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ozon february 09 issue | true blue | denim issue

Transcript of ozon february 09 issue | true blue

  • february 09issue 65

    /tr ue/ bl- /ue

  • 2 ozonlook

    lina wears shirt, jacket and jeans by CHEAP MONDAYkonstantinos wears hat, t-shirt, shirt and jeans by BEN SHERMANSHOP, 112, / SHOP, ERMOU 112A, ATHENS


    konstantinos wears t-shirt, jacket and jeans by MELTIN POTSHOP, 112, / SHOP, ERMOU 112A, ATHENS

    Flirt withdenim

  • 2 ozon

    konstantinos & lina wears t-shirts and jeans by RA.RESHOP, 112, / SHOP, ERMOU 112A, ATHENS

  • dominiki wears leather vest, belt and jeans by CYCLE lina wears jeansby NO.L.ITA

    SHOP, 112, / SHOP, ERMOU 112A, ATHENS

    Pose in denim

  • konstantinos & lina wears t-shirt, blouse and jeans by PEPE JEANS LONDONPEPE JEANS STORE, 14, / PEPE JEANS STORE, TSAKALOF 14, KOLONAKI

  • konstantinos wears hat, t-shirt and jeans ANDY WARHOL BY PEPE JEANS LONDONSHOP, 112, / SHOP, ERMOU 112A, ATHENS

    Cause denim...means love!

  • 6 ozon

    lina wears top, belt and jeans MISS SIXTYkonstantinos wears t-shirt and jeans ENERGIEMISS SIXTY/ENERGIE, 29, / MISS SIXTY/ENERGIE, SKOUFA 29, KOLONAKIMISS SIXTIE/ENERGIE, . 30, / MISS SIXTY/ENERGIE, A. METAXA 30A, GLFADA

  • dominiki wears blouse and jeans by KILLAHMISS SIXTY/ENERGIE, 29, / MISS SIXTY/ENERGIE, SKOUFA 29, KOLONAKI


    Freeze! You've been

    Caught in denim!

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    OZON: 2009/ 65 & : : Creative Director: Art Director: ([email protected]) : ([email protected]) Marketing Director: K ([email protected]) Direct Market: ([email protected])Finance Manager: Fashion Editor: Beauty Editor: : , : , , , Black Athena, , , Artville, : , Jolijn Snijders, , , , Eisuke Negishi, Anouk Morgan, Nria Rius, Quentin de Briey : : I: , : , : : - Contempo : 50-52, 10681 : 210 3634009, F: 210 3634008, E: [email protected], www.ozonmagazine.blogspot.com www.myspace.com/ozonmagazine . 7915---OZON: February 2009/issue 65monthly free publication ATHENSPublishing Director & Editor in Chief: Yorgos Kelefis Chief Editor: Theodora MalamouCreative Director: Yiorgos Mavropoulos Art Director: Dimitris KourkoutisAdvertising Director: Efi Lymperopoulou (a[email protected]) Marketing Director: Kika Kyriakakou ([email protected])Direct Market: Simos Michalopoulos ([email protected]) Finance Manager: Vasilis Sourtis Fashion Editor: Daphne IliakiBeauty Editor: Maria PapadopoulouPublishing Consultants: Spyros Vlachos, Maria Vlachou Contributors: Manolis Kranakis, Maria Antelman, Katerina Karali, Black Athena, Maria Papadopoulou, Manos Nomikos, Artville, Natasha PapachristouPhotographers: Yiorgos Mavropoulos, Jolijn Snijders, Yiannis Papadopoulos, Maria Karatzanou, Thanos Tsakonas, Eisuke Negishi, Anouk Morgan, Nria Rius, Quentin de BrieyDistribution Manager: Simos Michalopoulos English Adaptation: Costis Nikiforakis THESSALONIKI: Vasso Vlachopoulou,PATRA: Yorgos Maraziotis, CHANIA: Tasos GrammatikosYorgos Kelefis-Contempo Publications Address: 50-52 Valtetsiou St., 10681 Athens, Gr, T: 210 3634009, F: 210 3634008, E: [email protected], www.ozonmagazine.blogspot.com www.myspace.com/ozonmagazineThis magazine cannot be republished or reproduced withoutthe permission of the publisher.

