Oracle’s Berkeley DB

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Oracle’s Berkeley DB. Νικόλας Εξαρχάκος. Μία embedded database που παρέχει υψηλή απόδοση, αξιοπιστία και προσαρμοστικότητα . Μία non-relational system engine To application χρησιμοποιεί απλά function calls. Μία βιβλιοθήκη που συνδέεται άμεσα με το application. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Oracle’s Berkeley DB

  • Oracles Berkeley DB

  • Oracles Berkeley DB embedded database , . non-relational system engineTo application function calls. application. client-server architecture.

  • University of California at Berkeley (1986-1994)H Harvard University. Sleepycat Software Berkeley DB (1996). 2006 Oracle.

  • Library/Not a language server administratorH APIs (C,C++,Perl,Tcl,Java) keys/data ( 2^32 bytes) open source

  • SQL interfaceO queries queries.

  • Berkeley DBBerkeley DBBerkeley DB XMLBerkeley DB Java Edition

  • Berkeley DBDownload Oracles Berkeley DB

    Prepare Berkeley DB for compilationcd build_unix../dist/configure --prefix=/usr --enable-compat185 --enable-cxx

    Compile the package:Make

    Install the package:make docdir=/usr/share/doc/db-4.7.25 install

  • Berkeley DB

  • Berkeley DB application. Berkeley DB . server (embedded). threads. ,.

  • Berkeley DB query language APIs insert,update,retrieve delete. interfaces , method calls:open() open the database in a prescribed fashionclose() closes the databaseput() puts a record in databaseget() gets record from databasedel() deletes a record from the database

  • Berkeley DB Applications Data Model format record . . : format record .

  • Key/data pairs record key data.Keys data bit strings . . Berkeley DB keys/data.To Berkeley DB hash functions keys.Keys/data (DBTs).

  • DBT

  • Indexing

  • administration administration . administration Berkleys DB APIs. Berkeley DB .

  • pages/cache.Buffer replacement policy.Policies duplicate keys tables. ,locking transactions. deadlock ..


  • Berkeley DB MessagingStorage SystemsSwitching and RoutingLoggingCaching Scalable Web ApplicationsDevices

  • Environments, Databases and Files

  • Create/Open/Recover Environment

  • Create/Open Database

  • Transaction Read/Modify/Write

  • application

  • /

  • Dynamic data, static queries data access. applications, queries . developers data access . , queries.

  • ,embedded Berkeley DB

  • embedded

  • embedded RDBMS. RDBMS., embedded .

  • . low-level file system. storage services small-footprint Berkeley DB .

  • Comparison of Berkeley DB and Relational DatabasesHow Berkeley DB Fits into Oracles Overall Embedded Database Strategy

  • !