuteUsing effect of normal skinUsing effect of dry skin*The data come from Department of Cosmetic Science, Providence University, TaiwanNOmoisture loss moisture loss NO

Compartion of -PGAhyaluronic acid (HA) and collagen on water holding capacity and elasticity of the skin

-PGA has a better ability and larger capacity to hold water compared with the widely advertised HA and stays more elastic than the commonly-known collagen.*Data come fromJapan ICHIMARU company

Comparison of effect on skin irritation between -PGA, hyaluronic acid and collagen

The compound of -PGA (HM) and -PGA (LM) has better moisturizing efficacy. -PGA (HM) can form a protective film on the surface of skin to prevent loss of moisture. Meanwhile,-PGA (LM) can nourish skin to deep layer by locking more moisture and nutrients. As shown in Fig. A, adding 3%o of compound -PGA HM and at a ratio of 1: 1 can enhance the the moisturizing effect and synergistically improve the effect of active ingredients in facial cream. Fig. B shows -PGA (HM) can effectively improve skin humidity and elasticity.

Another comparison data of effect on skin irritation between -PGA, hyaluronic acid and collagen

Inhibiting the formation of melanin its whitening effect is 50% of vitamin CWhiten the skinsample0.5%-PGA(Na+, HM)0.5% -PGA(Na+, LM)1% kojic acid1% VCMelanin inhibiting rate%31.551.599.898.3SafetyMild and SafeIrritantRelapseStabilityUV-resistantBroken and invalid under UV or oxidants

-PGA can also whiten skin by controlling melanin synthesis to prevent and reduce eckles.Ultraviolet irradiation is the main incentive of tyrosinase, which in tum induces the formation of Melanin. This table illustrates the inhibition effect of -PGA, Kojic acid and Vc on tyrosinase. As it shows, -PGA, either HM gamma PGA (0.5%) or LM gamma PGA (0.5%) can effectively inhibit the formation of melanin. Meanwhile, -PGA can form a film upon surface of skin which fences out ultraviolet.

ItemEssence Lotion Body WashSoapwith 0.5%PGAWithoutPGAwith 1%PGAwithout PGA with 0.8%PGAWithoutPGAwith 1%PGAWithoutPGAIncreasingSmoothness 13/155/1510/102/108/103/108/105/10

IncreasingElasticity 10/155/157/102/107/104/108/103/10WhiteningEffect 5/101/154/100/108/104/104/102/10Irritative 0/153/150/100/101/103/102/102/10Long LastingMoisturizing11/155/159/106/1010/103/109/104/10

Evaluation of cosmetics and personal care formula containing PGANotes: 13/15 is number of person positively reacted/number of person tested

PGA has excellent compatibility in non-ionic, anionic and amphoteric surfactants. It is a perfect ingredient for cream, essence, astringent, face mask, eye gel, sun cream, shampoo, body wash, lotion, hairstyle formula and so on.

Make the skinhealthyPromote the growth of fibroblast, keep the skin healthyCell Layer DensitySampleTotal number of cellls whitin monoer1041#2#3#Meann=3)Control3. Extrract, with 1% PGA (Na+ form),LM9.

Comparison of the effectiveness of PGA, HA and Collagen in cosmeticsPGASodium HyaluronateCollagen proteinOriginNon-Animal(Bacteria fermentation)non-animal sources(Bacteria fermentation) or animal sources(crest)animal sources(Pigs, cows or sheep)AccessoryNo EndotoxinWith EndotoxinAnimal AllergenMonomerSingle amino acidDisaccharide derivativesglycine, proline and hydroxyprolineAnti-microbialNatural moisturizing ablilityHydrophilicity++++++Elasticity++++++Maintain skin pH++++++Inducing the skins N.M.F.+++--pH, thermo-stabilityMost StableStableFairTouching FeelingSmoothsoft not oilySlight stickSlight stickTEWLConclusionBest moisturizerSynergistic effectGoodCommon

Potential applications of-PGA and-PGA Hydrogel for cosmetic use

Active component for lasting moisturizing and resistance to dry conditions of human skinIncreasing the elasticity of human skin and keeping it tight and smoothInhibiting the formation of melanin remarkablyKeeping pH balance of human skinForming a slow-release delivery system and therefore improving the absorption capacity of nutrients in cosmeticsEnhancing color fastness after hair dying Reducing split ends and leaving hair soft, glossy and noticeably strong


1. moisture distillate Recommend 0.8-1.0% dosage in aqueous solution. Take 1% as an example ,weigh 1g cosmetic grade PGA adding some water at normal temperature, stand and swelling about 30 min after stirring to dissolve. The action should be quickly to avoid the product absorb moisture . The essence can be used as the mask liquid, and also can be used for daily moisturizing. The essence has a relatively short shelf life, so it need to add preservatives if stored for a long time.2. The lotion formulations PGA can be mixed with HA and reduce the skin greasy caused by HA while moisturizing . It can be used in formula of fresh type product, the amount of PGA in the general formula is 0.4-0.6%.

Use of PGA

Products/Brands which contains PGA...Sheseido:Bio-Performance Super Restoring CreamClinique:Dermawhitebrighteningmoisturecream Dr.PGA:Whitening andmoisturizing seriesBRAPHY: -PGA Red Wine Mask Dior:Prestige Exquisite LotionMentholatumVivan QueenNOEVIRLaneigeKoseDHC......

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