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    NRIA RIUSstyling



    vintage denim vest LEVIS shorts

    ENERGIE (siXty hellas)all customized

    by the stylist---

    INTROS photography

    qUENTIN DE BRIEYmodels

    MAIKE (uno agency)

    jeans STAFF JEANS & CO

    oz/on/ idin


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    . . , . -, . , . - . - . . , . -, . .

    Hey WhatListen

    I've had other guysI've looked into their eyesBut I never knew love before'Til you walked through my doorI've had other lipsI've sailed a thousand shipsBut no matter where I goYou're the one for me baby this I know, 'cause it's

    True loveYou're the one I'm dreaming ofYour heart fits me like a gloveAnd I'm gonna be true blue baby I love you

    I've heard all the linesI've cried oh so many timesThose tear drops they won't fall againI'm so excited 'cause you're my best friendSo if you should ever doubtWonder what love is all aboutJust think back and remember dearThose words whispered in your ear, I said

    No more sadness, I kiss it good-byeThe sun is bursting right out of the skyI searched the whole world for someone like youDon't you know, don't you know that it's

    True love, oh baby, true love, oh babyTrue love, oh baby, true love it's

    True, so if you should ever doubtWonder what love is all aboutJust think back and remember dearThose words whispered in your ear, I said

    'Cause it's

    True love, oh baby, true love, oh babyTrue love, oh baby, true love it's

    True BlueSingle by Madonna from the album True Bluereleased 29 September 1986 (U.K.)

    photographyqUENTIN DE BRIEY

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    -, . material girl 80s, Madge 90s , , Britney Spears wannabe . , . // These are hard times for princes but the same doesnt go for princesses, especially when they ve grown up to become queens. She was the 80s material girl and became known as adge in the 90s; the queen of pop has decades of success and failure under her belt, but shes certainly not ready to step down and let any wannabe lolita in the mould of ritney to take over.

    Madonna , Guy Ritchie, , Louis Vuitton - . True Blue - - - , 1986, Madonna Sean Penn the coolest guy in the universe - - . True Blue - . ; - -. . -. , 50 . - , True Blue - . , , Madonna . - .

    ---Madonna is officially divorced from Guy Ritchie; she is the mother of three chil-dren, stars in the latest Louis Vuitton ad-vertising campaign and the color of her hair has remained the same for at least the past two years. True Blue was her third LP, dedicated to her then true love Sean Penn, in an era when she referred to him as the coolest guy in the universe, until that fortress fell apart along with the marriage, despite the albums success. The conclusions drawn from this: that everyone remembers their first love but usually no one likes to talk about it; that after a storm theres always sunshine and that a silly song can be the turning point for the beginning of a sparkling career. A girl with short, bushy peroxide hair can make a pop song sound like 50s bub-blegum and a timeless hit, despite the fact that most of the lyrics sound better in English than in their Greek translation, particularly the bit in True Blue that goes your heart fits me like a glove. But what-ever you may want to write about Madon-na, it is all eventually futile; nobody wants to speak badly of their first love.

    TextN Natasha Papachristou

    unfor/get/table.-/tr blue/ ue

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    90% - jeans - 8 - denim . denim - - - - , . //It has been estimated that more than 90% of the worlds population wear jeans while the average German has more

    than 8 different varieties of denim in their wardrobe. The denim indus-try remains one of the most lucra-tive markets in the global economy although it has re-cently come under pressure, due to the global crisis of the economy.

    jeans -; - . jeans , , , - , , - - . jeans - , , -, . - denim ; - : - . - - . - labels , . - . - jeans - - jean - . - . - - - . - , - -. jeans (organic cotton) - , jeans - - . -

    - brands (, , ), - - : - ! !---

    But what makes jeans so popular? The answer is both simple and com-plex. Jeans are always in fashion, they are a simple and straightforward way to identify our social position, are easily adapted to any aesthet-ics, are constantly worn everywhere, are comfortable, practical and above all make us feel like players in the world of fashion. Jeans are almost al-ways hard wearing over time and re-flect the most forward thinking side of ourselves.What went wrong and put a halt to the ever growing popularization of the industry worldwide? The an-swer is short, in fact its just two words: Asian Invasion. The Asian markets and their low production costs have drastically changed the face of the market. Many big play-ers have moved their production fa-cilities outside Europe and America and this move resulted in two im-portant repercussions: The drop in quality and uniformity. This explains why jeans today look similar, while price differences between a cheap and an expensive pair seem inex-plicable since quality appears to be the same. Thankfully the labels seem to have reali