Paraphrasing an Academic Paper: Is It Legal?

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Transcript of Paraphrasing an Academic Paper: Is It Legal?

What Is Correct Format Of A Manuscript

Paraphrasing an Academic Paper: Is It Legal?

What is paraphrasing?Aparaphraseis a rewriting a text or passage using other words. It can also be restatement (it is not only used in paper documents).

It comes from LatinperiphrasisfromGreek, meaning "additional manner of expression".

What is paraphrasing?Paraphrasing usually explains or its bringing clarity to the text that is being paraphrased by some paraphrasing tool. For example, The leaf was yellow can be paraphrased as During autumn color of leaf is usually

Paraphrasing is a common method of incorporating ideas from another source into your own writing. Paraphrasing occurs when you take content or ideas from an outside source and concisely rephrase or summarize the source information in your own words.

ParaphraseService.orgA University of Virginia Honor Committee Supplement

Quotation in paraphrasing?A paraphrase dont need to have a quote that is exactly the same as in original text, but the idea is more to explain (in writers own words) what is the original text all about in the same

Quotation in paraphrasing?On the other side, paraphrasing is longer than creating a summary of a certain text or document. And at the end of a paraphrased text there should be source that was used for creating it. There are a lot of paragraphing services that are doing proper paragraphing.

Paraphrasing plagiarism is committed when a writer summarizes an idea taken from another source and failsbothto cite the author(s) and to provide the corresponding reference.

Indiana University, School of

APA and MLA style paraphrasingParaphraseService.orgAPA paraphrasing is your interpretation of original that is keeping the true meaning as that text. This type of paraphrasing can be difficult for beginners.

APA and MLA style paraphrasingParaphraseService.orgIn order to write in style of APA paraphrasing, person must truly understand the meaning of original text. Good APA paraphrasing is not so long and it is covering all main points of original paragraph.

In writing papers, you will paraphrase more than you will quote.For a report or research paper, you may need to gather background information that is important to the paper but not worthy of direct quotation. Indeed, in technical writing direct quotation is rarely used.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology,

APA and MLA style paraphrasingParaphraseService.orgMLA paraphrasing is globally recommended format for paraphrasing. In all academic institutions it is preferable (or required) to use MLA format.

APA and MLA style paraphrasingParaphraseService.orgGuidelines for MLA paraphrasing are focusing that plagiarism should be avoided. Text or paragraph should be created again in a different way but not only copied.

Submitting as one's own work, irrespective of intent to deceive, that which derives in part or in its entirety from the work of others without due acknowledgement."

The University of

Paraphrasing servicesParaphraseService.orgMost usual paraphrasing services are paraphrasing, summarizing and editing.Here is one interesting book, about paraphrasing.

Paraphrasing servicesParaphraseService.orgSummarizing is mostly about making short summaries from long books or documents, enabling easier understanding of that content.

Paraphrasing servicesParaphraseService.orgEditing is cheapest from all paragraphing services. Editing combines all kinds of formatting and proofreading.

In academic writing, it is considered plagiarism to draw any idea or any language from someone else without adequatelycrediting that sourcein your paper.Harvard

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