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Personal Information. [f]. [ æ ]. [m]. [r]. [sı]. [ Λ ]. [d]. Personal Information. b_aut_ful. b e aut i ful. _b_dient. o b e dient. _nfriendly. u nfriendly. at_leti_. at h leti c. fam_us. fam o us. cr_el. cr u el. ugl_. ugl y. p_lite. p o lite. ki_d. ki n d. n_ug_ty. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Personal Information

  • [f]

  • []

  • [m]

  • [r]

  • [s]

  • []

  • [d]

  • Personal Information

  • b_aut_fulbeautiful

  • _b_dientobedient

  • _nfriendlyunfriendly

  • at_leti_athletic

  • fam_usfamous

  • cr_elcruel

  • ugl_ugly

  • p_litepolite

  • ki_dkind

  • n_ug_ty naughty

  • fr_endlyfriendly

  • non-athlet_cnon-athletic

  • i_famousinfamous

  • i_politeimpolite

  • Personal Information

  • beautiful, clever, naughty, obedient, polite, athletic, ugly, infamous, famous, cruel, unfriendly, stupid , kind, friendly, non-athletic

  • Personal Information

  • beautifulobedientathleticfamouspolitekindfriendlyclever uglynaughtynon-athleticinfamousimpolitecruelunfriendlystupid

  • Personal Information

  • My Family1. My family is a Russian family2. We get on well3. My mum is (She is Her hobby is)4. My dad is (He is His hobby is)5. My sister is (She is Her hobby is)6. My brother is (He is His hobby is)

  • Personal Information

  • Our family comesFrom around the worldOur hair is straightOur hair is curledOur eyes are brownOur eyes are blueOur skins are different colours too.Were girls and boysWere big and smallWere young and oldWere short and tall. Were everythingThat we can beAnd still we areA family.We laugh and cryWe work and playWe help each otherEvery dayThe world is a lovely place to beBecause we are a family.

  • Personal Information