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Transcript of oRK - yizumi-germany.de · THE INTERNATIONAL CER「IFlCATION NEⅢoRK αm CQC hα s泌sLJed色n...


    α mCQC hα s泌 sLJ ed色 n rQJ vef recogn' ed cert 臼 阿cot e苫 hot t he o叼 α n讫oⅡ° n:

    YI zuMI ROBOT&AuTOMATI ON TECHNOLOGΥ ( sUzHOU) Co. , LTD.Registration Address: North of Nanxiang Road, Wujiang Economic Development Zone,Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province,China

    Operation Address: No.388, Nanxiang Road, Wujiang Economic Devdopment Zone,Suzhou Ci$, Jiangsu Province,China

    has implemented and maintains a t

    Qualitg Management Sgstem

    for tlrc follouing scope:Research and Development, Production, Sales of Robotic Automation

    whichfulfils the requirements of tlrc following stqndard:

    GB/T 19001-2016 / ISO 9001:2015

    f ssLt ed o/ l r J une15, ⒛ 18

    E【pj res on: J une14, ⒉ ⒓ 1


    ★ ★ ★

    Rcgj s夕ut j o/LI Vumbc〃 CⅣ00彳 彳8Q357亻 5ROM/g200Th泌 α t t est α t i on o d订 饣ct 9yI 】 nked t o古 he rQNet Pn, t ner ‘ o顽 nα E ceH1R冗 砣e α nd sh口 I I not be used cI s曰 st 0记 ˉGI One document

    ˉ H艹Ne ˉ

    Aze光 St ochj 古oj uPresj ‘ zen古 orf QI ve膏

    Wang Kejiao

    President of CQCIQNet Partners*:

    AENOR Spain AFNOR Certifrcation France APCER PorfitgalCCC Cyprus CISQ lfalgCQC China CQM China CQS CzechRepublic Cro Cert Croatia DQS Holding Grr^bH GermangFCAY Bra.zil

    FONDONORMAVenezuela ICONTEC Colombia Inspecta Sertifrointi Oy Finland INTECO CostaRicaIRAM Argentina JQA Japan KFQ Korea MIRTEC Greece MSZT Hungar4y Nemko AS Norutag NSAI lreland

    .iIfCASIGE M€xicoPCBC Poland Quality Austria Austria RR Russia SII .Israel SIQ SloueniaSIRIM QAS International MalagsiaSQS Suitzerland SRAC Romania TEST St Petersburg Russia TSE Turkeg YUQS Serbia

    IQNet is represented in the USA by: AFNOR Certification, CISQ, DQS Holding GmbH and NSAI Inc.* The list of IQNet partners is valid at the time of issue of this certificate. Updated information is available under www.iqnet-certiFrcation.com

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