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    6 1 2554 2 Shopping at Hua Hin

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    2. Shopping

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    1. Read the Rhyme aloud:-One, two, three, four, five, I caught a fish alive,Six, seven, eight, nine, ten, I let it free again.Fish, fish, fishAlive, alive, aliveFree, free, freeAgain and again.

    P.W.Sing the song:- Bones(Southern United State; MRS. Alice Price)

    Oh, the bones, Oh, the bones,Oh, the jeeump-in bones,Oh, the bones, Oh, the bones,Oh, the jeeump-in bonesOh, the bones, Oh, the bones,Oh, the jee-ump-in bones,Oh, didnt it rain!

    (1) Oh, the toe bone connected to the foot bone, and the foot boneconnected to the ankle bone,And the ankle bone connected to the leg bone, Oh, didnt itrain;

    2. Pupils explore ways to know for shopping.Remind children that charts and tables can help them to find

    information quickly. Information on a chart or table is organized ina special way by each group of pupils as the work project. Suggestto pupils that the title of chart can be seen as the main idea.

    Pupils identify the two or three brand names on the chart. Thenask questions about the chart.

    - (Warm up) . 6


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    3. Pupils discuss about the price of food from the community market

    (Chatchai Market). Compare to the price of food from the othermarkets and the supermarket and the Golden Place etc.

    Provide the information and have children use it to create a table.Refer children to the teaching chart such as:-

    1 kilo/dozen C. market Supermarket Sunday marketmeateggporkricevegetable

    Table 1How much does the supermarket food cost?What is the difference in price between the Golden Place and the

    other supermarket at Hua Hin.4. Pupils make a photograph or picture collage of different kinds of

    markets they find out about.Discuss about the markets and draw the web.

    5. Pupils focus on special times for shopping.Ask pupils if any of them have ever been shopping in a

    supermarket. Call on volunteers to describe what a supermarket islike. Then discuss with children how people got their food manyyears ago, before supermarkets existed. Then discuss the variety ofthings pupils can buy in a supermarket today besides food.

    Ask children to name some items that supermarkets sell inaddition to food.

    Where do you go for shopping?Which market do you like best? Why?With whom do you go to the market?Where do the farmers sell their fruits and vegetables?

    The MarketSunday market

    The Golden Place

    The fish market

    The supermarket

    Chatchai market

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    Where do the fisherman sell their fish?

    etc.6. Pupils illustrate posters showing themselves in a favorite market and

    tell about how they feel when they are in that place. Make up therhyme such as :

    Im going to the market,This morning at eight,I sell a lot of fruits,And I buy a lot of food,Some candy and cakes,They make me stomachache.

    P.W.7. Pupils consider ways for shopping.

    Pupils identify the two words that make up the word Supermarket.(Super & market)

    Explain that in the word Supermarket the word super meanslarge Encourage children to talk about the instructional vocabularywords, (decided).

    Shopping, both, cart, row, easy, usually, noisy, charge, ready,cheap, expensive, big, small etc. and check-out, counter, grocery,clerk, cereal, oranges, milk, rice, butter, bread, coupon, shelves,supermarket etc.Sentences:-

    How much is it?Its twenty baht.How much are they?They are.............baht.How much is that in all?(The seller counts them..............Count the money and pay the

    seller or the store-keeper.)Thank youYoure welcome.I want that...............I like some...............I need two

    Teacher:-How much money did you have when you went to the store?What did you buy?How much was it?Did the store-keeper give you any change?How much change did you get?

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    8. Have pupils Role-playing about Lets Go Shopping.

    Each group of pupils sells and buys some food, vegetables, rice,fruit, milk and so on which they bring from home or market orfarm.

    They should speak English.Introduce:- by the kilo, by the dozen, by the can.

    Show the real things and pictures of the kilo and the balance orweighing machine.We measure rice, corn, coffee seeds, mangoes etc. by the kilo.We measure meat, sugar, potatoes, pork etc. by the kilo.(Showing the balance or the scales for measuring in kilos.)How do we buy eggs?(We buy eggs by the dozen.)How many eggs are there in a dozen?What else do we buy by the dozen?(oranges, apples etc.)We buy milk by the box, or bottle.We buy soft drink by the can.

    9. Pupils make up a short story, story, rhymes, poem and sing songson special times for shopping.The song, Lets Sing Together.

    10. Pupils explore feelings on special time for shopping.Pupils give speeches telling about special times for shopping.Pupils interview parents or family members or teachers how to

    shop cheaper and more fun on special time and how to sell onSunday market or the market.

    And then they report to the class. Teacher invites the visitor suchas the store-keeper.

    Shes a store-keeper.This is a dry goods store, class.What do we buy at the dry goods store? (clothes, shoes etc.)

    11. In the StoreS.K. : Good morning. May I help you?P. : Good morning. Id like some lace.

    How much is it a yard?S.K. : Wide or narrow?P. : Wide.S.K. : Ten baht a yard.P. : I want two yards.S.K. : What else do you need?P. : Some white cotton.

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    How much is it a yard?

    S.K. : Twenty baht a yard.P. : Give me three yards, please.S.K. : Do you need thread?P. : Yes, I need some white thread.

    How much are two spools?S.K. : Thirty baht.P. : How much is that in all?S.K. : One hundred and ten.P. : Heres two hundreds.S.K. : Heres your change.

    Thank you.P. : Youre welcome.

    12. Pupils explore feelings on Special time for shopping.Pupils give speeches telling about special times for shopping.Pupils and teacher take a field-trip to the Hua Hin night plaza

    or the Sunday market to observe how the tourists go shopping andrecord to report to the class.

    Where do you like to go shopping?Why?Is the food here cheap or expensive?Is the food good and safe?



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    four bedrooms, big kitchen

    get lost, hikes

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    mail mean mix music

    hard hello hide house

    dance did down drive

    catch class come cried

    beach bird block branch

    shelf sky spots stars

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