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PC building

PC building

hardware PC custom PC.

(Power Supply Unit) capacitors 80+ WattageModular cables T

ModularityFull modular psurm 850i

Semi modular PSUCX 850M


80+ titanium 93-96% efficiency 80+ platinum 90-94% efficiency80+ gold 91-93% efficiency80+ silver80+ bronze 84-88% efficiency

Form FactorSocketChipsetBudget

Form FactorFORM FACTORMAX SIZENOTESE-ATX305330mm . CPU servers gaming workstations(x99 MOBOS) .ATX305244mm MIDI FULL towerMICRO ATX244244mm mini casesMINI ITX170170mm HTPC pc .

Forma Factor

Chipset . USB 3 , CPU OC , PCI-E lanes . intel z67/77/87/97/170 OC AMD 990 970 AM3+ Heatsink OverClockers chipset water block overclock..

Budget 10%-15% budget. PC 1000 150 , . pc. = pc

socket CPU chipset Wi-Fi internet reviews

CPU Cache MemoryHyper threading (intel CPU )Base clock CPU multiplierTDP

CPU 32nm, 28nm,14nm CPU


Ghz CPU 4GHZ 32nm CPU 4GHZ 14nm GHZ! , , 3 . , ...

Cache memory chip ( RAM) . cache zero-wait-state memory3 :L1/L2/L3 L1 L2 L3

Thread HyperThreading Thread: 1 1. 1 CPU 4 3GHZ 4*3*10^9 single threaded CPU hyperthreaded CPU 2

DPThermal Design power Watts TDP Watts FULL Load. OC .

CPU socket aftermarket

RAM RAM Von Neumann( 1 20 ).

Ram timingsCAS Latency TCL CL: CPU . 10-11-10-30.RCD :Row Address to Column Address Delay RAS CAS delay. E ( ) (RAS) . bit RAM TRCD +CL . 10-11-10-30.

Ram timingsTRP : Row Precharge Time. (RAS) . bit DRAM TRP+TRCD+CL. 10-11-10-30.TRAS : Row active Time. . 10-11-10-30.

Single VS Dual VS Quad channel

Single channel . dual quad 2 4 ! Dual Quad Channel? . non ECC RAM 16GB/DIMM. 4 Memory DIMMS bandwidth single DIMM.

Intel 1600MHZ DDR3 2133MHZ DDR4 AMD 1866MHZ. Native/Default ; RAM 2400 MHZ DDR3 RAM OC mode OC headroom CPU

RAM Corsair G skill chips RAM coolers chip ! chips RAM PC Hynix Samsung

RAM 8GB mainstream 16GB gaming PC 4 editing PC s 32GB budget MHZ CL.

GPU ROPsTMUsCuda/stream coresVRAMMemory BusTDPCacheGPU CorePixel ShaderMemory ClockTexture Fill rateCore clockDX support

ROPS(Render output Unit) Hardware GPU raster image RasterizationT ROPS buffers VRAM hardware-based antialiasing MSAA ROPs

TMUs(Texture Mapping Units) TMU bitmap 3D texture GPU

NVIDIA CUDA cores(Compute Unified Device Architecture) CUD API NVIDIA API C/C++/Fortran hardware GPU CUDA cores GPU CUDA cores GPU Cuda Cores 960(1024) 770(1536) .

AMD Stream Cores AMD CUDA core Stream Processors SP AMD


Memory US Memory Bus bit GPU frame buffer GPU GDDR5 128/192/ 256bit bandwidth

TDP Watt GPU chip TDP OC headroom

Pixel Shaders pixels GPU Pixel Shaders GPU

Texture Fill Rate TMUs core Clock GPU pixels Y TMUs Core clock

PCI-E versionsPCI GenerationBandwidthPCI X1 speedPCI X4 speedPCI X8 speedPCi X16 speedPCI-E 1.02.5GT/sec250MB/sec1GB/sec2GB/sec4GB/secPCI-E 2.05GT/sec500MB/sec2GB/sec4GB/sec8GB/secPCI-E 3.08 GT/sec985MB/sec3.93GB/sec7.87GB/sec15.75GB/secPCI-E 4.016 GT/sec1969M/sec7.87GB/sec15.75GB/sec31.51GB/sec

GPU benchmarks drivers GPU price range 2 GPU price range

GPU GPU 1080p GTX 1060/RX480 2 GTX 1070/GTX 1080/RX480 4 GTX 1080/GTX Titan pascal architecture

CASECable managementMini itx/midi/FullAirflow Side panel windowComponents side panel optical drivesUpgrade ability pc

Cable Management

cable management

My pc


SSDs editing. 3 10 ( 2 HDDs)

SSDs GB/euro . 1PB ( Samsung) 80-85% DATA CENTERS . SSDs validation data centers. . chips

T SSD chipsControllerSoftwareFirmware

T HDD Cache memoryFailure rate ( WD10EZEX)

PC blower (1.5 )