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Personal Computer Club. Power Point Session. Part II. February 14, 2013. Click to advance. Program. Some Examples Advancing slides (Transitions) by clicking & automatic Use of the Ω Symbol option Add music/sounds to Power Point Show (PPS) PPS file sizing for e mailing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Personal Computer Club

  • Personal Computer Club Part II Power Point Session February 14, 2013Click to advance

  • Program Some Examples

    Advancing slides (Transitions) by clicking & automatic

    Use of the Symbol option

    Add music/sounds to Power Point Show (PPS)

    PPS file sizing for e mailing

    Music format to send a PPS over the internet

    How to extract the music file from a filed PPS

    How to send a PPS as an attachment to an e-mail

  • Some Examples

    Birthday & Anniversary Special Occasion ( Wake, Celebration of Life, Family reunion) Designer Christmas Card ( Using PPS & Print Screen)

    ( Next slide, can not hyperlink being a .bmt extension from a PrintScreen files)

    Best slide of last vacation Family tree

  • N.B. The animated PPS version is not included in this e-mailed presentation This still picture is created as PPS and print-screened Text can be added

  • Advancing slides by clicking and automaticBy clicking - Like this presentation Select the slide or all the slidesClick Animations on the ribbonCheck On Mouse Click box

    Automatic slide transitionStart with the first slideClick Animations on the ribbonCheck Automatically after boxChoose time in seconds can vary from slide to slide

  • Writing Using the Omega Symbol Function Choose Insert on the ribbon

    In the text your are writing, click on symbol where you want to insert your symbol / letter,

    Insert, and close window

    Choice of 2600 * 175 symbols / letters/ fonts (455,000)Most recent used, are shown at the bottom with a description Fonts

  • Add music/sound to your Power Point Show (1) Open the Sound symbol

    Sound from File.... In your music library The normal choice for a Power Point Show Make sure you are on slide #1 for this one. Sound from clip organizer 102 choices +++++ Play CD audio track - Not the good music format for emailing An Audio Converter and Audio Compressor is neededRecord Sound ( Your voice ) 4 Options to choose from:Once you made your choice the will show-up on your slide and a new ribbon will pop-up. ( Also 1980 sounds are available from Click Insert on the top ribbonOnOn

  • Add music to your Power Point Show (2) 1. Click Animations on the top ribbon 2. Custom animations A new window appears with the title of our music file 3. Click on the Sound Logo on your first slide to highlight it 4. Open the window, choose Effect Options , a new window pops-up 5. Click Effect 6. Start Playing... choose From the beginning 7. Stop Playing, choose after and select more than the number of slides you have to be sure

    8. Click OK at the bottom

    For music for the whole duration of the PPSIn Play Sound select Play across slidesin the 3 choices drop menu. (+ Click & Auto) 1st Option

    2nd Option

    (Details on next slide)

  • 12345

  • PPS file size for sending as an attachment to an e-mail Other than Gmail service 10MB Gmail to other mail service 10MB Gmail to Gmail service 25MB2 . On your first slide, click the to show the very top ribbon click Options .

    Adjust the Maxi Sound File Size to the max (default could be much lower)

    )1. Consider the mail service limitations

  • PPS file size for sending as an attachment to an e-mail 3. Compress your pictures

    Click a slide with a picture to highlight it, a ribbon will show up with Picture Tools on top

    Click Format Click Compress open next window Click Format

  • PPS file size for sending as an attachment to an e-mail 13. Then this Window shows up, click Options...

    and click.. 2 43When this window reappearsClick OK

  • PPS file size for sending as an attachment to an e-mail

    Example using 10 pictures at 5 Megapixels setting

    10 pictures (2592 * 1944) 7.62MB Added a sound file of 2.21MB 10.5MB

    With Compress Picture Settings 3.62MB

  • Warnings

    The music set up for the whole PPS will stop if another sound / music is used on another slide.

    This window appears if you used certain features Correct or Ignore Click Continue to end saving


    FOR PPS IN E-MAIL ATTACHMENT .WAV File ExtensionCONVERT music files e.g. (larger file?)2. EXTRACT from PPS you received and saved (Best Option)


    In 20 steps Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007Click Start Button

    Right Click PPT 2007

    Click Open

    4 Click Office ...button

    5. Click Open to get to all your downloaded pps

  • 7. Choose a downloaded pps 8. Then click open HOW TO EXTRACT A .WAV FILE FROM A PPS (2) On the poping-up Librairies-Documents 6. Click Downloads

  • Now in Office Power Point

    9. Click Office Power Point button HOW TO EXTRACT A .WAV FILE FROM A PPS (3)


    11. Click Other FormatsIn the downloads window11. Click Downloads 12. Click on the PPS you need to extract the .wav file 13.OpenOr 12A Doubleclick

  • HOW TO EXTRACT A .WAV FILE FROM A PPS (5) This Save As window confirms the PPSfolder with the extension files we need 14. Save 15. Exit Office Power Point

  • HOW TO EXTRACT A .WAV FILE FROM A PPS (6) 16 Go to Favorites in Window Explorer 17. Click Downloads 18. Double click on the .files extension folder

  • HOW TO EXTRACT A .WAV FILE FROM A PPS (7) The Power Point folder is open with all its components including the music .WAV file at the bottom 19.Right click and rename if you wish/know the title ( it will move up on this page) 20. Drag the .WAV file in the Music folder ( Now you can use it in your PPS) 20

  • How to send as an attachment to an e-mail (The presentation is final- no more changes) Last chance to change the file name Must be sent as .pps extension, not .ppt .pptx.pps Now saved in your folder (ready to be attached to email)

  • Notes on the construction of this Power Point ShowOPENING CURTAINS

    Insert a Googled curtain image Crop in in half, apply Animations & choose move left Repeat with other half & choose move right Add another picture on top of the curtains, under Format on the top ribbon click Send to Back

    USING PRINT SCREEN (key just right of F12)

    All the ribbons shown here come from the print screen File saved in Print Screen are in the Document Library in Print Screen Folder Insert to PPS and Crop to size


    Google your subject e.g. Animated hand, animated horse etc Save in a picture folder , Insert to your PPS

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    Examples to raise interest/ hook or not Size Gmail others KISS*With a back ground on text box doest not work blank letters*Show pps the back to this slide***